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on 17 May 2014
So after buying a PS1 and PS2 I went for an xBox 360 in the last round of consoles. For some reason (maybe the complete proliferation of FPS on xBox, maybe the hope of a next gen Last of Us) I chose PS4 this time around. I also got Infamous Second Son as the package. I am very pleased so far.
The PS4 is a well designed console with little noise (oh the joy after an xBox). It was easy to set up and has great potential. The online experience is pretty good and the applications and utilities seem to work. There needs to be more of them. I also like the new Dualshock controller. Its got a nice feel to it and the touchpad seems to function well when game utilise it.

Infamous Second Son itself is better in reality than it looks to appear in video's I have seen. The graphics are good, gameplay is good with a decent learning curve. The cut sequences are well done. It does need a bit of shaking up every now and again as it can get repetitive. However, the experience of playing through doesn't take too long, its not exactly GTA5 in terms of scale. However, there is enough here to enjoy and the powers etc keep the game going.

As a package its one of the best games so far with the best console so far. Watch Dogs may have this beat but right now its a good purchase.
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on 30 August 2014
Right, first off, console-wise, everything is absolutely brilliant. The new dualshock controller is well designed, compact and fits easily into the hand. The cable used for recharging the controller could be a little longer and the touchpad a little more non-existent (because when has any good truly came from touchpad controls) but overall I was pretty satisfied.
The console's interface is simple and easy to use, if you've owned a ps3 beforehand you'll feel right at home. Loading times are quick, everything runs smoothly, and the package comes complete with something called a 'playroom', which requires an eyetoy to use. It's not very handy seeing as the package doesn't come with said eyetoy, but it's a nice gesture from Sony nonetheless.
The online is great, the only downside being that you have to pay for it this time, at least if you want to play multiplayer. I'll admit that this was initially a bit of a turn-off for me, but I soon warmed up to the idea seeing as paying for PS plus also allowed me access to several free-to-play online games including War Thunder and Blacklight: Retribution. Trust me, the service is well worth the £40 annual fee.
Overall it's a decent console and worth the asking price. Aside from a couple of very minor, dismissible niggles it's all I ever wanted. So why the four-star rating? Well...

Infamous Second Son isn't a bad game, by any stretch of the imagination. The combat is wonderfully fluid, the map is fun to explore and the story, while not all that inspired, is acceptable. However content wise this game is lacking. The side missions are all very similar and rarely go beyond "blow up that thing" or "Collect this thing", which is fine. Far Cry 3 did a similar thing, and I absolutely adored that game. The problem is that there's little challenge to it, and therefore you'll be speeding through it at a rapid pace. I cleared the entire map of side quests AND finished off the campaign in about 10-14 hours. Of course, you could go back and do it again with a different karma, but it basically boils down to doing it all over again with some slight variations in powers and story. Considering that there's no multiplayer, that's a pretty severe problem.
What's there is good, but sadly there's only a small amount. You'll play it for a couple of weeks and then never touch it again. It's a solid 3 star game, but not a console seller by any means.

Overall, this is a good product. The game isn't brilliant, but then again it isn't the star of the show. The Ps4 is a wonderful console and I'd fully recommend it to any gamer.
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on 19 April 2014
The PS4 has met my expectations. Some graphic elements have become very beautiful. This has the PS3 failed so.
- Very nice design
- quiet
- Powerful
- The controller is very good.
- USB cable supplied is too short
- Buttons (not legible lettering) too small

Infamous Second Son
- Beautiful graphics
- Good story
- Choice of hero and villain, thus resulting corresponding weapons forms
- Film sequences and credits can not be skipped
- Seek first splitter and developing skills and then start the final mission

I am very satisfied!


Die PS4 hat meine Erwartungen erfüllt. Einige Grafikelemente sind sehr schön geworden. Das hat die PS3 so nicht geschafft.
- sehr schönes Design
- leise
- leistungsstark
- der Controller ist sehr gut.
- mitgeliefertes USB-Kabel ist zu kurz
- Bedienknöpfe sind zu klein (Beschriftung nicht lesbar)

Infamous Second Son
- schöne Grafik
- gute Story
- Wahl zwischen Held und Schurke und dadurch resultierende entsprechende Waffenausprägungen
- Filmsequenzen und Abspann können nicht übersprungen werden
- zuerst Splitter suchen und Fähigkeiten ausbauen und dann die finale Mission starten

Ich bin sehr zufrieden!
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on 23 July 2015
What a great Console. I have had every Playstation console and have to say I am really impressed. I think it there is still room for improvement and look forward to some of the PS3's multimedia features slowly creeping into the console interface. Great games but awaiting for some more killer games to arrive. A true games machine however.
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on 20 May 2015

What can i say, its the PS4, its awsome! Second Son is also a very good game, it's over quicker than you';d want it to be but there are other missions you can do once you have completed it and other iterations of the game available via PSN.
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on 11 February 2015
great console, however what I'm extremely happy with is amazons exchange policy. I brought this console with infamous on release date of infamous and it was excellent until just over a month later the fans decided to constantly run at full speed making it sound like a jet. However amazons amazing customer service sent out a new one which I received the following day and gave me a pre paid label to return it. New ones going strong over 6 months later. Very happy.
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on 6 August 2014
Great PlayStation, fantatsic system for the PS lovers. Far greater than the PS3 layout with loads of new features and you get a free headset with the PS4, although I know you can use any earphones on the controller that have an in-line microphone. ANd InFamous Second Sun is a fantastic game with brilliant graphics.
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on 6 April 2014
I waited to get the ps4 so any problems where mostly ironed out. So glad I waited. I am very very proud to have this machine under my TV. It is the smoothest easiest quickest console to date. Updates quick. Sets up quick. Loads quick. Love it. The interface is clean and smooth to use. Easier than the ps3.
IInfamous is one of my favourite game series from the last generation and am happy to see it back. In all its smoke and neon glory. Beautiful to watch. A dream to handle.
We do need more ps4 games now. Drive club, the order, watch dogs and Destiny are on my list. Cannot wait to play them on Sony's amazing product.
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on 23 April 2014
I couldn't find any PS4's in all over Germany and I wanted to buy the console because I wanted to play Infamous Second Son. So this was actually the perfect bundle for me and I was not disappointed. The box was delivered within 3 days after my order.

The PS4 is for everyone who likes console games or games in general since with this piece of hardware you're not far from high-end PC's. And there's no hassle with installing drivers, compatibility issues and what not.
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on 8 March 2018
A great console packaged with one of the best PS4 exclusives to date. Finished it like 5 times now.
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