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TOP 100 REVIEWERon 20 February 2016

I am compiled a detailed song listing (with chart position, year and personal comments) which is as follows:

01 Let Me Show You Where It’s At – Freddy Cannon (127/1965)
02 Tear For Tear – Gene Chandler (114/1962)*his second follow-up after Duke of Earl; he called himself Gene “Duke of Earl” Chandler at that point.
03 Hangin’ On To My Baby – Tracey Dey (107/1964)
04 Eyes – The Earls (123/1963)
05 Follow The Rainbow – Terry Stafford (101/1964)*his biggest hit: Suspicion (3/1964), a much bigger hit than Elvis’s version (103/1964)
06 Don’t Take Her From Me - Kris Jensen (112/1963)*his biggest hit was Torture (20/1962)
07 Not Me – Gary US Bonds (116/1961)*follow-up to New Orleans; his next release was his biggest hit Quarter To Three.
08 Will You Be My Baby – Bobby Rydell (114/1963)*b-side to Wildwood Days (17/1963)
09 Shook Up Over You – Dee Clark (125/1963)
10 She’s New To You – Molly Bee (130/1963)
11 Rome (Wasn’t Built In A Day) – Johnnie Taylor (112/1962)*his first charted hit
12 He’s Sure To Remember Me – Brenda Lee (135/1964)*b-side to When You Loved Me (47/1964)
13 Gee TO Tiger – The Tigers (119/1965)*rare gem; title refers to Pontiac’s 1965 GTO muscle car.
14 The Closest Thing To Heaven – Neil Sedaka (107/1964)
15 Easy To Love (So Hard To Get) – The Chiffons (105/1964)
16 Gee Oh Gee – The Echoes (112/1961)
17 A Handful Of Memories – Baby Washington (116/1962)
18 The Train – Eddie Rambeau (129/1965)*his biggest hit Concrete And Clay (35/1965)
19 Either Way I Lose – Gladys Knight & Pips (119/1964)
20 Big Girls Don’t Cry Limbo – David Carroll (102/1962)*rare gem; his biggest hit: Melody Of Love (8/1955)
21 Let Us Make Our Own Mistakes – Brian Hyland (123/1963)*rare gem
22 I’ll Find You – Valerie & Nick (117/1964)*better known later as Ashford & Simpson
23 Feminine Touch – Dorsey Burnette (117/1961)*answer song to Gene McDaniel’s 1961 hit A Hundred Pounds Of Clay
24 Go On And Have Yourself A Ball – The Mar-Vells (115/1964)
25 Just Let It Happen – The Arbors (113/1967)
26 I Know Better – The Flamingos (107/1963)*their biggest hit: I Only Have Eyes For You (11/1959)
27 Pushin’ A Good Thing Too Far – Barbara Lewis (113/1964)
28 Put Away Your Teardrops – The Lettermen (132/1964)
29 Fugitive – Jan Davis (129/1964)
30 We Have Something More (Than A Summer Love) – Connie Francis (128/1964)*b-side to Don’t Ever Leave Me (42/1964)
31 Impressions – The Jones Boys (101/1966)
32 Magic Town – Jody Miller (125/1965)*her biggest hit: Queen Of The House (12/1965) – answer song to Roger Miller’s King Of The Road


1 Even some songs in Billboard Hot 100 are hard to find, not to say those Bubbling Under. This set has 32 songs with many rare gems. Great collection.
2 The sound is very good and clean.
3 There is an excellent 32-page booklet with great essay on each song, plus many precious picture sleeves and labels. The label, number and chart positions are all included. The contents are simply very well done and outstanding.
4 Most compilations these days go as far as 1962 taking advantage of the Public Domain law. In this case, there is no restriction, going up to 1967. Thank you for doing that!




In my audio room, I have plenty of Billboard books covering Billboard Hot 100 Singles, with the latest edition including the Bubbling Under section too. There is also a separate Bubbling Under book by Joey Whitburn from Record Research, which is also excellent. If you like these types of book, it will be much cheaper ordering directly from Record Research website.

This set is Volume 2. I have Volume 1 too. Both are excellent. Rare Rockin’ Records, a reissue label from Australia, has done an excellent job in giving us these two volumes. The booklet is also outstanding. The sound is good. There are many rare gems and that made CD debut. This set is highly recommended, but I feel more for collectors.
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on 18 March 2014
I bought this excellent compilation primarily to obtain the tracks by Dorsey Burnette , Kris Jensen , Terry Stafford , and Brenda Lee. However , I also really like the contributions by Neil Sedaka , Johnnie Taylor , Jodie Miller , Baby Washington , the Lettermen , the Tigers , and , in particular , band-leader David Carroll's amazing take on the Four Seasons' " Big Girls Don't Cry " ( well worth hearing ! ). There is the odd weak track here and there , but overall the standard is very high , and I have no hesitation in giving it 5 stars.
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on 2 June 2014
It has become very apparent over the last 25 years that no matter how old you are, listening to music is a lifetime journey of discovery. Since the 1960s when popular music was ‘born’ into ‘the modern age’ there has been so much that came out on 45 that no matter that you lived through the decade there is lots of great music you missed. We’ll Rare Rockin’ records do a good job of making discovering this fun and the Second Volume of Bubbling Under ‘near misses’ is a joy. Featuring songs that appeared in the bottom corner of each weeks Billboard Chart it shows what was well sung and produced but which just didn’t catch enough airplay or the record buyers.
Mike Edward’s selection once again picks girls, boys and groups in an entertaining playlist of songs most of us never heard. There is value in every song and hard to find fault as none are unworthy of inclusion(well maybe one!!). But perhaps the highlights feature the known artists with songs that are just a little better and really should have charted.’The Closest Thing To Heaven’ is another example of Neil Sedaka’s superb songwriting/performing along with Connie Francis on ‘We Have Something More’(a classic ‘B’ side) and Gladys Knight’s simply majestic ‘Anyway I Lose’ a Van McCoy masterpiece.
But I am happiest because one of my fave Northern Soul songs is included……Barbara Lewis – ‘Pushin’ A Good Thing’….one of Bob Crewe best non-Four Seasons songs when not writing with Bob Gaudio.
And that one ‘dummy’ track…well it has to be ‘Big Girls don’t Cry – Limbo’ by David Carroll.
That was a novelty inclusion by Mike I am sure – but a collectors item. I loved the barking dogs on Fugitive by Jan Davis…but I could go on all day….and other reviews demonstrate there is something here for everyone. It can’t be easy to please everyone with music of such diverse styles and although a slightly weaker mix than the first volume that may be because many of the tracks are so rare and new to my ears. A superb booklet of photos, comment and label scans, completes a very professional package. If you love lost gems from the 60s try it you’ll not regret buying it.
Congrats Guys….till Volume 3
Ken Charmer
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on 4 May 2014
Given that none of the tracks on this album quite made the American Hot Hundred there are quite a few well-known names here - Brenda Lee, Connie, Francis, Bobby Rydell, Neil Sedaka, Brian Hyland and Freddy Cannon are probably the best known though there are some other familiar names.

To be fair there are probably no tracks here that you would expect to have beeen massive hits but if you like the American sound of the early to mid-sixties then this is very enjoyable.

Lots of fun just to play the album and try to work out who is performing without looking at the track listing. Gary U.S. Bonds and Brian Hyland are particularly distinctive.
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Second in the series and what a fantastic compilation this is (78.38mins), packed with gems that didn't quite make into the U.S Billboard Top 100. Great value for money, 32 great songs, good sound quality overall (mastered from both the original tapes and vinyl sources - so there is a little distortion on two or three tracks). There are 5 stereo tracks and the other 27 are in Mono. The cd comes with a great 32 page colour booklet with pics, label scans and track by track information. There are some hidden gems on here waiting to be discovered. How the majority of these tracks were not major hits is a mystery, There are great songs by Gary U.S Bonds, The Earls, Bobby Rydell and Dee Clark and a few of my favourites would be 'Tear for tear' by Gene Chandler, 'Don't take her from me' by Kris Jensen and 'Follow the rainbow' by Terry Stafford (very Elvis sounding). Many genres covered making for a fantastic cd overall. Highly recommended 9/10, also check out volume 1. Well done again 'Rare Rockin Records'. Lets have volume 3 please.
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on 4 April 2014
This is a perfect CD for those of us who have most of the tunes featured on compilation albums.The songs may have only bubbled under the charts but they are far better than some that were in the charts at the time.Looking forward to the third volume.Great booklet with all relevent information and pics.
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on 10 August 2014
A brilliant compilation for collectors of rare American chart sounds and for those who wish to find tracks from the hidden sixties. I enjoyed Volume 1 but this is better I feel and the quality is great. I look forward to Volume 3!!
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on 14 April 2014
When I reviewed “Bubbling Under, Volume 1” in 2010, I rightly had many positive things to say about the material in the compilation, and my closing comment was that I couldn’t wait for Volume 2 to appear. Now that it has – and after a long hiatus, it must be said – I have to say that in general the wait WASN’T worth it. The truth is that there are far too many ho-hum, heard-it-before, moderate tracks included here, which – once heard – you will probably never want to play again. Of course there are some standout tracks as well – the terrific “Not Me” by Gary US Bonds springs to mind immediately, as do recordings by Neil Sedaka, Bobby Rydell, the more obscure Eddie Rambeau, plus one or two more. However, a cynic might say that a lot of the material amply demonstrates just why they were not hits, and only “bubbled under” : Frankly, they just weren’t good enough. I am struggling to push up my rating of this CD and if there were a 2.5 star option available, that would be an accurate reflection of my thoughts about this collection. Informative track-by-track liner notes are perhaps the saving grace that helps me advance the rating to a rather generous three stars. But compared with Volume 1, this collection falls well short. I wait in anticipation for the release of Volume 3, but, if there is one, I hope there will be more quality on offer.
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on 20 January 2015
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