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3.5 out of 5 stars
3.5 out of 5 stars
Colour Name: Black|Style Name: iPad Mini & Mini Retina|Change
Price:£55.48 - £88.66
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OK - so firstly I have to admit I absolutely love the iPad, but while I love the touchscreen input, I also value the ability to touch-type at full speed. I took ages looking for a keyboard, and previously bought the Logitec Ultra Thin - finally giving up in favour of this one. Read on for a comparative review.

Basically there are two types of keyboard. Folio keyboards use a "laptop" style, turning your iPad into a MacBook Air, and the "cover" style keyboards give very little protection, but with the advantage of being very light.

The Zagg keyboard is a "Folio" style which means when closed it covers both the back and screen, unlike the "Cover" type which only cover the screen. Ironically, this means the "cover" keyboard doesn't cover the back - whereas the "folio" covers both the screen and back when closed.

In this case (ie. the Zagg Folio), the iPad Air snaps into a simple plastic tray with an audible click, and can be removed by twisting the lid corner. The sturdy hinge then holds the iPad in place, allowing you to adjust the screen into varying positions - back to about 130 degrees to a comfortable viewing angle. To put this in context, 90 degrees is vertical.

Where this really shines through, is the keyboard. Despite the small physical space, the keyboard quality is excellent, with island style keys with a natural feel. Unlike some cheaper keyboards, the keys are relatively large (Zagg claim up to 30% larger), and I can comfortably touch-type at speed.

As said, I previously owned a Logitec Ultra Thin keyboard, but where the Zagg really wins, is the keyboard is in the middle of the area which most of the physical space available. This means it doesn't feel quite so cramped as other keyboards where the keys are jammed into a tiny space at the front. The keys are all close to full size, and there's even a set of iPad specific function keys, for example for undo and redo, or increase/reduce the sound volume - a great bonus.

As I sit here in bed with the light off (so the wife can sleep peacefully), I find the backlit keyboard a huge bonus. You can control the brightness (3 settings) directly using a specific key, and (although a bit of a gimmick), you can change the back-light colour. My research shows (as of May 2014), this is the only iPad keyboard with this feature (back-lit keyboard) - one I personally really appreciate.

In common with nearly all these iPad keyboards, it works wirelessly using a Bluetooth connection, and the battery life is excellent. Expect not to have to re-charge the battery around once every few months (although expect the back-lit keyboard to reduce this a bit). Oh, and you also key a special key which when pressed, indicates the remaining keyboard battery life.

After about 4 months use, despite using the back-lit keyboard daily, I think I've charged it about 3 times - so about once every 6 weeks - very impressive.

I was concerned about the weight, but at 535g it's still lighter than a Mac Book Air - although if you really want the lightest possible device, the Logitec Ultrathin wins at just 313g (but without the full protection, a smaller cramped keyboard and no back-lighting).

What's great about it

* It provides all around protection (both screen and iPad back are protected), and it's pretty sturdy
* The hinge provides a huge range of angles (unlike the Ultrathin - stuck in one position)
* Layout, size, spacing and "travel" on the keyboard are excellent - top marks
* Back-lit keyboard in five colours and three brightness settings is a great bonus
* Keyboard sports full size number keys, and dedicated function keys

What's not to like

* Well it does add noticeable weight to the iPad Air - but it's still lighter than a Mac Book Air.
* Although it provides all round bang and scratch protection, it does cover up up the iPad in plastic.
* The cut-outs (eg. for the lightening connector) is small, and you'll need to use the Apple supplied connector - it won't work with a 30 pin to lightning connector without taking it out of the cover.
* The plastic covering is - well a bit cheap compared to the beautiful quality of the iPad air itself.

Update (3-May-14):
Disappointed that after just four months usage (admittedly every day), the hinge started to split apart and broke. Delighted to report Zagg customer service was astonishingly good. They'd sent out a replacement before I'd even returned the original. Very pleased indeed.

What else is available?

* Zagg iPad Air Folio (this one). (535g). Complete keyboard cover, very laptop style with backlit keys. Much larger keyboard, but heavier than others.
* Belkin QODE Ultimate Bluetooth Keyboard Case for iPad Air - Black. (413g). Complete cover with aluminium finish and 3 screen positions. Good quality, but similar cramped keyboard.
* Logitec Fabric Skin. (425g). Wipe clean, water resistant keyboard but keys a bit "spongy"
Logitech Ultra Thin iPad Air Case with Keyboard - Space Grey (313g). Beautiful aluminium finish. Incredibly light, but no protection
* Zagg iPad Air Cover. (522g). This is effectively the same as the "Logitec Ultrathin" in that it covers the screen, but not the back. Unlike the Logitec however, it has the larger Zagg keyboard (same as this Folio), but is also back-lit. Typing on it now, and it's wonderful.

Personally I considered the options above, finally narrowing it down to the "Logitec Ultrathin", the "Zagg iPad Air Cover" and this one. I loved the "laptop" look of the Zagg, and the backlit keyboard - but eventually bought (and then sold) the Logitec Ultrathin as I got an incredible deal, and liked the lighter weight. Finally, (after a fault on the Folio), I replaced it with a "Zagg Cover" - which again I'd highly recommend.

For my money, it's a choice between the need for all round protection (of the Zagg Folio), and the lightness of the Logitec Ultathin or Zagg Cover.

You can read my review of the Logitech Ultra Thin iPad Air Case with Keyboard - Space Grey also on Amazon.
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on 2 September 2014
I have been using Zaggkeys Folio Black, for couple of months now. I waited until now to review, so I could fully test its use in various scenarios and environment.

The Good = It is a good, sturdy product and does what is says in the description. It does turn your mini iPad into a mini laptop.
It has separate row of function keys (like play button, copy and paste, lock button etc) which is useful for quick access, so for example, I tend to use the lock/screen on/off button quite often and it helps to have one-click button that you can press with one finger rather than press function-shift key & action button with multiple fingers as one needs to do on other keyboards.
I also like the fact that it has sleep/wake function so when you close/fold away, the iPad goes to sleep or wakes up. The back light is useful in dark environment but frankly I didn't really have the need to use it in my daily use, albeit it is comforting to know it is there if ever needed.
The clam shell design provides good protection to the iPad (both front screen and back) from knocks and bumps and the outer surface of Zagg is comfortable textured touch and easy to clean/wipe.

The Not So Good = The main purpose I bought this folio keyboard was the hinged angle feature. Although it does the job adequately, I was disappointed that it did not swing back further than I expected it to. This means that viewing angle can be limited based on how and where you position it i.e. on a normal height work desk it is fine but if you place it on a low stand (say for example when you are presenting Keynote) the view can be restrictive.
I also found that removing the iPad from the folio was not as easy as it seems, in fact it was bit fiddly and as result it stayed in its cover almost permanently. This means that if you intend to use your iPad for reading (books, magazine etc), having it in its keyboard cover is not ideal as it is not comfortable reading with it on and you will feel the weight (which more than doubles compared to iPad on its own) on your hand bearing you down.
The other bugbear I had was that some keys on the left (like number 1, caps/tab key) are squashed and using them seems to be a pain and bit of a hit & miss, so for example I constantly had to press number 1 key hard for it to register, compared to the other number keys.
The keys are just 'ok' (keeping in mind that device of this size only has limited space to have any decent sized keys for typing with anyways) but the feel / 'springiness' of the keys could be better. If you are used to, say for example the logitech's ultra thin keyboard, than you will hate this keyboard. It is more 'spongy' feel and less tactile.
The other aspect I was not too fond of is its over zealous tendency to go in power saving mode too quickly, so for example if you are using the backlight in the dark and don't use the keyboard for 40 seconds or so, it switches the backlight until you press any key again. This can be very distracting after a while. Also, when it goes on power save mode, it loses bluetooth connection and only reconnects when you press any button again. But that 1-2 sec delay in pressing a key, waiting for bluetooth re-connection, can be very annoying especially when you want to take a note (say during a conference/lecture) quickly. I did not experience such issues with other keyboards for example with Logitech's ultra thin iPad mini keyboard.

Overall I think its is a good product, does its job (if you are not too fussy) but it would have been perfect if it was a cross between the logitech's ultra thin keyboard key feel and the hinge feature of Zagg (where Logitech keyboard hinge is not that versatile as Zagg's).
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on 25 November 2013
I always get a new bluetooth keyboard with each iPad, so I'm comparing this one to others I've used.

Let's get the negatives out of the way first:

It's comparatively heavy compared to ultralight options (such as the Logitech Ultra-thin Keyboard Cover I used on my previous iPad 3).

The cut-out for the Lightning connector is too small to accommodate the Apple 30 pin dock connector to lightning adapter (which for some inexplicable reason has a plastic molding that is much fatter than the regular lightning connector).

It doesn't open past about 110 degrees, so you can't fold the keyboard flat behind the iPad -- you're stuck using the iPad as a mini-laptop, in landscape orientation.

On the positive side:

Unlike the ultra-thin keyboard covers, this one provides full back protection -- the iPad nestles in its hard plastic lid -- and it's reasonably slim. The lid and back are textured to give a nice, grippable surface, and the magnetic on/off works fine. It feels very secure.

The keyboard itself is a standard Zagg chiclet style one. The feel is positive (for chiclet values of positive), and aside from some of the peripheral keys being shrunken to save width, it's fine: I could touch-type on it instantly, and I expect it to stand up to heavy use.

While I find keyboards sized to match the iPad Mini are slightly too small for touch-typing without keyboard stumbles, this one felt no different from a keyboard sized to match a full-sized iPad, i.e. comfortable enough to touch-type on at full speed for actual work.

Many cheap Chinese knock-off bluetooth keyboards have a shrunken right shift key (the right shift key isn't used in text composition there, I guess) which causes havoc when typing English text -- you find myself hitting an arrow key rather than typing a capitalized letter from the left half the QWERTY block. The Zagg keyboard doesn't have this problem: it was clearly designed by people familiar with western touch-typists.

I did not experience the bluetooth drop-outs or weird buffering problems other reviewers have complained of (although I *have* had those problems on a Zagg keyboard case for the iPad Mini; I suspect it's down to a manufacturing defect in the bluetooth circuitry).

The backlit keys -- which are colour-adjustable -- seems a bit gimmicky, but I'm sure they'll be very useful if I have to type in the dark.

Overall: it's not perfect, but it's a good first try, and unlike most of the high-end iPad Air keyboard cases it's available now. if you want to use your iPad in landscape the whole time it's great, and if you type a lot it's worth the price premium over the cheap Chinese imports.
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on 30 January 2016
This is the second purchase of the same case/keyboard. Its predecessor purchased in July 2014 wasn't really up to scratch as the hinges broke after a year and then the 'enter' key stopped working. The new version feels better quality and the hinges feel far more robust, so I'm hoping this one lasts longer despite daily use. Overall however this is an excellent product and enhances the functionality of the ipad air to an enormous extent.
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on 6 May 2014
When I first got this, one of the keys kept sticking, making rapid touch typing difficult, and I was going to send it back. However I had to go away on business first, and took it with me, and the key stopped sticking after I'd 'broken it in' through using it.

After that, I loved it. For about 3 weeks, and then the hinge broke and the case split, and it's the same old story as many reviewers have noted. Returned to Amazon and got a refund. I was going to buy another just the same, because the functionality, size and weight were so great, and I assumed the broken hinge was a one off, until I came back to Amazon and read the reviews to find that it is a known and apparently frequent issue. So sadly I'll have to choose another.
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on 8 February 2014
I would have liked this very expensive keyboard to be able to lie completely flat. It cannot go beyond about 120 - 130 degrees but as it's very top heavy it's best used at right angles. It does sit very nicely at angles upto a maximum of 90 degrees. Another annoyance is that the ipad side which clips into the Zagg case becomes much heavier than the keyboard bit of the package. So much so that on a couple of occasions it has almost fallen off my lap; fortunately I was able to catch my ipad in time. So I have had to get used to placing it securely and being careful it doesn't fall off due to its excessive one sided weight. That's been quite disappointing. So all of this means I find it a bit difficult to use my ipad while standing, lying down, on my lap, etc. But when used like an ordinary laptop on a table it works superbly. Also the fact that the keyboard lights up is very useful. So I have given 3 stars becuase of all the disappointments! It's slightly taken away the pleasure of being able to use the ipad as it is meant to be used! I've been using the Zagg keyboard for a few weeks now. Maybe get used to it better - in time.
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on 30 May 2014
I'm not one for reviewing items I've purchased maily dur to time restrictions, however on this occasion I feel this product really deserves a review.

I love my Ipad Mini Retina to me its the perfect device this keyboard however trasforms it into a real powerhouse of a device that's never too far away from me. I run an IT consultancy and this keyboard is going to be invaluble for writing reports etc without being chained to the desk.

Build Quality
Ease of use
Backlit Keyboard
Battery Life

I just wish you could either quickly detach the ipad or swivel it around so it folded to the back of the device I understand that's really difficult to actuallly do and keep the solid feel of the device and it is minor niggle.

A quality addition to my ipad.
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on 8 April 2014
I researched so many keyboards for my new ipad and was so excited to get this product, especially as when it arrived it was all that it promised to be. The backlit keyboard was the main reason for this purchase along with it's clamshell casing. But tonight the hinge broke, I had read a review somewhere that doubted the sturdiness of the hinges but I usually think that perhaps it's just one out of a bad lot. I certainly did not expect the plastic casing to break, the screw holding it together to come loose and no way to easily fix it.
I have only had this product for two weeks and have not been using the keyboard as much as I would normally.
I can not recommend this keyboard to anyone and am thoroughly disappointed because it is now very obvious the hinges are not well made when the rest of it is really quite good.
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on 4 June 2014
I paid what I thought was a lot of money for a very high quality keyboard/case. I was impressed initially with the high quality of the case and enjoyed impressing my friends and work colleagues with the multi-colour back lit keys. But, it soon led to disappointment when a screw worked loose from the bottom top-right of the case, leaving a gap where I was able to see the internals of the keyboard/case. I was able to tighten the screw but that left a bump in the case that looked unsightly that I wasn't able to correct. I decided to return the case.
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on 25 May 2014
Right hinge broke after 2 weeks of extremely careful use because I was aware of the issue reading other reviews on amazon.
Will return it. A shame because quite a few good features (backlit keyboard, Bluetooth, offering complete protection for iPad). But at the moment it seems a faulty product due to design error. Don't buy.
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