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on 21 May 2017
Has a lot of problems by printing. The first days works good, once the ink is getting low the printer stress you. You can not restart the chip from the ink cartridges and if you use another ink brand it recognises it. You will spend a lot of money with official ink cartridges, and a lot of time changing them, and they are not empty, not even half of ink. Also has some problems to detect papers, between the 2 slots when you want to print from the rear side you have to put one by one paper, its horrible if you have to print a lot of papers. It Is the worst purchase I have done on a printer ever.
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on 21 March 2017
I have my new printer for over 1 month, here are some of the key issues I found:
1. Wifi connection with my PC fails 50% of times, Unlike the older Epson all-in-one model I had, forcing my to switch on/off everytime it becomes unresponsive
2. When it does decide to work, it will take up to a minute to start printing a medium size job (2mb)
3. The printing quality is really poor, it cannot be used professionally for client reports
4. And the worst thing, unlike my previous Epson all-in-one, this one won't work with non-Epson replacement cartridges!
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on 26 November 2016
Jan 17
2nd Epson WorkForce, same problem. Intial set up and use fine, WAIT until you need a new ink cartridge......want to use a compatible cartridge ? Epson have installed drivers to use less jets and be less effective unless Epson ink is used.
Against EU printer law? Guess what the law is something they can choose to sign up for.....
Only print manufacturer operating in Europe not to sign up to the law.............EPSON

Well done, you can have your piece of garbage back and i'll be buying from another brand once i get my refund in full for this unless deskweight.

(Stopping printing after intial ink ran out, could never get a clear print after the original cartridges were empty. Just had a replacement arrive so will give this one the benifit of the doubt, if same happens again then i'll pass on Epson printers from now on.Nov 16)
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on 1 April 2016
WiFi set up seemed a bit hit and miss from my main PC. From my other PC, after turning off the Windows firewall during configuration, it worked fine. In the end, I used a Cat 5 cable to physically connect the main PC to the printer (as the firewall trick didn't work on this PC).

Only had the printer a week or so, so still a bit early to give a full product review. However, the set-up inks seem to be holding up well.

I did purchase a set of CYM inks at the same time, as Epson were running a cashback promotion when printer and inks were ordered together. However, actually getting the cashback from Epson is turning into a real nightmare.

**Update 3/6/16**

My initial review was 2 stars based on the Wi-Fi issues and the hassle of getting the cashback described above.

I eventually received the cashback although it really was a lot of hassle. I think the Wi-Fi problem was related to me having multiple Powerline adapters, which showed up as duplicate wireless network names on the printer. Anyway, I still have it connected via an Ethernet cable which is probably better anyway.

The printer has been performing very well and, after 3 months, it is only now just beginning to show a 'low ink' warning for the black cartridge. This is quite impressive when considering that the inks that come with the printer are only set-up cartridges. Aside from an A1 printer used for CAD plots, this is my main office printer and is used on a daily basis.

The multiple document feeder works extremely well together with duplex copying/printing. Photo printing on glossy paper produces extremely good results on the highest setting - this was surprising considering it only has CMYK cartridges (my old Canon had 6 cartridges and the results weren't as good). The touchscreen is responsive and fairly intuitive.

The bonus of being able to print and copy at up to A3+ makes this a very versatile machine for the price. When I want to print an A3 page, I simply use the rear paper feed (instead of swapping around A4/A3 paper in the cassette). I don't use fax so can't comment on this functionality.

So, after a somewhat bumpy start, I am very happy with the WF-7610.
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on 5 October 2016
Both the printer and scanner hardware are fairly good quality. However, I am having a problem with the software, which Epson Support have said that they cannot fix. The scanner is supposed to have a Full Auto Mode, which is missing in my version of the software. This means that I cannot use the automatic document size sensor and need to manually input all document sizes prior to scanning.
Essentially it does not work as advertised and I have now requested a return.
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on 29 December 2016
1st one day delivery when ordered on 23rd December meant it was delivered today. On installing the printer the pad in the paper tray was a pain to remove and now it won't print in a manner that allows me to read it, email sent to Epson, the scan and copy appear to be OK but I expect plug and play with these devices not a bloody assault course
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on 4 December 2015
It's a big thing! Almost a piece of furniture by itself... as 18KG as delivered it's not that away from 1/3 of a coffee table and just as high. It should come with coasters if you live in a small area. However, it is excellent in all it's abilities... A3 scanning... A3 output on paper or glossy paper... I have no problems recommending this product. Although be prepared for how much the A3 papers (100gsm and photo paper and A3 laminate pouches are).
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on 13 July 2016
This is a great printer, I don't know why other reviewers run this printer down for the price of its inks because they are no dearer than anyother make of printers replacement inks.
Also the inks that came with the printer are very economical, I printed the manual for this printer (140)pages and there is lots of ink still remainin..
Did not take me very long to setup the printer, about an hour but this included reading the instruction.
It is very fast compared to my old printer, it is a joy to use.
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on 15 April 2015
Great little printer, easy setup, nearly worked out of the box, just one setting to change to get it to work with WiFi directly from my tablet Acer Tab8.
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on 29 January 2016
Always wanted to be able to scan and print a3 documents but could never justify the expense for what would be little use of this function. Then I came across this for £124 so I bought one. It is very large and heavy so check dimensions. It has an abundance of functions available from the touch screen and so far I have not needed to use software. I had no problems setting up on Windows 7. I use 3rd party ink to save a fortune on costs and replacement cartridges have worked. I do not allow printer updates as previously other Epson printers have updated their memory and stopped allowing cartridges I had previously used as okay. There may be other issues to be uncovered (one I've spotted is the printer & scanner will stop working when the sealed ink residue tank fills up). You then need a replacement which is about £20. For now the printing is good quality and batch scanning is good since the guidance rails are adjustable and a secure fit. This is good for me as previously models double sided batch scanning was poor due to skewing of scans as the feeders were not robust enough. All in all a great bargain so far for the price.
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