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Customer reviews

4.6 out of 5 stars
4.6 out of 5 stars
Escape From The Shadow Garden
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on 22 November 2016
I have bought most releases from Magnum over the years but although I like the band I am not someone who eulogises over each new release hailing it as the greatest thing since sliced bread, I feel I am more objective. With this in mind, with this review comes a little criticism that has nagged at me for a while. Escape from the Shadow Garden is a good album, of that I have no doubt and yet again Tony Clarkin has written some excellent songs (he usually does!) For me though Tony Clarkin (along with Bob) is Magnum's strength but also, in some ways its weakness: let me explain.
I know many will criticise my last comment and I firmly believe Clarkin to be both an excellent composer and lyricist but, he doesn't appear to be an excellent lead guitarist. Many will say that doesn't matter, but for me anyway, many Magnum songs call for an injection of some gentle fire to truly elevate them from good to great or, as in some cases, from the one paced, one dimensional to very good. Many Magnum songs call for a decent guitar solo or lead fill to make their sound even more expansive and I believe someone like a Vinny Burns in their ranks would have done wonders for Magnum and broadened their appeal even further.
As stated I have bought most of Magnum's output over the years and have seen them live a couple of times so I feel reasonably qualified to be objective when reviewing this.
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on 24 April 2014
Great mix of classic Magnum songs. Good rockin ones too! Love Too Many Clowns, Live Till You Die and Crying in the Rain.
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on 24 March 2014
Marvelous sounding record from Magnum; I haven't been a fan of this band for very long but it is clear from the very first song "Live 'til you die" that this band mean business; and in hindsight- sort of continues a recent trend of very high quality albums dating back to around 2004's "Brand new morning". With "Escape from the shadow garden" I am now convinced that Magnum are better now than they have ever been:- A comfortable record contract with SPV and a knack for writing versatile, memorable and compelling rock songs as they have always done, is behind the results which are so demonstratively compelling with this latest 18th installment.

"Escape from the shadow garden" follows in a natural progression to "On the 13th day", which I found to be as good a rock album as I have ever heard. The production sounds organic and natural; clear and as perfect a rock sound as you would want. The relative quality of musicianship is also very high:- there is some small elements of classical sounds, with a heavy imprint of the awesome Magnum style, strong musical corridors and a decent array of rock riffs sandwiched comfortably within a set of dynamic and well constructed songs.

A stratospherically high quality of songwriting is testament to Magnum's studio focus, experience and dedication to what they're doing. For me, every song on the album is re-playable and enjoyable; Highlighting the track "Falling for the big plan", it is quite simply a superb song and a key track of the album. Whilst "Too many clowns" will be a surprise to many as there is a distinct metal influence and style underneath it's chunky chorus which remarkably suits the band quite well. I still cannot believe however, that the band have released an LP of this quality so soon- of the back of such a great predecessor just 18 months ago.

I believe there is two versions of this album on CD, a jewel case version with eleven songs -as standard, and also an alternative double 2disc superlative digipak version with "Recorded over six nights in europe" as a bonus and some extra on tour footage in "Too many clowns". So nothing outstandingly special about the extra's then; but as myself having now bought the digipak version, I find it a well pressed, designed and decently presented item- so full marks from me on that note. Definitely recommend a straight purchase of this album; and that is frankly the best artwork I have seen on a rock album since Rush's - Moving Pictures.
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Again it,s ok ,overall just ok sadly,However there is two really great tunes on here that i would consider to be among Magnum,s best efforts they are track 1. Live til you die and track 8.Dont fall asleep,but sadly two out of eleven is not good especially when your parting with hard earned cash.I love magnum and have been a fan for 30 years but i fear their best work is well and truly behind them i do hope they prove me wrong in the future,other notable tracks are midnight angel and burning river but bob,s voice and the production is far from the heady classic days of storytellers,vigilante and wings of heaven.On a plus point Rodney Matthews artwork is fantastic i just wish the music was up to the same standard.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 24 March 2014
First thing that catches the eye,is the cover,nearly said sleeve,that would have aged me,it evokes memories of the past,when the sleeve was key,you knew already what you were going to get,this would have had you expecting Uriah Heep-like rock and fantasy,nice nod to the 'Chase the Dragon cover' and if your a fan of ELOY,then the old man looks similar to the wizard on the UK cover of 'Planets'

The fantasy may be short on the ground but the heavy rock isnt,from the fist pumpin' in the air guitar driven rock of 'Live Til You Die' to the crunchin' dirty guitar riff in 'Too Many Clowns' this band is on fire once again.

Throw in the lush keyboards of 'Unwritten Sacrifice' with Bob Cately's raspy voice, taut with emotion,marvel at the(born to be played live),'Midnight Angel',an epic of majestic proportions,you can just see the dry ice billowing across the stage,enjoy the simplicity of 'Burning River' which reminds you of the early 80's.... I could go on and on,you get the drift,they've done it again,3 stunning albums in a row.
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on 24 March 2014
Right from the start this Album oozes classic Magnum with some some great keyboards from Mark Introducing the first track "live Till You Die". Then it just gets better and better as you listen to it with the great vocals from Bob and guitar riffs from Tony. With great solid rock tracks like "Too Many Clowns" and the moving Ballad's like "Don't Fall Asleep" you really have got an album here that showcases magnum at their very best.
As much as I love Magnum I always seem to find a song on every Album that takes me a couple of Listens before I get it! But not on this Album all the tunes had me hooked from the very first listen.
Well done Tony, Bob Mark , Al and Harry (Magnum)
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on 27 March 2014
I've given this album a few listens to before writing the review as I certainly think this one is a grower. I loved On The 13th Day and thought that it couldnt be topped but Magnum have done their level best to attempt it and I think they have an album as good as the previous one, and may very well be seen as better than in the months to come.

Where 13th Day had a lot of immediate up-tempo numbers Shadow garden opts more for bringing you into the song gradually. Exceptions to this are the excellent all-out rocker Too Many Clowns (which screams single) and Burning River. Midnight Angel is superb and other tracks such as Falling For The Big Plan, Live Til You Die and Unwritten Sacrifice, are all superb both in terms of the structure and the performance of the band. For me the album finishes off with possibly Magnum's best ballad anthem, Valley of Tears, a beautiful song with an uplifting lyric and should go down well live, as the whole album would truth be told.

All in all a class album. Great production bringing the best out of the songs and all the band playing brilliantly. Bob's voice sounds good on this album with Tony really pushing the voice and Bob responding. he really ensures that the emotion of the song carries across. Tony's work on the guitar is as excellent as always. he is undoubtedly the most under-rated guitarist as well as under-rated songwriter in the UK, if not the world. It is a source of sadness that whilst no name one-shot wonders get all the credit, true talents like Magnum barely cause a stir.

I guess the best compliment I can give this album was playing it at a cafe and the other people there asking who the band were and saying what an amazing album it was. Magnum deserve to be far better known than they are. With this album they show again why that is. Whilst other bands in their age range are content to go on greatest hits tours, Magnum keep putting out new material. Always high quality, always with the highest of integrity.
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on 8 April 2014
After seeing a preview of 'Too Many Clowns' on YouTube, I'll admit that I started to wonder whether or not Magnum might have finally run out of steam, but I'm happy to say that once again, Tony Clarkin has penned yet another album of startling quality.
The first thing that hits you is the cover artwork. For me, this is quite possibly Rodney Matthews finest Magnum album sleeve and there are some interesting parallels with 1983's 'The Eleventh Hour'. The cover recreates the setting of that sleeve whilst tipping the hat to the imagery on other records and the tone/mood of the music on 'Escape From The Shadow Garden', in addition to some of the social commentary and cynicism in the lyrics is very similar to that album. If that wasn't enough, this record reached number 38 on the UK album charts, as did 'The Eleventh Hour'. Spooky eh?
Onto the music; a good way to gauge how good Magnum albums are is to try and picture Bob Catley gesticulating on stage to each track. There's plenty on offer here and from the glorious, galloping pomp rock of opener 'Live to You Die' to the cigarette lighters in the air finale of 'The Valley of Tears', this new album shows Magnum playing to their strengths, but giving it some extra steel.
'Unwritten Sacrifice' and 'Crying in The Rain' have an intensity that I've rarely heard on a Magnum record and the aforementioned 'Too Many Clowns', along with the rollicking 'Burning River' deliver plenty of hard rock crunch. It's not all big rock though; 'Midnight Angel' and 'Don't Fall Asleep' are two superb and reassuringly uncorny ballads.
Magnum are in terrific shape. Bob Catley's vocal performances are bang on the money. He sings his little heart out on every track and remains arguably the most underrated British rock vocalist of his generation. Tony Clarkin delivers soaring, jagged guitarwork and a surprising amount of riffage throughout his finely crafted songs, with Mark Stanway's keyboards adding plenty of symphonic flourishes, depth and textures to the music. Again, the rhythm section of Al Barrow and Harry James on bass and drums respectively is unfussy, yet effective, driving the music home with real power at times and what I love about this music and Magnum in general, is that you don't get many fade outs with their songs. They end properly, which shows a reluctance to be lazy in the studio.
Magnum continue to defy age, fashions and trends and despite a lack of mainstream coverage, they continue to grow their fanbase and creep further and further up national charts, both here and in Europe with each release. 'Escape From the Shadow Garden' is another high end collection of melodic/hard rock with the odd proggy element here and there and when you consider the banality of British music these days, one can only thank the Lord that Magnum are still going strong. God bless 'em.
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on 14 October 2014
Music - This is Magnum and there are certainly echoes of past glories but I have so far yet to discover either the deep mystery of the "On a Storyteller's Night" eara or the memorable molodies of albums such as "Brand New Morning". Don't misunderstand me - it's a good album and I expect it will grow on me over time (as a long time Magnum fan!) but it lacks the immediate impact of their other work. For this aspect I'd give this purchase a FOUR star review.

Purchasing - I refuse to purchase music from iTunes simply because I refuse to have every aspect of my purchasing dictated by the narrow confines of the 'apple garden'. I want to purchase digital music honestly and legitimately and I want to use it as freely as if I'd purchased an old fashioned CD. I want to play it at home or in the car. I want to loan the disc to my teenage son to help convert him to Magnum. What I certainly don't want is to find that Amazon now use an appalling software interface to 'manage' your music making it impossible to even purchase without installing their awful client software on my computer.

What really annoys is that, right up to the moment I tried to acquire my purchase I did not spot any warning saying that I would be unable to leave the store with my purchase without infecting my computer with their atrocious software package. WHY??!!! This would be like me walking into a music shop to purchase a CD then being told that I could not leave the shop with the CD nor play the music on it unless I agreed to allow the sales assistant free access to my computer. Would anyone agree to that??

A ONE star rating for this aspect of the review!

Sorry, Amazon. This is the LAST time I will be purchasing music from your store. There are alternatives and I intend to use them.
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on 6 April 2014
I haven't been totally enthused by the albums since Magnum reformed, although the reworked songs on Evolution were a big Iimprovement on the originals. However this album is Magnum back to their best. There are some excellent tracks and I can already see Bob singing them on tour. There are a couple of songs where age has caught up with Bob's voice and his range is not as good as it once was. Nevertheless I have my ticket for the local gig and I am looking forward to seeing/hearing the band live again. Rock on.
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