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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 24 March 2014
First thing that catches the eye,is the cover,nearly said sleeve,that would have aged me,it evokes memories of the past,when the sleeve was key,you knew already what you were going to get,this would have had you expecting Uriah Heep-like rock and fantasy,nice nod to the 'Chase the Dragon cover' and if your a fan of ELOY,then the old man looks similar to the wizard on the UK cover of 'Planets'

The fantasy may be short on the ground but the heavy rock isnt,from the fist pumpin' in the air guitar driven rock of 'Live Til You Die' to the crunchin' dirty guitar riff in 'Too Many Clowns' this band is on fire once again.

Throw in the lush keyboards of 'Unwritten Sacrifice' with Bob Cately's raspy voice, taut with emotion,marvel at the(born to be played live),'Midnight Angel',an epic of majestic proportions,you can just see the dry ice billowing across the stage,enjoy the simplicity of 'Burning River' which reminds you of the early 80's.... I could go on and on,you get the drift,they've done it again,3 stunning albums in a row.
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on 14 October 2014
Music - This is Magnum and there are certainly echoes of past glories but I have so far yet to discover either the deep mystery of the "On a Storyteller's Night" eara or the memorable molodies of albums such as "Brand New Morning". Don't misunderstand me - it's a good album and I expect it will grow on me over time (as a long time Magnum fan!) but it lacks the immediate impact of their other work. For this aspect I'd give this purchase a FOUR star review.

Purchasing - I refuse to purchase music from iTunes simply because I refuse to have every aspect of my purchasing dictated by the narrow confines of the 'apple garden'. I want to purchase digital music honestly and legitimately and I want to use it as freely as if I'd purchased an old fashioned CD. I want to play it at home or in the car. I want to loan the disc to my teenage son to help convert him to Magnum. What I certainly don't want is to find that Amazon now use an appalling software interface to 'manage' your music making it impossible to even purchase without installing their awful client software on my computer.

What really annoys is that, right up to the moment I tried to acquire my purchase I did not spot any warning saying that I would be unable to leave the store with my purchase without infecting my computer with their atrocious software package. WHY??!!! This would be like me walking into a music shop to purchase a CD then being told that I could not leave the shop with the CD nor play the music on it unless I agreed to allow the sales assistant free access to my computer. Would anyone agree to that??

A ONE star rating for this aspect of the review!

Sorry, Amazon. This is the LAST time I will be purchasing music from your store. There are alternatives and I intend to use them.
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on 25 May 2014
I can only really add to what others have said - this is a great album. I thought they'd reached a peak with the one before this (13th Day) so I'm pretty gobsmacked, not only that they've bettered it, but that they've bettered it only two years on. The song writing is great, the production is great and you get cool album art too. Enjoy it while it lasts...these guys won't be around for ever.

PS Saw them perform in Bristol and it was a great night, not just because of Magnum but also a brilliant support band, Neonfly.
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on 13 May 2014
I was fortunate enough to attend a 'playback' of this album with the band in the recording studio with some other fans before it was released and I have to say it was great to hear track after track of excellent Tony Clarkin songs.

I've been a fan since Storyteller and seen them more times than I can remember but Bob is really back on form here and I don't think there's a weak track on the album.

So if you're a long standing fan this is a album worthy of the Magnum name and if you're a new fan this is a great album to give you a taste of where Magnum are at and hopefully confidence to dip into their back catalogue.
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on 11 July 2014
I was a fanatical Magnum fan in the 80s. Storytellers night, Wings of Heaven, Vigilante, brilliant albums. Then they seemed to fall off my radar until recently. I kept reading rave reviews so I thought I'd better see what all the fuss was about and buy this.This outfit absolutely defy logic age, gravity and whatever the hell else there is to defy to be producing music this good! Got the deluxe version with some nice videos in a beautiful package.Magnificent.
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on 6 April 2014
I haven't been totally enthused by the albums since Magnum reformed, although the reworked songs on Evolution were a big Iimprovement on the originals. However this album is Magnum back to their best. There are some excellent tracks and I can already see Bob singing them on tour. There are a couple of songs where age has caught up with Bob's voice and his range is not as good as it once was. Nevertheless I have my ticket for the local gig and I am looking forward to seeing/hearing the band live again. Rock on.
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on 14 May 2014
I thought 'On the 13th Day' was a great album and wasn't sure if they could improve on it. Admittedly since they reformed each album has been a little better than the once before, but time would tell. It sounded good at the album launch at the Robin 2 at Bilston and has just got better with each hearing. Stand out tracks for me are;Falling For The Big Plan, Unwritten Sacrifice and Too Many Clowns but the other songs are close behind. I can't believe how Tony Clarkin can keep coming up with such good lyrics, great riffs and wonderful melodies. If you like Magnum, I strongly suggest you get this. Play it three times and you'll be hooked!
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on 4 May 2014
Magnum consistently produce good albums. This time they have excelled themselves. This will go down to be one of their classics alongside Storytellers Night and Wings of Heaven. All the tracks are strong~standouts are Falling for the big plan and Unwritten sacrifice, but it is all down to individual choice. When most bands in their late 50's / early 60's are touring greatest hits packages it's refreshing to see a band writing and producing new material and it's all credit to the record company for having the faith in the band to release new material. The album is well produced with the keyboards allowed to blend in with the guitars and not swamp them, Catley's vocals being so well suited to the songs, and songwriter Clarkin again delivering the goods. Arenas selling bands like Bon jovi can only dream of putting out an album of this class, and it's a shame Magnum don't get the recognition they deserve. However their legions of faithful fans will buy this album and support any tours they do. Long live magnum!
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on 27 April 2014
From the opener "Live 'til you Die" right through to the end "The Valley of Tears" it's a fantastic if typical helping of Magnum melodic pomp. And I mean that in a good way. Yes it can be very samey..piano intro, slow build up, bob's vocals, drum beat building to the chorus but hey, that's what I love about this music. Magnum is like an old friend...typically predictable and well known with the occasional surprise. Saw them on tour recently and as per usual, didn't play my favourite from this album, "Don't fall asleep". Hey ho...the rest live was bloody brill. Why have I not given it 5*? well there is always but always a corny (to me) track on every album that I don't like. It's "Burning River" on this album. The only album that is 5* completely is Princess Alice. I know Bob's vocals are nowhere near as good as times gone by but hey..I wish I could sing like him now, let alone in my mid 60's! Nice one Mr Clarkin.
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on 20 May 2014
I fine the album that is a stepping stone back to classic era albums sounds of days gone past, with crisp mixing and evenly clear sounds. Touching Eleven Hour, Chase the Dragon, Vigilante, Wings of Heaven in quality of the music, vocals, and lyric writing. I find the band progressing upward again to there status as great musicians and the band pulled tightly together with glue again.
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