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4.7 out of 5 stars
4.7 out of 5 stars
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I know some people don't like this BBC production of Blandings, feeling it is not true to the Wodehouse's stories. In my experience, tv or film – or even radio plays – too true to written stories seldom make a good production, so I'll let that go.

What the BBC has ended up with is a very well-produced series that had me laughing out loud on several occasions. The characters are farcical caricatures that are interesting and charmingly predictable once you get to know them, and one does get to know them rather quickly through their idiosyncrasies, catchphrases and typical behaviour.

Casting appears to me to be spot on – perhaps not exactly the way they are portrayed in the book, but each actor owns their own character from the first episode, their acting choices consistently carried on through both series.

If you don't know the Wodehouse stories but enjoy farce and situational comedy as it can only be done in Britain – or if you know the stories and are willing to forgive or ignore any differences with the written word – this is highly entertaining, as it would be even on repeated viewings.
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VINE VOICEon 20 March 2014
Yes, it's happened again. The second series of the BBC's Blandings adaptations is with us, and already the armed camps are setting up: on the one hand, those who love this, and on the other, those who despise it on a molecular level.

Personally, I love the original Blandings novels & stories. This is of course also the major problem the series encounters: many of those who all but worship the original texts will never, under any circumstances, be happy with an adaptation. Not everyone is quite so invested though, or has read the originals, and it should be remembered that these are adaptations, and should be judged on their own merits. On that basis, I think they do an solid job. They are not perfect -far from it. But still very good, and largely true to the spirit of Wodehouse. Basically innocent, extremely funny escapism with a large element of well-realised slapstick.

The series is beautifully acted, Timothy Spall and Jennifer Saunders are on top form, Jack Farthing is doing an excellent job, and Tim Vine has done a sterling job with his thankless task of replacing Mark Williams. The supporting cast are all spot on (although none for me quite hit the moment of magic Paloma Faith managed in the first series), and the new Empress is suitably majestic. Timing is critical for delivering Wodehouse dialogue, large parts naturally having been lifted from the original stories, and none of the cast put a foot wrong. Direction and writing appear sympathetic, although this appears to have changed compared to the first series. Freddie no longer crashes his car every other second, so we are spared the 'amusing' CGI sparks and smoke; likewise his hair no longer stands on end when an attractive girl walks past -no loss, Farthing does not need such devices. Lord Emsworth however appears to have descended in intellect to near-idiot status, which he was not in the first series, and this may have gone slightly too far. Likewise, Lady Constance has become somewhat less threatening -in both cases, these things are relative (fortunately not mine). All told, while I think the first series has the edge, this remains a lovely bit of Sunday evening viewing and perfect to relax to if you like comedy of this type. If you don't, don't bother -it's not likely to change your view. If you cannot separate adaptations from the original texts (fair enough), again, I'd say don't bother -again, it's not likely to change your view. For the rest? I suspect you'll enjoy it. I do.
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on 19 March 2014
It has to be admitted that the recent TV series "Blandings" has taken a number of liberties with the original Wodehouse stories."Based (loosely) on P G Wodehouse's stories" would be the best way to describe it. Plot lines have been heavily changed, characters are in some respects quite different from the books. If you are a purist then this is not for you. So why 4 stars you might ask. Because it is still a cut above most comedy offerings on TV at the moment and I have enjoyed watching them. Also, it made me buy some of the books and read them. If it gets people to do that, then I feel it is a good thing.
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on 19 January 2015
Another classic series transforming the great works of P.G. Wodehouse from fictional masterpieces into visual gems. The cast are perfectly chosen and blend into the characters with consummate ease. Humour and shenanigans aplenty.
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on 18 January 2015
Although we have to get used to a change of actor in a key role (Mark Williams is no longer the Butler), this series is as good as the first. Once again, Timothy Spall steals it. I am now looking forward to the third series.
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on 19 October 2015
I generally like the bonkers style of this Blandings because it's original for modern TV and therefore I often defend it to critics. However episode 4 is quite offensive to me as a Christian. Yes the character is OTT, like most things on the show, but TV wouldn't treat a Muslim or a Jew so disrespectfully.
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on 31 March 2014
So, I think that the second series of the BBC posh comedy drama series of Blandings is fantastic because the cast are tremendous such as the upper-class twit and the 9th posh earl of Lord Emsworth as played by Timothy Spall, the actress Jennifer Saunders does a superb job as Lady Constance or Connie and she gets her character right into the faces of Clarence, Beach and Freddie.
Speaking of which, the actor Jack Farthing does a very good job as the interpenetration of the character called Freddie who is Clarence's son and he has a job for working in a fictional posh gambling club called the ''Pink Pussy''.
Also, the female pig for which she is called the Empress is great. In this second series, you do not get the 54 year old Bromsgrove (Worcestershire) actor of Mark Williams playing the butler because he is NOT in this series at all.
He appeared in the FIRST series.
Instead, you get to see the 47 year old Surrey actor and comedian Tim Vine as the new butler called Beach.
In my opinion, he is a great butler, though I could be wrong.
You get to see guest stars appearing in the second series such as Freddie's brother or uncle Galahad who is played by the excellent actor Julian Rhind-Tutt, yet his character is a stiff upper class gentleman with a monocle, the appearance of the angry Scottish gardener of Angus McAllister is different from series, Sir Gregory Parsloe wants to cheat Clarence by entering his pig in the fictional Derby, the character of the Duke of Dunstable who is played by comedy writer and actor Harry Enfield is excellent and another character for whom is called Pongo. He is seen in the first episode ''Throwing Eggs''.
It's the name of the actor who stars in the CBBC's historical television comedy sketch series of Horrible Histories and last year he played various parts in Sky's comedy series of Yonderland.
His name is called Mathew Baynton. WOW!
In summary, I like the DVD and I think that it's a good second series in general with seven episodes. Series one had only six episodes. Though, that's my opinion, folks. Do you agree?
Thank you for your reliable service and for your co-operation for delivering this product on time.
Five stars all round!!! Bye! From Richard Hill
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on 8 September 2015
I hadn't read the books so didn't pre-judge the characters or stories. I just enjoyed it for what it is - very amusing, typically English tales of the wildly eccentric stuffy upper crust, mad as a box of frogs.
Finely acted by all and a joy to watch.
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on 26 January 2015
Very amazing, excellent performance of Actors, it is a must for Wodehouse lovers, even if I'm italian and I must follow the speech with the only english subtitles, but it's a Worth and a pleasure to listen the original voices. Very good, I love it! For the same reason I got obviously the first series and the Whole wonderful of Wooster and Jeeves!
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on 5 December 2014
Don't listen to the naysayers. No adaptation could ever really do justice to PG Wodehouse, but on its own terms this is great stuff. It seems unfair to pick people out - all of the actors are on top form - but I genuinely think this is Jennifer Saunders' best ever performance and I I love Ron Donachie as McAllister. Even if you don't buy the DVD, try somehow to see Episode 5 'Sticky Wicket at Blandings'. It's truly magical and absolutely true to the spirit of The Master.
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