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on 19 November 2015
Nicely weighted, the low sensitivity button on the thumb side is pressed accidentally quite frequently while moving the mouse side to side but it's very accessible.

The shape of the mouse in real life is much more economic than the pictures suggest. The mouse is slanted to the right raising your index finger and putting your hand in a more neutral position which is comfortable for your wrist and hand.

The scroll wheel works well but it's very notchy and "loose" feeling - I'm sure you can get used to this and as the mouse gets used the parts will all settle in.

The sensor is simply awesome, nothing more to say.

The weights make a difference but ultimately you'll get used to whatever configuration you choose. Personally I added 3 weights around the sensor which gives a little more resistance but adding more weight to the back would allow the mouse to fall out of my palm at the back as I hold the mouse more towards the front so I removed the 2 rear weights, in an ideal world I'd like more weight at the front but even having the option to change the balance is a luxury!
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on 27 September 2015
Having used the RAT 9 wireless mouse for 3 years I was a bit sceptical going to a wired mouse. Everyone said this mouse is heavy before adding the weights but the RAT weighs nearly twice this.

Onto the mouse, has programmable profiles for ALL 11 buttons, it learns the surface really well and glides across with ease (Razer Goliath Mat) so you don't actually need one of Logitechs mats. The wire is braided which is great, even though its customizable like the RAT it feels great in the hand and is perfect for palm, finger and claw grip as the right and left mouse buttons are about the length of my middle finger so you never miss a click.

The infinite scroll is actually ontop of the mouse not like the G9x (a previous mouse I owned) this makes switching easy, and the software is great and really simple to use. Now to summarise

- Has 11 fully customisable buttons
- Has a thumb rest
- Has long click buttons
- Is really light (To me anyway)
- Self learns surfaces
- On-board memory so take your profiles with you
- Has a 12000 DPI sensor
- Is really well priced
- Has a braided Cable

- Only has blue lighting
- Not customisable
- Can only be used by right hand gamers
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on 18 December 2015
I've had this mouse for about a month so far, I replaced a Deathadder which kept frequently double clicking when I was pressing the button down once. Enough was enough so I did my research and stumbled across this beast!

Installation was straightforward. I'm running Windows 10 64 bit. Install the drivers and plug the mouse in. Computer needed to restart, on next reboot it advised there was a software update available for the mouse. NOTE: According to my research it suggests that the G502 may become completely unusable if you try to update the mouse with it plugged in to a USB 3.0 port. Make sure it's plugged into a USB 2.0 port. If you are not sure which is which; the USB 3.0 ports are usually coloured blue. USB 2.0 is black. If you ONLY have USB 3.0 available, I'd recommend a USB 2.0 hub. NOTE 2: I also have a Logitech G510 Keyboard, for the software update to run I had to unplug and replug the USB's of BOTH the keyboard and mouse in to get it to start downloading the update. It's safe to say if you don't own a Logitech G series keyboard you will only need to replug the mouse in.

You can customize the mouse to your liking with the Logitech software and the weights provided so it feels "right" for you. I personally like a weighty mouse, I always found the Death adder too lightweight (it also had no weights system), especially compared to the Roccat Kone I had prior to that. In the box there are a 5 3.6g weights which are odd shaped. The base of the mouse is magnetic so you pull the blue part on the left towards you with the mouse lifted up and it comes away. Oddly, despite having 5 weights, I only found a way of installing 4 of them. You have to push the weights in with a fair bit of force for them to stay in place. I prefer the Roccat Kone's weight system, which you just fairly lightly push and turn into place to lock.

I have written all of this and have now got to the most critical point, how does the mouse perform? In short, absolutely excellent! It tracks superbly, probably the best tracking mouse I have EVER had, and I have had several mice over the years. I'm just using a fairly standard non-shiny cloth mouse pad which came with my old graphics card. the DPI controls which control the responsiveness/speed of the mouse are fairly easy to get to to adjust on-the-fly and the odd pattern grip on the mouse sides are surprisingly comfortable. I have found that if the mouse weights are not installed properly and when you are moving the mouse very quickly, the bottom of the mouse can fall off quite easily. Luckily this has only happened once so far so I'm happy to pass this as user error.

If there is one area that should be better, I feel it's the mousewheel. It's easily the worst part of the mouse and in my opinion it lets it down a bit. It sure looks nice and to touch it feels like its good quality and built to last. There are two aspects which I'm not so happy with. 1.) The actual surface is very slippery so your finger does rather unnaturally slip off, which is a bit annoying when you are on one of those games where the mouse wheel does something like changing weapons (Unreal Tournament) or browsing the web and like me, you use the mouse wheel A LOT! and, 2.) You have the option of whether you want the mousewheel to scroll like any other mouse, OR you can press the button nearest to the mousewheel and the wheel goes into a "freescroll" where it spins freely. I find the mousewheel on the standard mode too noisy, to my surprise someone else was using my computer and I heard the mouse scroll wheel from downstairs! You can solve it by switching to the "freescroll" mode, but then it just becomes annoying and feels too loose, like it's broken.

This is me nitpicking though. It's a great mouse. I just wish it had the scroll wheel and weights system of the Roccat Kone or the older Logitech Mice; and it would have been perfect. If any of the issues I have mentioned put you off, then I highly recommend looking at the Roccat Kone XTD Optical. The sensor on the laser version is appalling.

Any questions relating to the review or product and I'll TRY and answer them :)
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on 13 February 2016
It took too long for my mouse to arrive from america so I got this refunded and bought it from a local computer store.

I can tell you this mouse is amazing. The customization and the accuracy is unreal. Yes you can go upto 12000 DPI but why would you? I currently use it at 2700 DPI for the game I play but it has a button perfectly placed near your thumb so you don't accidentally press it but can easily reach it when you need to. This button allows you to switch between 2 DPI settings on the fly so great for FPS games if you're trying to snipe someone and need to lower DPI quickly for better accuracy.

The mouse also has a really solid feel and fits perfectly in my hand. The added optional weights is a great at helping getting the mouse suited to your needs. And the optical sensor on it is amazing.

The blue LEDs are a bonus for me as everything in my setup has blue LEDs so goes really well. For those who don't want blue LEDs logitech has released a "spectrum" version which is exactly the same as this but with RGB lighting. It even has an option to Tune itself depending on the surface / type of mouse pad you're using! Quality from Logitech - you'll never need another mouse again.
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on 25 August 2016
Didn't review this earlier but this is the best mouse I've used ever, it has one of the most accurate sensors on the market and has Logitech's legendary build quality. The LED lighting is good, and if you'd rather pay the extra for RGB go do that. I think if I want to I'll just solder a white LED on and filter a colour in if it comes to that, but I digress.
I was at first reluctant and sceptical about paying so much for a mouse only ever buying cheapo wireless, then a CM Storm Devastator mouse and keyboard, when the mouse died after a year I went looking for one and this really good out. I have no regrets about buying this and actually instead wish I got it before the cheap ones.

Amazingly accurate, great software and DPI range, plenty of buttons on the mouse including a DPI shift button which is good for making micro movements, the mouse wheel is great, has very pronounced stages and feedback with a mouse wheel release mode which is also quite nice to use but is inaccurate, not that it is really meant to be though. The only issues are the mouse feet being not amazing quality but even then these can be changed for little to nothing if they are an issue.

Some people claim it to be a bit on the heavy side for them, but that's their own opinion, I've got used to it and personally do not use the extra weight, it isn't the best mouse out the box for twitch shooters like CS:GO for this but sticking with it yields good results in my case when you get more used to it.
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on 1 September 2015
Being a long time hard core gamer, I've used many of the renowned "gaming" mice since IE3 times (IE3 the mouse. not the browser) all the way to a G9x - Hopefully this self-boasting provides some credibility to what I'm going to say below:

This, my friend, is a great mouse.

Put the awesome cool looking aside (yes with a breathing LED), it has a very nice grip for my medium-sized palm (I use claw gip, interestingly) and you can adjust the weight to your comfort level. Personally I adjust the weight to be just enough so I don't lift it up while making big movements. It has so far the best tracking I have experienced. even better than Logitech's own last flagship G9x IMHO. No acceleration, no jumping, just pinpoint accurate.

It has a brilliant feature called "surface tuning" (or similar) which will calibrate the mouse's sensor to the mouse pad you are using. I do feel it makes a slight improvement on tracking after the calibration - difficult to explain, but easy to feel.

The build quality is solid, with all buttons having distinctive, clear feedback. Really I don't have much to say here other than "it's good". I feel it will take a few years of abuse with no issue.

I'd recommend this mouse to any gamer, casual or pro.
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on 1 January 2016
I thought id give something different a try from my much liked Razer deathadder. As planned the G502 is very, very different. Both take a clearly different approach to the gamers primary and most lethal tool. The PC mouse.

The G502 is feature rich as youd expect from logitech. And it all works pretty well and unlike many button laden mice, the buttons are all as reachable as to be expected and for online FPS you can use a couple of them beyond the normal thumb which is nice. Here it gets one up on the sparse DA. I can use an extra 3 buttons in online FPS which is nice.
And despite my reservations ive also kept the DPI and profile switching buttons mapped as default. Using them has made me realise different games feel better with slightly differnt pointer resolution. Its also allowed me to play about while online to find that elusive ideal response.

The software it comes with is very comprehensive making this a very customisable tool. The scroll wheel can switched between smooth and stepped on the fly(sweet - even tho it feels cheap and tacky) You also get some weights to change the balance of it.
And here ill bring back the DA - for all the G502's customisation, if your playing an FPS the Deathadder is preset perfect. And imo the G502 is second best.
However, the G502 is cheaper and more versatile. For deal prices its a winner.

+mega customisation
+ feels good, well shapped (claw grip anyway)
- not mega quality
- Versatile means it lacks FPS focus
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on 3 January 2015
The mouse has a good sensor and doesn't seem to skip pixels or jitter if used at a reasonable DPI level. The mouse has a nice texture and shape/size and buttons are easily accessible. There is however 2 issues with this mouse that ruin it for me, and those are the scroll wheel and the mouse feet.

The scroll wheel: It is metal and extremely heavy in comparison to other mouse wheels. The weight of the wheel and the lack of any rubberized grip make it somewhat hard to control precisely and, at least for me, very easy to scroll one click to far. It is also very easy for your finger to slip because it has no real grip aside from the indentations on it.

The feet: They feel fairly smooth to the touch and slide reasonably well but they do not last long and two of the feet on my mouse came loose after just a week, and another one started peeling at the corner.

If not for the two problems mentioned this mouse would be great, but as it currently stands, there is much better alternatives.
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on 10 October 2014
Tricky to know what rating to give this, on the one hand as a mouse it is superb - and if like other Logitech Mice I would hope the electronics and switches are bullet-proof. I have just come from three Mad-Catz products all of which suffered the same micro-switch failure after 4-6 months.

I rate my mice on comfort and sensitivity - I need a smooth cursor operation, especially from standstill, and a decent feel/weight, this is the first mouse that I have used without resorting to tuning with additional weights, and the cursor tuning provides me with more than I need.

Now the downside, the mice skates/feet/glides whatever you want to call them are definitely not as resilient as previous Logitech products, I have resorted to after market after my second set of originals started to peel at the corners - Logitech were no help saying they didn't have any spares... Another downside (at least for me) is that there is no apparent way to store profiles on the mouse, or back them up as a separate file - that gets a black mark.

So - great mouse, mostly high build quality - poor feet and indifferent profile handling.
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on 13 October 2014
I will make this review straight. Having used many gaming mice myself, there are few let downs that interferes the pros of this mouse.


Frankly speaking, the optical sensor of this mouse is quite good. Good in terms of accuracy in the shooting game. It's quite effective when you use rifles which has recoils such as AK47. This mouse is a palm grip type and so, it is quite easy to rapid click/fire during the game which is also critical in FPS game. The sensor is so good that I felt that the price of the mouse mostly goes to the sensor itself.

The size of the mouse is about 13cm in length and 6cm in width which is quite similar to that of Roccat Kone XTD but 1 cm shorter in width resulting an oval sort of shape just like a reptile egg in the dinosaur museum. Due to the high precision lead by the sensor, this shape does help. If there are too much width, it can be quite hard to control such sensor I'd say.

The weight adjustment is a great addition too. The sensor of this mouse is quite sensitive and so, the additional weight can give more control to the user in a way. Many people yell that this mouse is heavy. If you have used Razer and Cyborg mice such as Rat 5 - 9 (without the weight), and Kone Pure from Roccat, you may feel this mouse quite heavy to handle. But if you have used Roccat Kone XTD, then there is no problem as it weighs about the same i felt (with and without weight adjustment on both).

Lastly, the usb cable of this mouse is quite soft. The cable itself will adapt quickly and so, you wouldn't need to make it straight/stretch the cable after unboxing.


There are few down side of this mouse that may interfere with the good side listed above. Firstly, if you flip the mouse, you will quickly notice that there are four plastic black tape like seal for a grind protection. Normally, other brand namely Roccat and Razer won't do this. Instead, they completely seal them so that it won't peel off overtime. Here, I wouldn't worry about them peeling off but as a result of the wrong placement of the seal, this mouse chooses the surface. If you use Roccat Hiro 3D mouse surface for example, and move around the mouse, you will quickly notice the grind noise. A little delay caused by the resistance can be quite annoying when you want to aim the pointer properly during the game. Logitech gaming/non-gaming mice always gives this impression that they don't pursue for perfection, and that they are not made solely for the enthusiasts but also designed for ordinary consumers. This concept is still there with this mouse as well as the ones I used before from Logitech. This is my subjective opinion about logitech mouse products though.

The second cons goes to the combination of the wheel and the left/right click. It is certainly a nice addition that the wheel can be configured by a single click of button placed below the wheel. One click of the button gives a rigid feel of the wheel and another press gives a loose and smooth feel of the wheel. However, this rigid mode of the wheel can be an annoyance when combined with the mouse left/right clicks during the game or the normal daily operations on your PC. First of all, it feels very cheap. Secondly, the rigid feel of the wheel doesn't feel right, say while switching the weapons after few clicks of fire, the wheel accidentally moves due to the momentum of switching (scrolling) quickly. Thirdly, the clicks are loud. Louder than that of palm grip type mouse such as Kone XTD and in fact, louder than R.A.T 9 too.

The force you may put to click left/right buttons are just about right. At least, I feel this is quite comfortable. But if you switch from the soft clicks say from Razor, such as Black Mumba 2012 and DeathAdder, then you may feel these buttons need a little force to click.

There are people who complains about right clicks where they accidentaly press during the game but it never happened to me yet. This is probably due to the size of user's hand (mine is square palm with short fingers. About 17cm in length from the wrist to the tip of third finger) and the way you may place your hand on the mouse. Generally, if you place your hand as if you use the finger grip type of mouse, you may not have that accidental clicks.

Software and the drivers of this mouse works well and sensibly designed. I have never had any problems with updating firmwares when the software asked me unlike other unfortunate people who had to update the firmware manually through the installation directory. When you open the software, you will see this slide switch where you can choose where to save your profile. It is either the on-board memory chip built-in or to the PC. When you want to assign a windows function (assuming you are using Windows PC), you'd need to switch the profile save location to the PC by the way.

So there it is. Currently, I am using together with my Roccat Kone XTD and I can tell clearly, that this mouse wins when it comes to FPS games. I find it quite interesting that I use G502 for rifles that has recoils and for shotguns and heavy ones, I use the Roccat. The design of the mouse will remind you of the chinch bug or the beetles and like I said above, and you may need to consider buying one of the logitech gaming surfaces, but overall, I think this mouse is balanced and acceptable.

I bought this mouse as a replacement of my Roccat Tyon which I bought recently. Unlike the G502, the Tyon was a complete joke to me (I wrote the review of it too).

I am not entirely happy due to some of the half-hearted manufacturing especially the grind seal and the wheel which can be quite common in Logitech mice but the sensor itself is quite powerful.

When you pay for this price, again, I'd say you are paying for the sensor I thought.

I'd recommend this mouse to anyone who fed up with the laser sensor.

Warmest Regards

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