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on 14 August 2015
Not happy with the product I have received as I have only just got it and to open it and find that a have got a faulty charger which a carn't even plug into charge the speaker up. As you can see on the photo below the top pin of the plug hasn't even got a metal pin on.
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on 24 March 2015
I own a NAD Viso 1 which is awesome but wanted something a little smaller and battery powered for portability, I had read the reviews about the onyx studio but didn't really want to spend that kind of money just yet! I happened to stumble across one for around a ton so plummed for it, and I do not regret it at all. I didn't buy from Amazon but as I always look at reviews on Amazon before I buy most things I thought it's only fair I pay back my debt. Normally I'd wait a week to post a review to give me a chance to use the product and suss it out. No need this time! This thing is brilliant, I'm no audiophile but I do like music with a full range so I'd class myself as an average joe who likes good sounding music like most people today. As most of the reviews will back up, this thing is loud for its size, easily filling an average room with loud quality sounds. Whilst writing I'm listening to a little snoop dog and its handling it all very well with no distortion even at full volume through my iPhone. Some have marked it down for no microphone for hands free calling! It has never claimed to have one! So why mark it down? You paid for a bluetooth speaker and a very good one is what you got! Yes it's bluetooth connectivity only but if you don't have that these days then you probably wouldn't be looking for a Bluetooth speaker! Maybe a wireless or a radio broadcasting device is what you're looking for! This is the first Harman Kardon product I have owned although I was aware of their reputation but will definitely keep them in mind in the future even if they are that few £'s more, more than worth it I say. Now I'm aware there is another version of this speaker which has more connectivity with AirPlay but seriously I wouldn't bother with the extra £, they are the same speaker inside with different connectivity so if you can manage Bluetooth only then you most definitely won't be disappointed. This is a minimalist speaker with not much more than volume buttons, power button and a Bluetooth button incase for some reason you need to force connect, connecting took me no more than 10 seconds as all I did was search from my phone and there it was. It has a quality feel with a soft rubber feel coating and good build quality, rubber feet on them stumpy legs stop any vibrations so all good there. I was a little worried when I plugged it in to charge as it says that the power button with flash slowly when charging and mine wasn't! You need to turn the speaker on for this to happen, I'm not sure whether it charges without being turned on as this is my first charge.
Would i recommend it? In a heartbeat! Even at the price on Amazon.
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on 3 January 2015
Finally managed to track one of these down to collect in person (sorry Amazon!) from someone who got their's free with an o2 offer and boy am I impressed.

Removing the speaker from the package you get a real sense of quality from the rubberised edges and back and whilst both these and the front cover are very prone to dust and greasy finger prints it's a worthy trade-off for a sleek design. I was torn between this and the HK Esquire which looks fantastic but is much smaller and less capable. The Onyx Studio is large by bluetooth speaker standards but by no means unweildly, just don't expect to take it with you on trips as it's not really made for regular movement outside of your home.

The quality of output really impresses with the Onyx, it's simply staggering how mature sounding the bottom end is presented, though I would say the tops aren't quite as bright as i'd like but the sound is strong and doesn't seem possible from a unit this size. It sounds especially good from half way to about 4/5 volume where the sound becomes tighter to the ear without any drop off on the bottom end, it really does seem hard to believe such a rich full bodied sound comes from such a relatively small unit.

The only gripe i have with this speaker is that the stereo seperation isn't very good at more than a 1m away, but that's to be expected from a one unit setup. I also read from another review that 320kbps mp3 isn't supported by the Onyx Studio but I have been playing all of my audio at this rate and it works perfectly.

To conclude, stereo seperation and lack of portability aside this is an astonishing sounding device, especially when taken beyond 1/2 volume it sounds like a much more mature system than the asking price would suggest and the overall output level sounding way more substantial than the 60w power rating would lead you to beleive. Couple this with the simple yet elegant design and strong build quality and I have absolutley no hesitations in recommending this product. For £130 it's simply the bluetooth speaker bargain of the decade!
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on 30 December 2015
The HK Onyx studio provides a great overall sound quality and can reach quite a loud volume for indoor listening. The bass is a little flat in comparison to other competitors such as the sonos range, but for only £100 price paid, the Onyx's price difference makes up for it (sonos £200 for one speaker). The Onyx is Bluetooth only and there are no ports to connect it to any out or inputs, so its only real use is for Bluetooth devices such as phones, tablets and possibly computers. The base of the speaker is supported by two silver feet which make it stable only really on flat surfaces, so this is not suited for outside use e.g. on the grass. The Onyx does however have a chargeable battery which means you can take it on the move without any mains adapter. On this note it does come with a variety of mains adapters for different countries (including the obvious UK one) which is useful if you are travelling with it. Overall the HK Onyx is a brilliant and stylish little speaker that makes an excellent edition for the future generation of home stereos. For sound reviews just check youtube and you will find that it does quite well.
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on 29 May 2014
I like to use all the latest technology especially if it involves my iphone or ipad. Before buying this speaker I checked all reviews I could find and none of them had anything negative to say and after owning one now myself I join the club of happy people who also have one. This speaker is simple to operate, simply charge it up switch it on, pair it with your device and away you go ,great bass and crystal clear sound for such a small size. It has plenty of power too and plays on battery for 5 hours (although I haven't tested it that long yet), looks good too, very happy
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on 16 June 2014
This speaker is remarkable, it sounds clear and the volume output is high. The battery life is excellent being a bluetooth device. It lasts roughly 5 hours after a full charge as advertised and I can confirm that the battery life lasted an hour and a half longer. You can keep the speaker connected to the charger after a few hours. I would prefer to let the battery drain after a full charge and repeat the cycle to maintain the battery life. I have tried a multitude of game audio and songs on this speaker, it is relative to hearing an orchestra or a live artist. I use this mainly for my phone and my computer, and so far I have not been disappointed. I would recommend this product 10/10.
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on 23 February 2018
Perfect piece of technology!
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on 12 May 2015
Obsessed with my new speaker. The sound is amazing, it looks so stylish too. Its so easy to use, I had another Bluetooth speaker which made a loud wurring noise when connecting but this is silent and quick. I would recommend this product to friends and family. Well done Harman Kardon
review imagereview image
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on 2 January 2015
I first saw this product at a friends bbq and knew I had to get one. Well I bought it last week and missed delivery as I had to pop out after waiting in all day. Sods law that delivery was attempted 30 minutes after I left. Anyway, it was back out for delivery the following day and I can honestly say its brilliant. Comes with variety of power lead cables for the different regions which I dont think I'll have much use for but hey.Very easy to set up. Practically switched it on, scan my phone to find device via bluetooth and ta da. Connected. The sound quality is fantastic even when turned up. I'm a bass lover so this speaker is perfect. I have literally not stopped playing it since I got it. Words cannot express how clear this speaker is. Listened to a few songs that ive known for years and im hearing things ive never picked up before.
Measurement are approx 31cm across front. This will include the spherical shape. Approx 15cm from front to back measuring from bottom front to the support legs. The legs themselves measure 18cm apart. They are quite sturdy and the speaker wont do its own magical dance across your choosen surface ;)
I chose this speaker without even looking at any others to be honest as I was sold from the day I first heard it. Plus it looks good!
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on 1 June 2014
My boss bought one of these into work, and I had to get one. The sound quality from this fairly small device is just stunning, deep solid bass but still with clarity and subtlety on the high bits. With YouTube or your own playlists every song you can think of is suddenly available, at a fantastic volume and in brilliant quality. Word of advice, if you're using it with iPhone 4s and having trouble pairing, just press the Bluetooth button on the rim of the speaker. It doesn't tell you this anywhere! It comes with UK, US, Australian and European mains adapters, charges in about 3 hours and lasts for 5 hours on a charge. It's the perfect speaker to use in the garden or kitchen, no wires and no fuss. I've listened to more music since I got this than I have in a couple of years, it's so easy to just get what you want in a flash and hear it properly. Can't praise this thing highly enough, worth every penny. Buy one!
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