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4.5 out of 5 stars
4.5 out of 5 stars
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on 21 May 2014
I had signed upto Netflix for a free trial to finish watching Breaking Bad as I only had the first four seasons on DVD. Once finished I was suffering from Breaking Bad withdrawals. I found Orange is the New Black on Netflix and me and the wife have watched all but the last episode of season one. It's quirky, sad, intelligent, quite rude but often very funny. I love the different characters and the way it often skips back in time to their lives before prison and the fact that most of them had pretty normal lives before their incarceration. It is great to watch the interaction between the characters and the politics of prison life. A real breath of fresh air and stands up to Breaking Bad in my humble opinion. Season 2 is due out on Netflix on June the 9th and season 3 has just started filming.
The only reason I am on Amazon is that I wanted to see if it was on DVD because it is going to be in a few Christmas stockings this year for definite.
Buy it and watch it, you will not regret it!! Especially if you enjoyed Breaking Bad. Hopefully if it becomes a great success there will be more seasons, happy days!
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on 26 May 2015
To be honest I was very hesitant at first and so its one of those things where I picked it up in the shop again and again thinking shall I get and it well one day I decided to get it after one of my friends in the USA kept talking about it. I watched all the episodes and I just fell in love with it straightaway. It follows the life of Piper Chapman as she surrenders herself in Litchfield NY , it gives you the ups and down of being an inmate With corrupt CO's. You dare insult the cook and you could be starving your yuppie ass through prison or find your self to be a prison wife with crazy eyes. you have a lot of amazing characters such as the maternal Russian mother hen called Red who works in the kitchen and then you have all her adopted daughters like Nichols the former heroin addict,Boo the butch Lesbian and more...they all have there own little stories to tell how they ended up there in the first place. You can't help but love every character ❤️❤️❤️
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This is beyond doubt the best tv show i have seen in years bar game of thrones.

Piper is engaged to Larry and gets arrested and has to surrender to prison for a crime she committed 10 years prior.

She was in a relationship with the very stunning Alex who asked her to carry money into Brussels for her international drug running business.

Piper is a very well to do girl, bought up by rich people, was a debutante etc and so finding herself adjusting to prison life is actually quite funny.

There are some fabulous supporting characters in this which in some instances have more screen time than the leads,

Nicole, the red haired lesbian, Miss claudette, the voodoo killer, pornstache the pervy guard, healy the judgemental counsellor, red the russian mob lady who runs the kitchen, sophia the transgender ex fireman, taystee the poor black girl off the streets, crazy eyes who decides that piper will be her prison wife, daya the hispanic girl who doesnt speak spanish and falls in love with a young guard, boo the softy, poussey the act tough gangster, and tiffany i am jesus christ reincarnated.

There is so much going on all the time and in the beginning you think all of the other characters are the mean girls and what transpires throughout the show is that these women are making the best of a bad situation, but pipers transformation into nasty girl is by far the most spectacular.

Rude, very graphic, funny, emotional, gut wrenching and extremely well written.

Not sure of the comparison to breaking bad however as its nothing like it in any way and so just wanted to make a point of that before you bought it because if you buy it and expect more of the same you will be very disappointed.

I have a subscription to netflix so watched it on there, its worth the subscription fee all by itself.

I think the dvd is overpriced if i am being honest, there are only 13 episodes and considering a subscription to netflix is only 6 squid a month, i would sign up for a free trial and watch both seasons as season 2 is out in its entirety to stream as well.

Just brilliant.
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on 28 November 2015
This show is just wonderful, I have watched it over and over and am not yet bored. So funny, incredible acting and from a group of women you don't usually see on television which makes it even more authentic and unique. Taylor Schilling does the most wonderful job and very quickly became one of my favourite actors. Her working alongside Laura Prepon is just magical portraying Piper and Alex in their tumultuous, yet oh so amazing relationship makes for addictive television watching. Do not hesitate to watch this series it's so worth it, apologies in advance if you get a little bit obsessed like me.
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on 21 December 2014
If you have heard that this is good as a follow-up to Breaking Bad, I think that the comparison is not helpful. With BB the flash-forwards help to build suspense whereas the see-sawing between flash-backs and flash-forwards here are a little irritating. The main problem (in comparative terms) is that where we empathise with Walter White's predicament (impending death and no money to support the family), it is more difficult to empathise with the main character here (relatively wealthy girl gets deceived by lesbian lover). In summary, it moves along well, but is not a BB substitute.
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on 13 March 2017
In truth the show is just not for me, although a friend thought i would love it and so did i. Not a really bad series but the season and episodes felt too long, by the end i just thought, that's 13 hours I'll never get back!
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on 24 December 2014
After hearing so many good things about this series and people highly recommending it I thought i would buy it, but I didn't think it was that great. Nowhere near as good as everyone's has said it was. It wasn't awful, I still watched the whole thing but I Wouldn't recommend it
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on 2 December 2016
Good acting and scripts, interesting and varied characters, and an unusual insight into what may be the realities of American women’s prisons, as the story is inspired by the memoirs of someone who experienced it.

However, I can only give it 3 stars. That is because the guidelines for Amazon star ratings are not about realism, quality of acting etc. but about whether we like watching it. While it is no fault of those who made this series, I just can’t say that I enjoy it enough to want to keep watching.

It is just that the sometimes squalid behaviour and minor and major tyrannies, by which some (by no means all) inmates and prison staff maintain hierarchies (which may bear no relation to prisoners’ former status in the outside world), after a while makes it not enjoyable to watch. E.g. the black woman who makes lesbian advances to the heroine and then urinates on a carpet in protest when rejected, which a more dominant prisoner makes the heroine clean up; or the prisoner in charge of the kitchen literally starving another inmate who complains about the food, which a guard says is not his problem; the racial segregation that the prisoners choose to impose among themselves; and the break-up of prisoners’ external relationships and families while they are inside.

The central character is a white woman who was building a successful up-market business and preparing for her wedding when a drugs offence from when she was younger catches up with her, and plunges her into the life of a convict in prison, of which she previously knew little. Because she enters this world a complete first-timer, it is easier for the writers to work explanations of things that the audience might not know into the script in a way that seems natural, as the heroine has them explained to her or works them out for herself. She finds prison in some ways worse but a few ways better than she expected.
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on 26 September 2014
I wasn't sure I would like Orange is the New Black, I find drama comedy can sometimes be a hit or miss with regards to the comedy element, but OITNB is good, comedy moments are often sparse compared to the drama but they are easy to relate to and offer genuine smiles in such a bleak situation; for me that's quite an accomplishment. Taylor Schilling has excellent expressiveness to her face which makes the surreal situation and comedy moments entertaining. Kate Mulgrew as 'Red' and Uzo Aduba as Suzanne are personal favourites of mine, with the latter gaining most of my sympathetic shoulder. It has been said that this is more for females than for males to watch; even with the graphic sex scenes and to be honest I would agree with that statement, I definitely think this is best for women simply because the drama that unfolds is more understandable to girls just like prison drama 'Oz' was probably more easy to relate to for men ; I like both shows but for me I find my heart strings pull more easily at some of the stories in OITNB simply because as a female I 'get it'. A certain moment at the christmas panto in season one certainly got me teary eyed. OITNB is an easy prison comedy drama to watch its not as bleak as the likes of 'Oz' and provides enough humour to give it that comedy drama title. I'm midway through the second series and like the character of Piper; the show gets grittier as it settles into its sentence.
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TOP 50 REVIEWERon 14 October 2015
The Good:
A fascinating look into the life inside a women's prison. Above all, this is interesting for the exploration of all the fellow inmates, giving you insight into their backgrounds and how they ended up in prison. The way so many different stories and indepth-character-personalities are all cobbled together neatly and effortlessly alongside the main story of the main character (Piper), is incredible. The writing is good, and the pacing of the episodes is quick. There is a ton of realistic emotional depth to this show, and it's amazing that's it's all based on a real story of an actual "Piper" and "Alex" - and the real life people look a lot like the actors playing them!

Other points to consider:
This is not a series for the sensitive, easily-offended nor for the prudish, so is definitely not for everyone. Never has an 15-rating (bordering on 18) for a series been more justified: it's gritty, full of swear words, full of sexual content that is often of a lesbian nature, and the content also includes drugs, horribley corrupt prison guards, mentally unstable inmates and other hardships of prison life.

It's classified as a comedy but I'd call it more of a drama because any humour is very subtle - more of a straight-faced "ha...", as opposed to a proper feel-good laugh-out-loud kind of humour. It's not exactly feel-good (if it were, I'd give it 5/5 rather than 4/5). The last episode ends on a particularly not-feel-good note.. but it's an interesting insight into a world many of us know little about and makes you realise that even convicted criminals are not all monsters - they're just people.
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