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Customer reviews

4.8 out of 5 stars
Toxic (The Ruin Series, Book 2)
Format: Kindle Edition|Change

on 7 April 2014
Toxic the second book in the Ruin series.

In this book the main story is told from Gabe’s and Saylor’s pov and what an emotional book it is, I laughed and cried and cried a few more times. The story is that of love, mending broken hearts, lies and truths, hurt, pain and keeping promises.

Gabe made a promise to his love, to never leave her and to always look after her, protect her and to never let her go; he also gave her his heart.
Four years on and now existing as a shell with a painful heart, he tries to fights his demons and pretends to the world that he is a lucky, go happy incorrigible flirt and womaniser – unaffected by others and living behind a mask.

This all changes when in a rage of anger and frustration he meets Saylor, a freshman trying to complete her grades in Music. Taking his frustration out on her, he knocks her off her feet and sends all sorts of confusing signals her way.

Saylor if literally knocked off her feet when she firsts meets Gabe; frustrated rage, he insults her attire, make assumption about her life and then assaults her mouth with a deep kiss, then mocks her weakness and their chance encounters from here on just go from bad to worse.

There is a connection and an undeniable attraction for each. Saylor cannot understand Gabe’s behaviour and is frustrated at her feelings for someone who seems to go out his way to be horrible and push her away and to throw his life away with alcohol and women.
Gabe racked with guilt, pain and his demons and unable to feel is thrown off kilter when Saylor sparks the lives back into him at a mere touch. Scared he tries to push her away by being a complete ass and scared that she will go and will never come back.

This love story isn’t as straight forward – hey! Let’s face it they never are and never before have I read something so painfully lovely. The suspense and ‘need to know’ will keep you addicted to the pages. This book has its highs and lows and tissues are needed within reach.

Book 1 Ruin
Book 2 Toxic
Book 2.5 Fearless
Book 3 Shame - I believe is being release June 2014 – this is Lisa’s story and it looks to be just as good!
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on 30 March 2014
Gabe has a secret. He's kept it hidden for 4 years, but he can't keep it for much longer. It's too much, trying to be someone you're not, looking over your shoulder the whole time. Then there was her, Princess. He'd promised her everything and he'd promised her he'd never leave, but how much longer could he keep up appearances?

Saylor needed to graduate, she needed a good job to help look after her mother and brother. She didn't need, or want distractions. Then there was Gabe, the tattooed, no hoper, bad boy, who could play music like she'd never heard before.

I loved this story. This is the second book in the Ruin series, and after reading Ruin, I always believed Gabe had his own story to tell, and here it is!

Gabe has a past that he has just walked away from, completely. He's changed everything to be someone than he's not and he's finding it harder and harder to keep this front together. His visits to the Home have become more frequent, because Princess' condition is worsening. He's guilt ridden and would do anything for her, but the girl he loved has long gone.

Then he meets Saylor, and his world starts to unravel even further. Gabe thinks no one knows his secret, but his best friend Wes has it all figured out, and he's there to help, when Gabe's ready to ask for it.

Gabe's character is very well written, and you can't help but want everything to work out for him, he deserves to have a happily ever after.

Saylor is also very well written and the constant battles she has with herself over Gabe are great! Saylor is a strong-willed character and her and Gabe feed from each other fantastically.

Toxic is a five star read, and a definite recommendation, however, I feel that you would need to read Ruin first, as the character's relationships stem from the first story.
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on 4 March 2014
I truly loved this book, I was looking forward to this book since I read ruin, gabe fascinated me towards the end of ruin and my did he deliver. I loved the whole ' sercret' that gabe was hiding about his past life and it was so far fetched that it actually worked. I am a huge fan of Rachel's work and I haven't come across any of her books that I haven't enjoyed. I had a little moment around page 105 so get ur hankies ready ladies! This novel passes a huge lesson to us about guilt and loss and commitment which in characters so young was very heartwarming. I'm so looking forward to the novella 'fearless' which is the continuation of Wes and Keirsten from ruined! At 77p it's a bargain and I'd highly recommend this series.
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on 26 July 2014
This is such an emotional book. Gabe goes through the ringer in this story. Truths are reviled that were a shocker and Gabe still try' s to protect those he loves.
There is so much more to Gabe then partying, girls and the badass he portrays. So many layers that it takes a "freshman" to get him to open up and play the music that he loves and uses for his therapy.
It was heard to read in some places because my heart broke for him and he made me fall in love with him all over again.

RVD really knows how to drew your emotions to the surface, it's written by a great author who captures your heart.

Shame is coming soon, which is Lisa's story and in this book it touches on some of her issues and I can't wait, since I know it will be great because I don't think RVD Will let her readers down. Read 'Ruin' first and then this book before you read 'Fearless' it's one of my favorite books to date.
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on 21 January 2015
I just loved the goofy humour of Gabe in Ruin and couldn't wait to get my nose into Toxic. I was shocked and stunned the Gabe in Toxic is not the carefree funny guy that I thought he was. Beautiful talented Saylor falls into his life and his heart but there is such torture because they can never be what the other wants. Super friend Wes will try to come to the rescue.

Don't let the fact that there is no sex put you off, there is still some smouldering going on. The chap on the cover looks nothing like Gabe - he has long hair!
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on 23 March 2014
Yet again another fantastic read from this author had me hooked from the start till the finish as do all her books she is such a talented writer. Gabe and Saylor story was romantic emotional and when you read about kimmy oh boy you just had to feel for all three of them you definitely can't go wrong with these books roll on the next instalment. Worth the money and DEFINITELY worth more than 5star's.
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on 10 March 2014
I didn't think Ruin could be topped - but I was wrong! From start to finish I was completely entranced by the developing relationship between Gabe and Saylor and the anticipated heartbreak I was expecting. And whilst I was truly heartbroken and shed a few tears whilst reading this story, the ending was beautifully written and not what I was expecting. Gabe truly was a torn character but Saylor's strength in reaching out to him was pure love. As a reader, you could genuinely feel the conflict that he felt between his love for "Princess" and his love for Saylor and the careful revealing of his past was cleverly written.
Read this all in one sitting as I couldn't put it down. Fab!
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on 6 March 2014
Ruin was one of my fave books of 2013, Wes and kierstens story was beyond beautiful. However gabes story was so unexpected and touching. It was truly heartbreaking to hear how one copes with such tragedies in life, especially when it's still in front of you. I also saw some intense bromance going on between gabe and Wes!

Another scorcher by rachel van dyken.
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on 22 March 2014
I was always looking forward to Gabe's story as I loved his character in Ruin and Toxic did not disappoint. Again another emotional book that had me sobbing, such a tragic story handled in a beautiful way. I look forward to reading more books in this series, RVD never disappoints in delivering these amazing stories
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on 11 March 2014
This is the second book in the 'Ruin' Series. I really enjoyed Ruin and so I was excited to read Gabe's story. It has a surprising storyline that I would never have predicted. Somehow I didn't feel quite as connected with Gabe and Saylor as I did Wes and Kiersten in book 1. Maybe their relationship felt a bit rushed. Still a good book and worth reading.
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