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on 27 August 2016
Great so far! Just nearing the end of Season 2! Floki is possibly one of my favourite characters of all time. He is the Viking Joker, but like all jokers... there is a lot more to them that lies beneath the laughter. Acting at its finest, and that goes for the entire cast. Well worth getting in to! Go watch it!

Now to address the 1 star reviews. Please don't leave one star reviews on a show if your problem isn't actually with the show. I can see that most of it is just complaints about Amazon Video and trouble getting episodes. The review section is for reviewing the individual shows, not a chance to complain about service. That's like me leaving Sony a bad review because of a power cut!

Anyway... give Vikings a go and then enjoy researching the characters and the history of Ragnar and the Vikings. You'll be surprised ;)
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Once again "Vikings" proves truly gripping and grim. Central is Ragnar, future first King of Denmark. He began as a farmer and is now an Earl. He is formidable, and needs to be. Great strength is vital if invaders are to be repelled, treachery suppressed, other countries subdued. Unlike many of his followers, Ragnar is not interested in plunder, but determined to seek fertile land on which to farm - this better done if neighbours unite.

In the role Travis Fimmel totally convinces - whether as the shrewd leader, ruthless fighter, dedicated family man.

In every respect there is much to admire here, the series far more than a succession of battles (although there are many, all of them ferocious).

With weather so often hostile, conditions are stark, people necessarily tough. All this is portrayed most vividly - as are evolving beliefs and ways of life. Former priest Athelstan is the link between different philosophies - he finding much to admire in stories of Norse Gods and traditions, Roman attitudes, Christian concepts.

Excellent scripts, impressive acting by all, evocative photography, atmospheric music.

Ten episodes. (The last one requires extra close attention, many viewers no doubt grateful for the commentary that helps clarify.) Fascinating bonuses explore the times - family life, the role of women, rites of passage, etc. Also interesting are details of how battles were filmed, perhaps too realistically for the squeamish. Be advised, such bonuses contain spoilers - some perhaps wishing they had been held over to the last of the three discs.

Much light is shed on a period about which most know little. The result is a magnificent series - both immensely stirring and, at times, more moving than one might expect.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERVINE VOICEon 19 November 2016
Ragnar Lothbrok is now Earl of Kattegat and a vassal of King Horik. They combine their forces to wage war on Jarl Borg, who is allied to Ragnar's brother Rollo. After fighting to a standstill, Ragnar proposes they mount a new alliance to invade Northumbria in England and seize land there. Ragnar reluctantly allows Rollo to return to Kattegat and spends the next four years preparing his forces. When the time comes, Ragnar and Horik betray their word and invade England without Borg, but are blown off-course and instead land in Wessex, ruled by the wily and cunning King Ecbert who immediately sees opportunity with these invaders from the sea.

The first season of Vikings was a welcome, straightforward tale of blood, lust, cunning and surprising restraint. Although it would be difficult to call it fully historically accurate, it was far more historically accurate than any other show about the Viking Age and made a good attempt to show the full complexities of the Viking culture and the Anglo-Saxon one they came into contact with. It also channelled some Game of Thrones-style political machinations and some very well-realised action and effects scenes. It was, overall, a winner.

Season 2 is, if anything, better. It opens up the world a little, bringing in the other Anglo-Saxon kingdoms of Wessex and Mercia and delves deeply into the psyches of the core cast of characters: Ragnar, Lagertha, Aslaug, Rollo, Floki, Athelstan and the now-grown-up Bjorn, as well as developing some minor characters from Season 1 (Horik and Borg) and introducing a major new player in the form of the canny Ecbert. Actors both established and new do exceptional work, especially English actor Linus Roache, who portrays the ambitious King Ecbert of Wessex with intelligence and off-beat candour. George Blagden also levels up as Athelstan, who's conflict of faith and culture is played to the hilt and done incredibly well.

The show moves between several long-running storylines, mixing up Ragnar's ambitions on the home front (which Donal Logue's brilliantly-played Horik is increasingly wary of) with his desire for conquests in the west but also his deep-seated longing for family, good earth and to live in peace. Ragnar's preference for negotiation before bloodshed marked him out as a different kind of Viking in the first season and that continues in the second, particularly his relationship with Ecbert, the first opponent that Ragnar has met who is as cunning and clever as he is (despite Ecbert's curious obsession with holding every major diplomatic meeting in a communal bath). Elsewhere, Lagertha's attempts to step out of Ragnar's shadow are compromised by her political decision to marry another jarl which backfires when he turns out to be a violent and abusive imbecile. Lagertha, as to be expected, does not take well to this and soon is setting up her own grab for power. This ties in with young Bjorn, who refreshingly doesn't hate his absentee father or deify him, but instead treats him with cautious respect as he tries to figure out who he is.

Vikings therefore has evolved into a curious hybrid of family drama, history lesson, political potboiler and all-out action story. There are several major battles (and lots of smaller skirmishes), some of which are very impressive indeed, but the writers are more interested in this band of characters, some historical, some legendary, some brand-new but all fascinating, flawed and human.

Flaws? Well, watching manly men with swords pledging brotherhood and alliance and knowing they'll be turning on each other in a couple of episodes time risks feeling repetitive, but this does set up some last-minute plot twists that are well-handled. The growing sense of scale can also feel like it trivialises what were once epic and dangerous quests, with Ragnar and his men shooting back and forth over the North Sea like they're taking a brief stroll when it was a major life-threatening voyage in the first season (although that was probably true to the actual historical experience as well). There's also some very oddball historical inconsistencies: Ragnar and his men accidentally land in Wessex without knowing it's there and they don't seem to know about France just across the Channel, despite Ecbert waxing lyrical about Vikings visiting the court of Charlemagne five minutes earlier. But these are fairly minor.

Season 2 of Vikings (****½) is a gripping and enjoyable continuation of the first season and well worth a watch.
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on 9 November 2014
Travis Fimmel 'Ragnar Lothbrok
Clive Standen 'Rollo
Jessalyn Gilsig 'Siggy
Gustav Starisgard 'Floki
Katheryn Winnick 'Lagertha
George Blagden 'Athelsten
Donal Logue 'King Horic
Alyssa Sutherland 'Princess Aslaug
Nathan O'Toole 'Bjorn Lothbrok
Maud Hirst 'Helga
Thorbjorn Horr 'Jarl Borg
John Kavanagh 'The Seer
Linis Roach 'King Ecbert
Ivan Kaye 'King Aelle
Gaia Weiss 'Porunn
A series that blends legend with historical possibility - (Has a brief outline to the series flow )
The once close brothers 'Ragnar' and 'Rollo' find themselves on the other side of the field of battle.
Jealousy had torn them apart, will blood bring them together.
After the battle 'Ragnar' tries to unite the warring tribes to seek the riches in the west.
On his earlier travels 'Ragner' had fallen for 'Princess Aslaug' and will find it difficult to choose between
her and wife 'Lagertha' - ideally he'd keep both.
'Rollo' faces a trial for his role in the battle against his brother and King Horic having made a choice to
fight for 'Jarl Borg'
Will the brothers unite or are the divisions now too great.
Meanwhile 'Lagertha' decides she will not share her man, can 'Ragnar' prevent both her and his young son
'Bjorn' from leaving.
Years pass, plans are now afoot to revisit the lands that the three way alliance had planed to do.
'Rollo' now an outsider had remained in the village, 'Siggy' wants him to try and make peace with his brother.
The time has now arrived for the norsemen to set sail, 'Ragnar' chooses to sail with only one of his allies,
'King Horic' still not trusting 'Jarl Borg'
At sea a storm divides the fleet and sends four off -course, 'Ragnar' and 'King Horic' land in 'King Ecbert's;
Wessex, many miles off the original intended destination.
The norsemen sack Winchester while 'King Ecbert' tries to raise an army to face the raiders from across the sea.
Meanwhile rejected ally 'Jarl Borg' plots his revenge upon 'Ragner' he assembles his men to take 'Ragner's lands,
whilst the 'Earl' and his men are in Wessex, only outcast 'Rollo' is there to try and defend his brothers lands
along with elderly citizens and women, a cause 'Rollo' is forced to abandon to keep 'Ragner's' wife and sons
safe until his brothers return.
In 'Wessex' 'King Ecbert' contemplate's his next move, is it possible to reason with men who seemingly kill without
The King offers an exchange of personal to facilitate talks, offering his son to ensure the safety of 'Ragner' who
comes to the Kings encampment for talks.
When returning to his camp a ship arrives with news of 'Jarl Borg's' take over of 'Ragner's' lands, there is no choice
for 'Ragner' he has to return home to seek out his family and try to reclaim what has been lost.
'Lagertha' and her son 'Bjorn' hear of the attack on 'Ragner's' lands, should they respond to help ex-husband and
father to a now young-man 'Bjorn'
Meanwhile back in Wessex the King gets wind of the reduced personnel in the Viking force and see's his chance to
strike a blow to the invading norsemen.
The once priest of Lindisfarne 'Athelsten' who has stayed with King Horic and his men could now be in danger.
'Ragner' has returned to find his family but soon realizes he hasn't the men to retake what has been lost as he is
heavily outnumbered by 'Jarl Borg's' force.
However a friendly face with reinforcements against the 'will' of her now husband has turned up to help, 'Ragner'
see's his now grown-up son and ex for the first time in many years.
They now contemplate how to gain the advantage in the effort to re-take lost land.
'Ragner' again has both his past and present wife around, however 'Lagertha' knows she has to return to her
unpredictable husband 'Earl Sigvard' while son 'Bjorn' wants to stay with his father now.
Of course because 'Lagertha' went against his wishes in helping her ex, he will now dish out his form of punishment.
'King Horic' and his remaining son had escaped 'Ecbert's' onslaught and now back with 'Ragner' wants his revenge
on the English King.
Because of the depleted force and fleet an alliance with 'Jarl Borg' appears to be back on the table, though in truth
friendship or an alliance isn't really what either 'Ragner' or Rollo' have in mindL
'Ragner' and ''King Horic' still have to avenge the dead but their numbers are seriously diminished, a new alliance
has to be found.
Back in England it seems that 'King Ecbert' has sought to form an alliance of his own Northumberland 'King Aelle' to
defend against further 'Viking' raids, of course 'King Aelle' has had dealings with 'Ragner Lothbrok' in the past so
knows the threat posed, 'King Ecbert' has also got ambitions of his own, since the death of 'King Arthur' the kingdom
of 'Mercia' is tearing itself apart with a power struggle from within.
Back in the nordic village rumblings of discontent are brewing 'King Horic' is bending the ear of 'Ragner's' friend
'Floki' 'Ragner' will have to be on his guard.
'Ragner's son 'Bjorn' has an eye for slave 'Porunn' a fact that is not missed by step-mum 'Princess Athelsten'
A familiar face now 'Earl' in her own right following the killing of her husband offers an alliance with 'Ragner'
with her force, thoughts of a return and revenge in Wessex come bak into play, though for 'Ragner' treachery
is still close at hand.
Back in England Arthur's daughter 'Princess Kwenthrith' seeks the help of her neighbour 'King Ecbert' to take
control of Mercia herself.
The norsemen are finally on their way to Wessex, with the alliance of 'Ragner' 'Horic' and Lagertha'
'King Horic' has his own agenda for the trip whist 'Ragner' seeks fertile land in which to perhaps build a new
beginning for his people, but will his logic prevail.
The invaders have no idea of the Wessex/ Northumberland alliance that has taken place, seeing a force moving
toward them, 'King Horic' and his men charge into battle, 'Ragner' and 'Lagertha' have little choice but to follow.
After the battle, knowing that the Vikings will just keep on coming, 'King Ecbert' sends the once prisoner then
friend to 'Ragner' 'Athelsten' who now works for the King interpreting and re-writing scrolls the former 'Roman'
rulers had left behind, to talk to his friend in the hope an understanding can be reached.
The 'Mercia' princess needs help to reunite her kingdom and seeks the help of Viking volunteers.
The offer made by King Ecbert to resolve hostility between them is generous though 'King Horic' still wants his
'Athelsten' has a choice to make also, does he stay and work for the English King or does he return to the place
he considers home with 'Ragner' and his son who he has considered to be his family now.
Conspiracy continues to bubble beneath the surface, 'King Horic' still believing that while 'Ragnar' lives he will
never be considered an equall in their ventures.
The eccentric 'Floki' still very much a part of the intended betrayal, has he really forgotten the esteem 'Ragner'
has for him ?
To prove his loyalty to 'King Horic's' cause, 'Floki' has to kill someone of importance to 'Ragna'
'King Horic' doesn't share 'Ragnar's' faith in 'King Ecbert's' word that the Earl seems to have confidence in, besides
which revenge is still top of 'King Horic's' agenda.
Will 'Floki' really betray 'Ragner' and allow 'King Horic' to kill 'Ragner' and all those bearing his name.
Meanwhile brother 'Rollo' is still suffering from the injuries sustained in the Wessex battle, and young 'Bjorn' is
still trying to convince former slave 'Porunn' of his feelings for her.
Darkness has fallen, 'King Horic's' forces land to carry out his bidding, who's side will 'Lagertha' be on, and 'Floki' ?
What a brilliant second season, another great TV series, trouble is, as with all great series's, we have to wait for
several months to see the story progress.....can't wait.
Special Features -
* My family - My enemy
* A warrior society - Rites of passage
* Imagining and executing climatic Battles
* Audio commentary on Blood Eagle and The Lords Prayer
* The Viking saga's - an interactive Archival Exploration.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERVINE VOICEon 12 February 2017
I liked Season 1, but felt it was finding its way and that Season 2 would be better. And yes, it surely was. The story develops quite a bit now, with some new interesting characters, some good, some bad.

To us, we know we're watching a good show when we care about the characters, and here we definitely do. The problem for our heroes is that it seems impossible to trust anyone, and many was the time that we shouted advice to the characters on screen, hoping for the best.

I was happy to see the return of Lagertha, probably my favourite female role ever. Who wouldn't want her by his side, the ideal woman? To see her striding into battle, sword at the ready, is a thing of awe and beauty.

The ending was just brilliant, and not something I saw coming. Needless to say, we're going straight into Season 3 now.
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This is an amazing series and if you haven't watched it yet I highly recommend it and would say go and watch it as soon as you can. Travis Fimmel is an amazing actor with just the right touch of everything for Ragnar Lothbrok and Katheryn Winnick is simply stunning as Lagertha and makes you want to go back in time and take up the shield alongside her as a shield maiden. I have been hooked since thinking I would just check it out and see what the series was like and now can't wait for series 3 which apparently is due to start filming. I absolutely love the monk Athelstan and his relationship with Ragnar and also Ragnar's brother Rollo.
I'm sorry for sounding like some mad fan person ranting on about how amazing the series' are but they truly are brilliant and each episode has left me on the edge of my seat and immediately switching to the next episode until obviously the very last. The series delves into ancient Viking customs such as their 9 yearly sacrifices which had me in tears and I never cry at films or series. Seriously if you are a fan of series such as Spartacus and films such as 300 etc then please check this series out - AMAZING! My final words on this are Bald Eagle oh my word!
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on 10 May 2017
Following along the saga of Ragnor Rothroc and then onto his legacy, his sons. Based on true characters, makes interesting watching. The battle scenes show some of the history of Vikings , from the Shield Wall to the females who fought alongside their men, the Shield Maidens
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on 17 February 2017
Love it. completely addicted. I Love Ragnar <3
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on 3 March 2014
this is an excellent series. i bought the first series on blu-ray and now intend to watch the second series through amazon. i'm not sure why everyone is moaning. i watch episodes on my iPad whilst cycling indoors. first just download the amazon love film app from the app store, then purchase the episode on amazon, then download it and watch it.

of course you cannot watch the entire second series yet, it hasn't been released!

very fast moving episode. shield wall fight scene starts the episode. politics and family life and family ties dominate the episode.
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on 31 May 2017
love the series so wanted the dvds to the series and the dvds are very good and the price was very good as well
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