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on 15 November 2012
Six Degrees Of Inner Turbulence, is a double album, with five songs on the first disc and one song that is 40 minutes long on disc 2.

Disc 1. Disc one's five songs are varied and open up with Glass prison which is cool and has some wickedly interesting drums and guitar riffs.
the vocals are really good in the album with some very thought provocing lyrics too. As usual my only real complaint with Dream theater is the over the top widdling and the slight lack of bass tone. those two things aside this album is wonderful maze of music, changing and stoping and starting and playing with everything so wonderfully.
Disc2 is much the same only it consists of one song with the general theme of different mental troubles. The music has a fairl consistant theme to it but it again changes and even has an overture this I feel is dream thaters equivalent of topographic oceans only Mushc better, it is at least not as cheesy.

a little bit over the top but lots of fun to make up for it
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on 29 July 2002
I have been interested in Dream Theater ever since "The Spirit of Rush" fanzine pushed their debut album to the front of my mind. "When Dream and Day Unite" would never qualify as one of my favourite discs. I could never get to grips with Charlie Dominici's voice (some would say that's rich coming from a Rush fan!) or the self-indulgence that was prevalent for much of the album. Yet in tracks such as "Afterlife" and "A Matter of Time" it sowed the seeds that meant I bought the classic "Images and Words" immediately upon its release.
Some may say the band have struggled to live up to the standards set by that album. "Awake" was certainly a step backwards and whilst "A Change of Seasons" redressed the balance it was, in my opinion, "Falling Into Infinity" that saw the band stepping in a more bold and accessible direction. With its wealth of great songs and stand out moments (John Petrucci's guitar solo on "Lines In The Sand" still rates as his best) the cd stayed in my player for months. So it was with some disappointment that I learned of the band's intention to release a concept album as a follow up. The fact that "Scenes From A Memory" is such an accomplished and, at times, astonishing piece of work is testament to the creative freedom they were finally given. The subsequent concert dvd showed Dream Theater at their awe-inspiring best, a band well and truly on top of their game.
Then along comes "Six Degrees of Inner Turbulence". Over 90 minutes of music and only six songs? It was all a bit much to take in at first. And then it began to worm its way into my subconscious. "The Great Debate" was the first track to grab hold, riding in (and out) on John Myung's insistent and ominous bass line. Petrucci's lyrics explore each side of the stem cell research argument - both bold enough to ask, over an explosive riff, whether man is justified in taking "life to save life" and circumspect enough to suggest the listener "pay attention to the questions" he has raised.
The Metallica-esque assault of "The Glass Prison" is memorable as well as bludgeoning, and flies by despite its 13+ minute running time. "Blind Faith" is atypical Dream Theater in its more standard structure and softer approach but it builds to a stunning instrumental section which makes you realise that, in the original trio of Petrucci, Myung and drummer extraordinaire, Mike Portnoy, Dream Theater possess three of the finest musicians in the business.
Disc 2 brings about the 42-minute title track, and it is here that proceedings take a slight downturn. I only have two minor niggles with this album. Firstly, the ending of the otherwise excellent "Misunderstood" drags on a bit too long. Secondly, Jordan Rudess's brilliant keyboard work goes awry during "Six Degrees"' "Overture". In fact, during that opening six minutes they sound like something out of a bad 80s soap opera (was there any other kind?). These are the only times during the entire undertaking that the previously rampant self-indulgence raises its ugly head. Thankfully, once "About To Crash" arrives, things quickly get back on track and from "War Inside My Head" onwards the second disc bursts into life. Indeed, as soon as Portnoy's driving beat kicks in during the guitar solo on "Goodnight Kiss" and gives way to the blissfully superb "Solitary Shell", a song more catchy and memorable than any the band have hitherto recorded, "Six Degrees" takes a grip and doesn't let go.
Yet it is "Disappear" that sticks in my mind. Having myself recently suffered a great loss this song really hits home. It is beautifully underplayed and uncomplicated and James Labrie's previously unmentioned vocals are heartfelt and evocative. This is a deeply moving song.
"Six Degrees of Inner Turbulence" is certainly a defining release and one that will take some measure of inspiration and invention to follow. It's hard to believe that the band can ever surpass this level of both accomplishment and maturity. Time will tell. In the meantime I'll see you at the Astoria in October!
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on 27 August 2015
Great album by Dream Theater!

It's a good follow up to Metropolis pt2 I think.

The first CD starts off with one of the most brutal DT songs ever "The Glass Prison" and ends with a very soothing one in "Disappear".

The second CD is probably one of my favorite epics by the band. It really is just a crazy ride with this one, you can hear all the different styles these guys are able to play, going from heavy to calm to, even folk or something like that!
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on 8 November 2014
Amazing album! Probably not the best album for someone new to Dream Theater to get in order to try and get into them but is a must for any fan. This album is joint favourite with Octavarium, Scenes from a Memory & Train of Thought for me. Can't pick one out from the four!
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on 23 December 2012
I was kind of disappointed with this album compared to the others, it has the odd good song but most of them seemed to drag on and I would end up turning the track over myself.

Still if you are a true Dream Theater fan like me. It's a must have for any collection!
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on 21 March 2015
Hey its Dream Theater
Always over the top and really good fun but solid playing and vocals make it another good one for the collection
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on 1 July 2016
very good
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on 26 April 2016
One word .Superb.
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on 27 June 2013
It arrived on time.and my parnter is driving me mad with the music he play's it a lot and he put it on hes iPod
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on 25 February 2014
Everything was OK
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