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4.2 out of 5 stars
4.2 out of 5 stars
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on 6 July 2007
I have been faithfully listening to Bon Jovi since their first album was released well over twenty years ago. I've always considered Jovi as one of the finest storytellers of our time and also one of the best ballad writers as country music was no so far fetched for the Jersey boys, since country music is primarily both elements. I was very happy to see the band's success with the country cross-over single "Who Says You can't Go Home" but a little hesitant about Bon Jovi releases a full album of country music. As a dedicated fan, I will always buy their album the day it comes out. I purchased LOST HIGHWAY from Target to get the bonus songs available on the disc...and this is the version of Jovi's new album to purchase!

Before the purchase of LOST HIGHWAY, I always ranked Keep the Faith and These Days as their finest albums. Now, I consider LOST HIGHWAY and These Days as their best albums to date. The new album is not just country, it's an amazing mix of Rock and country together that blend to make one incredible sound. I have been listening to their new album since the day it was released and have not been able to stop listening to it since.

Song Listing:

LOST HIGHWAY: This song was a great choice as the first song on the album. It has a care-free spirit about it and kicks the album off with a great feel. I have listened to this song many times and find myself mysteriously drawn back to it on a daily basis. A very relaxing song to listen to!!!

SUMMERTIME: If you want a song to rock to while driving down the road with the windows down...look no further! This one has a classic rock feel to it with a little bit more of the carefree spirit. A great reminiscent number that took me back to the better times spent with friends. Not much of a country feel to this one at all!!!

YOU WANT TO (MAKE A MEMORY): Of course you've probably heard this song all over country radio and on the CMT video countdown. It seems to continue climbing to the top and shows no signs of slowing down. This song is another great ballad from Jovi that only proves just how amazing the band is when it comes to writing about emotions and relationships.

WHOLE LOT OF LEAVIN': The acoustic guitar in this song is brilliant! Richie Sambora seems to radiate emotion from his guitar without ever having to speak a word. This song is another picture painted about relationships and the lack thereof. A very easy song on the ears that I have grown to love.

WE GOT IT GOING ON: I didn't care for this song much the first few times I listened to it. The lyrics are lacking depth and don't really fit in with the four songs before it, but I don't think the song was ever intended to be very deep or meaningful...Just a whole lotta fun!! With a little help from Big and Rich, the song is country music that has a definite rock sound as well. While the lyrics are lacking, the tune of the song is wonderfully hard to resist. I always turn the volume all the way up for this one!!! Richie Sambora's guitar solo give the song all the boost it needs to be great. This one will more than likely be heard all over country radio!

ANY OTHER DAY: Wow!! This song is probably one of my favorite Bon Jovi songs ever written! It must be the next single from LOST HIGHWAY no matter what! It rocks and rocks and rocks. This song feels like classic Jovi and will be a major hit! Richie's two guitar solo's are what makes him one of the best guitarists out there.

SEAT NEXT TO YOU: another compelling ballad that tells a beautiful story of love. The lyrics are amazing and kept me hooked all the way through. I hope this song is released as well. Another winner!!

EVERYBODY'S BROKEN: a good song all together but not one of my favorites on the album. It is a good song for the album and fits well with the feel of the rest of the songs but won't be heard from past that.

TIL WE AIN'T STRANGERS ANYMORE: Wow! This song will definitely be all over the radio! Another flawless ballad that cannot be matched lyrically or musically. Leanne Rimes was a perfect choice for this song. It's about as country as Jovi has gotten and proves that the transition was a great choice. I love this one!!

LAST NIGHT: another good fit for the album with the other songs but probably not a radio hit. I truly enjoy listening to this song and won't grow tired of it any time soon but it isn't one of the best songs on the album.

ONE STEP CLOSER: I really enjoy this song for many reasons. It's easy to listen to and has some great lyrics. It doesn't feel very country to me but I'm just one fan.

I LOVE THIS TOWN: not sure what the band was thinking with this one. Probably one of my least favorite songs on the album. It seems like an attempt at country but doesn't really sound much like any genre that I've heard. It does, however, have some good lyrics. You decide on this song!

WALK LIKE A MAN: This song should have definitely been put on the new album. It says one time "It's my life" so it may have been taken off the record for this reason...a dumb reason to take off a song that has 'hit song' written all over!! This is one of the best songs I've heard in years from Bon Jovi..another masterpiece that will never be heard. A perfect song lyrically that defines great storytelling!

As a dedicated Bon Jovi fanatic, I highly recommend LOST HIGHWAY to and rock fans!
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on 4 June 2007
Lost Highway- Nice lyrics it has to be said. The beat is constantly driving, like, well driving! The texture is great with the sliding fiddle and banjo. Bon Jovi-branded Plastic Dashboard Jesuses anyone?! However, the solo is too short, but I like the bridge. All in all not adventurous enough. Solid, though not spectacular opener. There is some nice although faint guitar work in the mix in the outro. Will be a great driving song. 7/10

Summertime- This one nicely attacks us, bringing over some aggressiveness from HAND. Some great drumming once again. Feels very much like summer, however the Who Says You Can't Go Home guitar riff is blatantly reused, although in a slightly different way to the original. 7/10

(You Want To) Make A Memory- Fantastic keyboard work. Simple but very effective. Percussion is also solid again. Harmonies between Jon and Richie are amazing. There's a constant heartbeat underpinning the whole thing, a combination of bass and percussion. Amazing build up and climax. Ending is much better than the original fadeout we heard. Richie in the outro... woo! Repetitive lyrics. 9/10

Whole Lot Of Leaving- I have not faulted the percussion up to this point and I'm not about to start by any means. Great lyrics again. Nice distortion guitar work. Nice solo into bridge once again! There's a lot of soul been poured into this one, it is obvious on listening. Effective melody variation in the last chorus. A very strong album track, although could not see it standing as a single alone, this is not much criticism. 9/10

We Got It Going On- Is there anybody out there looking for a party? We are! We have not had a good playabout Bon Jovi song since Captain Crash, but this one is astounding. The talkbox feels more natural, more like the live sound, far less sampled than in previous albums. Great fill. Love everybody! Gorgeous meaty lengthy talkbox solo. Big & Rich are not overused but nicely complement the song. I think this is the first time Richie and Jon have referred to themselves by name in the lyrics! Nice outro once again. Will be a truly stonking live act. 10/10

Any Other Day- Has to absolutely be the next single. Lyrics, beat, rhythm, guitar work, percussion, keyboard, absolutely EVERYTHING IS PERFECT. You will love this guitar solo. Richie is here and he's letting you know it! The two quarter-note slams on the distortion after 'me and you...' electrify me. Bridge is amazing once again. Did I say the solo was amazing? There's TWO SOLOS! AND THIS SECOND ONE IS LIKE NOTHING YOU HAVE HEARD ON ANY 2000s BON JOVI RECORD! Your hair will stand on end! The fade out comes way too soon... we are left hungry for more, and for a proper ending. Can't wait to hear the ending live. It has to be 11/10

Seat Next To You- Sounds very much like a Jon Bon Jovi solo record, like on Destination Anywhere. The percussion and the lyrics are sweet and make you want to go aww :) Unfortunately, it is not spectacular, there isn't much guitar, and including a female backing singer (LeAnn?) sounds a bit of a cobbled together way to make it sound different. 7/10

Everybody's Broken- I think this will be a great driving song too... this for some reason reminds me of driving into the sunset. I love the bridges. Percussion once again spot on. Melody in the chorus is heartwarming. Little guitar once again, but is a solid album track. But I can't see it being good live. 7/10

Til We Ain't Strangers Anymore- So we have the first Bon Jovi song featuring another artist on the main album. The harmonies are admittedly fantastic, and it does a good job of painting a bedroom scene. Nice guitar solo and background work too. Some of the lyrics really work but some are dross 'Make love with me baby til we ain't strangers anymore' as the last main lyric does not ring true with me. And I always see fadeouts as a copout of a real ending. 7/10

The Last Night- Sounds a lot like I Am off Have A Nice Day. No guitar solo. Kind of mediocre really, although the melody is nice in places. Not adventurous. Repetitive. Overall however it does have a good thick texture, and a nice structure. Won't be good live. 7/10

One Step Closer- Immediately strikes me that this will be good live. Towards the end of the main set perhaps. Beautiful sweet lyrics and keyboard work. Warm harmonies. Great placement of the bridge. Nice last 4 bars. Redeems the back half of this album. 9/10

I Love This Town- This song has little international appeal. Strongly US-centric I feel, very twangy. However, it has to be said that this song features all of the band members nicely and so is a good way to round off the album. I hope this doesn't take up space on the set of non-US live shows or get released as a single though; strictly an album track in my opinion. As I have said already, strong guitar (including solo), percussion spot on again, keyboards nicely complement the texture. Warming backing vocals. Great ending + guitar... woo! :D 8/10

Overall- Left step on this occasion comes up trumps for the band. I put this on an equal footing with Have A Nice Day, musically as competent but lighter. Special mention must be made of Any Other Day. Without a doubt the best track on the album and one you will want to play over and over again. Back half could have been better although not quite slipping into the same mediocrity that plagued Crush and Bounce, and the front half is very strong indeed. I will say it once again. ANY OTHER DAY! Next single! Please! Now!

Overall rating- 17/20
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on 12 June 2007
This album is what happens when the quintesential American band dabble in the most American form of music, country. Bon Jovi have always been obsessed with cowboy imagery and have finally got to the point in their career where they are able to make the images a reality. For the first time since These Days the band are not trying to fit in with current musical trends and they are playing to their two main strengths - Superb songwriting and excellent musicianship. This is probably the best amalgamation of the solo styles of Jon and Richie that they've managed so far. Jon is allowed to explore the themes and ideas he started with Destination Anywhere while being elevated to a higher plain by Richie's rootsier contributions. The results are probably the most accurate account of what Bon Jovi is about since the career high of These Days.

The overall mood of the album is more reflective (understandable given the situations some of the band members are living through at the moment) and as a result the songs are very powerful without simply being legions of distorted guitars. There has been more thought put into individual parts than is evident on other recent albums and this contributes to the depth and quality of experience. The guitar solos are back too! Richie is an outstanding guitarist and has a wonderfully expressive style which he allows out to play here. Really adds to the albums worth. Also, We got it going on features a Peter Frampton-scaring talkbox solo which makes you want to jump around with joy. The only niggle is the fact that David Bryan's keyboards remain criminally underused. He is such a massive part of their live sound and it makes little sense why he appears almost redundant on recordings.

This is just a well written, well played expose of everyday life, love and loss. But isn't that what every Bon Jovi cd has been about.

Bon Jovi have definitely still got it going on and for uplifting, heartfelt music of the highest order buy this cd now.
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on 7 July 2007
I have been a fan of Bon Jovi since before Slippery came out. Saw them on the Slippery tour. Have bought every album since, with diminishing enthusiasm. I love 70's classic rock. So what was I to make of this so-called "Country" album ?

I hate country music and I pretty much hate "Have a Nice Day", "Crush" and most of "Bounce", not because Bon Jovi lost their talent, but the direction was all wrong and seeminly manufactured. The decline started with "It's My Life" in my book - just a concocted slab of trying to be hip.

The box set on the other hand was fabulous, full of little gems of songwriting genius that still proved the band had it. I had to scratch my head and wonder why so many of the great recent songs on the box set had not made the recent studio albums.

Well, I plugged the CD into the car stereo, not really expecting much other than to be massively disapointed. But hey ! What a great opener, Lost Highway is classic Bon Jovi, by which I don't mean late-80's rock, it's just good time, good message, great vibe, rock'n'roll !

After that, each and every song on the album was for the most part, enjoyable and not a single country song in sight.

My god, what a relief. This album is NOT COUNTRY.

I love the album "Blaze of Glory" and don't recall anybody describing that as a country album. This is, in some ways, a similar style of music. It's americana if you like, but certainly not country, twangy and depressing.

It's definitely not Slippery When Wet, but when was the last time you listened to that album anyway ? It's a great album for today, and I believe truely reflects everything good about this band, without rehashing old ideas, or trying to be the latest trend. This is real music, and really good music.

Not quite a 5-star effort, but miles better than I had hoped for.

Recommended. Best since "These Days" !!
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on 3 June 2007
So you might have heard that this is a country album, wrong, it's very much a classic Bon Jovi album that is simply influenced by the Nashville country scene. There's no hoedowm going on here.

LOST HIGHWAY: Very good song. Everything about it is solid and likeable. It's nothing spectacular nor is it very origional or groundbreaking but that's no big deal. It's just a solid song and a good opener. 8/10

SUMMERTIME: This is a great song that makes you smile all the way through it. It really is just a perfect summertime song that makes you wanna be out in the sunshine. The music and vocals are great. It's a strong, powerful song yet laid back at the same time. 9/10

MAKE A MEMORY: This is the first single and an absolute classic. It's one of the best ballads they've ever made. Lyrically and musically it's superb, Jon's vocals are amazing as are Richie's harmonies and it's a great example of how a ballad can be powerful without being overblown in any way. 10/10

WHOLE LOT OF LEAVIN': A really great song. The song is extremely well written. It's dark, sad and very emotive yet hopeful aswell. Musically it's a nice blend between country and rock. 9/10

WE GOT IT GOING ON: This song just doesn't do it for me. The lyrics are absolutely horrific, but they are meant to be. It's fun rock song. The lyrics combined with the music and the whole vibe of the song could've worked but it seems to lack the energy the song needs in order to work. I'm sure it will work live though, however it's easily the worst song on the album. 5/10

ANY OTHER DAY: Could this be the best song they've ever made? Very possibly in my opinion. It's absolute perfection. It must be a single and there's nothing more that needs to be said about it. 10/10

SEAT NEXT TO YOU: I love this song. I doubt it will make anybody's top 10 songs and I can see a lot of people hating it but I think it's gorgeous and they really don't do enough of these full on acoustic songs. Jon's vocals are gorgeous and another really well written song. It could've done with a nice acoustic guitar solo but it's still a very fine ballad. 8/10

EVERYBODY'S BROKEN: This is a very interesting song. It's very unique for them musically and lyrically it's superb, it's just Jon's vocals seem a bit slow. It's not that that they don't work with the song, or I don't like them, they just seem a bit weird. I do love the song though and it will probably grow on my with more listens. 9/10

TILL WE AIN'T STRANGERS ANYMORE (Duet with LeAnne Rhimes): This is another classic. Incredibley well written, beautiful music and superb vocals from both Jon and Leanne. It could've done with a longer chorus at the end but that's a minor complaint. 10/10

THE LAST NIGHT: Brilliant song. Reminds a bit of "Waiting on a Sunny Day" from Bruce Springsteen. I love Jon's vocals in the bridge at the middle, very raw and powerful. Great chorus and great lyrics. I don't even mind that there's no solo. 9/10

ONE STEP CLOSER: Another superb song. Once again, brilliant lyrics with a very interesting melody and a great vocal from Jon. 9/10

I LOVE THIS TOWN: I love this song so much. It's the perfect song to close the album and a great salute to what inspired this album. Cathcy as hell too, and what a cool solo. It's the most overtly country song on the album and it's no bad thing at all. 9/10

The live versions of Make a Memory and Lost Highway are rather brilliant too.

I'm just absolutely blown away by this album. I'm not a hater of country music, nor am I a fan, and I never expected the album as good as this. But as I said earlier, it's not a country album. There's only one or two songs that you could say are country songs, and even those are pretty mild. Lyrically it's the best album since Destination Anywhere and maybe, save for We Got it Going On, the most well written album they've made. It is quite reminiscent of that mid-to-late ninties era and although Richie doesn't have a song where he lets loose a-la Dry County the solos are very much back. It's nice that they're not just just riffs but proper intricate, interesting solos.

It's really well produced too. It doesn't sound laden with technology at all. It actually sounds like a live recording almost, and since Jon sings well within himself for the most part I assume this album will come off superbly well live.

The best song is undoubtedly On Any Other Day, and many of the songs I rated as 8's and 9's will probably be growers too. I'm honestly shocked, I never thought that I'd find that this album can easily sit alongside the classic four: Keep The Faith, These Days, Destination Anywhere and Have A Nice Day.

5 stars without a doubt.
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on 12 June 2007
This is a truly fantastic album. It is a while since Jon and the boys have produced something of this quality. If you read the other reviews you may be feeling a little unsure about the album, but let me tell you how it is.

I've been a Jovi fan since 1985 and have had the pleasure of seeing them 13 times, from little arena's, all the way to the massive stadiums. I have everything they have ever released either as a band or as solo artists, official and unofficial, live and studio, so I feel somewhat qualified to pass on a decent review.

This is 2007 guys! Slippery and New Jersey are long gone and so are the times and era they were released in. It's so difficult to compare an album from now to an album from then. The beauty of Bon Jovi has been their ability to change and adapt to the times. They haven't always hit the nail on the head, but if they'd have stood still they'd be on the scrap heap of long gone rock bands like so many others. Lost Highway is a splendid album full of powerful, meaningful songs just like all of Jovi's albums are, but Prayer and Bad Name they ain't and for that I am thankful. It has more songs that make the hair on my neck stand on end than any album for a while. It is strong, well produced, has tremendous sound quality and to me it is simply what Bon Jovi are all about. The guest artists add another dimension to the album and Leann Rimes singing with Jon is pure class. The first 4 songs are brilliant - good old Bon Jovi stuff and the majority of the rest are just as good. The lyrics as always from Jon and Richie are superb and give the tracks 'meaning' and you can relate to them - that's what I mean about doing what they do best. Jon sings your life for you. Of course there's always the odd song or 2 that you'll skip past to get to a better one, but that's about all you'll skip on Lost Highway.

I was awaiting this album with a little bit of nerves. Waiting and wondering could they really still do it? Could Jon pull something out of the hat other than a 'run of the mill' album. Let me tell you that he certainly has. If you want to hear a masterpiece of song writing and delivery then you must but this album. If you want to live in the 80's and 90's (and great years they were), then buy Slippery When Wet, New Jersey, Keep The Faith etc... etc...

You will be tapping your feet, feeling the pain, living the song, thinking 'this is about me' and all the time smiling to yourself because you're listening to another brilliant Bon Jovi album.
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on 20 April 2012
I love this album. It has a wide range of influences and styles, but there is nothing innovate, just very well performed. Whether this is for you will depend, I think, on what you are expecting. If you like Country Rock and Duets (not unlike, in places, Lady Antebellum) then may be this is for you. The 5 Star reviews already posted, critique this album very well. The one Star reviews seem to reflect surprise and upset that this is not the 'Big Hair' Bonjovi of old (who were great). The only way to know which end of the spectrum is your taste, is to listen for yourself. If you can wear out the groove on a CD then I am well on the way with this CD. See what you think?
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on 12 July 2007
I bought this album as I am a Jovi Fan and have most of their back catalogue.

"Lost Highway" is most similar to "Have a Nice Day" (which I enjoyed) as opposed to the Jovi classics (Slippery When Wet, New Jersey). Overall it is a mediocre offering; I have accepted that the band will never produce an album comparable to the like of SWW or NJ.

Im summary, I agree with other reviewers. The band have matured and accrordingly seemed be less focused on producing an album which stands out. Jon still seems to struggle with themes for the songs as many he has used before. In terms of musicianship, Richie's presence is dissappointingly low key but the rest of the band are as solid as ever. Production is excellent but the band don't tend to take the lead here anymore.

I think this is one for fans only - dont buy it as an introduction to the band.
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on 4 October 2010
Lost Highway is an album with a good mixture of harder and slower songs. Musically, I think the band was trying to achieve a different style of song writing. Something they have done very well. The single "Lost Highway" is great and I like "I love this town" as it sounds more cheerful. An interesting all round album. Should have something for everybody.
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on 13 June 2007
the latest in the jersey rockers impressive catalogue is this country influenced album. it sports 13 tracks, two of which are duets one with miss rimes and the other with big and rich.

1. Lost Highway - a good upbeat bouncy kind of song, that was used on the soundtrack of the movie wild hogs starring john travolta. good lyrics and nice tune 8/10

2. Summertime - not a bad song just not feeling it at the minute, maybe when summer really hits and your in the park or on the beach with the mp3 player on it'll feel ace but at the minute an average song 7/10

3. Make a memory - nice, slow and soothing. bon jovi back to their crooning best. for me on a par with bed of roses. 9/10

4. whole lot of leavin - another nice song kinda mid tempo not as slow as memory above but not fast either. definite country influence and a good song 8/10

5. We Got It Going On - Awesome track, currently the song being used to promote the Arena football league stateside, where bon jovi own a team. its a great song quite rock and loud. got big and rich providing support. 10/10

6. Any other day - hyped as the best jovi song in ages, for me not quite but still a great tune, maybe it'll grow on me but for now its asolid track with a good feel 8/10

7. seat next to you - a different kind of sound for jon and the guys, sounds almost mexican acoustic if you know what i mean. unsure as of yet 7/10

8. everybody's broken - a good solid bon jovi tune reminiscent of the crush style of song 7/10

9. till we aint strangers anymore - another nice tune and the duet between jon and miss rimes is good, very soulful 8/10

10. the last night - another crush era tune to me quite good as well 8/10

11. one step closer - thought they'd covered linkin park when i saw the title lol. turns out its a country sounding tune that feels great at the tail end of the album 8/10

12. i love this town - this one is another of my faves as it matches my feelings for the little town of wigan that i live in and wouldn't change for the world 9/10

13. lonely - sounds very much like a jon kinda song similar to midnight in chelsea good to hear that style again 8/10

overall a very good album and a slight improvement over have a niceday 9/10
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