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on 1 March 2014
I enjoyed the first book and really wanted the second book to stack up against it. I'm pleased to say that on the whole, the story does that, although our heroine's fate was clearly signposted early on. nevertheless, an enjoyable follow up
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on 21 January 2014
I've been one of the many obsessively checking websites and blogs to glean hints about when Burn would come out. Even when it was announced it would be soon I never really believed it (sorry Miss Fletcher!), so imagine my surprise when I toodled along to her website on Sunday to find it had been released! Yesssss! I've spent two evenings curled up on my couch after work devouring every word written.

Burn is unsurprisingly darker than Smolder, but this had to happen. With Marina participating in Aver it was obvious. And still, I loved every minute of it. I love a book that resonates so much it can bring tears to your eyes and there were parts that had me crying like a 5 year old. I hope there will be a third installment. I don't like spoilers in reviews so I won't say too much. JUST READ IT!

I would also extend this to say if you haven't, read all of Penelope Fletchers works. She is truly an incredible writer who envelopes you into her stories like a big group hug!
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on 24 March 2014
The storyline is good but what I did not like was the writing style. The story jumped a bit. I mean you are reading a scene and you find yourself in another scene. I think it was written like a movie or so where you actually see the action of the characters. The author wrote like I could see the subtle action of the characters. Well, I am reading a book and I want to know what is really happening. Not left to imagine it. I kept turning back pages thinking I had missed a line or so. Also, I did not feel any real connection between the main characters. It was very minimal although there was the usual talk of so much love. I found the heroine to be rather spoilt. I mean, one minute she is all grown up and the next she is a real brat. And finally, it was too political. A lot of the debate did not make sense to me. Don't get me wrong. It is a good story but I've read lots of fiction books to expect more from authors.
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on 10 March 2014
Another 5* from me. Loved this book as I really felt the emotions Marina did and after thinking the trials of Aver would be spread out it was all wrapped up in this.

After she and Daniil both realised their relationship was going beyond the boundries of friends she enlists her own team of people rather than relying on others to help her through the trials of Aver and Tzion itself. She and Kion can finally become closer as everyone is realising their rules wont keep them apart anyway.


When Marina discovers her bff Cat has been sleeping with her father Mikhail she is completely incenced which I completely agree with. I felt murderous just reading it and I couldn't believe those filthy betrayers would do that to her let alone her best friend! I wanted her to kick her ass and send her home (she still didn't apologise for what she did at the end). It still pisses me off thinking about it even now. It doesn't matter if she didn't grow up with him he was still her father and that bitch should have known better. It also seems like they were getting it on again when he flew her to the palace at the end.
Can you tell I got engrosed? :-)

It was obvious she would become a female dragon when the myth about them was revealed in Smolder but it was still a very good twist.
I was let down when I read the epilogue and saw that Boy and Viktor had been away for seven years and no one had done anything. For a mother who loves him she really dropped the ball on that one.

Can't wait to read the sequel and see how everyone has changed after several years have passed.
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on 16 March 2014
I really enjoyed the first in this series, but the author seems to improve as her story progresses.
I liked how the story evolved from the issue/challenge of the first book into something more in the second with dismissing the original problem (trying to be as un-divulging of the story here as possible!) but I have to say I couldn't give it 5 stars for two reasons:
1) there were still editing issues. I kept coming across words which were incorrect and missing words in sentences
2) my biggest problem was the epilogue... and what ultimately (SPOILER ALERT) showed that a wonderful relationship between M and her fellow dragon lord, who was almost more in the first book, is just gone. Ruined. There was also 7 years of pent up something which was just left as unresolved and expected to be understood? M's nature is one of innate kindness, that is what is pushed throughout both books that her heart is so large and she is blunt, but apparently in 7 years she hasn't pushed to find her lost son until now, properly, and nor has she even seemed to have confronted D? It just didn't fit with what had been written throughout the other books for me to give it full marks, but please don't think that it took away from the story at all. I am still eager to read the next book (I hope there is a third!) to see where M's campaign to save her son takes us.
Overall really enjoying these series and the fact there is detail to get into without being "waffly" just a shame the end of this book seemed a bit 'rushed'.
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on 14 March 2015
In book 2 of this series, Marina is still undergoing quests as a Chosen to earn the right to marry the man she loves; Koen the future emperor of the dragons. Again enemies abound whilst key characters whose relationships with Marina blossom prove impactful.

The story line is absolutely fabulous; the characters are great, there are wonderful emotive scenes and some great action. I did however find the actions of a character I liked really unappealing despite the good reasons behind this particular action, and wonder how this author will repair the reputation of this character.

Now for the negative. I normally ignore the odd grammatical error, but when a book is particularly poorly edited and the errors impact on the reading experience, then I become annoyed. It's a good job that this book is so good; otherwise the star rating would have been lower as the editing in this book is appallingly bad. That aside, I'll definitely be keeping an eye out for book 3 "Ash" when it is published later this year. Let's just hope a better eye has been cast over it during the editing process.
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on 27 January 2014
This book delivered a fast flowing story which I found 'dare I say' better than Smolder which I thought was hard to do because that... Rocked! . Loved the ending and I think we can say good chances (hopes) of a third instalment . Overall this book was awesome and any fans of Penelope won't be disappointed 👍👍👍👍👍.
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on 23 November 2014
Even though there were some awful grammatical errors the main bulk of this story was really good.

Marina is still a feisty character who is going after what she wants and trains hard in order that she can get through the tasks asked of her.

There are a few stumbling blocks along the way and it doesn't take long before I start not liking Daniil after he was so nice in the first book.

This book although it has a cliff hangar ending does not end any where as abruptly as the first book, but I am annoyed at how long Marina has obviously waited to do something.

As this book took SOOOO long to come out after the first, I have no hope of the author producing book three within the next year.
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on 12 May 2014
I enjoyed the first book although poor spelling was really annoying and disrupted the flow of reading. This book was poor in comparison, the main character was whiney and selfish, spelling totally awful and if this book had been proof read I'll eat my own hat as some sentences didn't even make sense and the auhtor was just rambeling so much in places I skipped entire pages. I have not completed reading this book (only got half way through) and I'm gutted I wasted money on this book. I could not conect with any of the characters and just felt overall this book was rushed. Dissappointing not to say the least :(
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on 26 July 2014
I like reading shape shifter/vampire fantasy stories, but this is the first dragon shifter book I've read.
I was totally taken by these books, they draw you in from page one, so much so I brought this second book before I was half way through the first, and I don't often do that with sequels.
You are drawn to the characters of Marina, Koen and Daniil throughout the story.
There were some editing errors on the kindle version but other than that, this book is great, well done Penelope.
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