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4.1 out of 5 stars
4.1 out of 5 stars
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on 16 October 2014
Locked up for dabbling with 'sorcery', a young doctor finds that he shares the asylum with his hero in science, Victor Frankenstein, who has faked his own death in order to continue with experiments and effectively control the weak-willed corrupt manager of the place. Together the two scientists use various pieces of dead prisoners to construct a monstrosity that eventually awakens to produce dire consequences. Taking FATMFH out of its difficult context in the history of horror it's not a bad film at all, with a beautifully grim setting (almost entirely in the asylum), an ugly, tragic creature at the heart of the tale, and some unprecedented brutality.

Released on Blu-ray in the UK as a dual edition pack, the three disc set contains two DVDs alongside the Blu. On the Blu (and spread across the other two discs due to the substantially lower storage capacity of DVD) the film is presented as you would have seen it theatrically (my favourite ratio, 1.66:1) and, as an optional extra, in its un-matted 35mm form at 1.37:1 (i.e. more information seen at the top and bottom of the screen), accurately moving at 24 frames per second in either case (sped up to 25 fps on the DVDs, naturally). Obviously if you're viewing on a 16x9 widescreen display then the 1.37:1 version will have thick black bars at the sides, whilst the 1.66:1 version will have very thin black bars at each side. Preference will depend on the viewer ultimately, and one can argue the virtues of each until the full moon sets, but it's fantastic that we're actually given the choice and the viewer can sample each before settling down to the enjoy the film. Detail on the 1080p Blu-ray transfers is set at an excellent standard, whilst the DVDs can't compete but still look reasonably good considering they're Standard Definition. On the audio side, the mono (uncompressed LPCM on the Blu-ray, compressed Dolby Digital on the DVDs) is clear and as decent as you can expect.

What else do you get? There's a commentary track with two of the main actors (Shane Bryant, who plays Frankenstein's protégé, and Madeline Smith) moderated by classic horror lover Marcus Hearn. Secondly you get a great documentary directed by Hearn about the making of the film, with plenty of interviews from surviving participants incorporating some enticing anecdotes about Cushing (including some images of his extensive notes on the script). This runs for 25 minutes. The next documentary focuses on the director himself, again a fine piece and this time running at 13 minutes. A 7 minute animated gallery features shots from the set, some lovely posters/advertising materials, promotional stills of the likes of Smith, make-up work-in-progress of the monster (David Prowse), etc. All of these extras are on both the Blu-ray and one or the other of the DVDs, the only extra remaining that is not on both is a PDF of a 30 page booklet, which is only on the second DVD and accessible via a PC of course. I would have preferred a printed version of this but I guess they saw this as a cost-cutting measure. There's a lot of information about the production of the film and reactions to it post-release, and overall it's a nicely presented companion. The booklet also goes into significant detail on how the film was restored for high definition presentation, and makes one appreciate the work involved.

The initial pressing of this Icon-released set back in May 2014 was flawed with some stalling issues on the Blu-ray. This was corrected quite quickly and the versions available now are fine to watch, resulting in this now being the definitive presentation of quite a reasonable and gruesome latter-day Hammer.

Paul (The Grim Cellar)
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on 19 May 2016
The last gasp of Hammer Horror. The film is still a treat for me I was afraid that Horror of Frankenstein was going to be the last in the series.
Glad that they made this one. Own them all and enjoy all of them with Cushing as the Baron. Terrence is back and this is and will be a fitting end to the series as well as Hammer Gothic.
If you are a fan as I am then getting into this film will be easy for you. If your new to the Hammer club start with Curse of Frankenstein and proceed from there.
Monster From Hell is a fitting tribute to Hammer's last gothic way back in 1974. Glad to own it and recommend it.
Great extras make it just more fun.
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on 25 June 2003
Having read on the case that this dvd contains the uncut British theatrical print of the film, you know you're in trouble when the "Paramount" logo opens the film. In this country I believe it was distributed by Avco Embassy Pictures and in the US by Paramount. To cut a long story short it's a great shame that this is not the uncut British print because it is missing what is probably its most infamous scene; the one in which Peter Cushing's superb Baron Frankenstein clasps the monster's artery between his teeth whilst his assistant applies the stitches. Not only is the scene missing but it kinda rubs your face in it after the cut as Cushing wipes the blood from his lips just to remind you what you has passed. Why, oh why are these titles released by people who simply can't be bothered to check their facts. Lovely print of the movie though, crystal clear picture and sound. What's the betting that Paramount's upcoming region 1 disc contains the full "uncut" British print. Come to think of it, as with the Vampire Lovers, why is it that a UK company releases the censored US version, whilst the US company promises to release the uncensored UK version? Hammer keep promising to return. Maybe they, or he/she, should concentrate on working with the current copyright holders of their existing library to ensure its loyal fan base are no longer mis-represented with releases promising to be what they aint.
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on 8 May 2014
If Amazon has an initial batch of defective copies of this for sale, why are they still selling it? If buyers send back their defective Blu-rays, they're going to get a copy with the same problem in exchange. Now is the time to suspend this until Icon straightens things out. Here is their response to the problem:

Dear Hammer Fans,

Icon Home Entertainment have released this statement regarding an alleged fault with the Blu-Ray release of Frankenstein & the Monster from Hell:

"Further to the results of an independent quality control review we can confirm that there was an inherent fault present in the first run of the Blu-Ray included in “Frankenstein & The Monster From Hell”, catalogue number: ICON70235

We will be re-issuing the film from a corrected master with a fresh catalogue number.

We are in the process of setting up a freepost address to which customers affected can send the faulty Blu-Ray disc of “Frankenstein & The Monster From Hell” for replacement by return.

The address and further instructions on the return programme will be confirmed and announced tomorrow.

It’s great to hear all the positive comments about the product and the recognition of the amount of effort that Icon, Hammer and our various partners have put into this release. We’re very proud of it and want to ensure that people have the best possible experience of it. We thank you for your patience in this matter."
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on 24 March 2014
The reviews below are a bit misleading. This will be the blu ray release and the reviews so far are for the dvd release (probably the video release as well) so some of the remarks are out of context.Come on Amazon,update these extremely old reviews some of which are over 12 years old. it's not just this title,it's many more.
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on 25 January 2006
The most complete version of this movie is the R2 German release (English dialogue) - Frankensteins Höllenmonster. This can be purchased from www.amazon.de
All the eye popping, artery biting and general gore scenes are intact. This is by far Hammer's Goriest Frankenstein entry!!
My advice - Give the UK version a miss and go for the German release.
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on 30 April 2014
I love the movie and I love the packaging, but I've now had to send two copies of this back because of defective picture. On the Blu-Ray disc, on the 1.37:1 version of the movie, the picture breaks up at the 14:37 mark. One defective disc I can wave away, but two? With exactly the same defect in exactly the same place? Check your copies. I understand other customers are complaining too on other forums.
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on 21 March 2001
The Hammer series of Frankenstein films always took the subject far more seriously than those that emanated from the USA.
The English films were never intentionally camp and while the Universal series quickly degenerated to the likes of "Abbott and Costello meet Frankenstein" by episode five the Hammer series were just finding their mettle.
"Frankenstein and the Monster From Hell" is late in the Hammer series and could easily be called the most intelligent and thought provoking of them all.
A plot that has Baron Frankenstein (played by the magnificent, inimitable Peter Cushing) *still* hard at his experimenting with bringing dead people to life while hiding out in a mental institution probably presupposes anything but a good film. Thankfully, the precise opposite is true.
This film examines the ideas behind the reanimation of dead bodies intelligently, and what's more it does it with heart and and great deal of kindness. Without spoiling the plot the "monster" does not want to be reborn, the humans surrounding him are unpleasant bigots and Frankenstein finally faces the fact that his experimenting causes human/emotional pain.
Simply put, this is Frankenstein with both a heart AND a brain, things which the vast majority of the films based on Mary Shelley's book sadly lack as they shamble towards their end credits.
Hopefully one day Peter Cushing will be recognise as one of the finest technical actors ever to grace a movie screen, and this is one of his finest, and most understated performances.
If you like Hammer horror, this one is seriously underrated and well worth watching.
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on 6 May 2014
Yes, the film is a cult classic, and the Bluray transfer is excellent. We finally get to see this film in its uncut glory, with all the excised scenes restored. Great. However, as has been noted elsewhere at forums on the Internet, the first batch of this release has an error on the Bluray disc, where the image breaks up and moves in slow motion for a few seconds. Other posters here have the exact timing information. I use an OPPO with the latest firmware and have usually never any problems with playback, but these issues are evident at first glance.

So please, Icon, you need to issue a replacement Bluray disc. These glitches truly upset the film experience.
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on 22 May 2014
I loved the set, despite having the two minute glitches on the two ratios of the film.

I sent my Blu-ray disc to this Freepost address (on Saturday 18th May and the replacement arrived yesterday, on the 21st)

Wednesbury One
Black Country New Road
WS10 7NY

(Don't forget to add your contact details, address etc with the faulty disc)

To make sure they had my details, I also sent an email to: dvdteam@sonopress.co.uk

The new disc was free of the problems and proudly goes with my other Icon Hammer discs. Thanks Icon for the quick response!
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