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on 12 July 2017
Amazon app locks up as mentioned by some other reviewers, the disk tray front panel fell off and the machine is of bad build quality.
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on 4 August 2017
As expected.
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on 14 January 2015
I don't usually write reviews, but I was so impressed with this I just felt I had to.
Firstly, this is a multi-region DVD only. Plays R1, 2 and 4 discs I have tried. Just plays Region B Blu Rays, and is fitted with a standard UK plug.
Some people are put off by the design, the top being a slight pyramid shape, but I quite liked it. I found it to be a lighter weight and thinner than my old Sony. It's the same length as a standard SKY receiver. I tested this with a top range Samsung and found the Sony to be better in all departments.
Firstly the quality of the picture and sound I thought was excellent. I read the reviews elsewhere regarding connection to the internet. I have to say that I found it easily connected to the Sone Entertainment Network, and Amazon Instant Prime. I did worry as I have SKY Broadband , but I had no problem whatsoever. I found streaming from Amazon Prime to be excellent. I had no vuffering and it was like watching a normal blu ray. I should point out that it may not be so good for everyone, but I had no problem with SKY router. The super-wi fi seems to have very good connectivity. Tried mirror imaging using a DLNA enabled Samsung phone and this worked well. Better than the Samsung 5700 BD Smart player I also tested.
Only thing I found o be a little problem was using the web browser provided by Google to search for other sites outside the SEN. Did work but just a little fiddly.
I would recommend this player to all. It's Sony's penultimate top of the range (second only to the 7200 model just out which boasts even better sound) So if you cannot addord that one, get this 6200 as I think its the best, and for a multi DVD it's a fantastic price at £169.99.
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VINE VOICEon 28 March 2014
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
First thing first, when opening the box you are slightly breath-taken with the stunning look of this small machine. It's very stylish and quite compact. Then, you look at the remote and quite can't believe this is the remote for this machine, it's an ugly little slab with no style to it at all.
This player replaces my Panasonic DMP-BDT230EB which I thought was pretty good. Panasonic DMP-BDT230EB Smart Network 3D Blu-ray Disc Player - Black (New for 2013)
The Sony player I managed to get working in about 2 minutes though. Iy has an ethernet connection so I wired it to my hub, attached the HDMI (why do they not include these leads?), turned it on and set it up. It turns on very quickly (seconds) even though I chose the slow option to save a bit of money when it's in standby (there are 2 power settings allowing for speed of powering up but using different amounts of electricity in standby mode).
It found the wired connection without issue and the menu screen appeared...and this is where anyone who has used a PS3 will smile, because the meny is exactly the same bar no gaming.
And it's fast! Really fast. In fact the menu may need to slow down slightly it scrolls that quickly through options.
I next checked for updates and had one straight away, again, just like the PS3 you can use the internet or a USB to update.
Then, lastly I checked for iPlayer, found it needed to locate services, it took a few seconds to upload something and then there was about 50 channels to choose from! Again, probably helped by the wired connection, I found these services very fast and very good quality.
As for the actual BluRay player, it's what you would expect without trebling the price (I own an OPPO, and they are very hard to beat on quality). It does the job well, I doubt you will be disappointed with the quality unless you demand the very best.

I tried to find out how the DVD could be made region free. Sony gave this reply:
In regards to your inquiry, please be advised that all UK DVD players are region 2 which was an agreement made within the original industry collaboration of companies involved in the manufacturing of the DVD format.
Also, any software or hardware changes made to a DVD player / recorder may damage the product due to changing the product's original specifications and will invalidate the manufacturers guarantee / warranty.

Some places are selling these already region free (without affecting warranty), so if this is important to you please bear this in mind.
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Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
The last two bluray players I owned were good in video but slow processing, so for example it took ages for them to respond to switch on, open and load the movie even on the fast boot option. The first one was an older generation Sony, and the second a slightly newer Panasonic but 3D. This Sony BDPS6200 beats those hands down in processing speed. I don't have to wait around for the unit to come on. I just hit eject, load the disc and close and it's ready. The Netflix and Amazon instant and other apps on there are useful if you don't already have a smart TV.

The 3D quality on this new Sony is awesome. The best I've seen at home so far. The operation and settings options are intuitive and the connection to the internet is easy to set up, just follow on screen options step by step.

The only criticism is the shape of the unit on the top surface. I can only assume they've done it like that so you don't stack other media boxes on top of it. Other than that, pretty much perfect little package.
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VINE VOICEon 17 April 2014
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
Out of the five 2014 Blu-ray Disc Players that Sony sell, the BDP-S6200 is their second to top-of-the-range model, beaten only by the BDP-S7200 with its High-Resolution Audio. The BDP-S6200 is actually a newer model of (and very similar to) the BDP-S790 I reviewed back in 2012. So I suggest you read that review, to learn more about its picture quality, 4K upscaling, 3D, and Sony Entertainment Network. The BDP-S6200 comes neatly packaged in a smaller (39.2 cm x 7 cm x 27.2 cm) box that contains the following seven items, but (as usual) no HDMI cable:

- Sony BDP-S6200 Blu-ray Disc/DVD player (black)
- AC Power Cord (UK plug, inconveniently hard-wired into the back of the BDP-S6200)
- Remote Control (RMT-B128P, black, 33 buttons)
- Sony AAA Batteries (two of them, silver)
- Simple Manual (just 15 pages, full Operating Instructions available online)
- Notice for the customers of Europe (pointless piece of paper)
- European Guarantee Information Document

While technically thicker overall than the BDP-S790 (4.3 cm vs 4.2 cm), the BDP-S6200 actually looks thinner because its front panel is just 3.1 cm tall. Using Sony's 2013 Sense of Quartz design language, the BDP-S6200 features striking triangular shapes, non-parallel lines, plus glossy black and mirror finishes. It certainly looks stunning, but the pyramid-like top surface could prove impractical if you're planning on resting/stacking anything on top of it.

There isn't a single button on the front of the BDP-S6200, just a Disc tray (tray-loading mechanism), a single-line LED display, a Remote sensor and a USB jack (Type A, 5V 500mA) hidden behind an unnecessary flap. On the top, a large triangular rocker switch forms two buttons (Disc tray open/close, on/standby), which is far more practical than the BDP-S790's exasperating invisible soft-touch buttons. Unfortunately, unlike the BDP-S790 which has nine rear ports, the BDP-S6200 only has four. The lack of Digital Out (Optical) jack may be a deal-breaker for some:

- Digital Out Coaxial jack (compatible with PCM, DTS, and Dolby Digital audio formats)
- LAN (100) terminal
- HDMI Out jack
- USB jack (Type A, 5V 500mA)

The BDP-S6200's remote control omits the BDP-S790's number pad, thereby reducing the number of buttons (from 45 down to 33), making it smaller (about two-thirds of the size), and noticeably lighter too (from 116 g down to 72 g). Of course, it's still ridiculously ugly and overcomplicated compared to the 2009 Apple Remote, but it's certainly an improvement over what came with the BDP-S790.

Of course, you might never use the supplied remote control, because every function of the BDP-S6200 can be controlled from your iPhone or iPad using an app. TV SideView is a "Remote and TV Guide app" made by Sony, that you can download for iOS and Android for free. The one catch with TV SideView used to be that you couldn't actually turn your Blu-ray player on or off with it. However, thanks to the BDP-S6200's Remote Start feature, this is now possible. As soon as you open the TV SideView app it says "Connecting..." and then asks you "Do you want to turn on power?". Tap on "OK" and the BDP-S6200 magically comes to life.

Yes, Quick Start Mode and Remote Start are two very significant features of the BDP-S6200. The BDP-S790 actually had them too, but on the BDP-S6200 they're tied together, working faster and more reliably than ever. With Quick Start Mode and Remote Start both set to "On", the BDP-S6200 is permanently on. Yes, even when it looks like it's off, as indicated by the lack of lights on the front panel, it's actually still on, using 5.8W. While this does waste electricity, one benefit is that pressing the on/standby button on the remote control causes the BDP-S6200's home menu to appear instantly! The BDP-S790 could turn on in about 3 seconds, but the BDP-S6200 can do it in 0. So when Sony say it has a "shorter start-up time", they really mean it.

Another benefit of leaving Quick Start Mode and Remote Start set to "On", is an impressive trick you can now do with Google's YouTube app (for iOS and Android). Imagine you're in a room with the BDP-S6200 and a Sony TV (with BRAVIA Sync), that are both turned off, and you're watching a video in the YouTube app on your iPhone. Wouldn't it be cool if you could start that video playing on the TV, in just two taps, without touching any remote controls? Well, now you can. In the YouTube app, simply tap on the Cast icon at the top of the screen. At the bottom of the screen two options appear: "Blu-ray Disc Player" or "Cancel". Tap on "Blu-ray Disc Player" and the BDP-S6200 automatically turns on, the TV automatically turns on and switches to the correct input source (e.g. HDMI 3), and the YouTube video starts playing on the TV. It's fantastic. Yes, it could be a little faster (the sequence takes about 19 seconds) but it's incredibly simple and something that the Apple TV can't do!

At this price, the BDP-S6200 obviously has built-in Wi-Fi. But, it's not just regular Wi-Fi, it's what Sony are calling "super Wi-Fi". Personally I haven't noticed any improvement over the BDP-S790, but Sony claim the BDP-S6200's super-sensitive antenna can pick up weak Wi-Fi signals, making it more reliable when placed in rooms far from your router. It's not quite that "super" though, because there's no support for 802.11ac, just the usual 802.11b/g/n at 2.4GHz.

The BDP-S6200 is currently capable of accessing 37 online video services, which I've listed below in the exact order they appear in the Video category of the home menu. Annoyingly you can't sort this list, or hide services from it that you never use, so getting down to YouTube (my favourite) always takes a while. I should point out that Demand 5 has recently been redesigned, and the BBC iPlayer on the BDP-S6200 loads quickly in about 11 seconds and has smooth transitions from screen to screen:

- Video Unlimited
- Amazon Instant Video
- Netflix
- BBC iPlayer
- Demand 5
- BBC News
- Sky News
- Qello HD Concerts
- YuppTV
- BBC Sport
- Crackle
- euronews
- YouTube
- 3D Experience
- Billabong
- AOL On
- Break.com
- blinks
- Wired
- Indaba Music
- Epicurious.com
- Concierge.com
- Style.com
- uStudio
- GolfLink.com
- LIVESTRONG.COM for a Healthy Life
- eHow.com
- Flixster
- SingingFool
- Podcasts
- Meteonews TV
- Tagesschau
- DW

Overall, I think the Sony BDP-S6200 is a great product, one that I highly recommend. It's got a stunning Sense of Quartz design, it's fast and easy to operate, it turns on instantly, it can be remotely started via the TV SideView and YouTube apps, and it can access a huge number of online video services. It also has Screen Mirroring, a new feature, but this only works with Sony Xperia smartphones and tablets (it doesn't work with iOS). In addition, the pyramid-like top surface isn't entirely practical, the remote control is still ugly and overcomplicated, and there are only four rear ports. But that's just me nitpicking, really.

P.S. Unlike other reviewers, I didn't have any trouble accessing Internet content. My BDP-S6200 came with software version M21.R.0071 pre-installed, and I updated it to M21.R.0112 before writing this review.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 14 March 2014
The only negative I have to say about this player is how cheap and tacky the small remote is. It would be more at home with one of those cheap £12.99 DVD players. While functional, the buttons are ' squidgy' and not the most responsive.

However the actual picture and audio quality is excellent, a noticeable improvement over the LG player it replaced. Movement in action sequences is very smooth, colour saturation is excellent and I could not see any artifacts on my LG 47" TV. Setup is very easy and the menu system is easy to navigate.

I have a BT Homehub 5 and the easy setup using WiFi found my network and worked as soon as I entered my password. I did not experience any of the setup issues other reviewers have commented on. It asked me to download updated content which only took a minute or so and then I had access to all the apps such as BBC iPlayer. It also detected my DLNA server on my network for music, photos and additional content.

I havent yet tried to share my XPeria Z screen yet and will update the review when I do so.
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on 19 October 2014
I've been looking for a multi-region player for a long time and this one is great especially for the price I paid for. It plays all my region 1 and 3 discs. Thank You.
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Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
These days, options, ergonomics and quality in electronics are so convergent that it is difficult to differentiate one offering from another. Sony has tried to make this player stand out in appearance by a very slightly peaked top, which gave the excuse to add a mirror finish to the front facet. An interesting look if `form over function' and slightly distractive. That said, I stop noticing the appearance of most electronic kit within a few days after which they are simply black boxes.

This is a sleek, simple to use Blu-ray and 3d player with Wi-Fi providing fast processing and high quality images. Set up was painless and Sony's App can substitute for the compact remote (whose keys are of the rubber type that do not offer a very affirmative sense of click).

Quality these days is generally so good that judging differences sometimes feels like splitting hairs. However, this replaced an entry level machine and the difference was very noticeable in terms of picture quality, response speed and quietness. If you have a Smart television on line services will overlap but if not it will open up a range of options for you.

I can't really fault this item and it earns its positioning towards the premium end of the market - it is unlikely that it will be the weak link in any home cinema set up and the quality attains such a level that in general use my own eyesight probably becomes the governing factor. Historically I tended to have an affinity with Sony for no particularly definable reason and whilst Samsung has recently impressed me on quality (at least for Smart televisions), this piece of kit shows that Sony is maintaining a very competitive position.
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on 5 September 2016
I bought this Sony DVD Blu-ray player with 4K upscaling because I like the design of the sort of pyramid that is on the top which matches my router.
Once you turn it on you were greeted with the welcome screen and to connect to the Internet.
The smart feature and the apps then will download to the player.
There are various apps from Amazon movies BBC iPlayer etc.
I have Blu-ray and DVD's from around the world so different regions and they all work on this DVD Blu-ray player which is awesome because I didn't think that the Blu-ray part would be region free.
The remotes is pretty much a standard Sony remote control if you have any other Sony system then you'll know what I mean.
Using it for the smart features it's a tad laggy but not too bad.
The picture quality is very good and the sound coming through the HDMI is also good.
On the back just as lab socket hey HDMI and a digital out coaxial and a usb socket also on the front behind a little door is another USB socket.
The buttons on the actual system is just on off and eject so you do need the remote to control everything else.
As a player I do recommend this is Delso links with any Sony products so that it's Hdmi controlled and you could use the Sony TV remote instead of.
The home screen display is very much like the PlayStation 3
review image review image
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