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on 28 March 2014
One of my favourite shows of all time, however the audio is extremely bad in parts as it sounds like they are talking in a huge metal pipe giving a metallic echo effect. Has anyone noticed this and do the DVD company intend to do a product recall?
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on 28 April 2014
The latest series in which the good Doc gets married hooray and them manages to cock it up. His mother comes to stay (played beautifully by Claire Bloom) there is a steady round of bickering between Doc and Louisa an AWOL nanny and an accident with a little Keystone cops chase to the airport to save Louisa's life and he still manages to cock it up.
Excellent acting all round as usual and can't wait for series 7 - best show on telly
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VINE VOICEon 7 April 2017
'Doc Martin' is one of those shows, I have found that gets better as it ages. However, the first year was very entertaining. There was something a little hit strange about he main character, Doc Martin, played by Martin Clunes, but, since he was a surgeon, that made some sense.

Dr. Martin Ellingham, a London surgeon developed a horrible reaction to the sight of blood. He also dies not have a good bedside manner, and he looks for another job. A GP is needed in a small village in a Cornish fishing village. He had spent summers there and, indeed, loved the area.

Martin was written and created by Dominic Minghella. Martin became the charmless, and insensitive physician, who is a brilliant diagnostician. He is so impossible I felt myself rooting for him. He is an off beat but good man. Once he is in the village, he sets up an office, people come by just to see him, and then they all develop unusual conditions, that he can almost always solve. In the process he falls in love with the schoolteacher Louisa, played by Carolyn Catz. She discovers she is attracted to him, but she doesn't really like him.

Every week a new medical condition is discovered, often including a interesting storyline. Doc Martin gains weight and loves the town. The town is an intricate turn of hillside streets and scenic overlooks. The town characters are the receptionists Lucy Punch and Katherine Parkinson; Ian McNeice, as a plumber ; Joe Absolom as McNeice's son; Stewart Wright and John Marquez as police constables, and Stephanie Cole as Martin's stubborn Aunt Joan. I began to think quite often that Doc Martin has Aspergers. He has all the characteristics. But, it makes no difference, really. This is a character who has soul, a romantic comedy we can all relate to.

Recommended. prisrob 04-07-17
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on 3 February 2014
This programme is so brilliantly written and acted by the Doc himself (love Martin Clunes anyway) but some characters not so believable or personable. I am biased because I loved Stewart Wright's portrayal of PC Mark Milo and was saddened by his leaving. Joe Penhale is not a patch on him unfortunately. I was very lucky to be staying in Port Isaac when series 5 was being filmed and met the lovely Doc himself - what a nice guy, also Joe Absolom and Ian McNiece also lovely guys. Unfortunately in that series there were a lot of errors with the Doc calling people by their wrong names; Norwenna's grandfather and the school caretaker to name a couple. We were due to be back in Port Isaac for series 6 but had to cancel due to unforseen circumstances and was afraid that would be the last series. Hopefully now we all know how that series ended there will be the opportunity for another as I never get tired of watching it. Think it pretty bad that series 6 was released in the USA before the UK however! All said and done, roll on Doc Martin from your biggest fan.
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on 22 October 2015
Not made clear enough it was a dutch import, and the picture is not as clear as all my other doc martin series
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on 26 January 2014
Over the last decade I have thoroughly enjoyed Doc Martin - and this last series was no different. The day-to-day life of Doc Martin set against bueatiful cornwall landscapes is perfect for anyone having a night in with their partner, or a nice big cup on hot chocolate! Even though many things make this series work there is one that stands out specifically - the fantastic Martin Clunes, who plays grumpy Doc Martin. The personality he brings to that charecter is excellent, and I'm sure anyone else and the show would not have been the success it has. Clunes just brings that grumpy edge to the charecter that makes the audience love him and hate him in equal measure at the same time!

The setting of the drama is great too! You feel like you are being whisked away to cornwall for an hour, and its slightly dissapointing when you have to return (good thing there is a whole set of episodes). Of course with any long running programme, if you already have Series 1-5 buy this, if you don't you are better off going for the entire Series 1-6 collection. Personally, I think this is one of the best drama's of the decade, and this was epitomised by Martin Clunes' nomination for Outstanding Drama Performance at the recent National Television Awards.

An excellent drama, perfect for everyone. Hope there is much more to come!
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on 30 May 2014
We've followed Doc Martin faithfully since Episode One, and this series (presumably the last) was a bit of a disappointment. In years past, the doc was blunt and impatient and it made sense because he was a fish out of water frustrated by village eccentricities after years of working in the big city. Now, he's just plain nasty, a rude jerk who in real life would earn a punch on the nose almost every time he opens his mouth. They had the balance about right in the early days, but seem to have lost their way lately. Or maybe the novelty has worn off for us...?
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on 12 April 2014
Love this series. However, have noticed the sound recording (especially outside scenes) is noticeably poor quality. This DVD lacks the high gloss finish of previous series. The navigation menu is completely different from series 1-5 and at first thought I had acquired a pirate copy!! Great acting but something gone awfully wrong with whoever is now for production/distribution. Real shame.
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on 18 May 2014
Many episodes in series 6 are more sad and dramatic than comic and I miss some of the more antic goings on of earlier series. But i am thoroughly hooked in to the characters and the plot, despite finding the Doc almost zombie like in later episodes. I will be back for more whenever series 7 becomes available. Perhaps late 2015 on video? Just a question that UK viewers might kindly help me with by posting comments to this review: what is the connection/ meaning of the title of episode 7, Listen with Mother? I looked this up and found it was a popular children's radio show at one time. The brief description of the show left me still baffled as to its relevance to this episode. Is it merely ironic, a reference to the contrast between Martin's dreadful, cold, even cruel mother and the idealized mother of that radio program. (Claire Bloom is wonderfully menacing in this role, makes it painfully obvious why Martin is so miserable and neurotic. But obviously he must slay this lady dragon or pass on all this tragic consequence to the sweet baby, James.)
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on 18 June 2016
I love Doc Martin. Have watched series 6 several times on TV but still wanted the DVD. This Dutch version is ok as if you want an English speaking version you just switch subtitles off. Good visual quality also. A good price too. Will get series 7 soon. I am looking forward to the latest series which I think will be in 2017. Just have to be patient.
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