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on 22 October 2016
This 106 min REGION B/2 DVD is excellent. It appears to have everything, a good story, good acting, shoot outs, punch-ups, dedication, deception, suspense, an unknown caller, no bad language or nudity.
When I read that the DVD was 95% filmed on board a plane it did not appeal to me but I changed my mind when I saw the film rating by the public, I was very pleased I did as Liam Neeson was excellent and the film was beyond expectations.
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on 27 November 2017
Non-Stop may not be as relentless as its title suggests, but it is undeniably entertaining. I despise the title of this film. Automatically brings out connotations of blandness and genericness, kind of like a Straight-To-DVD low budget action film starring Bruce Willis or Nicholas Cage. However, the Neeson and Collet-Serra combination is a winning formula as this is yet another fun ride. A damaged Air Marshal is trapped in a murderous mystery where he must transfer $150 million to a bank account. If he doesn't, a passenger will meet their demise every 20 minutes until he does so. All of this happens on board a long plane journey. It works, it works so well. Very reminiscent to 'Flightplan', but far more focussed on the characters. Like with any mystery, the list of suspects need to be developed to a point where the final reveal shocks you. Given the small runtime, I believe the character developments were adequate. Their backstories and motives are naturally revealed. It's not a case of our protagonist interviewing each one in turn, he instead provokes them and addresses the passengers as one entity. Sure there are times where he questions individuals, which is necessary to identify possible suspects, but that cannot be avoided. I appreciate the small details in these characters. Moore's vulnerability is shown as she explains why she sits on the window seat, our Air Marshal's troubled past is revealed which questions the authenticity of his actions. It's very twisty, full of turns and a meticulously thought out narrative. The final reveal and motives are slightly blurred and unmemorable, although I was still on the edge of my seat...even after my fifth viewing! The claustrophobic environment adds to the suspense and tension. Liam Neeson still thrives on his rejuvenated action career. I did roll my eyes at the end where he was saving the little girl, makes his character arc far too predictable. Non-Stop is not going to fly away as a classic thriller, but it lands with such confidence that it's hard not to enjoy this.
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on 2 December 2017
Not far off getting that elusive 5th star, this one.
Neeson's cast to type as the tough guy with problems - and heart. This is a movie that *moves*. Despite being set almost entirely inside an airliner it never felt claustrophobic, which can be an issue for such productions. My reviews never tell the story - or seldom do at any rate. To get the plot you'll need to watch it, my "job" is to warn you about a turkey of a flick or warn against the chance you might miss a goodie. This one's a goodie. It involves suspense, no idea whodunnit till the film's nicely ripe and overall it's a very satisfactory romp involving the above.
The cast was pretty good overall, the plot wasn't insane enough to force disbelief to be engaged and the plot holes were overall pretty well acceptable. Good entertainment, and a goodish way to pass a movie-length slug of time.
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on 14 February 2016
Liam Neeson plays an ex alcoholic, Bill Marks, now an Air Marshall on a non stop flight to the USA. He seems lucky enough to be travelling Business class and ends up sitting next to Julianne Moore who starts to chat him up.
Bill Marks gets a text on his phone to say that the sender will kill one person on the plane every twenty minutes unless the airline transfers $150 million into an off-shore account. Upon investigation the account is in Mark’s name and then they look into his dodgy history and put two and two together to make six and think it is Marks holding the airline to ransom. Meanwhile Marks has to try and stop the real killer and blackmailer from killing people on the plane with no help from outside.

~~~~~~ MY VIEWS ~~~~~~
The plot is quite good and although an unlikely scenario it had us gripped from early on in the film. The acting of Neeson and Julianne Moore as well as others I thought was pretty good and believable. It is tense and there are several false culprits like any detective mystery has although I did find it frustrating at times with some of the suspects as I had my suspect from quite early one and was correct.

The plane inside looked pretty authentic and I would imagine they might have used a real plane on the ground of course for the filming but I might be wrong I suppose. The setting is pretty much the plane and nowhere else. I have since discovered that in fact the plane was a set and it was built very slightly larger than a standard commercial airliner to allow for Neeson's 6'4" height for filming.
The music score by John Ottman really added to the tension. It was orchestral and the sort that makes background to a film rather than being really memorable tunes. It went well with the film’s action and tension and helped to build the atmosphere.

Things like the fact that there was much talk about not being able to throw the bomb out of the plane because the pressure would make it explode and then a bit later gun shots were fired and this caused the cabin to become depressurised at 28,000 feet, so why did the bomb not explode then?
“Non-Stop” didn’t win any prizes as it is not really that original nor did it do anything very deep or different from the run of the mill escapist thriller mystery. It was easy watching and a fun film that did keep us hooked till the end despite having flaws. It was far from perfect but a bit like an Agatha Christie detective mystery novel it had all the elements of an action adventure mystery film and was well acted and even though there were times when you had to suspend belief , as my husband says “It’s a movie ….” We did enjoy 106 minutes of tense watching and neither of us suggested switching it off as we have dome with some recently. It was rather like reading a holiday type beach read book, it required little brain power and kept us entertained for the entire film.
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on 16 January 2016
I was debating whether to give this film 3 or 4 stars and decided to be generous as it is difficult to come up with an original plot nowadays.And despite the fact that Liam Neeson has basically played the same part in every film he's done lately,he still does it well and is probably the only action hero I can take seriously in this new age of tongue-in-cheek action flicks starring muscle bound 70 year olds and washed up actors who seem impervious to bullets and can still crack bad one-liners after being blown up fourteen times! The reason for my indecision - for a film called 'Non-stop' it starts off quite slow and a bit seen it all before,but is saved as the situation becomes quite tense and genuinely unpredictable,before the quality dips again with a slightly over the top climax.But it did keep me entertained and I didn't figure out whodunnit,which is a rare thing, so it gets 4 stars accordingly.Thriller fans will find something to enjoy and Liam Neeson fans will love it.
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on 28 February 2016
It's okay.....that's about it! I'm glad I didn't go to the cinema to see this one. 'Taken' fans should not expect the same standard of film. Starts off well, but becomes ridiculous in plot and some of the acting is a bit wooden. Action scenes are limited and not very good, there is a little suspense throughout, but becomes ridiculous when the plot is fully revealed. Quite funny at times (not intentionally) when there is a 'mob' of passengers from a mixture of ethnic groups. A Muslim passenger is treated with suspicion...all stereotypical parts played. Julianne Moore's character is pointless, surprised she and Liam for that matter, did this film. Only reason I watched it, as it was free on Prime. Would not buy!
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on 18 September 2017
Liam went to a phase of putting his action character into many films, most failed but a few hit the spot. This is one of the hitting the spot ones, good action from beginning to end, with enough twists to keep you guessing. Its him, no her, no him, no him, definitely her, no maybe him.
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on 14 December 2017
Surprisingly good actually. The plot is very twisty and I honestly can say I didn't see the twist at the end. This was quite gritty and fast past and it builds the tension nicely.
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on 13 October 2016
Four stars as long as you approach it not expecting a classic. 3 and a half would be fair I reckons. It's just a fun whodunnit with some decent tension and action sequences. Switch your brain off and enjoy the ride. Don't think about it too hard as it is a bit silly in places. It rattles along at a decent pace and has many red herrings dotted about the place to keep you guessing. Worth a watch on Prime but wouldn't buy it for the collection.
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on 26 June 2017
Excellent buy and more than happy with my purchase and would def buy from this seller again
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