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on 30 December 2014
Wow... awesome sound and they really pack a punch. Quality packaging and they have a really sturdy feel to them. I was going to treat myself to a Bose soundi link mini but read some reviews about being able to sync 2 of these babies. I then saw this at £40 on black Friday and took a punt. Not disappointed, so impressed I got the other in different colour for £53 - this enabled me to use the 'double up' app and this puts it into a different league for its price range. I now have a portable wireless sound system for under £100 - great alternative as not everyone can afford Sonos and Bose.... really loud, good bass and clarity and when I had family round everyone was talking about how great they sounded.
But in the interest of fairness and based on my own experience there are a couple of issues to mention:
1. there are 2 types of identical looking speakers on the market, both made by Logitech which is confusing.
so, if u want the 'double up' feature which for me is the real selling point to speaker, make sure you order the UE(ultimate ears) mini boom and not the standard Logitech mini boom which is cheaper.
2. . You need to download the 'UE mini boom' app in order to double up/sync 2 speakers
TIP: check u can download this first on the media device you intend to use before buying. I can't download it with my Amazon Fire (which isn't the speakers fault! -NOTE to Amazon, can u sort this please!)

but dont let this put u off, if you have an iPhone or Android device with Google play store it should work fine. These speakers are awesome, get 2!
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on 18 April 2015
I got this for a party at the house and wanted music playing in the garden that was loud.
I was unsure whether I wanted to spend the money when I had other cheaper options but I read reviews that this was loud which I wanted.i had a £40 voucher so I decided to treat myself and buy it.
I loved the simple packaging and the design itself is great. It easily sits on the window, table without being intrusive. The instructions are vague but didn't take long to set up. The sound from it was more than I hoped for, it can be played loud and very loud to dance to and drown out voices, I probably wouldn't need to put it on the loudest setting as its loud enough.
You can subtle turn the volume up and down on your phone.
I downloaded the 'radios' app and together with this I put on the different radio stations and have all types of music playing. So happy with the purchase.
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on 18 January 2016
The sound is excellent for the size. The battery lasts a while and overall I am very pleased. Be aware that if you are watching TV or a film on your laptop, then it is best to buy and connect a 3.5mm cable as the sound delay over Bluetooth will make your films look like they've been dubbed!
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on 26 June 2015
Like many electronic purchases these days, my decision was shaped largely by the excellent review website thewirecutter.com
There is a very in-depth review of this product category here:
It's a US site so not all products will be available on amazon.co.uk but thankfully their recommended product, this Logitech UE Mini Boom Bluetooth Wireless Speaker is available in the UK.

So based on their recommendation I took the plunge, and just took delivery of this bluetooth speaker.
It was bought primarily for my wife to listen to spoken-word podcasts in the kitchen.
She spends quite a lot of time in there (!) and although we have a Pure DAB Radio with excellent sound quality that she listens to regularly, she's decided she's had enough of 5 Live for the time being and having listened to the entire season of 'Serial' she wants to be able to listen to more great audio podcasts.

This speaker is surprisingly small - pretty much fits in the palm of your hand. It's non-obtrusive enough to not get in the way of valuable kitchen counter-top space. It has a lovely, rubberised, textured feel, which invites you to pick it up and move it to wherever's convenient. It has very simple controls - large 'plus' and 'minus' volume buttons, easy bluetooth connectivity (just press and hold the bluetooth button to connect).
But what's most impressive about it is the sound quality. It really does have a nice, clear, sound - remarkably spacious for the size of the device. For spoken-word content I'd say it's ideal. Some speakers I've heard sound 'muffled' or boomy. This has a more 'true', 'natural' sound (if that makes sense). It's also surprising how loud this can go. But it doesn't seem to distort at higher volumes. It certainly defies its size. I tried playing a few types of music on it through Spotify on the iPhone and it was certainly up to the job but this won't be its main use and I'll let others comment on its music-playing capabilities.
I did consider buying the Bose Soundlink speakers - Colour or Mini. They get excellent reviews but I've never been a fan of that Bose sound, plus this device is so much more affordable
All-in-all it's excellent value and well worth investing in.
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on 14 July 2017
My husband loves it. The sound quality is good, bit you do need to be in a straight line view of the speaker otherwise it disconnects. Works well with samsung devices as well as iPhone. Easy to connect through the app.
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on 13 June 2015
Good for the price. A nice size, and is loud enough. However the sound is a bit lacking in base, and I have had problems connecting my bluetooth devices which work fine with other bluetooth speakers. The orange rubber has gone a little bit dirty from me leaving it around the place, and it doesn't seem to clean well, but I don't mind too much about the appearance. I don't worry about taking it places as it's not as expensive as some of the other alternatives!
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on 10 May 2017
This speaker is very good, sound quality is excellent, design is simple but very modern, volume is good, bluetooth connection could be better but overall no complaints, for the price I would definitely recommend this speaker!
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on 31 January 2017
i dont like bluetooth. its a pretty awful protocol and i have been against anything like this for so long. but the sound off this little thing is just insane. its great for podcasts in the kitchen and when charged it lasts---ages.
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on 3 January 2018
This is my second one of these speakers. Really good sound - I listen to hard rock / heavy metal - simple to use and look great. They don’t take up a lot of space and are quite light so have no problems taking them on holiday. The battery lasts for a long time
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on 6 July 2015
Bought this for my 12 yr old Son. We're all completely amazed by this cute little speaker, excellent sound clarity and able to withstand different genres of music impressively...from jazz to rock and classical...absolutely delighted with it.
An excellent buy!
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