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on 17 February 2014
It takes you through the lives of 9 successful property investors, cataloging how they got started and the problems they had to deal with along the way.
Whilst it is not a beginners guide, it does give a short 'lessons learned' section at the end of each chapter/case study, which goes some way to helping you understand the mindset of these successful investors.
The book has loads of tips on how to make money from owning property, and it is all valid, as the people in the book are successfully applying their strategies even now.
Even if you have no interest in making money from property, Beyomd the Bricks is a very entertaining read. The book is written in an easy going style that makes it hard to put down. It is always interesting to find out how successful people have made their lives, and Rob Dix brings brings out the essential qualities that each of his subjects has brought to bear within their lives.
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on 19 February 2014
This book provides true inspiration for anyone interested in property by detailing the stories of 9 different property investors from all walks of life.

The life stories are fascinating, hugely motivational and demonstrate that there are many routes you can go down to find success.

Nice and easy to read, I particularly liked the lessons at the end of each chapter which broke down the strategies that each investor had used.

Highly recommended for anyone looking for motivation, I've already suggested it to other friends to read.
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on 17 February 2014
Absolutely love this book – the stories, the relaxed writing style, the lessons and the passion that comes across from both interviewees and author.
I couldn't put this book down, and read it straight through in one evening.

Each of the investors has found success in a completely different manner and this gives the book great depth in relaying what is possible in the property investment field.
Ideal for any investor who wants to be very hands-on but also for those who want to sit back and run their portfolio more like a business.

I loved the lessons section at the end of each chapter – a good summary of all the important points of each case study.
The most brilliant lesson that comes from reading all the stories is that property investment is a long game and not a get rich quick scheme.
Gone are the days of the Property Ladder style success, now it’s all about strategy, good deals and hard work.
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on 17 February 2014
A good book. I didn't find all the stories of property successes equally compelling - but, some are really instructive and of course, it is a matter of "each to his own". There is a wide variety of experience laid bare within the life histories and property deals discussed. The writing is clear and (relatively) concise and it is obvious that a lot of work went into it.

If you are interested in property investment, whether buy-to-let, buy-to-sell, or stages in between, I think you will find some guidance and inspiration somewhere amongst the "life stories" in this book. Rob Dix is an experienced investor himself and generous with his own, well researched advice. Recommended.
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on 28 June 2014
This is a fantastic little book. I was unsure whether I would get bored too easy with this, but it was a great read.
So many British books have a section or chapter in this type of book asking 'Do I have what it takes to be a property investor/landlord' or 'Am I the right type of person to be a landlord/entrepreneur' or whatever. I mention British, because American books say 'You can do it no matter what!'. This book however, doesn't ask that question. In fact, it shows you that there is no right or wrong type of person for being an investor and/or landlord. The people whose stories the author is sharing with us are all very different types of people, all doing this for very different reasons, and are all doing it very differently. It will help you identify what type of investor you would like to be - hands-on or hand-it-over, it will help you decide whether you want HMO's or family homes. Help you see that people in the same situations as you, are making this work for themselves, so you can make it work to.
If you are considering buying an investment property, then read this book first.
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on 24 July 2014
I never review books, but I felt inspired to after all that Rob (& Rob) have done for me. Their solid 'shark free' advice has given me sound education on property, which has honestly changed my life. Without Rob & Rob my aims would still be to own one BTL unencumbered in 10 years time and have it contribute to a basic pension....1 year on, 2 successful property projects later, my personal financial position is significantly different and I'm ready to go into property full time, with a toolbox of techniques to build diverse streams of income.

Anyway, to the's great, a real inspiration to read how other regular people have done it, and you can too. I share my copy with friends to inspire them, and point them to Rob's podcasts as well. Thanks for a great book Rob!
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on 20 February 2014
If your sitting at home now on the computer, researching what books to read, then this one has to go into your basket. If like me you're suffering from information overload at the moment, reading property blogs, listening to property podcasts clicking on this link, then that link, signing up to estate agent websites, flailing around for an idea of what direction to take; you can now take a step back. Real people, all with their own different story to tell, on how they moved forward. A cornucopia (I've been itching to use this word for ages) of ideas, and two things they all showed in abundance, determination and enthusiasm. It's not often these days you finish reading a book and wanting more, I'm looking forward to the sequel. Property investment isn't just about mortgages,bricks and mortar, real people are in there too.
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on 28 January 2014
Rob Dix has done a great job of getting behind a group of some well known (to various property websites) and lesser known property investors. It gives their background and how they have fallen into or planned to get into property investing and being landlords. I found it particularly interesting to better understand their journeys both long and some quite short so far, as well as contrasting their different approaches to handling tenants.

This is a great read and helps to keep the motivation up for others on a similar path.

Keep it up Rob and maybe start planning 'Beyond the Bricks 2' with another group?

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on 29 January 2014
After reading Rob's first book It gave me the knowledge and motivation to go forward and invest in our first buy to let and we are now looking for the next! Reading Beyond The Bricks confirms that no matter what your background or education the over arching message is that if you really want to create financial freedom then you can with some had work and determination and the people interviewed have proven this. The techniques used by the people are varied, pro-active and simple to understand so you could literally apply them as read if you wanted to!! Overall a great read and inspiring book, thanks!
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on 24 July 2016
This was a really good read, I enjoyed the different investor stories and it really helped me to qualify some areas that I know I would find difficult to manage at this stage/time in my property journey. I think that this is just as important as finding out which aspects of property I feel more comfortable with.

The book shows there is no one size fits all in property, and so I am pretty certain that every reader will find slightly different areas/stories resonate better with their approach to business and emotions and that is its biggest selling point, we can all learn something from the investors profiled whether it is for the purpose of investing in property or motivating us to to do something differently.

It has some helpful case studies and highlights some extraordinary deals that are hard to believe however these are then balanced with each investor having to face new challenges/changes in circumstances. The headline for me is that it is really about commitment to your investment with the ability to adapt to changes... just like so may other aspects of life!
Thanks Rob for an insightful book with a well balanced selection of people profiled. I am off to ask a few people out for lunch and see what I can learn from them too!
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