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on 29 May 2014
This book is about a male witch who is part of a supernatural enforcement agency. He appears to a commit a murder while drunk and the book attempts to unravel the truth about what happens.

The book is quite well written and a reasonable page-turner. It starts off with an interesting event (discovery of the murder in mysterious circumstances). I did find myself interested to see what would unfold and if he actually killed the woman.

The world was quite well constructed and I really liked the idea of Helltown. The writing about the incubii was great; you could really feel their sexual power!

The lead character was a bit surface, not a lot of emotions going on, as were the other characters, (with the exception of Domingo, who had at least the potential to have a good backstory). I could not work out if the lack of depth in the characters was a flaw in the writing, part of the style of the book or the actual personality of the characters. However, a book of this type doesn't really require hugely deep characters, as it's more of a plot-driven speed ride, so it didnt put me off entirely. As it's part of series, hopefully the characters will develop.

I had two major gripes. The first one was how often and how much the lead character perved over and objectified the females he encountered. By the fifteeth time he drooled over Suzy's legs or Isobel's boobs, I just rolled my eyes. We get it, they're hot, he's horny, enough already. This happened even when they were in life or death situations. I know that if you are about to die, your sex drive might be up; this isnt the issue for me. It was the language, the constant talk about long legs, globe-like asses, black lace underwear, curves, pert breasts etc. It mayaswell of had a Beavis and Butthead type of "huh huh" alongside it. Again, if it had been clear that this was the personality of the character, it wouldn't have been so annoying, but it wasn't clear, to me, anyway.

The other gripe was ending an action scene with "don't ask me how we escaped, cos I don't know" followed by some dubious tense language "we had been running" "I had been hitting" etc. If you get your characters into a situation, get them out of it, don't cop out.

All this said, it was a good book and I will probably read the next ones (and I'm really fussy)!
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on 3 September 2014
3.5 stars

The storytelling is unusual for this type of book (being written from a male POV, rather than a female) which is nice to see, although the characterisation of the protag is a little one-dimensional some of the time (yes, we get the girl's attractive - he doesn't have to keep telling us how hot she is). Lots of the plot twists and action to keep the story moving forward (not all of them believable, I'm sorry to say) and some nice scene setting (I really liked the idea of helltown).

It's not perfect (a bit more of an editor's hand would have been useful) but overall, this is a fun and readable book. I'd happily pick up another by this author.
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on 6 May 2017
I picked this book because it was free not my usual romance but pretty good anyway supernatural witches and demons and no romance at all but worth reading. ♥♥♥
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on 23 April 2017
Really enjoyed this lightweight little story and I will be looking for the follow ups to it.
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on 18 September 2014
Can't wait to read the next book in the series!
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on 8 February 2014
This book is written by an author that fans of urban fantasy will recognise. Ms Reine is turning out to be quite a prolific writer and her books tend to be dark and gritty reads and this short story is no exception. This is an interesting read that happily straddles both paranormal and mystery and leaves the reader eager for more.
Imagine waking up realising that you are not alone and then worse, the person you spent the night with is dead! For Cesar that's exactly what happens and to further complicate matters he has absolutely no recollection of what happened! It's the gorgeous young woman he's been trying to get a date with and now she's lying dead in his bath tub.
Cesar is a witch and he works for the Office of Preternatural Affairs as an agent but this time he's the be who will be hunted. It looks as if everyone is against him and he's not sure just who is left to trust but Cesar has a plan. A very cunning plan! He's going to track down Isobel Stonecrow a necromancer who is on the run and get her to question the dead woman's spirit. Only problem is both Cesar and Isobel are wanted felons now and he's not that sure that he can even trust her!
This was a different type of book for me as it's all from the point of view of the hero Cesar and although he seems a loyal sort and brave too I guess I just wanted a little bit more of a connection with him. Although as the story progresses the reader learns quite a lot about Cesar's family and his reasons for his work. There isn't really much of a love interest in this story but we are left with possibilities as the author has cleverly left some things open ended. A good beginning to what could be a whole new series and certainly a very interesting world.
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on 11 October 2015
Great book. Loved the main character. Story of a man trying to prove his innocence in a world of witches and demons. Some good twists and turns and written well with some great characters. I'm glad to say that I've myself a fantastic author to read.
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on 8 March 2014
Nor Reines best, I'm afraid. The lead character is bland at best. The scene setting flimsy and gives the reader little sense of the world this is set in. Supporting characters undeveloped. Feels like a vague idea the author had flung together for a quick buck.
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on 26 June 2014
I enjoyed this new series by SM Reine. The main character is a witch who works for a supernatural law enforcement agency. After taking a girl home for the night, he wakes to find her dead on his bathroom floor, and no memory of how she got there. He is arrested for murder and the story follows his attempts to prove his innocence. Not SM Reine's usual storyline but really good (in fact I preferred it). Well worth a read.
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on 4 October 2014
Cesar is a male witch who works for the covert Government Department of Preternatural Affairs. Think 'Men in Black' goes supernatural and you'll get the idea. The plot is a familiar one (no pun intended). He wakes up after a heavy night out with a thumping hangover and murdered woman in his bathtub. Despite the fact that we are sure from the start that he couldn't possibly have done it, he is of course the main suspect and spends the rest of the book trying and for the most part, failing, to clear his name. I really took to Cesar. He's a great guy - kind, caring, impossibly strong and of course, drop-dead handsome. The female characters were rather more complex but had great, independent personalities, which is refreshing in a book told from the man's perspective. I enjoyed the fact that some of the more girlie attitudes towards him went right over his head. It brought a fun element to a book full of wisecracks and off-the-wall situations. If you like supernatural fantasy fiction, this is a great example and a very enjoyable read.
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