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4.6 out of 5 stars
4.6 out of 5 stars
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on 19 January 2015
The story lines become a tad wilder and more speculative in this series (and the last episode thrumms with a weird dissonance as things spin apart from the very centre of Shoe Lane) but I watched this for the compelling performances of each actor as their characters drive inexorably on towards the final dissolution of personal and private issues: vulnerability crippling the usually astute, commanding Martha, Clive bowing once more to the temptations of mammon and (literally) embracing the enemy and Billy - dear heaven, Billy. Neil Stuke stays with this proud, self-contained almost Mephistophelean man to the very end, producing an utterly commanding performance as the dying clerk. Beautifully nuanced, utterly hypnotic, this performance is completely unmissable and worth watching Series 3 for, alone. As his silks embrace their own personal vulnerabilities and stumble, Billy's slow descent towards death is resonant with grace and power and a palpable sense of peace. Neil Stuke is simply unmissable.
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on 23 March 2016
I really enjoyed the first two series of this drama and the third one fully lived up to it until the end. I really founded the ending weak and a cop out. Yes the Maxine character was upset that her ex-lover had been framed and she had failed to get him off, yes she was upset that the law firm was moving to total prosecution rather than defence, yes she was disillusioned with the whole legal process but the ending suggested she committed suicide which I found ludicrous. On a technical note the pavement on those bridges are very wide and our last view of her is at the kerb side before the bus goes past, to suggest she could have turned sprinted to the bridge and dived over in the two seconds that the bus took to go past is just stupid. A good series let down by a poor ending .
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on 4 November 2015
The third series was not up to the high standard of the first two; it was as if the writer had lost interest in the project.

This suspicion was confirmed by the unsatisfactory end of the final episode - totally confusing.
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on 6 January 2015
What a disappointment after the first 2 brilliant series. It was if the writer was rushing to reach the end and jammed as much strangeness in a short time frame as he could. The ending was what? Well, it wasn't an ending that's for sure - what the hell was going on there. Everyone metamorphosed into a caricature of what they might have become in 20 years time not 20 weeks!
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on 21 May 2014
The first two series of Silk were very good. Although requiring some suspension of disbelief, the storylines were good, characterisations believable and the acting excellent. Series 3 was a big let down. Although a couple of episodes were better than the rest, the increasingly hysterical tone (coupled with an odd lack of atmosphere, particularly early on in the series) rendered the last couple of episodes almost unbelievably bad. The final part was completely confused, and confusing, and there was no clear resolution to several story lines. I appreciate that film makers sometimes feel the need to tell their stories in an individual and opaque manner, but on this occasion the story telling was really poor. What clashed particularly was the way in which the central characters changed dramatically, so as to become almost unrecognisable. The final episode was a complete betrayal of Phil Davis' character, and a waste of a very fine actor. I'm glad I watched it, in general, as I still like the show, but this was a very poor ending to a very enjoyable show.
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on 10 June 2015
This was a very good series, though strange how Martha Costello was pregnant with Clive's baby - yet you never saw them dating; only an occasional visit to a pub. Clive Reeder (Rupert Jones) - was physical or flirtatious with everyone in a skirt.

It was hard to follow at first, jumped right into a 'clerk' and we had no idea why 'Billy" appeared to be the lawyers boss. Watching more episodes explained who's who in the zoo.

Overall, we really liked the series but both of us felt that the ending was terribly disappointing. Maybe they left it like that, uncertain if the show would be renewed. Bit of a let down; had it not been for the ending, would rate it a 4.
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on 24 April 2014
I loved the first two series of Silk -- all the central characters are unique, with flaws and virtues -- no Mary Sue Sparklebutts (of either gender) here. The third series was a bit less satisfying, and though I would still strongly recommend it, the final resolution puzzles me, because it ... wasn't. I understand this is the final series for Silk, which made it doubly puzzling. I honestly have no idea what (or rather which possibility) the writer was trying to convey. I'd have to go into spoilers to discuss it further, so I won't, but ... geez. Martha & crew deserved better.
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on 23 November 2015
A brilliant and intense conclusion to the fantastic Silk series. I think this is extremely well written, even better acted, and what's more, Maxine Peake is given the opportunity to reveal many more facets of her character - the personal and vulnerable sides - as she puts herself and her career into question. But for me, in this final series, the one who shines throughout is Neil Stuke, an outstanding actor who, thanks to Moffat's excellent writing, unleashes his talent and keeps the audience captivated.
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on 25 August 2014
Great continuation of the Characters of the Law firm from Series I and II. This series was a bit more intense than previous series and didn't contain as much humor as the earlier series. Nevertheless, it was well done, even though everything took on a much more serious aspect. Billy, the Office Manager has received bad news regarding his health and has made great efforts to keep the firm together. As in previous series, I found that the firm revolves around Billy and his excellent handling of situations where the lawyers are out of their elements. I hope that the next series will contain a bit more humor and focus more on the characters than the circumstances of the law.
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on 8 July 2014
Great British drama. I enjoyed the series from the first to the last. I cant think of anything else to write. It will come down to personal choice. I liked the final series and am very sorry to see it end. It appears the British programme industry never seems to know when they have gold in their hands. This should have been an ongoing series.
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