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on 13 January 2010
As someone who does a lot of travelling around the country, I find it very useful to have a set of portable speakers that can be plugged into my MP3 player so as to listen to music without headphones. Unfortunately the sound quality you get from most portable speakers is very poor with the bass in particular, failing to impress.

When I ordered my x-mini, I did so because of the size and design rather than any expectation of performance. However, these portable speakers are a very impressive piece of kit, so impressive in fact that as soon as I had seen my first one in action, I went straight online to buy a second.

The speakers are powered by an internal battery which can be charged through an included usb cable. The sound quality is so good that I use my speakers as replacement for my laptops speakers when listening to music and thus running low on charge hasn't been a problem for me so I can't comment on battery life further than what the official statement has to say. The sound quality as stated before is very good, the speakers can't quite cope flawlessly with the loudest parts of some songs when everything is turned up to full volume, but I think to expect that may be unrealistic for a portable speaker in this price range. Even saying that the volume these guys can produce without any distortion is amazing. The bass is far superior to any of the other portables I've used and the size is perfect for just throwing in a bag when you're on the road. There is also a system in place which means you can "buddy jack" numerous x-mini's thus further increasing their sound output. All the equipment required for this, as well as charging comes included so you don't need to worry about buying extra cables or peripherals.

All in all these are a great purchase and I've already recommended them to some friends. They should be seriously considered if you're looking to invest in some portables. I honestly think they would be cheap at twice the price.
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Style: X-Mini Uno (Wired)|Colour: Grey|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
Review of the Xmini Uno portable speaker. When this unit arrived I was a bit surprised that it was the same size as the cheaper £15 XMi XMini II portable mini speaker, in fact you would be pushed to tell them apart. This isn't a bad thing as it makes the Uno ultraportable. They both come with similar accessories as well, a nice felt travel bag and a 60cm micro-USB2 recharge combined 3.5mm headphone cable. However this Xmini Uno is noticeably heavier at 112g compared its cheaper 83g sibling, probably due to it having a bigger battery lasting up to 20 hours not 11 hours on one charge. The Uno's extra weight also keeps it from moving about when the sounds turned up. Plus the Uno does feel noticeably more solid in construction than the cheap Xmini II. Other than the recharge/headphone cable being a bit thin and flimsy, the Xmini Uno is well built and easy to use. You charge via the supplied USB2 cable, and use this to feed analogue music into the speaker via the 3.5mm headphone out on the iPod/MP3 player. The Uno has LEDs for charging indication, an on/off switch and a volume control (the iPod volume control also adjusts Uno sound levels). Given the flimsy USB2 charging cable, I tend to charge the speaker via a USB 13A mains/12v car adapter, as from experience I know a 5V power feed short in the USB2 cable can fry a PC's motherboard and CPU (the USB2 cable isn't used for PC data transfer anyway). The internal Uno battery takes around 2.5 hours to recharge.

I compared this Xmini Uno with our many Xmini II's and the sound is clearly weightier with a bit more bass. In comparison the cheaper Xmini II's sound is lighter and brighter (which helps clarity), and although the II's bass is poorer and not as noticeable as the Uno's, it still manages to convey the beat. Both the Uno and the II's go fairly loud for their small 4cm size, and both go to pretty much the same volume. Sound quality doesn't markedly improve at high volume, although there's generally no major distortion at max. Neither are tonally accurate HiFi wise, but their tonal balance is pleasant enough, and you have the iPod's equalization control. I'm into pop, rock and some electric folk, i.e. vocals, and I found I was really quite happy with the sound from either the £40 Uno or the £15 IIs, which does make the II's better value for me. Overall I didn't think the difference in sound quality wowed me enough to make the Uno a preferable buy at its orginal £40 full retail (however recently it's full price has dropped to under £30, and I would always buy the Uno in preference if it's offered for £25). Our cheaper Xmini II's seem reliable having lasted 2+ years, which bodes well for the upgraded Uno, although being so small and always on the move they do have a tendency to get lost about the house. This Uno has li-ion batteries that are sensitive to heat above 30oC and should be stored long-term switched off with some, ideally 40%, charge or the Li-ion battery may go completely flat and refuse to charge (there's info on the Xmini website about kickstarting the discharged Li-ion battery should this happen).

Still the Uno's improved sound, build quality and extra 9 hours battery life is very welcome, so 5* for features/sound/portability and 5* for value at £25. Although bulkier and weighing 424g, when moving up from the Xmini's we went for the superb £90 MINIRIG rechargeable speaker instead, which offers great mono sound, superb looks & build quality, loud volume and a 50h battery life (although the recent price hike to £139 is hard to swallow, even if it adds in BlueTooth). For highly rated stereo portable rechargeable speakers also check out the £20 Music Angel Friendz and the £110 Bluetooth enabled Cambridge Audio G2 MINI Portable Bluetooth speakers. You can link together Unos (and Xmini IIs) via their shorter (non-USB) inbuilt 3.5mm audio cable for a louder mono sound, or connect two in stereo using a Y Cable, but we prefer the simple ultra-portability of one Uno. The Uno is available in dark grey and five bright colours. It has a one year warranty, but that excludes damage to the wired in 'link' cable (unless present on delivery). Like all popular products watch out for Xmini fakes though, as they are certainly out there (our Uno came direct from Amazon, and is still going strong after 2.5 years).
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on 9 May 2009
Great little speakers - plenty of sound and staying power - tiny and easy to transport bought two of these and use a left/right splitter lead to obtain true stereo (e.g. Maplin L39BA)
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on 23 April 2013
So the Xmini Uno Portable arrives in the post and I'm eager to test it out. I say 'it', but I really mean 'them' as I bought 2 (I will refer to them singularly from this point onwards).

The speaker comes nicely packaged, hovering in a clear plastic box and I'm immediately impressed by the small size of the unit. But being so small, I'm also somewhat concerned about its capabilities.

As I'm unpacking the speaker, some fears are immediately put to rest. Firstly, transporting the unit around. I can see a small black carry pouch is included in the box. Having looked at it, it's more than sufficient for keeping the speaker free from damage when moving around. It's also big enough to fit the speaker's cable in. Secondly, as just mentioned, the cables. I'm relieved to see that all the cables required to use the speaker are included in the box, this includes a standard audio jack to plug into pretty much any audio equipment you can think of, and a USB jack to charge the speakers. Ah excellent, another fear put to rest; USB charging, so no batteries required.

When I take the speaker out of the box, it has a satisfying weightiness to it. I plug it into my iPod and flick the power switch to 'on'. A blue light illuminates underneath it letting me know that the power is on and that the unit is fully charged. Great, so no 16 hour initial charge up period, it's ready to go right out of the box. I turn my music on and am genuinely impressed with what I hear. The high end notes are clear and crisp, the midtones are completely audible. The bass is actually quite thumpy. Overall the sound is great. I immediately put on some of the more challenging songs in my collection, songs with enough complexity to have to be listened to through headphones or good speakers to be properly heard and appreciated. This speaker holds up just fine, and I mean it when I say it.

I am, however, going to qualify the above paragraph. Anybody who's owned a small speaker setup such as this will know that when I say 'the sound is great', I actually mean 'the sound is great..for a mini speaker'. This is afterall, a mini speaker, not a proper audio setup, and it can't hope to compete with proper stereo sound. Despite the inherent limitations, the sound is genuinely good quality. I turn the speaker up to full and there is some slight distortion with vocals and bass, but not too much and the music doesn't completely break apart as it can when pushing cheaper units to maximum volume. How loud does it go? It's difficult to say. Loud enough that the first time I turned it up to full volume, it felt a bit uncomfortable so I turned it back down a bit.

The only place the speaker falls a bit short in terms of sound is on the low consistent bass notes, they're there, but not quite like they should be. Having said that, I'm yet to see a portable speaker setup where the low bass doesn't suffer, and this holds up significantly better than most.

When putting the speaker away, it is pushed down and locked with a twist making it even smaller and easier to transport (a bit like a lockable kinder egg). The result is an impressive looking small ball of speaker ready for the carry pouch.

For those who are interested, I plugged both speakers into my iPod and the sound was increased exponentially, both in terms of quality and volume. The speakers are plugged into each other with an integrated audio cable which is conveniently hidden underneath the speaker when not in use. One speaker is plugged into the sound device, with subsequent speakers plugged into that speaker, creating a chain. The only gripe I have with this is that the wire that connects the two speakers is quite short (maybe 6 inches) meaning that there's a requirement to place the speakers quite close together.

All in all though, I'm impressed with this little speaker. It combines a truly portable setup with surprisingly good quality sound that packs a serious punch. I've given it 5 stars because for what it is (a small setup), it really can't be criticised.

As a sidenote, I ordered the silver/grey colour pictured above, and rather pleasingly, the speaker is slightly darker than pictured. I like it.
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on 12 September 2015
This is my second X-Mini speaker. I've had my first for many years now, 5years+, which I've loved and has been great. Sound quality was very impressive, very good bass when placed on a hard surface, loud & clear, as well as being easy to transport, very solid feel to it, VERY long battery life, everything you would want. Hence why I purchased another, to pair up and use together for my outdoor PT sessions as like mentioned, they are so easy to transport and surprisingly loud for such little things.

However, since purchasing my second a few months ago, I've been nothing but disappointed. Even just holding the 2 in my hands you can feel the huge difference in quality. The new one feels flimsy, light compared to my older one (but not in a good way), basically just very cheaply made. My guess is as they've grown in sales they've changed the way they make these speakers to cut costs, but it's massively cut quality in doing so. The sound quality has no comparison to my older one either. The speaker majorly vibrates and muffles the song at any volume level above 25%, and just sounds overall tinny and poor. The worst thing about the new speaker is the battery life. It doesn't even last an hour on a full charge, whereas my older one STILL lasts for hours on end.

To sum up, massive disappointment after such high expectations from my old version. Will not be buying again, would not recommend.
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on 28 May 2009
Saw a good review of this on the net and i'm going backpacking this summer so it seemed perfect. It's much smaller and louder than i expected it to be, and really good value for money. in diameter its roughly 6cm and about 4cm in height. the built in audio lead means you don't need anything extra and even comes with its own little pouch for packing. Plus as for audio quality i couldn't ask for more in one speaker and the bass is impressive.

i'd reccomend getting the usb-plug charger too which means you can charge your ipod and this and save individual charger space. Overall thoroughly impressed.
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on 13 July 2009
There's a good reason this product has so many 5 star reviews.

One of the most impressive buys I've made in a long time. Eventhough this is possibly a 'gimmick' it works as a decent enough speaker in it's own right and is highly useful for a number of different situations.

Incredibly small and convenient to transport, the XMI Mini pops open it's accordian centre to allow it to work similarly to a subwoofer. The punchy bass produced from such a small effect is genuinely impressive. The highs and mid-range are not too bad, with the former being much more dependant on the direction the speaker is pointing. After testing it out on multiple genres, electronic music is probably the most impressive - but anything with decent bass is going to show what this speaker can do.

No these are not replacements for a hi-fi, that's so obvious it almost doesn't need mentioning, but for 'small convenient speaker soloutions' these will really impress. Do you need something to use with your laptop? they'll do the job. Need music for a picnic? These are perfect.

One of my first thoughts after plugging it in for the first time was: I want to buy another one. Sure enough, the subsequent day my second speaker came. Unfortunately, here come my only gripes: when you have two on full volume, the imperfections of each are significently magnified. Just one speaker on full volume doesn't sound too distorted even when tested on a variety of music, but two on full volume and thee's a massive reduction in quality. This means you'll have to lower the volume and then it's worth wondering whether the increase in sound is worth having two. It's definitely louder, but I can't help but feel more impressed with them on their own for some reason. - Just something to consider if, like me, you felt the need for two.

The battery life is great, easy to charge. The headphone jack tucks away neatly into the device. The thing looks good, feels reasonably sturdy. Overall it's just a very impressive device.

This is a great gadget, it's cheap, it's loud, it's convenient and it's worthy of all the great reviews it's recieved here.
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on 19 May 2016
If only I had read the recent reviews here first! I bought one of these a few years ago and just assumed I would get the exact same item again - how wrong I was! It looks a pretty good match, the packing is excellent, but it is lighter than my old one and the sound quality is inferior - if you want to listen loud it is awful. Bought from Eprosperous in China - I have now received confirmation from the manufacturer that this is a fake.

Update 24/05/16: So, I got a refund from Eprosperous straight away, no problems. Ordered another one from Amazon themselves - this arrived with the lid off the packaging, everything rattling loose in their box and there was no serial number at all on the bottom. Arranged a return and replacement, only to receive another exactly the same but also with the USB cable missing. I have now received confirmation from the manufacturer that both of the speakers received from Amazon were also FAKES.
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on 3 January 2014
I was enticed into buying this as it was a lightning deal around Boxing Day. It wasn't something I'd have normally thought of purchasing but I'm truly glad I did! For such a small speaker (it really is small) the sound is brilliant! It doesn't struggle to produce a big sound and it certainly doesn't sound tinny. If you're phone speaker etc isn't good enough for you, this is a worthy purchase. I haven't used it enough to run the battery life down yet, so I'm unsure about charging time etc, but the sound alone makes it easy to justify buying it!
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on 5 March 2013
I can't recommend this product highly enough - I only received it today so can't comment on longevity or battery power but first impressions are great and, having searched a number of years for a properly 'decent' mini speaker and getting through many duds before giving up for a long time, I feel I've finally found one that manages to even exceed my expectations! It seems a lot has changed in the time since I last owned one.
Having not checked measurements, the device is smaller than I expected and really is highly portable - it would easily fit in most pockets when in the compressed, locked position (you just press it together and turn to conceal the concertina middle and turn again the other way to unlock). The design is very sleek and well thought-out and it comes with a handy black pouch to protect it. The colour is really nice and bright with a metallic finish and is pretty accurate to the photo (I got the green one).
Being so tiny, my expectations for depth and volume of sound weren't huge but don't be fooled by its looks: it can get loud. Unlike all the other mini speakers I've owned, there is very little - if any - deterioration of sound quality at high volumes which is a must for me as I generally play it loud. The sound is rich and the bass is great. Just to give an example of volume and power, when playing a song at full volume on my iPhone the speaker visibly shook on the deeper notes.
The sound could easily travel through a house at higher volumes and must be incredible if you own more than one or have a friend who owns one as they can be chained together by the cables. I'm sure this will give me many hours of enjoyment and see many different places as I can finally enjoy my music the way it SHOULD sound when I go away.
This comes from someone who owns a Bose music system and headphones and would rather not listen to music at all if it doesn't sound great so I think my opinion can be trusted. Overall, well worth the money and I would definitely buy one for someone else.
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