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3.7 out of 5 stars
3.7 out of 5 stars
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on 4 April 2016
This is a review for the BLU-RAY version of this movie.
Do not waste your money on this 'itv Studios' Blu-ray it is pitiful, it is one of the worst Blu-ray transfers I have ever seen!
It is a great shame that 'itv Studios' obviously could not be bothered about the transfer of this iconic movie, they obviously produced it just to make money.
I showed this film many moons ago when I used to work as a projectionist and it always staid in my mind the cinematography and the acting are superb, however this Blu-ray spoils it all!
For one thing it is far too bright, with very little contrast, the film is meant to give the impression of the dark dismal days of the cold war, there are far too many blemishes and artefacts, in fact on the Blu-ray version there appears to be at least two scenes where there is a hair in the gate that I don't recall on the DVD version which I also own.
This copy looks as though it has been transferred directly from a cleaned up 35mm release print as there are quite a few small marks and scratches in places and a lot of speckle and dust.
Don't buy it! If you want to enjoy this film try to get the 'Granada ventures' DVD, although it is not perfect by any means it is far superior to this Blu-ray beleive me.
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on 9 August 2014
Agree wholeheartedly with other reviewers of BR release. Very poor quality with lots of video noise apparent. Don't buy until better transfer available. Disappointing to say the least.
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The Quiller Memorandum is a brilliant film and I would love to give this Blu-ray release 5/5, but sadly the picture quality has to be the worst I have ever seen, and I have seen a few in my time. The contrast was just bright white and there was no colour to the film. To be honest with you I sold my copy and brought the dvd release instead.
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on 1 May 2016
Please note my low rating are for the Bluray transfer, the movie itself is one of my favourite but the viewing pleasure is spoilt by very poor quality Bluray transfer. I would suggest not to buy this Bluray as it feels as if the VHS Tape was used as the source for creating the Bluray. The movie itself is the best coldwar espionage thriller, fantastic location in Berlin and reasonably good plot.
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on 14 August 2014
This is one of the worst blu rays I have ever seen for picture quality. Simply awful. There is a "strobing" effect in many scenes that is enough to give you a migraine. The lack of clarity and fuzziness (especially in the night time shots) is really bad. I am sending my copy back to Amazon for a refund. What are Network playing at? Normally their BDs are great quality but this is an absolute stinker. Avoid!

BTW the Extras are the same as Network's DVD.
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on 27 July 2016
Truly excellent - but having said that, it is definitely not for the average film goer. Back then, and more so now, the viewer, must be the sort not only to appreciate subtlety, but truly enjoy it. The stars are perfectly cast; the writing and direction are excellent - as well as the music. The film's qualities only increase over the years. Such a film was not only rare back then, it could never be made these days, no matter who is in
front of the camera or behind it. It can be viewed umpteen times and still bring a smile of pure pleasure after the final fade out.

Aside from being memorable from start to finish, it is indeed one of those rare films that has a very memorable ending. tTe dialogue in the last scene stays with the viewer and reminds one of how true the words are even today.

Also, the extras on the DVD, are very unusual, in that the brief interviews with the stars, director and producer were made at a time long before there could have been any thought to the film eventually ending up on tape or disc. There is a simplicity and honesty in them that lingers, which is in no way comparable to the sort of interviews that followed in the decades thereafter.

One should be grateful to the powers that be that such films are still available - and with excellent technical qualities.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 23 May 2015
Feel like a social outcast writing a five star review of the blu ray Quiller! There is not one positive review for what is excellent technical quality. First thing that struck me was the fact that this sixties espionage thriller is in colour. I was watching on 100' projection which tends to exaggerate any picture faults. But there were none in this blu ray. It is a stereo soundtrack with subtitles in picture on this widescreen (black bars top and bottom) movie. Gorgeous colour rendition right from the opening scene that has shrubbery beneath the buildings.

And what a cracking opening scene. I had not seen the film before. What also impressed me was the courteous dialogue almost right through the film. Of course what we see has to be doubted but what we hear is also the opposite of menace. Infiltration is the key theme.

Infiltration of 1930s German politics into post war politics. I shudder to think of how the language has changed but some of the 'white might' lingers. Insidious. The evolution of the language of power is a fascinating way of looking at this film fifty years after it was made. Everyone trusts everyone.

But the story is good too. Even the twists have twists. But as if to underline my courteous/trust perspective most of the movie is shot in sunshine in a vibrant city seemingly going about its business. Whilst some men and women stop and stare and look. Good people. Children play around them.

And if all that does not grab you round the corner, I should add that it's selling for a fiver on the two for ten offer. Well worth your time and money.

UPDATE I note a couple of votes against my review. I have since quickly skipped through a few scenes on a plasma screen. I would concede that I could notice some flickering of the picture. I swear this was not the case on projection. I got mine in a slimline blu ray case with a reversible front cover.
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on 14 March 2015
Very good movie but the blu ray transfer from ITV is probably the worst I have ever seen. It really is dreadful worse than VHS in some parts grain all over the place and sound apart from music is hard to hear. So folks hang on to your dvd and give this one a miss
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on 7 November 2015
An excellent film that is based on Adam Halls book. Pity that an English agent is suddenly American but gripe over it is well acted by segal. This special edtion version has interviews with the main actors and producer and director. George Segal gives a good interview despite being interviwed bu someone who appears to have obtained their clothes from a demob centre.
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on 1 August 2009
This is a well made spy film, which takes a couple of viewings to take in. It's in the mould of classic spy films like Tinker, tailor / The spy who came in from the cold etc. I suspect some modern film viewers will find it too slow and give up, which is their loss.
A great soundtrack by John Barry, which is long overdue a, perhaps in the style given to The Iprcess File a few years ago, to include all the tracks used in the film.
The biggest bug bear for me is although this is a Special Edition, there are no subtitles and if you are trying to watch a film in a 'busy' house you do miss them - so one star knocked off.
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