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on 20 May 2017
What an amazing show this is. I never watched an episode before I bought this I saw trailers and it looked really good so i decided to buy it without actually knowing what I was going to watch and when I started to watch the first episode I knew I was hooked. The mystery and the story itself is brilliantly written and it always has you wanting more. The characters are brilliant also I like how they are all very different to one another but there's a connection with them all not just the mystery they are tied too and Allison but the strong friendship they have. I love how the story shocks you and keeps you guessing throughout. I'm actually near the end of series 4 and I have watched pll since i bought this bearing in mind I have never watched an episode before I bought it so I strongly recommend anyone who loves this kind of thing, mystery, shocks, guessing, and surprises should definitely buy it. I'm just sad knowing they are on their last few episodes of the final series which is series 7 because this show is by far one of the best shows I've watched.

I am very happy with the condition and the delivery.
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on 17 September 2013
I bought this reluctantly as it was recommended by a friend.

As a man I couldn't see why I would like a show about 4 college girls which is a 12 rated show lacking in what us men like..sex & violence. In simple terms the show revolves around 4 college girls who's best friend is killed and a mysterious A , pretending to be their dead friend starts to manipulate them and the people around them. At the core its about secrets and how they intertwine our lives.

For me the strongest aspect of the show is that it constantly keeps you guessing who A is and the four main characters are are quite interesting and compelling. There are some great performances and a strong supporting cast all mixed with a very fluid show that is extremely well written. It's very easy viewing like a cross between charmed and The OC without the witches obviously. A great show that feels a bit like Scream actually, and a refreshing show that deserves more recognition and fans.

Give it a go.
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on 27 February 2013
This is the best tv series i have seen for a long time ,and dont let the teen element put you off buying as im way past my teens and still enjoyed this show enormously.Each element of the show works ,the acting is great and the plot twists at every turn,just when you think you have a handle on proceedings something else happens!!!!.
And the plot ? proceedings? well this review will develop into War and Peace if i go there ,just to say that four young women have a secret and that secret involving a missing girl leads to major developments,and i mean major!!over the course of the show.It gets a little creepy at times,murder,blackmail,attempted murder,lesbianism,they are all here and more ,and theres some compassion to the narrative which at times is pure evil!.
Buy and enjoy you will not be disappointed.Lucy Hale was a stand out for me in the acting stakes,although they (the four leads)were all good
Mark Stevens
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on 25 July 2013
If you've never seen this show I definitely recommend you watch it. My friend told me about it when it first aired and I honestly can't get enough of it. To this day I've probably watched the full first series 3, maybe 4 times, the 2nd series 2/3 times, and completed the 3rd series now too. I'd say the first seasons the best based on what happens through out, and I've now even started reading the book series by Sara Shepherd. I'm only onto the 4th book at the minute so I don't have a complete opinion, however I do think the books are very different to the programme.

Still my far my favourite TV series.
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on 12 February 2013
I am sooo happy that I finally have at least one season of PLL on dvd!! I would recommend this to anyone searching for a new TV fix to get obsessed with! - but be aware, things in Rosewood are never as they seem. Its been a long time that I have watched something that I haven't been able to predict the storyline within the first few episodes and its made me even more determined to figure everything out. Season one is brilliant, I love the pace of the show - even though I am always left dying to know more - I love the characters, and personally feel they all (including secondary characters and particularly, unlike the books, the parents/families) have a lot of depth and you get invested in them really easily. Most of all I love it because it keeps me on my toes, I am constantly thinking/looking for clues and remembering things from previous episodes so I can try and figure things out before my Uni friends with whom I watch the show! Plus I think it has cornered the market on hot men, great fashion and cute romances!! What more can you want from a show?
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on 5 November 2016
Great product. It fits perfectly and it is just perfect. I will be sure to order a few in the future if anything happens. I 100000% recommend it. Its extremely cheap and a good overall product. Its great for the price and just amazing. If anyone is looking to buying this, please do... Its just great. Nothing i would like to improve...

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on 5 September 2013
I was hooked on this series from episode one and have since become a huge fan of the show.
With such a talented (and gorgeous) cast and a brilliant script, every episode has something special about it or a fantastic moment that you have to keep rewatching.
Every episode reveals yet another mystery whilst revealing the answers to others and so it is almost impossible to stop watching it. Despite the main idea of the show being a little far fetched and unrealistic, any teenager would still be able to relate to the feelings and some situations in the show.

Pretty Little Liars has the perfect mix of drama, romance and thrills and I am sure any new viewer will end up rewatching episodes just as many times as I have!
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on 5 May 2014
Overall a very good show but spoilt a little by the actresses being so much older than the characters they are playing.

This makes much of their innocence and naiveté a little bit unbelievable at times.

You could see this working if it was actually 15 year old girls but when the parts are being played by women in their early twenties, it is not very believable, you have to reminding yourself that they are pretending to be 6 or 7 years younger than they look and actually are.
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on 5 October 2015
A lot more entertaining than I expected it to be, the episodes seemed to fly by. I find a lot of American drama series have far too many episodes per series and become very repetitive and monotonous as the series goes on. Pretty Little Liars season one did not do this and I'm looking forward to watching series two shortly. Our four heroines spend the series trying to find the person responsible for their friend's death (because believe me the inept police in this series have no chance of solving anything!) whilst juggling their own complicated love lifes and the unwanted attentions of the anonymous "A".
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on 13 August 2013
I love pretty little liars, its really intrguing and has you guessing who A is when I found out it was being released in the uk I went straight out and got it I just really hope they release season 2 and 3 in the uk and region 2 soon.
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