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on 29 January 2014
Lots of tracks from the early sixties that bring back memories and at an amazing price. If your old enough to remember these songs or just like sixties music I highly recommend. Good service and delivery time from Amazon.
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on 17 March 2014
Bought this as it has tracks that I remember from my youth and haven't been able to get before. Brilliant .
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1961 - 1962 has

75 original recordings spread over 3 Cds.
All have been digitally remastered

These sets really are a steal at this price.
But the Decca label is one of the better ones because so many of the artistes are very familiar to the British Listener.

Why are these releases so reasonably priced?

The simple reason that these sets are as cheap as chips is that the tracks are public domain.

That means the rights to the music has gone and any old Dick or Harry can release them.

The bad news for the previous rights holders' means good news for us, the buyers for if the price is too high we will not buy.
So the sets are at a more than reasonable price.
Next year the law changes to fall in line with the Americans and the 50 year rule will be finished.

Some tracks and artists you will know, really well - others not. The Piltdown Men for example?

But that is the real joy- you just might discover some tracks you have never heard and enjoy if not then the FF feature is just for you.

However if you are like me and of a certain age you want to read which artists and tracks are featured but Amazon have scrunched up all the tracks making it hard to read so I've spaced them out so you can read them more easily.

This revised list should help?


1. Love And Fury - The Tornados
2. Halfway To Paradise - Billy Fury
3. Wimoweh - Karl Denver
4. Twist Little Sister - Brian Poole& The Tremeloes
5. Bless You - Garry Mills
6. Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow -Mike Berry & The Outlaws
7. Well I Ask You - Eden Kane
8. Exclusively Yours - Mark Wynter
9. Big Man - Kathy Kirby
10. Air Travel - Chris Farlowe
11. Transistor Sister - Robb Storme
12. The Hermit Of Misty Mountain -Don Charles
13. Let's Get Together - Hayley Mills
14. Chills And Fever - Jet Harris
15. Comes The Day - Joe Brown
16. I Sold My Heart To The Junkman -Lyn Cornell
17. My Baby's Crazy 'Bout Elvis - Billy Boyle
18. Never Goodbye - Karl Denver
19. What Would You Do - Gerry Reno
20. Mystery Girl - Jess Conrad
21. Your Ma Said You... - Doug Sheldon
22. Once Upon A Dream - Billy Fury
23. Dear One - Tony Victor
24. The Writing On The Wall - Tommy Steele
25. The Loco-Motion - The Vernons Girls


1. I'd Never Find Another You - Billy Fury
2. Entry Of The Gladiators - Nero & The Gladiators
3. I'm Just A Baby - Louise Cordet
4. Blue Weekend - Karl Denver
5. My Baby Doll - Mike Berry & The Outlaws
6. The Man With The Golden Arm - Jet Harris
7. Don't Spread It Around - Buddy Britten
8. Funny All Over - The Vernons Girls
9. Guess That's The Way It Goes - Don Charles
10. Telstar - The Tornados
11. Book Of Love - Doug Sheldon
12. Forget Me Not - Eden Kane
13. This Pullover - Jess Conrad
14. Mexicali Rose - Karl Denver
15. Dream Girl - Mark Wynter
16. Can Can 62 - Peter Jay & The Jaywalkers
17. And The Heavens Cried - Anthony Newley
18. Because Of Love - Billy Fury
19. Go Away Little Girl - Ray Bennett
20. Charmaine - The Bachelors
21. Hit Record - Tommy Steele
22. Doctor Kildare - Eric Sykes & Hattie Jacques
23. Music - Robb Storme & The Whispers
24. Sounds Like Locomotion - Sounds Inc
25. Ginny Come Lately - Steve Perry


1. I Don't Know Why - Eden Kane
2. Runaround Sue - Doug Sheldon
3. Last Night Was Made For Love -Billy Fury
4. Where Have All The Flowers Gone -Tommy Steele
5. Pretty Jenny - Jess Conrad
6. It's A Sin To Tell A Lie - Mike Preston
7. In The Hall Of The Mountain King -Nero & The Gladiators
8. Blue - Brian Poole & The Tremeloes
9. Oh, Lonesome Me - Craig Douglas
10. Marcheta - Karl Denver
11. Jeepers Creepers - Hayley Mills
12. Besame Mucho - Jet Harris
13. Near You - Robb Storme& The Whispers
14. Venus In Blue Jeans - Ray Adams
15. Sweet Enough - Louise Cordet
16. Walk with Me, My Angel -Don Charles
17. Don't Believe Him Donna -Russ Sainty & The Nu-Notes
18. Don't Worry - Billy Fury
19. South Cave Man - Stevie D'Or and The Dockers.
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on 12 October 2013
Decca had their top recording stars , they also had some good minor stars , same old story , try and get your local record shop to order you a copy ? Your probably like myself have 75% of these tracks ? The other 25% is worth a buy at this price . Good sound as always , good quality , in my case for broadcasting , The two NERO & THE GLADIATORS tracks , I've bought these on previous instrumental comp's and they have been very dissapointing in sound , these are better . Top marks as well , the JOE MEEK tracks on this collection , never sounded better . Catch up with the minor one's that 208 played and you could't get ! By the way is "your baby crazy 'bout Elvis ?" your love this , and also one for my collection WHAT WOULD YOU DO Jerry Remo . Thanks to Amazon for a quick dispatch , arrived nicely for a Sunday morning play.
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As is usual with these sort of compilations, you get a sprinkling of recognisible hits with the remainder of the tracks being less well known - some are good, some are bad, some just defy description.

Whilst The Tornados track Love and Fury provide the title for this compilation, it's also apt because Billy Fury is on hand to provide a touch of class - I'd Never Find Another You, Halfway to Paradise, Last Night Was Made For Love, Because of Love, Don't Worry and Once Upon a Dream are all good songs from Mr Wycherley.

While The Tornados are also represented with the evergreen Telstar, the remainder of the collection contains less well-known cuts. There are a number of cover-versions, such as the Vernon Girls' Locomotion, Ray Adams' Venus in Blue Jeans and Mike Berry's Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow. None of them are as good as the originals, but they are still worth a listen. If you want more Locomotion action then Sounds Inc's instrumental is worth checking out - with sound effects that resemble enthusiastic audience applause it crackles with energy.

Amongst the songs that might be more of niche interest, Anthony Newley's And The Heavens Cried sees him spare no effort as he wrings every possible drop of emotional intensity out of the song - he goes right over the top and down the other side for good measure. And Hayley Mills' two efforts are a reminder of what used to happen before autotune. Let's Get Together is the better of the two, although that may be because it only lasts 90 seconds.

So although it's fair to say that the gems are of varying quality, for the price it's worth picking up, particularly if you have a taste for the more obscure side of early 60's British pop.
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Love and Fury, Gems from the Decca vaults, 1961-1962

In the same way that One Day Music covered the UK output on the Capitol label now you can hear 75 tracks from the Decca UK label releases. As with the Capitol collection there are many still household names for those of a certain age and if you were buying singles in the late 1950s then this will be a real mind jogger. Decca had in my opinion the best of the pop market. Billy Fury; Mark Wynter; Joe Brown; Jess Conrad; Kathy Kirby and many more.

There are also names that are not quite so well known such as Garry Mills. Mills had three hits on the UK charts, "Look for a Star" reached number 7 in 1960 and was featured in the film "Circus of Horrors", followed by "Top Teen Baby" later that same year and "I'll Step Down" in 1961. "Bless You" was released in September 1961, CD1/5.

Don Charles was a ballad singer and record producer and did produce some of The Tornados tracks. His recording of The Hermit of Misty Mountain was made in 1962, CD1/12.

Doug Sheldon first single was "Book of Love", followed by "Runaround Sue" which reached the Top 40. His next single, "Your Ma Said You Cried in Your Sleep Last Night", became his highest charting hit at number 29. You can hear it on CD1/21.

Louise Cordet the daughter of actress Helene Cordet signed with Decca and released "I'm Just a Baby" in 1962, which went to number 13 on the UK charts. It was composed by Jerry Lordan and produced by the former Shadows drummer Tony Meehan. CD2/3.

Sweden's Ragnar Asbjørnsen aka Ray Adams does a cover of the Jimmy Clanton hit "Venus in Blue Jeans" CD3/14 and very good it is.

Nero and the Gladiators, were a UK rock and roll instrumental band of the early 1960s. The group was led by keyboard player Mike O'Neill as "Nero", and they had two minor hits "Entry of the Gladiators" and "In the Hall of the M outta in King". CD3/7.

The sound quality is very good throughout. The liner notes are informative and by Michael Heatley. As with the Capitol set there are 12 small pictures of artists featured within the collection. I like both the look and sound of these compilations and they are sure to bring plenty of enjoyment. Excellent value and once again providing a musical picture of the period.
Running times CD1: 58.28; CD2: 58.50 & CD3: 59.13.
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on 18 October 2016
These tracks were among the last issued before the so-called 'British Invasion of America' by the Beatles and the Stones, which effectively changed the music scene so much. This set shows that, as with almost anything, the quality/standard can vary considerably.
Billy Fury is well represented here, and so he should be - to my mind, he was one of the all-time greats. The Tornados, Anthony Newley, Nero & the Gladiators are well known to most fans of this period (I would imagine), and appear here. There are a number of covers of U.S. hits, of varying quality, and a few tracks which I think are poor. However, I like the track ' Big Man' by Kathy Kirby -very strong voice, NOT the Four Preps song - and I've always been surprised that Mark Wynter never made more of a "splash". His version of Safaris' " Image of a Girl " a few years earlier was excellent. Also with a number of tracks here is Karl Denver, the UK's answer to Slim Whitman!
All in all, a very interesting collection. Worthy of a listen.
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on 10 December 2013
I was very disappointed with this CD. It did not live up to its description.
I bought four of this type of CD but will not be buying any more of the same
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on 29 November 2013
75 tracks here. I thought I'd already have most of them, but I didn't; over 50 of them were not in my collection. Some are records I'd forgotten, but now remember loving at the time (e.g. "Dear One" by Tony Victor); some are British covers which I never knew about; one or two are awful, but never mind, it all gets the nostalgia glands going.
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on 25 February 2014
Excelent value for money, and a great reminder of the tunes of yesterday, There were some duplication with my current music collection but that is a small price to pay for the additional ones. I would recomend this series of recordings to anyone.
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