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on 27 February 2017
MediaDevil is a brand that you can rely on. I always use these guys for screen protectors, as they provide superb quality and great durability. The screen protectors are always easy to apply to the phone, and the kit comes with everything you need. In the packaging you will find a cloth to wipe down and ensure your screen is super clean. Then there is a credit card style piece of plastic to make it really easy to place the screen protector on.

On my Nexus 5, I've had the MediaDevil screen protector for 3 years and it's still absolutely fine.

I expect this Samsung Galaxy S5 one I have for an office mobile phone will also prove to be very reliable for the long term.
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on 15 April 2017
Love this brand & have been using them for years on several different phones. Far better than cheaper 1's, far thicker & last longer.

Also feel the love with an added MAOAM chew with each purchase!
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on 28 April 2015
Having owned a few mobile phones and, always wanting to protect the screen, I have therefore used a fair few makes when it comes to screen protectors but none I've used can touch these when it comes to ease of application. The protectors come with a dust removal cloth, credit card type object to smooth out any bubbles, plus some sticky labels used in order to either lift the protector off if not positioned correctly or to remove any trapped dust particles. The great thing about these protectors is that if you get it on and find it's not aligned completely correctly, or indeed you notice there's some dust trapped underneath, you can lift it off lots of times (I must have done this about ten times with one of my phones) and it doesn't effect the adhesiveness in any way whatsoever. You can effectively do this as many times as it takes to ensure a perfect result.Thoroughly recommended.

Also, I bought a packet for a phone of mine recently which I then got rid of as I started a new contract with a new phone before I got the chance to use them and I simply sent them back for a full refund. No hassle at all.

As I say, great product and great company.
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on 27 August 2014
I recently got a new Samsung S5, and before it had even been delivered I did my usual trick of going onto Amazon and buying a screen protector. But not those rubbishy ones. I bought MediaDevil, as always. Now you can, of course, buy those '10 for £1.99' ones that people claim are just as good, but as my gran used to say, "You buy cheap, you buy twice." I've been down that road in the past, which is why I buy these. You get what you pay for. In the last 15 months I've bought MediaDevil screen protectors for: Samsung S4, iPhone 5, iPad Mini, iPod Touch, iPhone 4S, BlackBerry Q10, and my new S5.

What's so good about them? Well, they just work. Very well. You get 2 in a pack but only need one of them. They're easy to apply using the cloth and tough credit card sized applicator (which, rather handily, also has the current years calendar on, so it slips into your wallet), and once it's on it stays on. Forever. Or at least until you decide you want to take it off. With the cheap & nasty screen protectors you can press the home button on your phone and your thumb or nail will catch the protector making the edge rise a little. Then a tiny, tiny bit of fluff or grit will get lodged underneath. And it's there for the next 18 or 24 months. Then every time you look at your phone you see it, and it narks you. Sound familiar? Well that doesn't happen with these. They're very tough and hard wearing, and when you're eventually due a new phone it's still stuck on there, going strong.

I also bought a very tough armour case for my phone, because I'm no stranger to dropping it unfortunately. These have a tendency to grip the phone around the edges rather tightly, again forcing the cheap screen protectors to sort of 'buckle' inwards, leaving various dust collecting bubbles around the edges. These MediaDevil screen protectors don't budge so much as a millimetre. They don't interfere with the sensitivity of your screen at all, they polish up nicely and you even forget you've got one on. Delivery is always very quick and comes in a bubble envelope for protection.

If you bought, or were given, a new phone or tablet ect you'd be gutted if you scratched the screen. So do yourself a favour and buy a proper screen protector.
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on 30 January 2015
Very rarely, in fact almost never do I leave feedback. I figure if it what I purchased was as advertised then why should I congratulate?
BUT ... For the last 3 years I have always, always bought MediaDevil products to protect my screens and with each purchase I am more and more impressed by;
1. The speed of delivery, it's second to none
2. The package, I mean still dropping in sweets. Customer care goes a long way!
3. The product. Each purchase is slightly better than before. I have bought for iPhone, iPad, Samsung S3, S4, N4 and now S5. With the most recent protector I also got dust stickers and lift stickers to reposition. What a great idea.
As always, follow the instructions and you get a faultless protector, not bubble, no corner peel and even though you get two protectors I have never needed to replace the one.
I've also bought the matte products before, helps with glare and reading. Absolute genius.
Honestly, one of the best companies I've bought from and the best products.
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on 10 April 2015
Great screen protector as always :)

After trying several different protectors for my new Galaxy Note 1 back in 2011, I tried the MediaDevil ones, and they are a cut above the rest, even the rigid glass ones.

Pretty much invisible and no decrease in touch sensitivity - also works perfectly with the Note's stylus. Comes with great instructions, a screen cleaning cloth and a handy little card for smoothing out any air bubbles.

I've been using these on my and my girlfriend's phones since then, and will do so for any new phones in the future.

A little more expensive than most, but IMO definitely worth it.

Now includes a couple of strips of tape to help apply the protector and remove any dust specks which get caught underneath, awesome! =D
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on 12 September 2014
Firstly I have tried various screen protectors over my years of being a smartphone user, dome were awful others were good but Media Devil are outstanding

The delivery of the products has always been fast and I love the included sweets! Props to them on that.

The packaging is well presented and attractive.

Opening the packaging to reveal the contents I am extremely happy with the length of detail they have gone into making the products included with the screen protector, the card used to help apply the screen protector, the fantastic cleaning cloth and of course the product itself.

The instructions are clear and precise and I have managed to apply the protector more or less hassle free, admittedly I am hopeless at applying these things anyway but these instructions are so easy a raving moron could apply them, one thing I would like to mention using a little soapy water on the phone screen itself not only helps with applying it makes it easy to fine adjust it rather than taking it off and putting it back on again. These protectors are easy to reapply and even if you get dust on it you can clean them easily and reapply with no issues.

I've had a few iPhone protectors in the past and they have lasted longer than the phones themselves (true story) this one is no different o have a track record of giving my phones alot of abuse and the protector still keeps coming back for more. I tend the change these every 6 months or more some I have not changed through the entire life of my phone and I've even removed one to re apply on a new phone. I would highly recommend these to anyone who wants to preserve their phone with a top quality protector the customer care is second to none and I would never switch to any other brand from these guys!
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on 15 March 2015
Have used the MediaDevil screen protectors on my last two mobile phones (S3 & S5) and they're excellent. Also purchased them for my brother who uses his phone on a building site and he had not had any issues with peeling at the edges etc that you sometimes get with other protectors.

The fitting process is the easiest that I've had. Some can be very fiddly and are one shot. These can be adjusted as long as you're careful. There is also a handy online fitting guide which I recommend you view. Just purchased some for my work S4 mini.
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on 30 January 2015
Fantastic product .truly invisible once applied and really does protect your screen . I have recommended MediaDevil to all my family and friends who all agree how good the entire range of products are .I have my iPad kindle and phones with MediaDevil protectors.in addition brilliant service fast delivery and good price for a quality product .highly recommend
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on 30 June 2015
Used this for my last iPhone, hence the need to have one for the galaxy. Fantastic product. Only ever used one of the two provided, and that lasted 2 years. Suggest that buyers check out the video for attaching screen protector to the phone. It really works.
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