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4.8 out of 5 stars
4.8 out of 5 stars
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on 8 May 2017
I enjoyed the book, and I like Lee and Gideon. This book was slightly odd, and the crime bit is more supernatural. There were a couple of errors where the author swapped Tyack with Frayne, especially when Gideon was talking to Jago Tyack, but called him Mr Frayne. That's the main reason for the 3 stars rather than 4. I will buy book 4 though, and odd as the series is I will probably read all the books.
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on 20 July 2014
We’re back with Gideon and Lee, with more of them. More time and togetherness are now under their belts and that is followed through in this newest story of theirs. Lee has his talents and they include Gid, as usual. What’s not so usual is how this story unfolds. I never would have guessed, never would have picked what was behind bonus door number four. In other words, as usual, Ms Fox tells a story only she can conjure.

The case in which Gideon and Lee become involved in this book takes on a different tone, a change in significance, compared to the previous two stories. More than once I found myself utterly stilled by the intensity of it all. Exhilarating and yet bound. Less and less there are things that can come between Gid and Lee. More and more, they are open between each other about what they want, what they have, where they can go. This also means there is more at stake.

Simply, Gid & Lee are two of my favorite characters with whom I’ve been able to share time. They are one of my top couples. Ever. It’s a bonus that they are such a sweet, unintentionally dynamic, hot pairing that keeps growing each time I get some of that time. It’s a treasure that they come to life at the hands of Harper Fox.

Her kind of paranormal is personal. We always learn something about Gideon and Lee, and others, when they’re brought face to face with whatever supernatural forces are trying to take what isn’t theirs. Couple that with the adrenaline, tenderness, fear, humor and love between Gid and Lee, and well… it makes me love them. Beautiful.

This is the type of story by which I can be completely transported. What a blessing. A boon. And it’s all because someone can manipulate language for the good.

If Harper Fox is a new author for you, this Tyack and Frayne series is a great placed to lay down your opening bid. The first is Once Upon A Haunted Moor and book two is Tinsel Fish. All three of these stories are filled with the unpredictable and unexpected. These are two of the many reasons why I love her writing. There is always a moment in the story of ‘No, no, no, this can’t be happening’, but then she takes things in a direction I did not anticipate and it feels right, like I’m sinking down into that most familiar and comfortable place, snuggled, happy. Trust. I trust her with Gideon and Lee. I totally just smiled like a loon when I typed that. :)
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on 17 February 2014
...her simple effective prose as a remarkable feature of her novels and novellas. The language is used in a deft and sophisticated way that enlightens the reader and entertains but never patronises or confuses. Her knowledge of her subject when writing is exemplary and the Cornishness, of these Mysteries, is added to in every volume right down to examples of the minority Cornish language and descriptions of ancient monuments. In this episode a ‘Fougou’ provides a suitably haunting location for a resolution between Lee’s beloved deceased Father and the masked monster, which has been haunting Gideon and Lee.
Whilst, novice driver, Lee drives the injured Gideon to the site of the ‘fougou’, Gideon has an opportunity to admire the scenery the way a driver, who is seldom passenger, does. This allows Harper Fox’s skill for description and love of the environment to shine through, as Gideon’s thoughts provide a description of St Michael’s Mount,
'…the island was afloat today in particular splendour, foundations invisible in blazing sea light…'
Harper adds her twist by allowing ‘Lee’ to see this view,
'…I saw it through your eyes. I hope you don’t mind…
I don’t mind. Did I see it nicely?' 'Incredible. Stunning.'
The descriptions of the Cornish scenery and Lee’s psychic additions to their lives, envelope Gideon and Lee’s relationship giving it an additional intimacy. Harper’s environmental descriptions can also guide the reader adding a chill or dreamlike quality to any location as required,
'…the Penwith stone-circle country, where moorlands dreamed in the sun and kept secrets entrusted to them thousands of years before.'
Ulysses described the reason for the title and I would add that it could apply to many relationships in this episode and even Gideon’s devotion to the police force. The poignancy of the title best sits with the little boys hiding from a monster, where one protects the other while he grounds him to this earthly realm. It’s hard not to sound poetic when describing Harper’s work and if our reviews are a little elusive, it is that we don’t wish to ruin your enjoyment with ‘spoilers’.
The overriding storyline is the growing relationship between Gideon and Lee, the romance and any sex scenes are sensual and beautiful,
'…Growing daylight shone through a latticework of raindrops on the glass, Gideon wished the softly breathing silence could go on forever…'
As Ulysses mentioned this episode would be a wonderful way to end this series, although we always wish for more. Gideon’s words at the end sum up their love story,

full review [...]
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on 23 June 2014
What to say? This was a magnificent climactic novel to a series of three and other reviewers have expressed more succinctly than I can, just what a great read and what a great author Harper Fox is. Her command of the English language is an art forgotten by many authors in the Twenty-First century. Often I find myself using the Kindle dictionary when reading Ms Fox's works; this English I should know, but some words are little used today or if they are, they are used either colloquially or by people with a better command of literature than I.
Regardless of the fact that the characters, plot and language are all fantastically good, Harper's prose is just a joy to read.
Oh yes, and I cried. This is a "love" story written by someone who knows the true meaning of the word.
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on 16 February 2014
Once again Harper Fox has continued her Cornish saga with excitement, tension and of course a bit of passion. I hope that this will become a long running series of novels as Lee & Gideon's story shows all the facets of a blossoming true to life relationship with an excellent otherworldly overtone. I'd definitely recommend this book to anyone who likes mm romance, paranormal, adventure and maybe even some horror readers as the villains in Harper's books aren't exactly pleasant! If you've only read this series of books then you must check out Harper's other novels too.
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on 19 February 2014
The third of the Cornish set Tyack and Frayne mysteries is just as well balanced, tightly plotted and satisfying to read as the previous two. Gideon and Lee make a very real couple, with their occasional spats and loving reconciliations and I'm enjoying the development of secondary character Ezekiel. This outing answers questions posed during Tinsel Fish. I'm going that there will be a further instalment to answer questions posed in this one.
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on 17 January 2016
Tyack and Frayne get better with every book and with every reading. I love this series and can't wait to read the rest.
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on 4 October 2014
I loved the sense of place Harper always manages to get into the books. I also love the fact that you have to be actively involved as a reader in the story. To me the ability to do that is a sign of a really good novelist.
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on 15 February 2014
Love this series, beautifully written with wonderfully poetic descriptions of Cornwall that are so sharp and clear you could be there. Hope there are more to come!
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on 3 January 2016
I adored this book. I'm very much invested in Gideon and Lee now as I'm reading the books back to back. Their relationship is tested in Don't Let Go with both men realising how much they need each other. I loved the ending it was perfect.
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