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on 21 May 2017
This screen is really good.
No point in trying to be technical about it, other people must already have done that better than I could.
The colours are amazing, and games look great on it.
The criticism I have (and it's quite a big one) is that it's just too bright! I've gone through all the settings - tried eco mode and turned the brightness down to minimum on standard mode. And it's still just that bit too bright for looking at a white web page in a dim room. For games, where it's all coloured and exciting and you concentrate so hard it probably wouldn't notice. But sometimes I wish my desk was bigger so I could get further away from it! It's seems very odd. On all the TVs and monitors I've had before, brightness does a full range from 'can hardly see anything' through to 'whoa! who turned the sun on?'. With this one, they missed out the dimmer half of the scale for some reason. I've never had it off minimum, and would like to go lower!
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on 28 June 2016
I bought the BenQ XL2411Z after much reading online about the benefits of high frame rate gaming.

The setup was very easy, pretty much plug and play. First of all ensure that you are using the DVI port for 144hz. HDMI is not recommended as it is 60hz max. The button and menu controls on the monitor are not the most intuitive but the monitor performance alone make it an essential purchase for PC gamers.

Upgrading to a high frame rate monitor truly was a WOW moment for me, now I am spoilt and could not go back to 60hz ever again! Games that benefit the most are fast paced games such as CSGO or DOTA. The high frame rate allows you to see 5-6 frames when an enemy emerges, at 60hz you will normally only have 2 frames to react to. The game visuals are incredibly smooth with high frame rate. You should ensure your PC can play games higher than 75hz (ideally 100frames+) to get full advantage of the monitor.

Mouse movement smoothness on the desktop was even noticeable. If I had the option of a 4k 60hz or 144hz monitor, I would go for 144hz everytime.

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on 15 December 2015
I bought the XL2411 Version of this monitor.
Firstly it is 144hz, it's 24 inch (The size I thought best for playing FPS games), it has a sleek design and the base is heavy which is great because it increases stability and reduces and shaking you may have from tapping away at your keyboard.

Before this I had a 60hz monitor, as I mostly play games and render videos I wanted to be able to see a difference with a new monitor, this hasn't dissapointed. Bearing in mind, you will only truely see 144hz in a game if you're reaching 144FPS+ so ensure your computer can handle that task before even thinking about getting a 144hz monitor.

But it's great, YOU WILL NOT find a better 144hz monitor for £210 as of 15/12/2015, there's a few for less and they do not compare to this monitor, it's the best by far at the moment. Of course if you pay more you may get better, but to the untrained eye and those who don't understand the technical aspects, you won't be able to tell much of a difference, color ranges may be wider, but this offers 1MS response time and most importantly 144hz, so definitley, if you want a 144hz monitor for around this price, buy the XL2411.
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on 18 November 2016
Awesome monitor, obviously improves gaming massively coming from a lower end monitor. Originally purchased it for CS:GO which did look better, but other games look great too and after a while you'll notice the difference compared to other monitors, you'll never go back.
It has a noticeably brighter almost slightly faded screen that is great for gaming and is intentional but makes it weird when watching content with more colour and depth, however after time you stop noticing it and it's fine. The contrast and other settings are of course adjustable and profiles can be made but it's fine how it is.
Height adjustment is very useful but note the first time you elevate it, it may be quite stiff and require more force than you think to do so, lots of tutorials, demos online to help.
For those using multiple monitors at lower refresh rates than this one it's worth noting windows 10 will be fine with this but has been known to cause screen tearing (most likely when gaming on 144hz monitor and watching content on the 60hz). I and others i've known have all had different solutions to the same issue, after checking windows display settings are correct disabling windows aero can work in some cases, otherwise software like displayfusion can be very helpful.
Monitor is also easy on the eyes, very useful for programming/web dev ect...
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on 2 February 2015
Really good, nice high quality monitor. The 144hz has made a massive difference to my PC experience. Now 60fps is nothing to me thanks to the glory of 144hz! I really recommend this monitor if your computer can reach 144fps in your games. I enjoy games like CSGO much more because everything is so much more smooth and realistic.The colours may be lacking (less bright, etc) because of the different technology than what is usually used, but I think this is a fine trade off for the amazing 144hz experience.
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on 5 June 2016
Playing CS GO on this thing is like night and day compared with a 60hz monitor. It's such an improvement. I wish I could say the same about the colours. While they're ok, they're always either extremely washed out or massively saturated. I've tried various settings that I've found either in these reviews or elsewhere on the internet, still struggle to find a suitable setting. The BenQ "display pilot" software is awful as well, so don't bother with that!
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on 23 February 2017
For a TN Display the Colour and Sharpness is rather good, not quite as much colour Volume as a VA or AVHA Panel though. This Panel has decent brightness levels making bright scenes look luminous although the contrast does fade at it's peak but that's really not to worry about because you can still achieve very good levels of brightness without this happening.

My Monitor came with a DVI cable which was only capable of 60hz Refresh rate... so I had to Purchase a DVI-D Cable separately in order to achieve the full 144hz. Also comes with a VGA and HDMI port but the HDMI is not capable of above 60hz.

I used to be a Pro COD4 Player an currently play CSGO at ESEA, for me the monitor is very responsive and is great for competitive play, athough there is a little motion blur fromthe backlight control on these monitors But Firmware 3.0+ is meant to fix that, but before hand It's still slightly noticeable for me, but negligible for most.

To make the most of this monitor you should copy my settings as I spent a lot of time tweaking it for maximum quality.

Picture Mode - Movie (Has the Deepest Contrast/Black Levels of all Modes)
Brightness - 100
Contrast - 64
Sharpness 8-10
AMA - Premium

HDMI - Does offer better contrast with 255 Colour Depth as apposed to DVI-D with 235

This monitor still holds up well in 2017 but there defiantly better monitors out there in similar price range.. newer models are 24.5 inches, they have less motion blur and higher refresh rates. Also TN Panels aren't superior in achieving minimum response/GTG times compared to IPS or AHVA which also have deeper black levels, less backlight glow and better overall contrast.
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on 18 January 2016
This monitor is absolutely amazing for it's price range. 144hz really is amazing when in game or even just on the desktop. I personally use it for CS:GO to give me the advantage over others and the 1ms GtG helps too.

>144hz panel
>Comprehensive on screen menus
>Nice matte black finish

>The panel arrives with the colors very washed out and it is hard to distinguish between white and orange on purchase. This can however be tweaked to look really nice and to make colours pop.
>The Anti blur system decreases the brightness greatly

Note: If you want to use 144hz you must set it on the desktop (nvidia control panel) and must use a Dual Link DVI cable to achieve 144hz speeds
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on 24 February 2017
- When i was researching this monitor i saw some of the reviews below saying they had a dead pixel not long after purchasing and i just wanted to clarify that it is not a dead pixel but more a stuck one and is very easily fixable. Either gently rub the pixel on the screen and it will disappear or google JScreenFix and see if that helps. -

So, i decided to take a chance and order this monitor because apart from the "dead pixel" issue it still does its purpose. Mine does occasionally display 1 small pixel in the top left but it's easily removed in 1 second and stays gone for a while, really not an issue at all.
Overall it's a great quality product. Overwatch looks amazing in 144 Hz and the colours are just stunning, love it more than my old Dell monitor that i used for media (photoshop, video editing, etc).

I hope this review serves useful for anyone considering buying this monitor - 10/10 would buy again
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on 24 December 2016
Excellent gaming monitor. Solid construction and sturdy stand.

Only slight issue with the screen is that the contrast seems slightly low on this monitor compared to my other 144hz, even after tweaking settings. This may be fixable though for people that know more about monitor tweaking.

For a TN panel, can't complain though. Overall, I prefer this over my other brand 144hz monitor (LG 24GM77) since it has less motion blur, very good backlight uniformity, no bleed etc.
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