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4.6 out of 5 stars
4.6 out of 5 stars
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on 5 November 2009
At over 1000 pages this is no lightweight book in any sense, yet it is also a very good read. The style is engaging and it is packed with useful information. The approach is realistic, the authors do not just assume that the reader is moving on from Vista, there is plenty for those who are upgrading from earlier versions of Windows.

The book is organized in six parts each covering a specific area of setting up and working with Windows 7. You can read it through from beginning to end but you can equally well dip in at any point. However, Part 1 is essential reading for all users with Chapter 2 giving the best discussion of how to install any version of Windows that I have seen to date.

Wherever you look you will find useful information presented in a clear and understandable fashion. There is so much in it that I initially thought to describe the book as 'The Power User's Guide' but it is written in a way that makes it useful to everyone. It does contain references to registry keys and system variables, but not in a way that is going to scare anyone.

I recommend "Windows 7 Inside Out" to anyone who is considering upgrading to Windows 7 or who already has upgraded. Windows 7 delivers lots more through functions that did not exist in its predecessors. This is the book that is going to help all of us learn to exploit that power and master the new way of working with Windows. You don't need to be an expert to use this book but once you have read it you are probably going to be seen as one!
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on 18 November 2009
This is the third in the Inside Out series I have purchased which shows how I have found the book.
The other two being for XP and Vista.This edition hasn`t dissapointed.
It describes all aspects of Windows 7 from installing through to trouble shooting installations in clear, easy to understand english.
On a number of occassions the Windows Inside Out series has made the difference between recovering the instalation, instead of reinstalling windows
and losing everything.
A very good reference book.
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on 14 December 2009
I have owned this book for all of three weeks, and already it has saved me several times over. I'm no expert on Windows. Before Windows 7, I'd never installed an operating system, except as an upgrade, in my life. But with the help of this book, I have

-- performed clean installations of Windows 7 on two computers, one running Vista and the other XP
-- created and deleted partitions, renamed drive letters, and created a pair of mirrored drives so that my setup is just how I want it
-- used the command prompt to run chkdsk to test the three hard drives on a new Dell workstation that was making a clicking noise, without making the serious mistake of carrying out the test as Windows 7 offers to do it (which is to dismount the drive first).

The book has also taught me where to look for vital files when restoring from a backup -- and, best of all, I found myself reading it aloud to help an otherwise-excellent Dell technician in India understand the difference between Windows 7 and the Vista/XP operating systems she was used to. The book helped me to help her, so that she could then rescue me.

At 1,026 pages, it is not a lightweight. But it is so clearly written that, if you have any curiosity about your computer, it is worth reading for pleasure. Highly recommended.
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on 19 January 2010
After purchasing a new pc with Windows 7 installed I found it quite different than XP. There seemed to be a number of changes so I decided an information book was needed if I was going to get all the benefits from the new system.
I found Inside Out to be just the right book for me. Everything is easy to find and it as been very helpful. I love my computer books they are a good way of learning.I am self taught using books, and I am sure this one is going to help me. I am 77yrs old, and am enjoying reading this book that is so full of information, and answers so many of my questions, up to now they have all been answered. If you want a book with lots of coloured pictures this is not the one for you, but if you want good clear answers if you have any problems then I would recommend this book.
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on 5 December 2009
I recently upgraded to Windows 7 from Windows Vista. It was a great experience, but there is so much new and amazing stuff in Windows 7 that it's hard to find out how to do stuff. For that, this guide is indispensable, just as the previous Windows Vista version of this book was for Vista. It gives you a guided tour through installing Windows 7, going from preparing to install right through to personalisation and customising the system to suit yourself and it also serves as a great reference manual for those "how do I do .." questions. For ease, it also has a CD-version of the book which is searchable on your computer to answer such questions. I'd say that this book makes a natural companion to Windows 7, especially because there are so many changes and improvements in the new system, compared to what has gone before.
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on 2 February 2010
This is a large weighty book with over 1000 pages. It is, as described, very comprehensive but sometimes you have a bit of a struggle to get useful 'how-to' info from the pages. Also, and disappointingly, it does ocasionally refer you to Microsoft web pages for further information not already within the book. So, it is not entirely fully comprehensive within the book after all. However I would recommend it as a stand by reference work when the help pages in Windows 7 leave you wondering. Worth buying.
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on 16 December 2015
I've purchased this series since Windows 7 and always found them a great help for me as an intermediate computer user. The book should be used as a reference work for solving issues etc. For that purpose it's layout is really helpful. I would have given it 5 stars but obviously it does not cover the major November 2015 update and, consequently, it's already been overtaken by the latest OS version. Microsoft's new approach to regularly updating its new operating system is a cause for concern in this respect as none of these reference books is ever likely to keep pace.
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on 18 November 2009
As a strictly non-expert faced with a major change from XP to 7, this book provided a comprehensive step-by-step approach. Whilst very helpful to a beginner, it is a comprehensive guide covering advanced topics as well which will appeal to all levels.
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on 7 January 2012
The second chapter "Installing and Config. W7" could be easier. Why cant it cover a clean upgrade, single user (Admin) then adding other Users. After move on to upgrade from XP etc. Then into Multi Boot making each case step by step and put all the heavy stuff at the section end. Eg: "The Ins and Outs of Drive Letters", "... Startup process". Basically, a reader trying to get up and running, wants it simple for his installation type and then tell me the fine detail after.

For the first, basic case (or any so far as I can see), there is nothing about doing a clean install after a previous one. Fortunately I found how to Format for myself. There is a clue on the picture on page 38, in that it shows the word Format but nothing is said about it.

The book implies that it is sensible to Enter a Password, as you install, but at this stage you know nothing about backing this up to a USB key! I entered a Password and did NOT forget it but got locked out of the PC. So I had to do another Format and start over. Book should tell you how to immediately backup the Password or say leave it for now. I have not been brave enough to put one on the PC yet and probably wont do it!!

If you miss the "Dont Activate W7 now" tick box, the get around on Page 57 didnt work for me. Yes! I did another Format. The Manual value is still 0 even though I am yet to Activate.

There is plenty of detail in the book and I have much still to explore / read but as always the first chapters are the most important... to get up and running. Then poke around and use the book as you go.

Seems to me that they didnt give the book to enough (or any?) users and say do each of these type of installs and see how you get on... Bet there would have been some changes and improvements...

But I havent seen a better book so with some reservations its a good buy.
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on 27 June 2010
I think this is probably the third of these I've bought for various incarnations of Windows now and overall I've been satisfied.

Windows 7 is the most user friendly version of windows so far (wow I said that!) and a novice with simple needs might find this book a bit much. However it has certainly helped me to get into some of the new areas of the os in a fairly painless way. The new "search" would be an example of this. Equally the new explorer has quite a lot of useful features in it - not sure how quickly I would have found them without this book. There are a number of other similar examples I could give.

The book probably paid for itself in helping me to network non win7 machines (Microsoft assumes of course that you will only want to network win7 machine and the system help is - well - unhelpful). This book got me through it quickly and sensibly.

Any complaints - well it could actually be a bit more techy for me I guess - some of the stuff is aimed pretty low (tho I would not recommend this for a real beginner). Equally there is a "microsoft" orientation to the authoring only pointing out non ms programs as a last resort (but then the book is about win7). The fact that they trot out the ms justification for the firewall not bothering to check outgoing traffic seems a bit silly to me (they even manage to give reasons why you would not want an av program in the same chapter).

However for anyone moving to win7 from XP for example (such as me) the book is useful, easy to read/understand and helps you get the best from a good (!) operating system quickly.
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