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4.4 out of 5 stars
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on 16 April 2016
He’d almost wept. And Gavin Walker did not weep. Or swoon. But that was exactly what he’d done when Davy had kissed him. And here he was, making love to Davy. The whole situation was unnerving, but he wouldn’t back down. Something inside him said Davy was worth it. He wanted to get this right.'

The title of this book is pretty self explanatory. This is about Gavin, who has adapted this 'trouble' persona and lets very few people see who he really is.
And Davy, the wallflower. He is shy and hasn't quite adapted to being comfortable in social situations due to years of being kept inside due to his mother's Agoraphobia.
Both couldn't be more opposite and yet they're drawn to each other so much.
And I mean, isn't that cover just so freaking pretty??!

I'm not gonna lie, I loved this immediately. I couldn't actually stop myself from smiling so hard. It had all signs of a great book from the beginning and it never wavered from that throughout the book.

I fell for Gavin straight away, and I fell for him through Davy's eyes. (We do get Gavin's POV too, we just meet him at first through Davy's eyes.) His charm, determination and just the force that was Gavin had me a goner from the start, I had no hope! Now, he definitely messes up and you will want to junk punch him. Twice. But he totally makes up for it, without a doubt, he definitely had me back to swooning. Hard. Gavin has plenty more to him than meets the eye.

'And if there was one thing anyone could tell you about Gavin Walker, it was that when he made up his mind, he was stubborn and fought to stay on that path. And the path to Davy had way too much hope on it to make him want to wander off. Gavin was out of his depth. He had gone years without getting emotionally involved with someone in the way he was with Davy, but he had Davy now, and he didn’t want either of them to be alone anymore.'

Davy! So, initially Davy is the reason I wanted to read this book! I love characters that don't quite fit in, that aren't flawless. Characters like Davy give me hope and are the ones I connect with the most. And he definitely lived up to what I imagined and hoped he'd be like. He didn't really fit into social situations but he was still his own person and just because he didn't, didn't make him any less. He proved how strong he was time after and time and came out of his comfort zone at the right times. He's also pretty hilarious, had me laughing out loud more than once, he was also determined when he cared about someone. I loved him just as much as Gavin.

'Davy had never felt such a strong need to dominate, to care for another person. He wanted to take away whatever pain Gavin was feeling.'

These two were perfect together, things weren't always perfect but these two were made for each other. I never stopped smiling. The playful love/hate thing they had going was amazing and made me giddy. They have hard times and there's conflict but it's always how characters deal with the conflict that's important and these characters definitely done what's right when it mattered.

'“Haven’t you heard? I’m trouble.” Davy smiled and nipped Gavin’s bottom lip. “Well, trouble might not be all bad.” He bucked his hips up into Gavin, and Gavin rolled his eyes back in pleasure. “I think you should show me some of those ‘other things’ now.” “And I thought you were the shy little wallflower,” Gavin teased. Davy wrapped his arms around Gavin’s waist and squeezed his firm a**. “Haven’t you heard the old saying ‘it’s always the quiet ones’?” “Indeed.”'

I honestly loved this book so much. I just didn't want to finish. It's one of the few books I tried slowing down on my reading so I wouldn't finish too quickly because I did not wanna say goodbye to these characters.I'm not sure if Kade has/will be doing books for the secondary characters but I'd love to read more on their friends, even Nate! Hehe!
Oh , and I've got to mention Ray! Oh gosh what a character!! Loved him so much.
I already wish I could be reading it for the first time.
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on 17 June 2016
This is my first book by Kade but It certainly won't be my last......I loved this....Davy was so sweet,shy and Gavin....well Gavin was what everyone called trouble but they'd both not had exactly great upbringings.......This was really well written and I ust loved how it all flowed.....I loved Gavins friends Sean, Devon and Mason.....I wasn't keen on Nate till near the end, he didn't treat Davy well.....I loved Gavin's grandpa Ray, he was amazing esp with his love for Gavin and then Davy...Gavin's Mum was, well she really was a nasty piece of work and I knew what she was there for...but oh so adorable Oliver, Gavin's 3 year old brother he was gorgeous, loud and bubbly just like his big brother....A great book from an author I know i'm going to love x
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on 24 August 2014
I'm not sure about this book, it didn't seem long enough, it covered everything in narrative but I can't make my mind up if it's either missing something or I wanted more of the characters story. It has a beautiful ending that seemed to get wrapped up very quickly and neatly. I loved the way Ray and his older friends treated the boys, considering the usual issues surrounding the older generation and being Gay. I think this book needs another read.
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on 21 March 2014
There is already a good review on this book which says everything that needs to be said really and I agree with it all. A nice tale about a sweet shy young man and a brash playboy. You can't help but like both of them and they develop nicely together. Well worth a read
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on 13 March 2014
What a gorgeous book I loved Davy and Gavin from the beginning little Olli too,great read did it in one sitting couldn't put it down
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on 16 May 2014
I got right into this story and what there was was okay, I just felt there could have been more.
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on 30 March 2014
Liked it, don't read the long review - it gives it all away. Great read really, wasn't what I expected but loved it and the person who wrote it was a guy. So that was a bonus and I will now read more of his stuff.
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on 18 March 2014
I really enjoyed this. Davy Cooper was brought up by his agoraphobic mother which included being home schooled. His first bite at freedom comes when he is 16 and his mum reluctantly allows him to get a part time job. Sadly she dies a year later and Davy is so socially inept he struggles with even the simplest of daily tasks. Meeting new people and having a social life is totally off the radar as even the thought cripples him.

Gavin Walker is manwhore personified. The pair are like chalk and cheese as the saying goes. His upbringing involved an alcoholic mother who committed the ultimate betrayal before he upped and moved across the country to live with his grandfather.

Davy enjoys his job in the local ice cream and has both come to love and hate the flirtatious Gavin who comes in and leaves his number at least once a week. When Davy braves a club one evening both craving and hating the sheer number of people there he spies Gavin with a go-go boy and hot foots it out of the place feeling a little bit heartbroken.

A kind of truce is drawn between the pair and they agree to try and be friends but when Gavin hooks up at a party Davy once again flees upset. A few days later when Gavin tries to apologise the 2 end up in a heated kiss and semi naked.

Theirs is not an easy relationship by any means but the dynamics completely change over the next few years. Gavin who is so brash and out there is actually extremely vulnerable with huge hang ups from his childhood. Davy who at first appearances wouldn't challenge a fly turns out to have a steel of spine and a few choice words when it comes to defending the man he is falling in love with.

When Gavins mum makes an appearance everything changes again and both men need to dig deep and stay strong as things will never be the same.
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