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Customer Reviews

4.7 out of 5 stars
4.7 out of 5 stars
Style Name: 18-55mm VR II Compact Lens Kit|Colour Name: Black|Change
Price:£309.00 - £409.00
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I've used Nikon cameras since the Nikon F back in the 60s. I used Nikon cameras as a professional photographer right up to the F4S when I retired. I sold all my film stuff and bought a D70 and soon changed to a D90 which I used up to yesterday.

Then the D3200 arrived and, for the price, it is awesome. You can cut a small piece out of the centre of a photo and enlarge it and it looks like full frame. That is where this camera comes into its own. With its 24 Megapixel CMOS sensor it leaves everything except the D800 (£2900.00) way behind.

I've heard it said that anything over 12 Megapixels doesn't really matter. Well this camera gives the lie to the statement. It makes a hell of a difference.

It also takes superb 1080p videos and will auto focus while doing so, something the the D90 wouldn't do. Another improvement on the D90 is the fact that it has infra red remote release windows on the back as well as the front. I thought it was a bit silly for the D90 to only have one on the front which is where you are least likely to use it.

A word of warning though. If you already have a Nikon digital camera, then you probably have the Nikon View NX2 software. This camera comes with the latest View NX2 software but do not overwrite the old software. I did and then found that I couldn't open the RAW (NEF) files from the D3200. The way to do it is to uninstall the old software before you install the new. Then it works perfectly.

If you purchase this camera get yourself a big SDHD card as the file sizes are huge. Shooting in RAW (which I always do) you'll get 259 exposures on an 8 Gig card. So my next purchase will be a 32 Gig card. Amazon do a Sandisc Ultra 32 Gig card at £17.77; a very good price.

It's a pity there are only five stars as I would like to have given this camera 10.

I've now used this camera for a few weeks and it is amazing. Having read some of the bad reviews, I've come to the conclusion that the reviewers don't have the camera. I did a series of test shots today from ISO100 to ISDO12800 and the results were staggering. You can see the shots here: [...]
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VINE VOICEon 8 June 2015
Having only ever used a point and click camera before, I wanted to take the next step. I have been impressed with the past two Nikon coolpix cameras I have had so decided to try this DSLR. I am really glad I did, the images I have managed to take have been superb, a relay big step up. I must say the change in process has been a fairly steep learning curve; but has been worth sticking with. The kit lens is a good start but I almost instantly needed to buy a second telephoto lens.
The problem with moving from a very compact camera to a DSL is the size, I now find myself with a backpack with a camera and 3 lenses which is quite heavy. but the images you can get are defiantly worth the increase in weight and additional exercise.
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on 27 January 2014
Very happy with the camera! It makes great pictures, it becomes even better when you learn how to use the special modes where you make decisions and adjustments to the settings before taking a snap!
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on 26 October 2015
This camera has already proved to be a very good performer. I thought about it for a long time, as I still have my middle-aged Sony R-1 which is still a good camera with a superb lens. However, the Electronic Viewfinder (EVF) is not so good for my aging eyes, and although the D3200 viewfinder is small, it is bright and very clear being fully optical. Having been a film camera user for a very long time, I still like a real viewfinder to look through, with the camera held to the eye.

The menus on the rear screen are easy to get used to, (and very clear to see) but please read the excellent supplied instruction manual, or visit and read his (also excellent) review and guide to this camera. After around three years since being introduced, the D3200 is still selling brand new, and the camera feels solid and very well made. Forget all the sales pitch about 'needing' huge numbers of pixels; so far I have the camera set to 6MP and the Fine quality JPG mode. You should get excellent pictures up to around A4 size.

The kit lens is an excellent performer, although I usually use Aperture Priority at F8 (as I often used a film camera, and still do occasionally). The manual zoom action is firm but smooth, and there is no fear of the zoom changing accidentally if you brush a hand or a sleeve against it. There is a button on the zoom ring that you depress to extend the lens for shooting, and for retracting when packing the camera into a small case. However, it is not necessary to retract the lens if you prefer the camera to be more 'ever-ready'.

There have been a few comments about the rear screen turning on every time you take a picture. This could be a nuisance if you were taking pictures for example in a low-lit club. However, you can turn off the image review in the menu. When you first switch on the camera, you do for a very few seconds get a read-out of the aperture / shutter speed / battery state etc. However, it is easy enough to hold the camera against your chest if the rear screen could be a nuisance. If you leave the camera switched on, then the rear screen will stay off. Only on the first 'boot-up' does it show for a very short while. So again, please read the manual!

I usually set the iso to 400. I have taken a few images at iso 1600. Attached is a monochrome image at iso 400 and a colour image taken at iso 1600. This was taken at F8 with the camera hand held and the only light was some reflected daylight from a window several feel away. The JPG quality of Le Chat has been reduced considerably in post editing using GIMP. I would ask please only use the two images for personal viewing. Although there is a lot more to learn about this camera, as I purchased it of recent weeks, I am very happy with it, and I hope this opinion of mine helps. Thank you for reading.
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on 10 July 2012
As a Nikon F and Nikon F6 user of many years, I endorse all the positive things that the other reviewers have said about the D3200.
By all means, pay the £2800 for the D800 or £1800 for the D700, but you won't get a more technically advanced processor and sensor than on the D3200. So unless you need to use the camera as a professional - huindreds of shots a day and heavy manual use in hard working situations - spend less on this camera! All electronic products are poor investments anyway! Some years ago I paid £1400 for a new Nikon F4 body. Six months alter, the same technical spec. came out in the F300 - 400 series, but in less 'durable' bodies for £300 ! Learn the lesson the easy way!
NOTE : THIS CAMERA CAN BE PURCHASED THROUGH AMAZON De. FOR £460 ! Post & packing are £5, delivery is 3 - 4 days. That's where I got mine. The camera has the same Nikon Eu guarrantee as if it had been purchased in the UK.
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on 6 June 2013
I was disappointed at first withthe D3200. All the photos seemed just a touch off focus. Amazon were brilliant. They gave me the option of return for refund or replacement or I could even send it to Nikon for calibration and return it to amazon if I wasnt happy after that.

I chose to send to Nikon for calibration as I though I had noting to lose. Parcel went out free on parcelforce 48 hr service. Camera was booked in, recalibrated and sent ny 24 hour courier all in 1 day. Total turn around 7 days including a weekend and a bank holiday.

Camera cam back perfect. Focus razor sharp now. If anyone buys one and isnt happy Id recommed sending to Nikon (Kingston) centre for recalibration.
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on 14 October 2014
I won't add to all the superlatives noted by other users, although I could! All I will add is this: Steve Jobs famously once said 'at Apple we don't sell technology we sell experiences'. With this camera it's the experience of using it that is so pleasurable. I just love looking through the viewfinder and pressing the shutter button!
I read a copy of "Understanding Exposure" by Bryan Peterson (from Amazon) which quickly weaned me off Auto which meant I produced some decent photos quite soon after I got the camera. (It's a great book- highly recommended.)
All is all the process of taking photos with the D3200 is so much more fun than a compact. I love it, and wouldn't be without it.
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on 22 May 2012
Who says pixels don't count? Oh yes they do. This D3200 gives outstanding images: better than the D7000 at 2/3 of the price.
This is the cheapest DSLR I own and I suspect it gives the best images due to the 24 million pixels.
Take a look at the attached image of a fly: spectacular!
I suspect only the Nikon D800/800E will be better.
A super 'entry level?' DSLR!
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on 20 April 2013
The image quality, ease of use, light weight and reasonable cost make this incredible value for money. Although promoted as a beginner's camera, and fulfills this role admirably, it also boasts features found on much more expensive models. I would strongly recommend this for anyone interested in "serious" photography, as well as anyone simply wanting to have more creative control than a "point and shoot". Combined with a 18-200mm lens this can do just about anything you need and produce fantastic images. Particularly useful for beginners is the built in tutorial which helps you set things up for the kind of pictures you want whether that is sport, babies, landscapes, wildlife...
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on 30 July 2015
Having had a basic point and shoot camera for many years I decided to be more adventurous and buy a digital SLR. This seemed to have many good review and it has not been a disappointment. I spent some time reading the instructions and testing it out before my next holiday. It was very easy to understand and use and downloading the pictures onto my laptop is so easy. The quality of the picture is excellent.

I would not hesitate to recommend this camera especially if, like me you just want good photos but without all the fuss of having to take them, I just put the autofocus on and the camera does the hard work, only using the other features like landscape, portrait as and when needed.
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