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Customer reviews

4.7 out of 5 stars
4.7 out of 5 stars
Colour: black|Style: M.Zuiko Digital ED 14-42mm 1:3.5-5.6 EZ Lens|Change
Price:£549.99+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime

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on 28 August 2015
I'm continually amazed by the quality of the camera it really makes me lookk like I know what I'm doing .
The image quality is superb its way to use and still small enough to carry everywhere.
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on 21 November 2014
Micro-four thirds cameras are like marmite, you either love them or hate them. I just love the size advantage you get, and there are some fantastic lenses. Although this is supposed to be the "budget" OM-D camera, it bests the original Olympus E-M5 in many areas and I actually prefer the E-M10.

An internet review site likened the E-M5 to a gazelle, which is also good simile for the E-M10. As soon as you put the camera to your eye, it automatically switches off the rear screen and enables the electronic view finder. The rear dial I have programmed to adjust exposure with the button next to it programmed for AEL. Unlike an optical view finder there is a live view of the exposure, so you immediately see if you are under/over exposing before taking the photo, and you can toggle "blinkies" to check for sensor dynamic range clipping (clipped highlights flash orange and clipped shadows flash blue). The front dial I have programmed for adjusting aperture / shutter, with one of the adjacent buttons programmed for depth of field preview. The other adjacent button is programmed to toggle the dial functions; press it and the front dial changes adjusts ISO, and the rear dial adjusts White Balance. Again, there is live view of the white balance in the view finder before taking the photo. I have the view finder programmed so that the exposure compensation is replaced by a spirit level once the shutter button is half pressed. So managing the exposure, depth of field, white balance and getting straight horizon is childs play, and no need for chimping after each photo.

The autofocus is also quick, accurate and no-nonsense. I have the four arrow buttons programmed to directly move the focus point around the 81 point grid. However, if you want to let the camera do some of the work for you, I have the OK button programmed to bring up the "super control panel" on the rear touch screen. Touch the "face" icon and spin the front dial for all the face detection options, and half press the shutter to start shooting again. Take the camera away from your eye in shooting mode, and the rear touch screen is ready for touch to shoot. The screen tilts for shooting from the hip or over heads.

The mode dial has some functions that I don't use(ART, SCN, etc.), which can be reprogrammed to custom settings (Mysets). I have reprogrammed the ART position to Myset1 for high speed action shots, which is aperture priority with F/5 (optimum sharpness for mFT lenses and plenty of DOF), with 1/120 refresh rate of the view finder (so no EVF time lag), and 8 frames a second high speed burst. I have programmed the SCN position to Myset 2 for manual focus, which aperture priority, manual focus mode, and focus peak (which highlights all the in-focus [high contrast] areas of a scene).

You don't have to re-programme the dials and buttons (the default settings are sensible), but if you know what you like, you have the flexibility to tune your camera exactly to your shooting style. The custom menu system to initially set up the camera isn't always intuitive, but you only do it once.

I bought the camera without lens, and use it most of the time with the 17mm F/1.8. The combo is just the right size, balance, feel......I'm sure that someone reading will know what I'm talking about. I have some zoom lenses too, but it's those tiny prime lenses I love using.

Anyway, Olympus have got a lot of things right with this camera. It provides a very engaging and enjoyable shooting experience that will motivate you to go out and take photos more often. If you don't want the burden of a bulky DSLR, you will find it a liberating experience.

P.S. I would recommend spending 20 pounds on an extra x2 pack of batteries, and be sure to get the ones compatible with the Olympus charger.

P.P.S. If you want to know the bad bits: you'll keep loosing the EVF cover if you carry the camera in your coat Pocket, and some things in the custom menus are not very clear.
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on 10 April 2014
I have moved from my nice, small, neat Olympus E-510 DSLR which was about 6 or 7 years old.
I bought this and immediately thought: Oh, that can only be a toy.
Then I took a picture with it: easy to use, immediate, clear viewfinder with LOTS of information. Perfect picture quality. Ideal as a camera.
Then I put it in my coat pocket: Wow it is small and neat and tidy - and still delivers outstanding results.

Yes, the menus need "thinking about". But I set the options I wanted: small focus point in the middle, aperture priority, aperture control on the front dial and exposure compensation on the back, information on the screen and viewfinder etc. Saved these as a MySet and allocated them to the A on the dial.
Now, whenever I switch to A, I get my best setup - IDEAL. I can still use all the other settings and see what they do, and quickly return to my settings whenever I wish.

Advice: don't think, buy it!
You cant take any pictures until it is in your hands. And once it is there, you will be delighted.
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on 28 December 2014
I owned an original OM film camera... last century! and now it's back to the future in a smaller and smarter digital outfit. A real treat and a marvellous little piece of timeless design and uncompromising technology. The perfect companion if you don't want a full size DSLR. My best friend already.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 15 February 2016
I have not had a Micro 4/3 Camera before. I have had numerous digital cameras of various makes and models but since finding the OM Series of 35mm Film Cameras and owning a number of them, I decided to try one of their digital Cameras. I was recommended this series, by a friend who has the EM5 Mark 2.
I have had this camera a number of months now and I just love it. It is so easy to use and does all the things and more that I want a camera to do. I am not a professional in any sense of the word just an experienced amateur.
The tilting screen on this model is very useful for example in crowd situations or where you arent the tallest and theres other people and things in front of you.
The size of the camera is just right, it firs nicely into a small DSLR Camera bag, it fits into my pocket on combat trousers and jackets and isnt heavy even with a few lenses in a rucksack or bag.
It came with a 14-42mm lens which has a very wide range of uses, it is one of my favourite lens. I have since purchased a number of different lens (non Olympus, Japanese made cheap lenses) and they work perfectly, I have zooms and Prime lens and this camera takes them all (some with an adapter) and performs well.
The 14-42mm has alot of functionality for me and my choices in subject. I have the other lens just in case but a lot of the time the original lens remains on the camera.
I enjoy night time aswell as daytime photography, and this camera has performed excellently n both areas. I am currently a fan of slow shutter speed pictures, playing with these ideas and this camera has helped me no end developing in that area.
It has a built in flash, pop up on the top. It has a strong sturdy ergonomic body. It has wifi but I have not utilised this function as yet. Easy to use with a tripod and shutter remote.
The battery on this seems to last me for ever, I only need to charge about every 400-500 pictures .
It is very easy to use, the dual wheels allow for easy change between the Shutter Speed and Aperture to capture whatever it is you require.
It has a great view finder, there is alot of information shown and it makes it very easy to take your ideal photo.
I have used this camera in bright daylight, pitch black night time, on mountains, on Camels in the desert, in town street photography etc
The image quality from this camera (although partly down to the user) is excellent. I would recommend this to anyone who wanted a M4/3 Camera. I have not had one single issue with this camera.
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on 11 November 2016
This item arrived very well packed, plenty of space for the added protection in which was noticeable from the offset.
upon opening the package you are met with a the sight of bubble wrap, god i love bubble wrap.

The camera i received had all the original items, box, instructions. strap and battery.

The camera does look on the small size- esp if you do have big hands- but for me i have small hands so this wasn't a issue.

it just feels so right, the EVF is amazing and im so glad i switched from the DSLR to MIRRORLESS
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 19 July 2014
I agonised over this purchase. How to replace my old Canon SLR with something smaller and, crucially, better? Not easy. I considered everything for months, then bought the Olympus E-M10.

I might have bought the E-M5 or stretched to the E-M1 to get that leap in quality, but I realised I didn't need to. The E-M10 doesn't really lack any professional features (well, one or two perhaps, though it has one or two unique features of its own, like a built-in flash) - it's just smaller.

Okay, so you don't get the weather sealing or the 5-axis image stabilisation the other two OM-Ds have, or the ability to shoot at 1/8000. The lack of weather sealing is fine for a fair-weather photographer like me, and in any case you have to have weather sealed lenses too, and none of the lenses I fancy are weather sealed.

The 3-axis image stabiliser gets good reviews from the pros, and works very well for me, so I can live with that too. And 1/4000 sec shutter speed is fine for my kind of photography. Get over these three hurdles and the E-M10 is the obvious choice since it's such good value.

In the hand it feels great - super dense and built like a little tank. It feels expensive. I like cameras to be as small as possible, and this is so much smaller than my SLR was. The E-M10 feels just right, with a perfect thumb grip on the back and decent finger grip on the front. If you want to use big lenses, you might want to buy the optional grip that I hear is very useful.

Image quality is clearly better than my old SLR. It had a bigger sensor, but was poor at ISO1600, its max ISO. That's how things have moved on. The E-M10 is smooth and detailed at ISO1600, fine at 3200, and just about okay at 6400 in a pinch. I wouldn't bother with the higher settings. I have two of the gorgeous Olympus f1.8 primes (didn't bother with the kit lens since the whole point of a camera like this is to wring the very best IQ from it and that means fast lenses doesn't it?) and the pics I'm getting are the best I've ever had, with very little effort. It feels like the camera is better than I am at the moment.

Everything works brilliantly. It's really fast and responsive. The electronic viewfinder is so crisp and clear and fluid that I never even think about it. I just use it. However, after a few weeks use I have noticed a problem, which is that blue-green colours are rendered completely (and I do mean completely) wrong in the viewfinder, which is disappointing. The tilting, touch sensitive LCD is as slick and classy as anything you'll see and `touch to focus' is something you'll wonder how you managed without. The twin dials suit me just fine and all the buttons and switches are positive in action and reasonably large. I love the old-fashioned power switch that you can flick on and off by feel. It's just a pleasure to use.

Even the wi-fi works brilliantly. I've only tried it once, but it connected easily to my iPhone and stayed connected when I retreated indoors to take pictures of the birds in my garden by remote control. This blows me away. I just need to think of other ways to use it.

There are so many functions that I can't describe them. The main ones are, luckily, easy to access and use, either from a typical menu with the buttons (useful when your eye is glued to the EVF) or by using the touch screen. You can go much, much deeper into things and customise every last button, dial and function. The level of customisability for an `entry level' camera is astonishing. It's also a bit bewildering. But after a few weeks I'm getting the hang of it, though remembering where a particular setting is can be tricky. The manual (on CD only) is not bad, but you really need it with you all the time if you're going to access the more obscure functions on the go. I've had many cameras over the years and the E-M10's menus are the most challenging of all. But you will get the hang of them in the end.

Other downsides are minor. The battery takes a full three hours to charge, and then lasts a fairly average length of time. So it's a shame there's no percentage for the battery level like on a phone. When you're down to two segments, what it really means is that it's about to die. Get a spare battery or two. At least you get a proper charger with two leads - one for the UK and one for everywhere else. It would have been nice to have some more video frame rates. Video looks pretty good, but you're stuck with 30fps or nothing. I also find the eye detector a bit sensitive so when you're using the touch screen playback you have to be really careful or your finger is detected and puts you back into record mode. The diopter control is essential but super fiddly, so pray you will only have to set it once.

After many months of use I also notice a little fault: when IO use it to take lots and lots of photos in quick succession, it sometimes misbehaves and refuses to focus or take a shot. Perhaps this is overheating because it corrects itself if I switch off for 30 seconds and start again.

But the downsides are minor niggles. This is a great camera. Fast, beautifully built, outstanding image quality, packed with useful and versatile features, small and stylish, the list goes on. It is, without a doubt, the best camera I have ever owned.
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on 14 December 2015
What can I say, this camera is a delight to handle and use. I have a sneaking suspicion if I had known about it prior to purchasing my equally fantastic Pentax K3 six months ago, it's size, abilities and portability might have made the choice very difficult.

One minor drawback imo, is the price of the "top end" lenses is very high. While they are of excellent optical quality and third party vendors are increasing both the kit and the lower end lenses coupled with this camera are not as good in low light as say Pentax. The photo of my dog was taken hand held at 1600 ISO f4.9 and remarkably 1/10 of a second which speaks volumes for the IS system as I am 70 years old. The second photo taken in my garden on a fairly dull December day was 1000 ISO, F5.6 and 1/80th sec

However I have them both now and am very glad for that. :) Don't be fooled by the fact it has an EVF this is one serious bit of kit and I love the brilliantly accomplished EVF as much as I do the Pentax OVF.

The tilting screen is also great for when you want to take low shots without getting on your knees. All in all I couldn't be happier. I have a feeling this is the format that is about to explode (I think it is already happening, see Nikon sales) and the Olympus range imo will be right out there in the forefront.
review image review image
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VINE VOICEon 18 August 2014
In one line: Incredible, buy it!

In a few more lines: This really is a fantastic camera. The design is slightly retro, but with enough of a modern update that I don't feel like a complete hipster. It feels chunky and solid in the hand, the metal frame certainly isn't light, but the neck strap supplied is good.

The one I have came with the lens, which retracts when the camera is turned off. The zoom function is a bezel on the lens rather than on the body itself. To open the flash you have to press a button to flip it up, handy when you don't want it on, but no auto-flash function there. When the lens is retract the camera is only slightly bigger than a point and shoot, to the extent I found it rather difficult trying to find a case that was smaller than a DSLR, but bigger than a compact (although found one in the end).

On the back of the camera is a screen you can flip out, so if you want to take pictures where it's awkward to look (e.g. holding it above your head for height) this really makes things easier. It is also touch sensitive for menu scrolling and for my favourite function, automatic focus and picture taking simply by pressing the screen on the area you want to focus on. Fantastic!

As you would expect, the picture quality is amazing.

The sight on the top is excellent, although as a compact instead of SLR it doesn't have the same response and you would otherwise get (but this is a nitpick). Putting your eye to it will also turn off the screen so you don't accidentally press a function.

You get two customisable dials on the top that you can set for all kinds of 'proper' functions such as aperture timings. I can't say that my skills are that good yet, but there is a real room for progression over time that this camera can keep serving.

On the inside the software is excellent, there are all kinds of neat art styles (my favourite is the multiple picture shot, putting several different pictures into one image) that will keep you busy.

Overall I really cannot rate this enough, a fantastic bit of kit that will suit everyone from the budding amateur through to a semi-professional.
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on 26 June 2015
I agree with all the Amazon reviews and photography websites that this is a great camera. The problem is reliability. I have had 3 OMD EM-10's develop faults in the last 6 months.

The first one was almost dead on arrival - it managed 1 photo before deciding not to work (blank lcd screen and viewfinder, shutter button did nothing). I received a replacement from Amazon very quickly which was good, however the wifi did not work on this one, so I contacted Amazon and they recommended a replacement. Again the replacement was received quickly, and this one worked for about 4 months before developing a fault on the lcd screen (strange banding which was present in live view, when viewing photos, and even in the setting menus). I called Amazon, and they offered another replacement, however given this would be my 4th OMD EM-10's in 6 months, I declined, and Amazon have kindly offered a refund.

Amazon's service is exceptional - I suspect most other retailers would have sent the 3rd one for repair. Maybe I have just been unlucky, as I have not seen any other posts or reviews complaining about the camera's reliability, but given my experience, I wouldn’t recommend it.
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