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4.2 out of 5 stars
4.2 out of 5 stars
Platform: PlayStation 4|Edition: Standard Edition|Change
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on 2 January 2015
I've not played any of the previous Sniper Elite games, and I must confess that this isn't really my usual genre of choice, but I'm about halfway through the campaign and am absolutely loving it.

The bullet cam footage is a great feature, if a little repetitive, and the gameplay is positively addictive.

Graphics are decent on PS4 - not fully next-gen - but a good PS3 port nonetheless.

Missions are pretty good, although I guess they do get a bit repetitive. Each one takes about an hour, often longer, to compete, so they really are quite engaging.

The easier difficulty settings are challenging but not frustratingly impossible, and I imagine the harder ones are immensely difficult for those hard-core gamers. Practice definitely makes perfect on this game - I can tell I'm improving every time I play.
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on 2 July 2014
Good game. I have never played Sniper Elite before and mainly got this because it has both single and co-op (not online) features. I quite enjoyed the way you could choose if you want to go stealthy or loud.

Graphically the game is not AMAZING on PS4 but then again I guess it was mainly designed for PS3. The gameplay is enjoyable with collectibles to obtain.

I was quite disappointed in how short this game was. I got it on Friday and was completed by the Monday night. There are 8 missions with an average of 1-2hrs per mission. That being if you collect all the items without using walkthroughs. You will be looking at about 15hrs to complete roughly.
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on 5 September 2014
Great graphics and arrived in good time love the bullet cinematics however, was fun but I rate three stars because I feel the AI let it down as they dont respond sometimes when they have a vehicles blow up around them and dont seem bothered. it also starts to feel repetitive quite quickly. As I had never played the other sniper elite games 1 and 2 i was looking forward to it alot as I heard those two were great. For me though just did not meet my expectations. Still a good game that you may enjoy.
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on 14 July 2014
Have always loved the sniper elite series and this game is no exception, its a OK story, the missions are either a drag or a pleasure to play through depending on your mood. Ive give a quick list of my pros and cons

Pro's -

Decent enough story
Very fun

Con's -

Although the graphics are good the game itself has some very poor textures in places, and i sometimes found myself floating when stabbing a enemy or falling through the map
The online is broken beyond belief
The AI is SO dumb
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on 25 June 2015
This game totally took me by is awesome.fantastic graphics combined with fantastic plays a lot like metal gear solid but better in my opinion and the sniping never gets boring.the X-ray kills are a joy to watch.its a must have game on ps4,well worth £16 any day!!!
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on 26 July 2014
If stealth is your bag baby then this is the game for you.
On the higher difficulty settings this is a very challenging game with no room for error.
Looks good, sounds great, plays like a dream.
Shooting Germans in the balls never gets old either :)
Huge maps give a much more open world feel than V2, with many different ways to approach each objective.
In order to get the most from the game you do need to play stealthy, however when it all goes tits up you can run and gun if you are brave.
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on 11 July 2014
The evolution of the Sniper Elite series has been one of the most satisfying to watch. Let's remember this started off as a pretty ordinary third person shooter back in 2005 from a small studio which only stood out on the strength of the unique dynamic bullet tracking visual. Its prize asset, the x-ray kill cam was refined in SE:V2 but although the game was a lot more accessible the general impression was that the gameplay was still clunky and it still only stood out on the gimmick of its bullet physics.
Sniper Elite 3 has addressed the gameplay issue and is now an absorbing, satisfying shooter that can easily stand on gameplay alone (although the x-ray kills are still terrific)


The jewel in the Sniper Elite crown – SE:3 implements a fully enhanced x-ray (organs, circulatory systems, and shattering bones) which just never gets tired. The system now extends to vehicle kills, with x-ray views of combusting fuel tanks inside tanks etc. I’m only surprised no-one outside of Mortal Kombat has copied this feature. It’s the great redeemer. Irrespective of the of the hash you may be making of your current mission - one skull crushing Hollywood headshot can put you back on track again and there are plenty of opportunities.


By far the biggest surprise to me was the improvement to gameplay mechanics. Everything has been made so much more accessible: the weapons wheel is responsive and easy to use, even under pressure. Traps are easy to deploy (and recoverable if not used). The sniping mechanics are essentially unchanged from SE:V2 and there are skill options to customise the aiming reticule, bullet drop, wind etc. The enemy A.I. has also been revamped with curious soldiers spotting fallen comrades, raising the alarm and flanking your position. Navigating in the third person is a breeze – movement is fluid and responsive.


Story was never a strong point for Sniper Elite. The rather thin story essentially involves your objective to prevent the development of a Nazi super weapon. There are very few cut scenes and your character provides a gravelly monologue from time to time.


There are eight campaign levels (9 if you include DLC Hunt the Grey Wolf) but the maps are huge (mission 8 took over 2 hours to complete) and, critically, your approach to how you complete key objectives is down to you. The level design is excellent with countless shortcuts, tunnels and rock passes leading to your objectives. Exploration frequently produces Intel leading to secondary objectives such as assassinating high ranking officers or disabling flak batteries.


Although I’ve never personally enjoyed games where stealth is the only option, titles such as Far Cry 3 and Assassins Creed have won me over by allowing the use of stealth to be my choice. SE3 follows the same design; in fact the enemy detection systems are almost identical to the tried and tested systems of AC:Black Flag. Enemies can be tagged from a high vantage point with binoculars and then it is up to you to decide to either pick them off at long range or infiltrate quietly with your silenced Welrod.
If you are spotted, enemies will scout your possible location – this would often prove mission ending in SE:V2 but SE:3 incorporates a relocation system which enables you to distance yourself from your last sighting and cause enemies to call off the search quicker.

The game is significantly less fiddly than SE:V2 at close range. The stealth takedowns are easy to execute, if you are spotted, an enemy will fumble with his weapon for a second, giving you a chance to pop him with your Welrod or perform a close quarter takedown.


A major gripe of SE:V2 was its lack of replayability mainly due to its linear design – a shoot out in a corridor can only sustain its appeal for so long. SE:3 is non-linear and so the degree of replayability is much higher. You can play each mission multiple ways, taking paths you hadn’t noticed the first time around and finding secondary objectives you may have missed – this leaves you always thinking there is always a better way of doing things. In Addition, there is the incentive to explore each map to find blueprints to upgrade your four sniper rifles.


The visuals are good although this is clearly a PS3 game up-scaled for PS4. None the less, the atmosphere of a sun bleached Africa, complete with buzzing insects, is authentic and the draw distance is superb. The character animations are excellent overall, although some soldiers can be seen doing silly walks from time to time. My only other gripe is the invisible walls around the map edges, and some objects, which can frustrate.


Hunt the Grey Wolf is another ‘Kill Hitler’ mission variation (originally featured as DLC in SE:V2). The map is not as large those included in the standard campaign but a careful approach will still probably take 90 mins to complete and you at least do get a clear shot on a stationary Hitler this time.


What was once ‘That ok shooter with the great x-ray kill cam’ is now a fully rounded shooter that also has a great x-ray kill cam. Fans of the series will be delighted as none of the essence of the original series has been compromised, but this is clearly an effort by 505 to open the doors to a wider audience. I haven’t had this much fun since Borderlands 2. Roll on Sniper Elite 4.
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on 19 July 2014
I absolutely love this game. I've never played any of the previous Elite games so took a chance on this. I have so far sunk 22hrs into it and am only midway through the campaign story mode. Sure there are the well-known AI issues but if you can overlook them and appreciate the fun to be had playing then you could love it. For instance the graphics are very good - although I prefer to play in 3d - which lowers the resolution, but definately worth it for the extra immersion 3d adds. The levels/maps are very big and there are loads of diferent routes to be taken through each one. I also find it very replayable, trying different tactics and approaches, etc,. Oh, I recommend upping the difficulty level - which increases the tension when playing. I won't be touching the multi-player but still reckon I will easily gain 30-plus hours of gameplay from this title. So if you think in pounds-per-hour enjoyment, I definately think this game is a good buy. Oh, I haven't even touched on bullet-cam yet - that's because everybody else has covered that already. Also, it's a good game to watch someone else playing too.
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on 15 April 2015
So far so good. For shootting games lovers, like me, its Nice. For 14£(game store) well worth the money. A couple hours of fun. Just remember to save the game time to time,especialy after some hard goals If not, you will be mad when you die in mission, trust me.
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on 6 October 2014
Honestly quite frustrating when i bought the game i expected a stealthy/sniper game but instead got broken game mechanics as every enemy seems to have gone to a ninja training class and can hear if you are thinking as stealth is really broken at least in my case if you don't mind this and just want the quite fun multiplier then this game is OK for the sniper lovers
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