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on 8 September 2015
I absolutely love this cpu, underneath my yamaha 7.2 receiver in a MATIS case it is going, 25 watts of power consumption is amazing and thats at full load! intel need to learn from amd with their apus they are fantastic, average use is around 14W!

with a dedicated graphics card it can handle any game, even with its own apu graphics its pretty darn good!

You will only need an 80w psu for the whole system of course if you use a dedicated graphics card 450 to 500w is recommended.
The maximum graphics card for this cpu is the nvidia gtx460 anything higher will be a bottleneck. But of course you can overclock these which is something you cant do with the intel j1900 chip on a board solutions.

you can build a totally silent htpc with this, a very nice cpu indeed it never goes above 38 celcius

I still cannot believe this little cpu with built in graphics can run the new tomb raider game at 720p smoothly, how awsome is that! this game is very demanding yet it runs well. it will even run at 1080p if you allocate 2gb of ram to the onboard graphics and lower the textures a little, amazing. Its really not designed for gaming at all but wow just wow. Can only imagine how good the high end apus are.

This little cpu can play 4K video at a maximum bitrate of 20MBPS, however 1080P with 5.1 DTS audio is where it shines, if you are overclocking use the ASMEDIA sata ports not the AMD ones otherwise the drive wont get recognised at boot.

You will see in my other reviews i bought this with a RAJINTEK MATIS case and ASRock motherboard, those two items bring out the best in this platform, totally awsome combination.
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on 18 July 2016
Used this to upgrade my 7 year old Zotac HTPC, coupled with a AM1H-ITX motherboard. Despite being 3-4 times faster than my old Intel ProDuo-based laptop at encoding x265 video, which itself was at least twice as fast as the integrated Intel quad-core Atom of the Zotac motherboard, Windoze only gives it a 4.9 rating - just marginally higher than it rated the Zotac! According to PC-Mark, the integrated graphics of the 5350 are between 3-5 times faster than that of the onboard Nvidia graphics of the Zotac - hence my scepticism.

The one thing I'm unhappy about is the thermal readings. I don't know if this is down to the mobo or the 5350, but the readings are often times nonsensical. With an ambient temperature of 18-20degC, I often get readings of 1-5degC!!! Put the CPU under load and the temperature shoots up, maxing out at around 48degC. But within a few seconds of going from Max to min load, the temperature reading will plummet by 20-30degC - the real world doesn't operate like this! To add to the confusion, the motherboard's own BIOS temperature monitoring seems to measure correctly, it's just the half dozen or so applications available for doing this that seem to have problems!

This in no way seems to affect performanace though. I've had a chequered history with AMD CPU's, this being my third Athlon. The other two had serious temperature-related stability problems, crashes being a normal occurrence. But these were of 2002-2004 vintage, so probably not a concern. Given the insanely high max operating temperature of the 5350 (90degC), coupled with the max (apparent!) temperatures of 48degC that I'm seeing, it should not be a problem.

One other point. Although the 5350 has not much overhead as far as overclocking is concerned, a little latitude does exist, but I have failed miserably to exploit it. When I have tried increasing any of frequencies, even marginally, I am left with OS's that will not even boot - so I'm not sure what is going on there! The old Athlon's could be overclocked nearly to oblivion.

But so far, so good. Seems a perfectly adequate processor for a HTPC, capable of playing 720p x265 (HEVC) videos with only 30-40% CPU load, or 1080p x265 @ 60-70%. The Intel quad-core Atom/Zotac/Nvidia setup would choke & die within a few seconds with 720p videos (never mind 1080p), when trying the same thing. The fact that it will encode them as well, and 3-4 times faster than I'm used to, is an added bonus!
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on 28 July 2016
Finally gave up with my Sempron processor and slow harddrive. Although the harddrive upgrade made the biggest difference, there was a very noticeable improvement in the speed of my home build PC with this processor.
The processor comes with a fan and heatsink so i just connected my static band and got to work replacing the old sempron. In all it took less than 15 minutes. Once i restarted the bios needed configuring. I set it to the settings i had previously and confirmed the new cpu settings were as expected. Everything was spoton.
Upon restarting the computer had a couple of glitches whilst it tried to resolve the drivers. It failed to find the graphics driver initially. I restarted the computer and everything was resolved - i had no changes to make and no software to install.
The machine was already noticeably quicker. I loaded several of my most common applications and everything was a lot more responsive.
My estimate is that there is around 30% improvement in the speeds. Everything seems stable and AMD suggested a further driver update, which had no noticeable impact - certainly nothing negative. For the other components, especially my motherboard this best cpu i can use with built in gpu. I wonder if a separate gpu would be much quicker. Finally happy with my build🙂
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on 16 July 2016
This APU lived up to all the hype. Cheap and low powered/cool running it is ideal for an HTPC build. The full build details are:
Motherboard - ASRock AM1H-ITX
Case - Silverstone SST-ML06B
PSU - Leicke ULL 90watts
SSD - Kingston 120 Gbs
RAM - 4 Gb Kingston HyperX Fury
With the CPU fan speed set to 'Silent' in the BIOS of the motherboard, this set-up is completely silent and the CPU generally reaches 50 - 55 degs C. 1080p video is no problem and plays very smoothly. The O.S. installed is Linux Mint Cinnamon, though on reflexion perhaps the Mate variant might have been a better choice. In addition to use as an HTPC this APU could easily be used as a regular, everyday PC for browsing, emailing, playing videos, doing spreadsheets and other office functions. Compared to the Intel I3 box with 8 Gb RAM I built last year I feel the AMD package offers much better value for money (so long as extreme gaming/video encoding etc are not required).
Edit on 24th May, 2017. I've used this APU for 9 months now in an HTPC set-up and have been completely happy with its performance! Playback/streaming is rock-solid and always smooth with no jerking/tearing that was sometimes suffered with the Raspberry Pi mk1. The 5350 seems to be out of production now, having been superseded by the AMD 5370 but if I ever need to build a new HTCP I will definitely go with the new version.
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on 17 March 2015
Excellent budget chip, using this as part of a test Steambox. Used this with MSI AM1I Mini ITX motherboard and 8GB RAM. On board graphics play indie/older games on Steam well, (plus plays some newer more demanding games with medium settings with OK frame rates)

Will re-purpose it in future as an HTPC in a smaller case, was wanting to test out SteamOS :)

Interestingly, DirectX12 for Windows 10 has apparently had good performance on quad core AMD CPUs, possibly would make this ideal as part of a budget gaming rig with a decent GPU.
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on 18 October 2015
Bought this with a ASUS AM1M-A Motherboard, don't know which component is at fault but in both Windows 7 Pro and Windows 10; basic VGA driver works on all outputs as in VGA/DVI/HDMI but graphics are obviously pants. So upgrade to specific graphics driver, both the one that came with the MB and an updated one off the web and it acts very strangely. Boot up screen is okay on HDMI/DVI then when Windows loads properly it blacks out and only works on VGA! Very annoying, a budget build for my daughter who prefers her small old VGA monitor anyway but unacceptable nonetheless. I've googled the issue, seems fairly common but I can't see a proper solution. I'm not happy but can't be bothered to take apart the PC and send it back with the MB. If anyone knows what the problem is please do let me know.
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on 28 October 2014
I rather like this little thing. It fitted nicely with the motherboard I purchased (AM1 socket,naturally).

It has modest power with four cores, giving it fantastic everyday use. While it doesn't quite stand up to the larger, more powerful CPUs out there it is respectable in its own right and runs a computer nice and smoothly with barely a hiccup. It can take the strain of active browser based gaming, watching videos on youtube and running other background programs besides. Business computers should be jealous of this little item.
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on 5 July 2017
Amazing how much speed and power can be packed into such a small chip these days. Running this on a mini ITX mobo with 4gb ram. Runs windows 8.1 without a glitch. Goes without saying this isn't for gaming, but for a media centre (plays HD glitch free), small form factor pc for office stuff or similar this is ideal.
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on 15 August 2015
Great value processor, currently using it as a NAS/Media server (Fedora with KODI) and runs perfect. Obviously you would not use this for any high end stuff, but if your in need of a NAS, media server, or general project server that does not cost much to run, then this is the one for you. ( one thing to note is that this processor only supports 2 SATA channels, so keep that in mind when looking at disk space, you could always buy a SATA PCIE card if you plan on adding more disks later )
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on 22 August 2016
Used this with a Asus am1-i board, 8gb of generic (probs Samsung) ram I had around, a 64gb ssd with a cheapo PSU and Zelman case from prime deal of the day. Works well with windows 10 on ssd. Is used in the 'office' although never really used as everyone has own devices. I use this PC sometimes for network management in home. Boot times are minimum mainly thank to the ssd but is often kept in sleep state. Run stick cooler with 200mm in and 120 out, air flow right over the mobo and is often in the low 20°c. Run inboard gfx with just ssd as we use nas, and next to mine for power draw
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