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on 28 December 2016
After purchasing a set of Logitech Z553 PC speakers as an upgrade from my previous Logitech LS 21's, I could already hear the difference in sound quality but I also wanted to improve my setup to make it more accessible and convenient. I knew I wanted a wireless setup, therefore I decided to purchase this bluetooth adapter.

The packaging for the Bluetooth adapter was clean and uncluttered. As you can see from the pictures below, the device is quite small and discreet so it can be tucked away easily. The instructions for setting up the adapter were also very straightforward to follow, I was able to set it up in roughly 5 minutes. Pairing the Bluetooth with my phone and laptop was also quick and effortless, you can connect up to two devices to the adapter at once and your speakers will play from the device that has most recently started playing music.

At first I was wondering if I really needed it but after owning the adapter for two months I'm very glad I bought it. Situations such as wanting to sit across the room while listening to music or watch a movie with my laptop in bed became a reality. The adapter provides you with the freedom to move around and ditch the 3.5mm aux cable whilst still enjoying your media.

Most importantly, I haven't noticed a difference in audio quality using Bluetooth instead of the 3.5mm auxiliary cable. I'd highly recommend this product!
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on 23 August 2017
There are several units listed that look identical to this, but I decided to pay extra for the security of the Logitech brand name. It didn't work this time. I encountered two faults, both noted by other reviewers. First, there is so much noise from the 3.5mm jack connection route that this, my preferred method, is completely unusable. I tried different leads and different speakers but the fault is definitely within the Logitech unit. Second, once a connection is established it won't "let go" short of pulling the mains adaptor out of the wall. Saying "Alexa - disconnect" to an Amazon Dot works for about 15 seconds, but then the connection is restored whether you want it or not. I got the same result with my iPhone 6 so, once again, the fault is within the Logitech unit. I am now trying a Bayan Audio Streamport Universal which so far is working brilliantly. It was also cheaper. As for the Logitech unit, I've already printed out the Returns label and I'll be going to the post office tomorrow.
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on 4 August 2017
I am a massive fan of Logitech and have a lot of products from them, I definitely consider them a trusted brand to buy from. My idea here was to modernise a pretty high end hifi system with Bluetooth streaming so that I could broadcast Spotify from my iPad/smartphone. Here are my thoughts:

- Very well priced. I actually got mine for £25 from MyMemory (a company I have purchased things from before)
- Very small and compact
- Excellent design
- Incredibly easy to set up, it is literally a case of plugging in the power and the RCA jacks and you're good to go
- Fast to connect to devices and a stable connection during playback. I'm yet to have any cut out or loss in audio quality
- A convenient RCA to 3.5mm Aux cable is included in the box. I already had the relevant cables but it is still convenient to have this included
- Truly excellent sound quality! I really can't believe what this box is capable of considering the price. Of course, this is one of the biggest factors when it comes to purchasing a piece of audio equipment and this definitely exceeded my expectations!

- There is no off button so this device is permanently on. I very much doubt that it is using much electricity whilst not in use but it is still not ideal
- The blue light that emits from the device is actually quite bright. This is only made more obvious in dark rooms so be careful with placement
- The device itself is very light and I found that the RCA cable I have plugged into it was lifting the device off the surface! I managed to get around this by putting the adapter on an elevated surface
- The device outputs a relatively low volume and I had to crank the volume dial up a few notches higher when compared to CD or DAB playback. This is an incredibly minor point but still one to point out

Overall this product definitely deserves a full 5 stars. The cons I've listed above are very minor and definitely outweighed by the pros. If you're looking for an inexpensive but quality item then look no further!
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on 17 January 2018
I own a Bose speaker which is designed to play music from an iPod (I think), its around 6 years old. I used to connect it to my Samsung Galaxy Note 8 using an auxiliary cable - which was very impractical. I searched online and stumbled upon this beauty! Its quite small so unobtrusive. I connected the auxiliary cable to this and plugged it in. Pressed the Bluetooth icon on top and my phone did a quick scan and paired up. I can still use my phone. I walked around the room and the signal/pairing didnt drop. I'm very impressed. I used my own auxiliary cable, one isn't provided.
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on 2 January 2018
Amazing bit of kit Sound quality (from iPhone SE To Onkyo A-910) Music is clear with a good bass

For The Money You Really Can't Go Wrong!

I already had a pair of decent RCA`s but in the box you do get a RCA to 3.5mm

Would recommend Direct RCA s To A Separate Receiver But that doesn't mean to say the 3.55mm included is rubbish coz its NOT Still delivers good sound

I would definitely recommend to others looking to add Blu Tooth connection to there existing set ups
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on 27 December 2017
This solved my particular issue perfectly. Simple to use, excellent quality of sound that streams through.

I have Sonos in my house which I felt was badly limited due to lack of BT functionality. So i Bought a Sonos connect to allow input into the Sonos network and this allowed me to hardwire my echo dot to it via photo to RCA leads...great...but I actually needed the dot on the other side of the room without trailing phono cable all over the place (so Alexa could hear me in 2 rooms)

This was my answer.

The only issue I've since found is that....its a audio receiver.....not a BT microphone, which is fine for 90% of Alexa's functionality....apart from "calling" between dots/Alexa's in the house...due to the lack of Alexa's ability to connect to BT microphone (only speakers)...I believe this is why Alexa drops the BT connection and only plays over the dots internal speaker....and not over sonos speakers.

That said, great bit of kit, decent price, bring flexibility to your ridged Sonos network!

[Edit 1.5 years later] I've started to find that this receiver is cutting out allot....like 3-5 seconds at a time....makes it mega irritating when listening to music....that said, its been in continual use for 1.5 years...hence is holds on to 2 stars
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on 2 December 2016
I bought this for the Sony AV unit I have in my bedroom. I was running a lead from my laptop to the AV unit and could see an accident waiting to happen. Either I'd trip over the cable during the night and go flying, or the laptop would, or the AV unit would.. or maybe all 3 of us.. I'm thinking a scene from Final Destination.

Anyway, this little device has made my life easier. A simple push of the button and I've paired my phone, my tablet and the Plugable USB adapter I bought for my laptop at the same time. All work perfectly with it and it sounds great.

I have a few little gripes with it. As mentioned by some other reviewers, there's no power switch, but I can live without it. The blue light at the base is quite dim, but I had to move it from one side of the AV unit to the other so I couldn't see the glow at night. I haven't seen any other reviews mention this yet, but there's also a persistent whistle, barely audible, but I can hear it when everything else is switched off. When there isn't a device connected to it, it will scan for devices, constantly. As it's searching for a device to connect to, it whistles, almost completely inaudible, but as I said, I can hear it. The whistle comes in a very slow pulse: On for a few seconds while it searches, then off again for another few seconds.

It took me a while to figure out what was making the noise, but the whistle is so quiet, I doubt most people will even hear it.

Apart from those gripes, it's a great little bit of kit. Coupled with BubbleUPnP (for streaming media from my NAS), PowerAMP, TuneIn Radio and Spotify apps for my phone, it has helped turn an aging AV unit into a media powerhouse! I'm thinking of getting another one for my Mackie mixer.
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on 14 January 2018
Brilliant piece of technology which converts a 12 year old Bose receiver in to a modern "Bluietooth" receiver and ready for Spotify etc. Simple to set up basically plug and play, if you cant set this up then you should not be using technology. Once plugged in the blue light shows, press the top button once you have your IPhone, tablet etc set up to search for Bluetooth and my iPhone picked it up immediately. Tested it during the evening and was 100%, no l;oss of signal around my house, very impressed!. I have used other "Bluetooth" adaptors that have not worked well so very happy that this does exactly what it says on the tin!!
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on 30 May 2018
Reluctantly I have to give this product one star and advise potential purchasers about what could be a very infuriating feature. When turned on this device will connect automatically to the last Bluetooth device it was connected to as soon as it comes into range. This feature is hard-wired, it cannot be turned off.

An example of what this means in practice: your mobile phone has been connected to the Logitech adapter. You go out with the phone and the connection is lost. You then return and want to connect to another Bluetooth device but you will find that the the phone has automatically connected to the Logitech device. You try disconnecting the phone from the Logitech but it will immediately reconnect and will keep doing so faster than you can stop it. You simply cannot connect to any other Bluetooth device.The only solution is to go to the Logitech device, which may be one or two floors below, and physically disconnect it from its power supply.

I use a workaround by connecting the power to the unit through a spare channel on a remote control light switch, only switching on whenever I want to use it and leaving it off most of the time. That option probably would not appeal to most potential purchasers.

Logitech really should fix this infuriating fault, but reading web comments it appears they have no plans to do so. Until they fix it my advice would be do not buy.
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on 27 February 2017
Can now stream my music from my tablet to my 40year old NAD amplifier
Most pundits recommend using AUX in but I find the sound is far superior using the PHONO but you have to be ultra careful with the output level from the streaming device.
Same was true when used with an old JVC amplifier
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