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4.4 out of 5 stars
4.4 out of 5 stars
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on 12 October 2013
I am over the moon and far away right now..... I drove home on Friday morning from Swindon to Nottingham on the first cold and windy night after summers end my mind set on another start to a long winter about to begin! Listening to BBC Radio 2 it's about 06:00 and i'm feeling sorry for myself 'cause I'm coming down with some sort of virus, the news bellows out and I turn the radio down a little! Then I hear 'Doctor Who' 'missing episodes' '11 recovered' '9 missing for 45 years'. Ears pricked up along with the sound!
Listen, I'm 50 years old.... I work on the Railway, mostly outside on construction at night! Nothing really surprises me anymore!
OH MY WORD I was so excited I had to pull into the services. My mind began to race I had to get off the M5 fast and take in what I was hearing! I pulled myself together with a large cup of sweet tea, a bagel ( with Philadelphia ) and some porridge oats! At this point I was still taking it in! 'The Web of Fear' FOUND!!!! 'The Enemy of the World' FOUND!!!!! One discovery is something but two? Who is this 'Philip Morris' ? who does he think he is turning my life on it's head with new found hope? 97 to go kid!!!!
I got home at 08:50 and by 09:00 I was watching 'The Enemy of the World' then, The Web of Fear! Guy's I am in 7th heaven! The cool thing is; I work in tunnels on the railway and it was amazing watching 'Web of Fear' taking place in the London Underground! The atmosphere and the claustrophobic setting was perfect and far better than I imagined it was going to be! The acting in both stories was above average and 'Web' brilliant in Black and White.
I woke up on Saturday morning after no sleep the previous day 'cause of night working feeling pretty good I am now putting these stories on my wish list and as soon as they are released in November, Bang!!! They will be red hot on my DVD player too!
No sign of the virus I seemed to be sickening up for, no doubt cured by a certain Doctor perhaps?
Those 97 are out there! They are out there!
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on 17 March 2015
Recently discovered Patrick Troughton lost series, along with web of fear is not a typical Dr Who story, although it involves thawting the standard power crazed meglomaniac, this one has a twist, yep the villian looks like the Doctor, this means Patrick has to act his socks off. Playing two roles is difficult enough but making them believable is a neat trick, fortunatley Patrick pulls it off quite well, some things to note is the actress Carmen who plays the dictators cook is a good role for her, she went on to play the wife in Desmonds sitcom. never having seen this one the first time round it is marvelous to see the cast as if it were new, the print and sound have been well preserved plus some actors that went on to other things are in this.
A must for Whovians everywhere
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on 5 December 2013
Five stars are for the story itself as this is a real bare bones release with no extras.
I hope BBC Enterprises aren't going to be releasing a special edition in three months time and become the Enemy of my Wallet.
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on 10 March 2016
If only you can overlook the often cheap and unsophisticated pre-digital special effects, costumes and scenery and the fact that it is filmed for a small screen in black and white (which only partly hides the above limitations), the best period of Dr Who was surely the time of the second actor to play the role, Patrick Troughton, in the late 1960s.

For all the limitations of the 1960s Dr Who’s (which critics pointed out even in those days), many of the people involved in making them brought a thoughtfulness and commitment rarely equalled in later versions of the programme. Nor has it ever improved on the famous original theme tune.

Even if, like me, you are not an avid viewer of the programme today, you may still enjoy this story, one of Patrick Troughton’s best. Because this time the plot does not involve alien monsters, space ships or travel to other planets, the shortcomings of the special effects, costumes and scenery are less important.

The story is set on Earth in the not too distant future, when the planet is experiencing a mysterious outbreak of earthquakes.

Unusually and interestingly, Patrick Troughton here plays two very different parts: not only Doctor Who but also a brilliant but ruthless Mexican scientist, the ‘Enemy of the World’ of the title.

Good in a supporting role is Carmen Miranda, who I assume was quite rare as a black actress on British TV then. Viewers of the masculine tendency will note she was an attractive young lady then, wearing a stunningly short dress, as was then the fashion.

The film stock of those days was bulky to store and the possibility of episodes having a future commercial life after broadcast through home video sales, let alone internet downloads, probably then seemed to the BBC to be almost as much science fiction as time travel. Despite the programme’s popularity, many episodes from the 1960s were thrown away. Fortunately this story ‘The Enemy of the World’ is now complete.

Subject to the same remarks about putting up with some primitive low-budget special effects, costumes etc., of the Patrick Troughton ‘Dr Who’ stories, I also particularly recommend the Alice-in-Wonderland-like ‘The Mind Robber’.
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on 25 November 2013
OK I know how fantastic that any classic story is discovered and I was so excited when the DVD arrived this morning, then my excitement dropped no extras at all. The Enemy of the world, sticks out like a sore thumb with the rest of season five, which was known as the monster season, but it kept the promises to Patrick Troughton that he would get a chance to stretch himself as an actor, although for me not my favourite story it shows what a good actor he was.
I know many have given this 5 stars saying how great this was but this could have been so great, lets face it no Commentary when Frazer Hines and Deborah Watling have had so few stories to do. The importance of going from 405 line to 625 line for the preparation of colour, this such a lost chance to have such great extras.
Now OK this has been rushed out so we get no extras at all (bar a coming soon trailer),but to have no production notes, as well, and nothing extra. This should have been a celebration as well as being the 50th year of the show. Think of all the great release we have had, and with the discovery of such an important find you would have hoped we would get more. we could have waited a bit as it was available for download so some thing could be added.
The problem I have is I just know give it a year and we will get a special edition with extras just like all the other releases. No Doctor who DVD except the very first had no extras...oh it had subtitles!!.
please don't get me wrong, I love Dr who and the finding of any story is just "Fantastic",I just do not like being ripped off, as Dr Who fans. This is almost like the old double VHS issues back in the 80's. Yes it is my choice to buy it but, as BBC worldwide know we fans are an obsessive lot and like our collections complete. So This is a very poor show infact lazy for such an important discovery.
According to Worldwide it took on average two years to prepare the extras for the classic series, and this is obviously a rushed release, and yes as it has not been on TV since its original broadcast, I can understand the rush, however this is the 50th year, and a celebration of the complete series so to have nothing is, well pretty poor.
Please note I am not giving this 5 stars because the complete package is not up to the high standard of other DVD's and is not perfect at all and I want everyone to know what they are buying, and i am amazed people are defending the fact that it has no extras, are you nuts!
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on 17 November 2014
The Enemy of the World was one of two Doctor Who serials recently found after years of believed missing (along with The Web of Fear which ironically is the serial following this one) allowing viewers to see more of one of the best Doctors in Patrick Troughton.

What makes The Enemy of the World so special is it features Patrick Troughton in a duel role as The Doctor and the serial's central villain Salamander who looks to take over Earth through the use of natural disasters. Troughton does a great job performing both roles and even though the moment when the two characters come face to face is very brief it's really a great moment. If there's one flaw in the serial it's the absence of The Doctor from Episdoe 2 and the absence of his companions from Episode 4, but all in all the serial stands as one of the best of the second Doctor's run.
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on 17 May 2016
Great to see some missing Who finally, and the fact it's from the scarce Troughton era is even better

Just briefly, this was an unusual story, not least because it occurred during the monster season, season 5 (1967/68. but it is the only story of that season to have no monsters. We instead have Troughton playing the villainous Salamander, as well as of course The Doctor. Some great supporting cast including the wonderful Bill Kerr, Mary Peach, George Pravda and Carmen Munroe to name a few.
4 stars for the story, 1 star ofr the lack of any extras though
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on 15 August 2015
In October 2013 this wonderful story and "The Web of Fear" were discovered in Nigeria and what a great find this was. "The Enemy of the World" is the most different of the Patrick Troughton stories, because it features no sci fi elements or monsters and it's a sort of story which you could imagine John Pertwee being in it. The story was very well directed by the late great Barry Letts, who a few years later would become the producer in the John Pertwee era. Patrick Troughton is absolutely brilliant in this, which he is so good as the villain Salamander and even though he looks almost the same as the Doctor, (except for the uni brow and the hair style) he acts completely different and the accent is terrific. The only thing I found slightly disappointing was that the Doctor and Salamander only see each other very briefly, but it does look really good seeing their faces together and the story could have possibly been 4 -5 episodes long. The acting performances from Frazer Hines and Deborah Watling are very good and the guest performances from Bill Kerr and Mary Peach are also great. When this story and "The Web of Fear" were found, I got the impression that more people raved about "The Web of Fear" more. But in my opinion I do prefer this story slightly more, even though I really like "TheWeb of Fear". However in the recent "Dr Who" poll, "The Enemy of the World" did well which it was placed number 56 out of 241 and a few years before in the 2009 poll, the story was placed at a disappointing 139, which back then only the footage of episode 3 existed. Overall this is a great story to watch and this in my top favourite 5 Patrick Troughton story along with "The Power of the Daleks and "The War Games". Finally it would be fantastic to see more missing "Dr Who" stories and my favourite William Hartnell story I would love to see is "Marco Polo" and my favourite Troughton story has got to be "The Power of the Daleks".
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on 30 September 2014
Along with The Web Of Fear this is every Doctor Who / TV Sci-Fi fans dreams come true!

Patrick Troughton gives quite possibly the best acting performance of his career as the Doctor AND his evil doppleganger Salamander, a tyrant bent on world domination.

Worth it for the price, just don't expect any new documentary or added extras as this is a bare bones release but worth it for a classic slice of 1960's British TV Sci-Fi.

Highly Recommended.
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on 30 December 2013
Naturally this is a review that I never expected to be writing but I'm very delighted to get the chance. The biggest shame about this story's rediscovery is that its director Barry Letts died 5 years too early to see that his memory cheated and it's much better than he remembered.
Who does a spy thriller as the Doctor's close resemblance to a world leader/dictator Salamander enables the group against him to use the Doctor to get the goods on him. The Dr is sent to impersonate him with Jamie and Victoria infiltrating Salamander's organisation at much lower levels.
Salamander is very like a Bond villain what with his plans to rule the world and the story is not unlike the old ITC adventures series such as The Saint and The Champions.
At its best Letts and his team make it look more expensive than it really was, note the clever blending of helicopter stock footage in ep 1. Good sets and generally high production values, especially noteworthy is the Gerry Anderson style transport tube that takes Salamander into an underground bunker (where the inhabitants are dressed in 60's fab gear).
The minor downside is some unsuccessful back projection.
It's well cast with a number of familiar faces. Who rep actors Christopher Burgess and Milton Johns, (Johns is wonderful as the psychotic Benik)plus Colin Howard (see again in Horror of Fang Rock)& George Pravda of Deadly Assassin.
familiar to Tony Hancock fans is Hancock's intellectually challenged friend from his radio days Bill Kerr. Here Kerr is great playing a less charicatured character.
Mary Peach could have been an Avengers girl if her peformance as Astrid is anything to go by.
One of those great performances that never seems to get noticed is Carmen Munro as Fariah who puts more into the character than was in the script.
Jamie and Victoria get a good slice of the action too watch Frazer Hines pouring contempt in his taunt to Benik "I bet you were a nasty wee boy". Deborah Watling considerably lifts a padding scene as she discusses menus in a kitchen.
The man of the match is of course Patrick Troughton and he doesn't dissappoint. here he doesn't get to do the dark Doctor probably to help distinguish him from Salamander but instead his Doctor is the clear moral voice, vey much against murdering Salamander even if he is as bad as people say. I have a feeling if this story were to be done now there would be one of those frequent "looking at you is like looking in a mirror Doctor" lines.
For Salamander Trougthon does a light Mexican accent. yes perhaps it's not the best accent you ever heard but what makes it such a good choice is that he can still act with it and makes Salamander loathesome. Also it pays dividends in a marvellous scene where he plays the Doctor practicing Salamander's accent. Troughton sells us on the idea that the Doctor could master the accent so quickly.
The script by the Police Box Show's faithfull 60's retainer David Whittaker (*1) is a good one. It only drags a little in episode 3 which has padding and on the whole is full of good characters, humour and action.

The picture restoration is some of the best I've seen.

Sadly it's a vanilla release, an attempt to mount a commentary was abandoned. the only extra treat is a nicely done trailer for Web of Fear.

I join with others in hoping there will be no special edition any time soon but for all that I recommend this for everyone.

(*1) whittaker did plan to return to Who novelisations completing a few pages of Power of the Daleks and peroducing a revised storyline for Enemy which would have ened with Salamander being left to the mercy of the people.
His untimely death prevented the completion of either one.
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