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4.2 out of 5 stars
4.2 out of 5 stars
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on 19 December 2014
I'm a bit of a phone geek. I admit it, I accept it. It's who I am. So the lumia 1320 is an anomaly. On paper and on screen she is a compromise bridesmaid. How can you get by with 5mp photos? Fewer than 250 ppi? Only dual core?
I bought this phone based upon the fact that I'd experimented with a Lumia 620 previously. I liked the ecosystem, and the lack of lag. Androd is great on paper, but as android spec demands increase, so phones slow down. I wanted a big screen, so I went for the 1320. It's amazing. The screen is 720p I believe. 240ppi is fine. You won't notice pixilation unless you take out the magnifying glass. The camera is 5MP, which is ok unless you want to blow up to A3 size or above. Big secret....video is 1080p at 30 fps, so great, smooth vids. This is a surprisingly underrated phone. It's Friday night and I last unplugged it Thursday at 6am, so battery is good, I have 15% left, and it's the battery's 2nd cycle so it will improve further. Great phone. Buy it!
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on 18 May 2014
Have always disliked Microsoft and so was looking forward to receiving their popular phablet with considerable trepidation. The phone arrived in a 'cute little box' which I subsequently ripped open to discover an impressive looking mini (or is it micro?) tablet staring at me with its beautiful black screen. Anyways, I removed the back cover - inserted a spare micro sd card ... retrieved my 'three' SIM card from the now relegated iPhone 5 and slotted it in via an adapter and hey presto the phone booted up nicely.

The 1320 is a slick easy to pocket phablet that will please your pocket and please your wallet. The battery life is nothing short of amazing. It's all I use now. The iphone 5 has been sold and done with. Coming from an iPhone, your new friends will be One note, Evernote, Audio recorder Pro, Google search (for transport- works a treat) and Office.

The screen is lovely giving its specs- it normalises according to the external lighting when you're outside so you can read clearly in bright sunlight unlike the iPhone. This phablet is smart. Audio is really clear and sounds like you're listening with a Dolby like sound quality during phone calls. While it's true that the camera quality is what you'll expect of a 5 mp phone cam, it's mechanism is on another level - you simply tap anywhere on the screen to take quick photos in half the time in takes the iPhone cam to start up. There's this thing with bar codes and language translation right in the same area. You simply take a photo of,say, a German language leaflet and this phone will translate it instantly on the same screen space - very practical and useful in today's world.

I feel this phone is worth it's weight in phablet gold. It's affordable, pocketable, fast, remains on for up to four days,is excellent on the email front, has superior 4G thingamajig and is just very practical business phone.
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on 23 March 2014
This phone is absolutely brilliant and certainly one of the best phones I have ever used. After using the Nokia Lumia 800 for nearly a year, I thought it was time for an upgrade as it is a small phone which doesn't help when I have big hands and its OS was outdated (WP 7.8). This phone (the 1320) seems big at first but if you have used windows phone before, it is a dream to use. It runs smoothly and is extremely enjoyable to use. unlike other smaller phones, you have to use two hands when using apps where you use the screen a lot, however, I can just about use the phone with one hand.
This phone is extremely responsive and overall rather powerful considering it only has a dual core 1.7GHz Processor and 1 GB of RAM, which in most cases is more that what you need as windows phone really does not need much to run on.
Its battery usage is phenomenal as I can get it to run for 3 days (or there about) without needing to charge (on a normal use) because of its 3400 mAH battery.
Overall, this phone is a cheaper version of the Lumia 1520 with watered down specs (especially with the cameras) which makes it more affordable for those on a smaller budget, but don't let that put you off as this phone is a phone and a half.

The only people I think that would not suit a phone this size is people with small hands and nimble fingers, but that's my view.
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on 19 July 2014
Having been an Apple or Samsung user for years, I was slightly nervous about switching to a Windows phone. However, in line with the majority of other reviews, the Nokia Lumia 1320 is feature-packed, easy to use - and an absolute pleasure to have.
I'd highly recommend it for anyone thinking of moving away from Apple or Samsung - you will be pleased you did!
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on 23 January 2015
Super size phone. 6" screen. Exactly what I wanted. Very easy to use. It takes micro sim cards and micro sd cards. Purchased an 32gb micro sd card and once installed it shows 30gb empty space. To place the sim in the phone, you simply peel away the back of the phone from around the sides of the screen. Once off you will see an totally sealed unit. The battery is even sealed inside. All you can access are 2 small slots. The bottom one is for micro sd memory cards, the top one is for the micro sim. When I say top and bottom one, I mean that one is inserted and stacked inside the phone on top of each other. The case is then pushed back on and the phone is ready. The software has data transfer tile. Tap the tile and your new phone will connect to the Bluetooth of your old phone and all contacts etc can be transferred quickly. If you wear trousers with large pockets, this phone will still not fit fully in the pocket. Do not regret buying this phone. I love it!
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on 1 June 2014
This phone is the best if your looking for a phablet, it is fast and fluid with the Windows Phone 8 OS. Depending on the use the battery will last longer than an iPhone 5s. You may have issues with it like fitting it in your pocket. The start, back and search button does not light up which isn't an issue unless your using in the dark because it takes a couple of taps to find where the buttons are. The phone is a bit weighty but it feels strong and rugged. The touchscreen is sensitive and the gorilla glass that is on it does feel thick and strong. At first the battery only lasted a day but after 3 or 4 charges I got it lasting up to 48hrs with the same amount of usage on the old iPhone which I had to charge 2 times a day. Since it only has 8GB of memory I do recommend a Micro SD card. Setting up the phone was easy it took me less then 5 mins. The speaker is on the back and is quite loud and a calling conversation is crystal clear. You can just about hold the phone with one hand but when using its difficult to use just one hand and will need to use 2 hands. The 1520 may have 1080p but on the 1320 720p isn't that bad with the price. The camera is basic but would expect that with the price.
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on 11 October 2014
Brilliant phone, Bought this phone 3 days ago and i am amazed at the quality of the images taken with the rear camera, ok its only 5mp but unless you want to print larger than A4 this fits the bill. Phone easy to set up and the large screen is ideal for watching video and reading emails etc. I suggest buying a protective case as it is slippery . Overall this is a great phone and i highly recommend it.This phone has a front facing camera also which is good enough for selfies. Why pay more this phone has everything and more,you won,t be dissapointed.
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on 11 August 2015
If you're looking at this phone then you must be looking for a) A Windows Phone handset and b) A large screen device. This is my third venture into Windows Phones, previous incranatione being the Lumia 820 which I owned for almost 2 years and a Lumia 625 which i owned for a year. The phone itself is typical Nokia/Microsoft build quality and that is to say its excellent and very well thought out. It looks just like a Lumia 625 but with a bigger screen and clear black display which is a treat. It also supports 'Glance' screen, which I find extremely helpful as it displays all your user selected important information feeds, the time and date without actually turning the display on thus saving battery. The phone is huge, and takes you a little by surprise when you first clap eyes on it. If you have the phone in a bright colour then it will look even worse. |It will only take a day or two to get used to the size and then you will wonder how you ever managed to survuive without a phone this size before! The battery is amazing, normally lasting an average of 1 2/3rd days. I can sometimes eek out 2 full days if im not heavily using it, but the phone is normally in constant use.
The big differences between this handset and the new 640XL which is supposed to replace it are minimal, but the 1320 has certain things going for it over the 640XL. They are: Office 2013 is preinstalled on this phone (no need for an Office 365 subscription), the dedicated camera button and the marginally bigger screen.Everything else is as said before trivial or minimal (1.2ghz quad-core vs 1.7ghz dual-core, thats pretty much it). I have successfully written documents, spreadsheets made notes using one note, constructed and sent e-mails from this device with ease due to the office apps, the big screen and the microsoft service integration. (I must point out that ALL Windows Phones have the office apps and service integration, its not just limited to this phone). The back snap on back covers are a delight, just like Nokia's of old. My phone was originally bought in white but my dad dropped it and damaged the case so I bought a black one from China for less than half the cost of an official one. Then I dropped it and chipped it so now im on my third 'Bright Red' case - Also from China. The phone has never suffered any damage, just the replaceable back covers so thats testament to the build quality.
The App gap for me is nothing of note. All the apps I use are there. But I should point out that if no official app exsists, there will be a third party app which fills the gap. So dont be put off by it! Sometimes the titles of these apps bear no reference to the official app they are trying to replace, so that can be a little akward trying to find one - but hit the search engine or forums to find them.
Cortana is a god send, 'She' learned where my home is, and where my work is. Then 'She' learned the times I leave work on different days and reminds me when its time to leave and adjusts the timings dependent on traffic and notify's me with the option to 'take me home' using the inbuilt HERE drive app (free, offline voice guided satellite navigation).
The OS, as you can probably guess, is one which I find very easy to use. Its intuitive. Android is not so, and neither is Apple products (based on personal opinion from extensive use). Windows Phone is fluid, and if you think a setting, toggle, check box should be somewhere then it generally is. But be warned - it is different to the other two OS's, so dont expect it to work the same as Android or iOS because it is neither of them. But this review isnt about the OS its about the phone, so thats enough about that.
Thats all I can think of right now, but if anyone has questions I will be happy to answer them. Just leave them in the comments section below!
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on 9 May 2015
As others have experienced, these appear to have been sourced from various countries and been unlocked. Mine was French, so I had to change language and get rid of some French carrier's apps (one I can't remove). The seal was broken on the box and the box was torn and scuffed, however the phone was still in its (opened) cellophane and was unmarked. The instructions were missing.
I bought primarily to try Windows Phone 10 Preview and it installed fine after a number of critical V8 upgrades, so be aware that you'll have to wait while it does these upgrades. Another reviewer says that the screen is really bright - well it's OK but nothing special. Battery life looks to be good but I wouldn't trust to last more than a day. There is no gyro on this model so some apps may not install - e.g. the Cycloramic camera app. Size and weight slightly more than an iPhone 6+ or Samsung Note, so not a trouser pocket job.
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on 22 January 2017
Nice phone, still using to this day...just disappointing that Microshaft have decided not to update these to Windows Phone 10. There is a severe lack of apps for Windows phones, and everywhere I look, the development for new apps (and even fixing\updating of older ones) is being withdrawn. I will be moving platform for my next purchase. The phone itself is good though...more of a phablet than a phone.
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