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4.7 out of 5 stars
4.7 out of 5 stars
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on 8 May 2012
The Bridge for me surpasses all those dramas which have come before from our Danish/Swedish cousins. I thought The Killing was excellent, I felt Varg Veum was superb but The Bridge takes the veiwer to another level in appreciation for both the production and delivery of a top notch crime drama.
If we could produce drama half as good as this I'd never quibble about my licence fee ever again.
The characters are presented as human and flawed and you become invested in what happens to them, even the unpleasant ones.
Unlike many of our own dramas I found myself experiancing a whole range of emotions as I followed the case to its total 'none Hollywood' conclusion.
Cant wait for series two...........
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on 27 February 2012
Initially one will think that the early episodes contain a great deal of plot padding with side stories,and their characters,appearing to have no bearing on the central storyline.
However,the disparate threads are slowly drawn together to contribute to the solving of the crime,and the unmasking of the perpetrator in this ultimately tense thriller.
Also,intially one may find the character of Saga Noren(Sofia Helin)somewhat annoying,but gradually one begins to warm to her,and empathise with her personality.
For me Sofia Helin's performance is superb,and at times brings a 'touching' quality to the character of Saga Noren.
One must also compliment Kim Bodnia for his performance as a sometimes exasperated colleague(Martin Rodhe) of Saga.
Comparisons will no doubt be made to the 'Forbrydelsen' series,but for me where 'Broen' scores is in the touches of humour brought by the actions of Saga Noren that were lacking in those of Sarah Lund.
'Broen' is thoroughly recommended.
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The Øresund Bridge, which moves from Copenhagen in Denmark to Malmö in Sweden, is the longest bridge in Europe. Denmark and Sweden are good neighbors and this friendship can be seen in this concrete bridge.

'The Bridge', a series made for TV by the Danish is quite a production. I have viewed the U.S. Version, and though it was good, the Danish version is spectacular. This ten episode series held me on edge for every episode. The main protagonists, Saga Norén, played by Sofia Helin, is a Detective in the Malmö Police Department, and her counterpoint, Martin Rohde, played by Kim Bodnia, is. Detective in the Copenhagen department. Each if these characters bring a breadth of fresh air, but it is Saga, who is on the Asperger's syndrome, who is the most fun. She tel,s the truth, has not learned the social norms, and marches to her own drummer. She is intelligent, and she is the best detective in Malmö. Her colleagues call her 'odd'. Martin, is slovely dressed man, a little overweight, with a charming grin. married three times with five children by different mothers. Many affairs, it seems, and his current marriage is iffy. These two, however, work very well together. Martin teaches Saga about social skills, Saga teaches Martin how to tell the truth and how to be a good detective. This couple completely different, but good together as detectives. No romance in this series between the two.

A body of a woman is found in the middle of the bridge spanning Denmark and Sweden. Thus both countries have the law involved. The woman is cut in half, the upper half in Sweden, the lower half in Denmark. Thus begins one of the most convoluted series in television. It is mind blowing, so well written and acted, that it us difficult not to continue watching.

The series has ten episodes, each almost an hour long. The scenes of Malmö and Copenhagen are beautiful. The bridge is also beautiful, and it makes a visit to the Oresund Bridge a must see. This is one of the top ten best series for me. A chuckle at times, but tense anxiety the rest.

Highly Recommended. prisrob 08-26-15
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 25 February 2012
Appealing to nearly 2 million weekly viewers, The Bridge (Swedish - Bron) (Danish - Broen) aired in the autumn of 2011 every Wednesday night at 8pm in Denmark and 9pm in Sweden. Danish network DR screened episodes a week after their Swedish SVT counterparts before the Danes caught up by screening a double episode to conclude on the same night as SVT.
The Bridge is probably best described as a mixture of three recent popular Scandinavian acquisitions on UK television, Wallander, The Killing and Those Who Kill. Considering that all three of these series along with Danish political drama Borgen are all set within an hours journey of each other in the Öresund/Øresund (S/D) region, The Bridge should have something to appeal to fans of all Nordic series.
Unlike the other Danish shows, you won't find many actors from the other programmes here with the exception of the lead male Danish policeman played by Kim Bodnia (guest appearances in The Killing 1 and Those Who Kill) and a very brief appearance by Nicolaj Kopernikus (Vagn - The Killing 1) as the father of a hospital patient, Morten Suurballe (Lennart Brix - The Killing) who appears in a couple of episodes and Troels Munck (Buchard, Brix's predecessor - The Killing) briefly as a doctor.
The discovery of a body at the exact halfway point of the Oresund Bridge leads to the arrival of the Copenhagen and Malmö police forces who decide to work together to unravel the mystery. The finding on the bridge is actually the top half of a prominent Swedish politician and the bottom half of a Danish prostitute. This discovery is only the start for a chain of events which test the resolve of Martin (Bodnia) and Saga (Sofia Helin).
Both countries opted to stay out of the euro so we see Martin have to borrow some Swedish kronor from Saga while in Sweden. We also learn that as a Danish cop in Sweden, Martin is not allowed to be armed. To be fair although they both speak similar closely related languages and can understand each other nearly 100%, we learn that both Sweden and Denmark are more similar than both characters would think.
The production appears to be more Swedish than Danish through my eyes and more of the scenes take place in Sweden's third biggest city than in the Danish capital. That's not to say that all is quiet in Copenhagen - police corruption, riots, the killing of an immigrant, we also see how solid the marriage of our Danish cop is. Crossing the bridge we have a very different policewoman who is quite unlike any policewoman seen before on TV. When we see Saga out of business hours is when we discover the real lady and learn about how she became the way she is today. As with other Scandinavian series we are exposed to alot of character background which makes this a very solid drama.
Although DR and SVT are involved in the making of the series, independent production companies are involved too. As is standard with most DR dramas, each episode of this ten part series is around 58 minutes long and each hour spent watching this will fly by. This is certainly better than the vast majority of BBC and ITV drama output and Five and Sky's acquisitions from the US.
Apparently a second series has already been commissioned which is definitely something to look forward to. In the meantime I'm going to try some Danish drama set in the Fifties Krøniken (Better Times) Volume 1 (Episodes 1 & 2) (Import) (English Subtitles) part of the Better Times ( Krøniken ) ( Krönikan ) [DVD] collection.

The Bridge is to be screened on BBC4 in spring 2012.
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on 3 June 2012
Hats off to the writers of this brilliantly constructed thriller series. On the credits there were a whole team of them, and that's got to be the way to craft such a complex original plot into such a must-watch television series. So often our own domestic tv crime drama is the work of a single person who can't possibly compete with a team creatively.

But to me it matters not a jot as clearly the BBC Acquistions team have shown they can spot brilliance in the output of other countries' television production companies. After 'Mad Men' 'The Killing' etc now we have 'The Bridge'. Over 10 episodes its a visual treat, with locations changing continously, with the combined Danish/Swedish police forces always several steps behind the fast-moving story. Character-development is a key ingredient and in this there are so many well-drawn characters to root for - just as in 'Mad Men'. I especially liked the Danish actor playing Martin, and also his mercurial wife, Messe, I think she was called. But there's many more to enjoy as the entwined plot unravels.

A DvD treat not to be missed
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on 13 July 2012
My other half bought this series on Itunes and I have to say I knew nothing about it. Being someone who hasnt yet watched The Killing I wasnt sure what to expect. I have to say it totally blew me away. We watched the whole 10 episodes in the space of 2 days, it was gripping, funny, emotional, wow it was just brilliant. Recommend to anyone.
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on 14 May 2012
Having watched The Killing (1 & 2); I waited with anticipation for The Bridge and I was not disappointed.

I am waiting for the DVD to be released so am reviewing this based on the BBC4 screening.

The series is just brilliant and as it progresses one gets to know and emphasise more with the characters, especially Saga, who is a fantastic creating and acted with Oscar level brilliance.

OK, so she probably would not hack it in the UK - not sure what she's got, be it autism, aspergers or whatever but Saga really brings a fresh new breath of imperfection to TV characters.

THis is a series you should not miss unless you like short one liner, shallow written, drama.

Even before the end of the series we are watching it from the beginning again and spotting so much we missed the last time.

The Danish & Swedish Tourist Boards must be very happy because we are already planning our first trip to Denmark to try our newly learned 'Danish'.

The series is in 10 parts and has good English subtitling. Absolutely recommed it without hesitation.

Just watched the gripping final two episodes. Not the ending I expected.
The downside is that it is now finished and we will miss Martin and Saga; the upside is that we have it on our HDDR to rewatch (we watched each episode at least twice during its run) and it is now available on DVD which will be a MUST BUY for us.

I hope and pray thay make another series with these characters.

If you haven't watched it - watch it now or 'nu' as they say in Danish.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 7 October 2013
This is a fantastic show. The excellent, very original, storyline gains momentum and - not dissimilarly to The Killing - takes many a twist and turn before arriving at its satisfying conclusion. Firstly, Sofia Helin is wonderful! She has a great face for portraying someone with a personality type that`s not inconsistent with Asperger`s; her blank expression and short answers are combined with a failure to engage and understand social convention, but her driven and intelligent personality make her a great investigator, who is completely reliable and faithful. Some of her remarks to her investigating partner, Martin, are fantastic. He`s a strong character too, and a likeable one (despite being unable to remain monogamous); in fact, there aren`t too many unlikeable people involved and as ever, the Danish/Swedish landscape and indeed actual Bridge look great...maybe it`s just me but there`s definitely something about Scandanavia that lends itself to these sorts of thrillers...the countries, actors and writers sure pull off a fine show. Season 2 coming Winter 2013, according to "sources".
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on 11 December 2012
With a hiatus in The Killing, The Bridge was a nice addition to BBC Four. While inevitably you will get the comparsions and The Killing is superior, what I really enjoyed about The Bridge was the interaction between Denmark and Sweden, probably a bit of it was lost on us English viewers with subtitles, but I loved the contrast of cosmopolitian Copenhagen to industrial Malmo and it is filmed beautifully to highlight that. Remove The Killing from your mind (even if you do spot Brix) and this is a really enjoyable series with an interesting insight into the "ills" of Scandinavian society.

Sure, The Bridge reached it's peak early on and became a bit predictable (the killer became an obvious guess), the end was still shocking and the last 20 minutes of the final episode I can watch over and over for its tragedy and fantastic acting by Sofia Helin (Saga) but especially Kim Bodnia (Martin). Oh and Emil Birk Hartmann (Martin's son), his crying in the car is so believable it is hard to watch...but go on, watch it anyway.
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on 4 March 2016
Each nation/region goes through a Golden Age, be it empire, arts, inventions and so forth.. Scandinavia is going through a very creative period. Be it the 100 year old man, the Killing and possibly the top of the lot.. The Bridge. From the haunting theme tune to the gruesome murders this 10 part series captivates. I hope there is the equivalent of BAFTAS in Sweden, because if there is Sofia Helin will sweep the board.

A body is found on the bridge, half in Sweden half in Denmark. Saga and Martin are both assigned to investigate and we get a quick glimpse of their characters right from the start. Saga refuses to let an ambulance pass, Martin lets it.. Saga reports him. Hardly the stuff to make a firm friendship but they do. Saga's character flaws are well observed and it seems only Martin can understand her. As the murders pile up so the story gets more gripping. In one scene, children are in peril and those investigating call it the "worse yet"... No it's not says Saga.. He has killed more... Yes but they are children... They are just little people... Which for me gets to the core of Saga... A person is a person regardless of age, gender or even if they are Danish.

It is essential to watch this series before embarking on series 2, they are pretty much companion pieces. But be aware.. This is Sweden.. This is Scandic Noire... Not everything turns out rosy.
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