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4.0 out of 5 stars
4.0 out of 5 stars
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on 15 December 2015
**it is highly recommended that you purchase earphones with volume control and mic with this handset, reasons below**

I've been on a bit of a dumbphone kick recently, purchasing the Nokia 220, 130 and now the Nokia 108. Having become completely disillusioned by smartphones and loathe to become one of those people who sit and stare at them for whole train journeys [and that is most people], I wanted something that would give me basic contact methods but still let me - you know - look up and engage with the world for most of my natural life. I had five criteria:

1. It had to make calls clearly and loudly.
2. It had to be very comfortable to text with. And very responsive.
3. It had to be able to play music well.
4. It had to have a camera - even low quality.
5. One had to be able to add one's own wallpaper.

The 108 meets all these. I will elaborate on my first five points a little and as to why they're important, and additionally list any cons.

1. Calls: the phone makes calls very loud and clearly. No problem there at all. There is one con though - and it's the one thing that stops me from giving this phone five stars - and that is that with the headset on - for reasons best known to themselves, Nokia have decided to make the microphone muted. That means you cannot have conversations with a headset/earphones on. You must disconnect them and hold the phone normally. This is a hard minus point for me since I like having conversations with earphones plugged in: it's convenient and fuss-free, especially for long conversations [mind you, I used mobile phones without this commodity up till about 2010, come to think of it - however, if you purchase earphones that have a mic on them it DOES work].

2. Text: the Nokia 220 has this ability to slow down the longer your text message gets, to the point where it can take one to two seconds for the screen to register your key pressing. Not so with the 108, it's super quick and super comfortable to text with the rubber keys which aren't too stiff either. A real pleasure. Texts are not in threaded view but individual messages, but that's no issue for me. As far as I'm concerned the 108 is excellent as a text-machine.

3. Music quality is very high on this phone, surprisingly as good as my Lumia 820. Maybe even better. The only con is that the third and second highest volume setting are too far apart, meaning that music is either too loud or too quiet. Or so I thought initially. Recently I've been having it on the third loudest setting and my ears must have got used to it - it doesn't seem too quiet anymore at all. I wouldn't recommend having it any louder than that to protect your hearing, to be honest. If you really want more control over the volume, you can easily buy an earphone volume control device from Amazon for £2, or better still, earphones with an inbuilt volume control.

4. Camera: well, it's low quality but a useful feature - back-facing only. I'm not someone who takes a lot of photos but a camera on one's phone is an important addition. For example, the other day there was a power failure in my local train station meaning the ticket gates were left wide open for all passengers. I took a photo of the board saying POWER FAILURE and showed it to the guard at my destination so he could see why I hadn't touched my Oyster in at my departure station. He sympathised and let me through so I wasn't charged extra. Without the picture, I don't think he would have believed me.

5. Wallpaper: it sounds mad, I know, but the Nokia 130 only has three stock wallpapers to choose from and you can't add your own even from SD card. With the 108 you can display wallpapers from your SD card. Weirdly enough, there seems to be a glitch with the 108 which I've read from a couple of other people here in that the phone displays some very faint lines over the picture. Strangely enough, these lines will actually rotate if you rotate the picture too! There is a partial workaround for this: if you're clever enough, you can choose a wallpaper which will blend naturally with the 'lines' so you don't notice them.

Other things which are positive:

Video files: this phone plays video files from your SD card. It only works with AVI files as far as I can tell, but the phone won't dim the light while the video is playing, which is great. It's a 1.8 inch screen which is tiny, sure, but it's a nice feature. However, the viewing angles are poor and the phone has to be viewed pretty much dead on, but it's nice to have it at all.

Weight: the phone is 70g. I've always said that any phone under 100g is an ideal weight, but this one is half the weight of my 820. 70g is such an insanely light weight, you really don't notice you're carrying it.

Look: the 108 has a very nice look to it, a sleek, 'piano black' sheen. Looks very nice indeed for what it is.

Battery life: sending 10-20 texts a day, listening to a couple of hours of music and making a couple of calls a day, for me the 108 comfortably lasts five days on one charge. It's such an immense plus to have reliable battery life rather than running for the charger every few hours with a smartphone.

No internet: Oh yes, the 108 has no internet capabilities. I'm sure you'll manage to check your emails several times a day through other means.

Conclusion: the 108 is an excellent handset. It gives you so much for a miserly £20 it's unreal. An excellent addition to the dumbphone catalogue for those who would rather their phone were an accessory to the world rather than vice versa.
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on 10 April 2014
I didn't need a "fancy" type phone, just one to make emergency calls and calls to family, if and when necessary. I don't need to go shopping with a phone to my ear most of the time, as others seem to want to do. We have a home telephone anyway. This phone has a photo facility on it which seems could be good and useful. The only thing I would have liked to have, was a case for it, which I haven't sorted out yet, but will get one in due course. Obviously this will be an extra. Good value for money paid.
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on 3 September 2014
Great value phone for those of us who don't want to crush candy of make birds angry. Or Tweet or FB. Just a phone. Okay, text, phone and take pictures. And a radio....but you get my drift! Massive battery life and ease of use make this a cracking buy.
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on 31 March 2014
Bought it to fill in while my Note 3 went back to Samsung for repairs .. It's a simple phone, but does everything really well, call quality is really good and was especially pleased with the SD card slot and the music player. Great little phone .. Battery life Amazing!!!
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on 5 August 2014
I wanted a basic no-frills phone for the few calls and texts I make and receive, and this does the job fine. Not had a Nokia for years but have given up on smartphones for now. This does just fine, even my big fingers and thumbs find the right keys, and they give a satisfying click without being clunky. The display is small but bright, and the classic Nokia font is there for reading texts etc. Having the clock available as a single press is great (even when the phone is locked) and the flashlight can be accessed with five key clicks even when locked (less if phone is unlocked) - press the 'up' on the 4-way controller twice, then again to switch it off. That's all I really want from a phone nowadays. It comes with a SIM in the box. The phone feels robust, the battery lasts well, and the whole unit should last a while.
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on 13 March 2016
A basic budget phone. it's a Nokia, so what can go wrong. Well made as Nokias always are. I didn't want an expensive phone. I don't like touch screen phones. I'll leave the technology to others. I just wanted a simple phone to make and take calls on, same with texts. It has a camera, not brilliant, but when I want to take serious pictures, I'll use a camera...It has an alarm, and a torch, calculator etc....
The instruction book is a bit vague, and I have yet to work out how the slam feature to transfer photos works, I followed the instructions,but nothing happened. Still no big deal to attach phone to laptop and transfer that way.
The phone is SMALL, very small, and light, and does feel plasticky, but for £20, what can you expect. it does the job, sound quality is as good as I'd expect from nokia, and better than many expensive phones. The battery lasts for ages.
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on 24 August 2015
Excellent back up brick for the car....popped in a GiffGaff and its good to go. Added a SanDisk 8gb micro sd card for music and photos. Very long battery charge life.

Great not to worry about apps/roaming charges/wireless and all the other is just a phone.
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on 27 May 2014
this phone is a good wee phone for the price. it is ideal for carrying about with me when i am out walking. it has a good loud ring on it .
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 14 February 2015
This is a good basic phone - a bit more sturdy than the Nokia 105 which we also have. But there are a few IF's. If you don't mind having a mini sim instead of a standard sim. And if you don't mind having the menu as an icon grid instead of a list. Most Nokias used to have an option setting to change the menu from icons to a list - this one doesn't - and I need a list! Can't get on with icons and tiny labels over them. So it is going back and I will get another Nokia 100 which is actually a much better made phone - one made before Nokia got taken over. We had one and lost it. The Nokia 105 we have is ok as a spare phone but is a bit flimsy. It does have a menu 'list' option and takes a standard sim, as does the Nokia 100. However, if you don't mind the default icon menu and you don't mind having a mini sim, this phone is fairly well made and sturdy, with a nice keypad which doesn't feel flimsy, plus it takes a mini sd card and can store songs and photos - plus it has a vga camera, which as far as I am concerned is worse than having a phone without a camera. For £12 including the sim card it's a bargain - if you want a Vodafone one. But I'm going to put the money towards the £22 Nokia 100 which has nothing except phone and torch, but is a good little phone with a standard sim - and I liked the torch facility!
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on 30 June 2014
Yep, it is a really nice phone. The camera is quite useful too and the pictures it takes are clear enough. I have used the radio once and it works (although I am not much of a radio listener, I must admit). I would have like to have seen some message icons stored in its memory thoug, like my old Sagem mobile. I have to admit though that the instruction book is not very well written and it has left a lot of features out, not sure why. But overall, my Nokia 108 is definitely a very nice phone and is worth considering.
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