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Customer Reviews

4.8 out of 5 stars
4.8 out of 5 stars
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I wasn’t the only 50+ relative-geriatric queuing amongst the kids to buy my ticket to see Shaun at the local cinema, confirming my belief that Shaun is enjoyed by all ages. I couldn’t wait for the release of the DVD so just had to go and it didn’t disappoint.

The film is a delight from the start to its far-too-soon ending. It was charmingly executed throughout starting heartwarmingly with old family pics of Shaun as a young lamb as a prelude to the main storyline. The expressions of the flock were conveyed to perfection and, as usual, attention was paid to every minute detail with puns and wordplay at every opportunity. In some cases the humour was missed by the kids in the audience while the adults roared with laughter and the more self-conscious stifled their giggles. There were scenes I’m sure every adult and teenage-student can relate to, particularly with the farmer’s personal grooming habits...

The storyline was a little different to the TV shorts as it followed Shaun’s plot for a day off from the normal farm routine and there was a moral behind it – be careful what you wish for and appreciate what you have already, which was illustrated at the end when, for the first time, Bitzer didn’t have his face squashed by the farmer flinging the door open.

Humour was rife throughout and the online snippets give only a taster of what’s to come with the hilarious restaurant scenes and expressions of onlooking diners. Emotional moments followed at the Animal Containment Centre when the tears of the forgotten pets flowed to be met by sad 'aaaaaahs' from the kids.

Any fan of Shaun the Sheep is going to love this film. Don’t hesitate – make your way to the cinema or order the DVD – or both. You will not be disappointed. This is Aardman at its best and the best film yet.
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on 9 April 2014
I love all Aardman animations, and SHAUN THE SHEEP is no exception. A visually-innovative series of 7-minute shorts, all featuring the titular character in various escapades and shenanigins. Excellent stuff indeed!

My only complaint, is for this particular release. Now that (for reasons unknown) 2Entertain, the home entertainment arm of the BBC have decided to cease releasing SHAUN THE SHEEP, after Seasons 1 and 2, it's taken over 18 months, for someone else to pick-up the baton, to continue with the show - which is now half-way through Season 4 in the UK! Whilst Studio Canal UK have chosen to do so, it comes with some plusses and some minuses.

On the plus side, we now get 10 episodes per disc, rather than the previous selection of eight, and some fun, though frivolous, extras, to bulk-up the DVD's short-running time. We also now get English subtitles for the Deaf/Hard Of Hearing, which could be useful to some, though the show is entirely dialogue free anyway - which is part of the point of the show: namely that anyone can watch it, irrespective of language or cultural barriers - bar the opening and closing credits.

But, the major caveat you should be aware of, and the reason I give this disc 4-Stars, rather than the full 5, is because we've not got the first 10 episodes, as originally broadcast. In fact, we've got 9 randomly selected episodes from Season 3, and one bonus episode, which for some reason, the BBC has never broadcast! And to make matters worse, some of the episode titles are different as well!

So, what you get here in the disc order, are as follows:
- The Shepherd (Episode 3)
- Hard to Swallow (Episode 8)
- Bye Bye Barn (Episode 10)
- The Skateboard (Episode 14)
- The Rabbit (the title of Season 1, Episode 8, but not of any Season 3 episode at all)
- The Stand-Off (Episode 1)
- The Coconut (Episode 2)
- You Missed A Bit (Episode 4)
- Let's Spray (Episode 5, never broadcast), and
- The Crow (Episode 6)

Quite why the episodes are placed in this order on the disc, and why these specific episodes have been selected, I'm not sure. But it annoys me that they didn't just pick the first ten episodes in the first place, and make life easier for both themselves and fans alike! It's a weird decision to randomly take ten episodes, jumble them up and place them in the order that Studio Canal have done, and it disappoints me.

Still, other than that quirk, it's a great disc. I just wish Studio Canal hadn't messed-up the episode selection order, in the way that they have done.
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on 19 February 2015
As insanely inventive as anyone who has ever watched the parent CBBC show would imagine, Aardman’s latest offering is a visual treat – and that’s not even including all the sight gags from popular culture; everything from Silence of the Lambs to Hey Diddle Diddle is referenced to hilarious effect. True, the format only just manages to do justice to an 80 minute movie, and there is some obvious padding, however it would be churlish to hold that against Nick Park and co, instead, simply wallow in true British animation at its most creative.
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on 3 May 2015
Okay. So just to say I'm a 50+ boring old fart with 2 grown up sons and no grandchildren. I can honestly say that this film produced the most fun I've had in a cinema in a very long time. Indeed I was amazed at the number of adults without children viewing it. Possibly a tribute to Aardman and to Shaun.
Brilliant film. Very, very funny. There is something for everyone. Infact, one could almost say that its an adults movie just as one can say the same for kids. Its often the small things that stand out. Observational humour aswell as slapstick. This is both shrewd and very clever.
The sequence in prison had me in stitches along with others that I wont mention as I don't want to spoil it for you.
This, for my money, is the pinacle of Aardmans output to date, such was the impact this movie had on me. Despite it obviously being a childrens tv character and is therefore made for them, if you are a boring old fart like me, please don't consider this as a kids movie but as a comedy that you will watch time after time again. There are so many things going on you will find new things everytime you watch it.
Despite seeing it at the cinema, its a film that doesnt need to be seen there but it is most definitely an essential purchase.
(Builders, there are moments that you will appreciate)
(Oh and on a separate note, to all families out there, I can also recommend Paddington as another very funny movie).
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on 24 February 2015
My wife and I saw this at our local cinema. I was proud to ask, "Two seniors for Shaun The Sheep Please"! We thoroughly enjoyed it and I'm ordering the DVD. A word of advice - stay right to the very end, credits and all, or you will miss some humorous touches.
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on 15 February 2015
Aardman do it again! Making sure that stop animation stays current Shaun The sheep The Movie is a wonderful marvel. Shaun is bored of his mundane routine so decides to gather the flock and trick the farmer into thinking it is bed time so Shaun and his buddies have free reign of the farm. Unfortunately the plan results in the farmer losing his memory in the big city!

Now it is up to Shaun and his chums to bring the Farmer home and restore normality. The charm in the story lies within the animation. Claymation is just superb and should be embraced. It is painstakingly expressive and the characters are beautifully bought to life. The jokes come thick and fast even though not a word is spoken. My little one absolutely loved it and was glued to the screen for the whole running time which whips by at such a rate it is a real shame when it is all over.

For some genuine family entertainment Shaun The Sheep is fantastic. An absolute joy to watch.
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on 17 February 2015
A fantastic kids film but will have adults in fits of laughter also. My wife and kids enjoyed it but i laughed the most I think and embarrassed my kids a bit but loved it and will def be seeing it again. A very clever hilarious kids film highly recommended
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on 28 February 2015
I love 'Shaun the Sheep' the TV shorts are brilliant and I was looking forwards to seeing the movie and when I did get to see it; it was quite entertaining and fun. It was the TV show stretched out over eighty odd minutes and done on a much bigger scale of budget and sets. But that seemed to be the disappointment. That while it was as funny and entertaining as the TV show it didn't do anything that you wouldn't see on the TV. It didn't seem to justify the bigger, (impressive as they were) sets. It lacked the big screen movie impact that 'Curse of the Were-Rabbit' or even 'Chicken Run' had. But it's still good fun and the kids will love it.
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Very enjoyable, with excellent animation as you'd expect from the Aardman team. I'd not seen the Shaun the Sheep short films before (I know, where have I been?) and I enjoyed the new character portrayal, but I must admit that I found the sight of the sheeps' mouths a little disturbing i.e. popping out to the left and right of their faces. This just seemed a bit too bizarre and off-putting, but maybe that's just part of the fun...

The movie had a good story and was enjoyable to watch (the farmer working as a hairdresser was the funniest part, I thought), but it didn't seem quite as entertaining as the Wallace and Gromit films, or Chicken Run; but I thought it was better than the much hyped, but slightly disappointing The Pirates! In an Adventure with Scientists!

I think I'll watch the Shaun short films and then view the full-length movie again to see if that helps turn it into a 5-star movie for me. I guess that Aardman have aimed the movie at fans of the short films, so it was interesting to see the film without any prior knowledge of the character.
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on 27 December 2014
Another portion of ten episodes from "Shaun the Sheep"'s third season, this set has again the Mossy Bottom Farm flock getting into another round of mayhem while making sure the farmer doesn't unmask their not docile lives. A parasitic crow who invades the barn, a hard-to-crack-open coconut, a very defensive duck mother, and a shepherd competition, these are some of the adventures Wallace and Gromit's former companion has to live with.

Ironically enough, this DVD also offers a never before aired episode that if it passed on German television in 2012, it never went on British airwaves. Called "Let's Spray", this episode involves the lamb Timmy and Shaun who, after uncovering some spray paint bottles, decide to use them around the farm, at the expense of Bitzer who has to clean up their mess. On the web, I remember that many were discussing on why this episode never passed on UK TV. So far, the most common explanation people have had is that maybe TV executives were afraid that characters spraying graffittis everywhere could be seen as a bad example for children. Of course no official explanation was ever given, but personally, considering the several instances of TV executives censorship in the animation business — as several of those people unfortunately tend to underestimate the intelligence of the viewers while implementing theories and ideas that can hurt the creativity of many artists — I think this theory could be plausible.

In its special features, Shaun the Sheep also offers several making-of on the animation of "Shaun the Sheep". Through the animators, the directors, the Golly, and an animation software being presented, people finally get to learn how the episodes are done.

Nice treat for all fans of Stop-motion animation, this set of episodes is another proof of Shaun the Sheep's well-deserved success.
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