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on 19 January 2018
A lot has been written about the quality of transfer and the bad reviews did deter me from buying this Bluray for quite a while, only finally opting to get it because it is such a stonkingly good movie! I am glad I did.

I already owned the DVD which was atrocious. It was a 4:3 transfer with the widescreen picture across the middle so in order to avoid black bars left, right, above and below, one had to zoom in. Consequently the picture was not sharp at all.

This Bluray does improve upon that. It IS a better picture than the DVD at least. It is true that there is some colour flicker. Of course, if you compare the quality of transfer with say that of Chitty Chitty Bang Bang (which I use to demonstrate my home cinema setup at its very best) there is no comparison but the film is eminently watchable and I enjoyed seeing a lot more detail than ever before.

The grainy dark scenes are admittedly poor but shooting in the dark with a wide aperture makes a picture grainy in any case. I found that it was intrusive when I had the sharpness turned up but when I took that down, the graininess pretty much disappeared.

In short, it is a high definition picture that is a little softer than average but not enough to make me discourage you from buying it. I love having the film on Bluray. If they brought out a better mastered version, I would probably buy it but for now it is a big step up from the DVD and I am happy.

There is another feature which I really liked about this Bluray: the subtitles. Nearly all of the German dialogue is translated into English subtitles so at last you can find out what Quiller is saying when he asks the bespectacled man if he is following him. The whole exchange is translated. What a treat. I had always wondered what was being said but the DVD only subtitled the English dialogue.

Highly recommended despite the shortcomings. The transfer is not as good as it should be but it really isn't THAT bad. Tweak your viewing screen and you'll be fine. It is worth getting because the film itself is sooooo good - brilliant, intelligent script, subtle hints of the callousness of the establishment with its contempt for and ingratitude to those who work for it. Not an action packed, spy flick and so much better for it. Nice twist at the end as the penny drops for Quiller - and for us.

Oh - and the extras. Lots of them, varied and interesting. No director's commentary but a load of mini film interviews with various members of staff which are meaty enough.

UPDATE: Having written this review after viewing the film on an 8 foot projector screen, I played it on a flat screen TV. Oh my! At first it was dreadful. There were loads of little white dots all over the picture like snow and terrible white edges on any details. It was atrocious and I began to see where other reviewers were coming from.

HOWEVER, I turned down sharpness as I had on my projector. Only minimal improvement. Then I turned up digital noise reduction and motion smoothing within the TV menu. It TOTALLY cured the problem and I found myself looking at an image which was OK, not wonderful but good enough for me not to have regretted my purchase.

I still recommend this Bluray with the sole caveat that you may need to tweak your playback settings. It is possible to get a good picture, honest!
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on 18 October 2017
Only just got around to viewing the itv studios Blu Ray which I bought in 2014. I agree with others - AVOID buying this version. It is without doubt the worst presentation of any film on DVD or Blu Ray I have ever seen. Full of interference, shimmering shadows and black vivid graininess. A disgrace.

So the 4 stars are for the movie NOT for the so-called Blu Ray.

As for the movie - it seems to have a reputation greater than it deserves, but as a gently plodding Cold War thriller it serves it's purpose.

The performances are its strong points, rather than the actual story. Alec Guinness is brilliant as ever in a restrained but authoritative way, Max Von Sydow is stylishly menacing, and George Segal, who I had only known previously from the highly recommended THE BRIDGE AT REMAGEN, carries the film with his wit and charm.

The love interest, all films seem to have one, comes from the stunningly beautiful Senta Berger, and her association with Segal seems like a dream made in heaven. Or is it? Despite having seen the movie 3 times now I am still unsure on this point and would love to know what others think. KAN
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on 2 April 2018
I'm giving this Blu-ray only three stars only because the picture quality is patchy. I've always liked The Quiller Memorandum and this genre of sixties spy movie. As a production I think it's pretty good. BUT, the picture quality is variable. In outdoor locations and in broad daylight the picture is bright and sharp, but this only makes up about 20% of the movie. Indoor shots and night-time ones display a lot of graininess and flicker. I don't remember this lack of quality when I videoed the film off the telly onto VHS tape in the 1980s.

It's not the lighting as some of this is very good almost to the point of over-exposure. Also, when looking through the extensive collection of stills photos of those indoor scenes (in the extras section), many are perfectly clear when in fact they are still photos taken from the actual film. Therefore, the problem lies in the film's transfer to DVD / Blu-ray. It's very disappointing as I bought this as the ultimate version of the film. I don't know if it needs more remastering, but in the odd scene or two, the picture quality is downright poor. Ironically and in contrast, the original trailer (available in the extras section) is remarkably good quality for films of this period.
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on 8 March 2015
The Quiller Memorandum is a brilliant film and I would love to give this Blu-ray release 5/5, but sadly the picture quality has to be one of the worst I have ever seen, and I have seen a few in my time. The contrast was just bright white and their was no colour to the film, To be honest with you I sold my copy and brought the dvd release instead.
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on 1 May 2016
Please note my low rating are for the Bluray transfer, the movie itself is one of my favourite but the viewing pleasure is spoilt by very poor quality Bluray transfer. I would suggest not to buy this Bluray as it feels as if the VHS Tape was used as the source for creating the Bluray. The movie itself is the best coldwar espionage thriller, fantastic location in Berlin and reasonably good plot.
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on 27 July 2016
Truly excellent - but having said that, it is definitely not for the average film goer. Back then, and more so now, the viewer, must be the sort not only to appreciate subtlety, but truly enjoy it. The stars are perfectly cast; the writing and direction are excellent - as well as the music. The film's qualities only increase over the years. Such a film was not only rare back then, it could never be made these days, no matter who is in
front of the camera or behind it. It can be viewed umpteen times and still bring a smile of pure pleasure after the final fade out.

Aside from being memorable from start to finish, it is indeed one of those rare films that has a very memorable ending. tTe dialogue in the last scene stays with the viewer and reminds one of how true the words are even today.

Also, the extras on the DVD, are very unusual, in that the brief interviews with the stars, director and producer were made at a time long before there could have been any thought to the film eventually ending up on tape or disc. There is a simplicity and honesty in them that lingers, which is in no way comparable to the sort of interviews that followed in the decades thereafter.

One should be grateful to the powers that be that such films are still available - and with excellent technical qualities.
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on 1 September 2016
Not as fast paced as Adam Hall's original book, but nevertheless it carries a strong sense of tension and intrigue. Harold Pinter's screenplay is thought-provoking, and steers the story into Le Carre's territory, rather than that of the action thriller, which, given its source material it could easily have done. John Barry's music adds a certain class - you could never really go wrong with a John Barry score - and Alec Guinness as Quiller's case officer is almost more chilling than Max von Sydow's villain. The whole thing brings to life the ambiguities of the 1960's Cold War, but the end is a little off-beat, leaving one feeling, so... what happened there?Yet this too is reflective of the strange world in which the story takes place. A more definite ending would have been out of place.
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on 21 June 2011
I have to admit being in my 20s when I first saw the Quiller Memorandum but for drama it still ranks with the best. Compared with the frenetic pace of modern films it moves quite slowly giving one time to check all the possibilities and relish some nice touches - Oktober cracking his knuckles; Pol eating the sultana; the hotelier polishing his shoes. George Segal seems to fit the role perfectly - quiet but powerful. I felt that Senta Berger was just a bit too enigmatic and restrained but nevertheless delightful.

There are no torrid sex scenes; no foul language and very little violence. A very pleasing evening's entertainment
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on 3 December 2017
I haven't seen this film on DVD so can't make a direct comparasion with it for quality. However, as blu-ray's go, it's not as sharp as some DVD's. The copy I have doesn't claim to be digitally remastered which is just as well because it hasn't been as far as I can tell. So, the advantages of buying it on blu-ray is you get a more durable disc format and in this case not just a smaller case but the even better slim-line case.
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on 9 November 2015
Classic 1960`s spy thriller. Not the best Blu-ray in terms of picture quality as other reviewers have highlighted but at present it is the best version of the film available to buy.
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