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4.2 out of 5 stars
4.2 out of 5 stars
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on 27 October 2014
i must agree with the first reviewer,who criticises mr eno for cashing in with the standard and deluxe releases.i bought the american version which has all 13 tracks on.that said the brass arrangement on satellites is to die for, and generally an excellent album.great sound,great musicianship,love it.mr eno just needs to sort his pricing out.
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on 1 July 2014
I routinely give Brian Eno releases 5 stars because they are all that good. The previous 5 star reviews admirably explain why this album deserves such a rating.

That said, I am growing a bit weary of Mr. Eno's way of inflating prices as if he were some starving artist. If the 4 bonus tracks were included on the regular edition, that single CD would still be less than an hour in length. Playing a 3/4 hour regular CD, only to have to change discs and insert the 1/4 hour bonus CD is simply ridiculous. I ended up burning both discs to a single CDR for the convenience of hearing the entire album all at once. A bonus CD makes sense when the totality of the 2nd disc will not fit on the first (i.e.: Drums Between The Bells), but the way it was done for the Someday World album is just plain greed. Additionally, and as a previous reviewer pointed out, what's up with the MP3 (360 bps) 9 track download that omits the 4 bonus tracks? MP3 format instead of FLAC? Omissions? Seriously?!

Most artists include their outtakes as bonus tracks on the same regular CD. While not totally unique for charging double for a bonus disc, overall, Brian Eno's releases are among the worst offenders. This is not the first time an Eno album has used a price-inflating stunt like this. One of his best releases of the past decade, "Small Craft On A Milk Sea" is a particularly onerous example where one had to spend a 3-digit figure for the 4 bonus track CD only available if you purchased the vinyl edition! What if I don't have a turntable? Why must I buy records to get a bonus compact disc? Beyond that, the Japanese regular CD version and iTunes version of that album also had unique tracks (if you purchased the entire album yet again), making it a very costly endeavor for Eno-completists such as myself. Additionally, virtually all Japanese Brian Eno releases feature an exclusive bonus track not available to western ears unless one is willing spend obscenely high import prices to acquire them.

I have been patient with this "one for the price two" tactic for quite some time and only mentioned it in previous reviews of earlier Eno albums. It never affected my ratings. I guess you can call this album the straw that broke my back.

MR. ENO: I believe in giving artists all the money due to them and I never illegally download torrents because that would be the same as stealing. Conversely Mr. Eno, shouldn't you stop ripping off your best fans with these relentless and costly alternate versions? Why charge us double, triple, (and in some cases far, far more) for what amounts to little more than a few outtakes? Next time this happens, I'll be hard pressed not to consider downloading a FREE torrent (in FLAC format) of whatever upcoming bonus tracks there may be.
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on 31 May 2014
Somehow I missed the release of this album and came across it a couple of weeks ago when searching for Eno on vinyl. So no expectations beyond, well, another Eno album for the collection! But from the first few seconds of the very first play I was really hooked - genuinely my current favourite album of the year by far.
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As is often the way, the more diverse an artists work becomes the more diluted the idea of identity is. After umpteen years in Underworld, Hyde took his first solo steps last year with “Edgeland” and now, his second album is a full on colloboration with Brian Eno called “Someday World”. I speak of this as a fan of Underworld, and a casual admirer of Eno, and to be frank, the lines are blurred here. Clearly, there's lashings of the man who used to sing in Underworld here, with the familiar vocal styles, the soundscapes, and as the album progresses, the material steps into its own with “Witness” and “Strip It Down” being far more accessable and immediate than Hyde's first album, the stuttery “Edgeland”.
As the record progresses, the material becomes ever more effective, and whilst never at the heart-in-mouth tempo or grandeur of latter day modern Underworld material, the songs and music are a more gentle, more considered, dare I say it mature, approach, replete with Hyde's soaring vocals, nonsense profound lyrics, and general touch, which makes this sound exactly like what would happen if Eno made an album with Karl Hyde (which is exactly what this is, of course). It's mostly a success, but “When I built This World” is utter b-side fodder that cannot end fast enough with atonal string lines and a incoherent arrangement. The album picks up on the expanded second disc with the 'deluxe' edition, (which is now shorthand for where songs that used to be b-sides now live), with “Celebration” being a exciting and vibrant track, possibly the most fun thing from the album. Overall though, “Someday World” is Hyde taking a step up from his somewhat anaemic debut, meeting a collaborator at least his equal, and creating a new and intruiging new direction.
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"Someday World" is (Underworld's) Karl Hyde's first, and Brian Eno's fourth appearance on Warp Records. All three of Eno's previous LPs on Warp have been markedly different-sounding, so for this new one it was difficult to know what to expect and, true to form, the end result is, perhaps, a surprise: a pop album of sorts. For those who have heard the pre-release tracks "The Satellites" and "Daddy's Car" - well, the record carries on in pretty much the same vein. Maybe nothing that quite (quite) matches the amazing "Daddy's Car" but it's a very small margin. This is not a long album - 45 minutes in total, but there's real depth. The sonics are sparing and very subtle.

I suppose you could call Eno-Hyde a supergroup? But unlike Clapton-esque projects of days gone by, Brian and Karl are about the music, not the egos. The end result, for me, comes up somewhere between Peter Gabriel's "So" and the sort of music New Order might be making now if they hadn't fallen out.

This 2CD edition is without doubt the one to go for. OK so the second disc is only (a further) 15 minutes but its four bonus tracks match the quality of the parent album - the closing song "Titian Bekh" is my second favourite track of the whole release, reminiscent of "Songs for a Blue Guitar"-era Red House Painters and worth the extra outlay alone. And the packaging? A hardback book-style case and die cut slip-case; striking artwork including photos by Mr Hyde himself. If as much attention was given to the presentation of all new releases as it has been to this, then people would still be buying hard copy in greater numbers.

Effortless yet ambitious. Not epic, classic. Only the cloth-eared need ignore.
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on 7 December 2014
Love both artists, but have to agree with the other reviewers about pricing and album length.
I bough the special 2 disc version at Resident Records in Brighton.

Tunes on the second disc are equal/better than the main album
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on 6 July 2014
Beautifully presented - I bought the LP so it's possible to see the cover art properly!
Very pleased with the music on this album - obviously it sounds amazing, superb clarity and production.
As usual with Eno the work is imaginative and takes some unexpected twists and turns, but is always melodic and listenable.
Lots of rhythms mixed with tuneful singing and inscrutable lyrics!
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on 16 June 2014
There has been a lot in the press about this, however Eno had intended to make a depressing dark industrial album, well as he gladly admits, he failed. You have an album of uplifting joy. Give it a whirl and try not to smile.
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on 16 July 2014
Great stuff from eno and Hyde
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on 24 April 2016
The majesty of Brian Eno and Karl Hyde, this album gets into you and drags you away.
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