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on 23 July 2017
I will resist quoting from the wonderful Scarlet Jupiter review on here and add only that the opening to the first track "Birth of an Empire" had me sitting up thinking I am loving this and looking forward to the other tracks which feeling stayed with me through to the last track "When the Storm has blown over" which again I found so enjoyable to listen to. What I enjoy is musicality and a lovely voice and this album ticks both of those boxes for me and is my favourite album of Sophie's the others I own being "Read My Lips" and "Familia" both of which I also enjoy.
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on 15 May 2017
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on 19 October 2015
great album
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on 10 November 2014
Having had intimated that she felt constrained by the "dance stuff" (sic), English pop's premier disco-diva Sophie Ellis-Bextor decided to completely shed her electropop skin for her 5th outing. So much in fact, that her newest set of minor-chord melancholia often sounds like the product of another artist entirely. With piano chords and a dramatic orchestral section setting the melodramatic tone straight away, quite a lot of "Wanderlust" is suffused in this sort of quasi-musical theatre quality, as the synths and disco guitars of SEB's previous output are replaced by harpsichord-effect keys, shuffling percussions and thundering drums. More surprising is the inclusion of several songs with an Eastern European feel, incorporating various elements of Russian folklore on here such as ringing balalaikas and cossack dance rhythms. Even the Russian typography on the sleeve is in keeping with the wintry drama within. This foray into eastern European-style pathos proves that Sophie has more in her arsenal besides dance hits. Longtime fans will find difficult to overcome the absence of the usual synth-soaked pop choruses. But the jangling guitars, electronic pulses and crunchy choruses prove that she has not abandoned her poppier leanings completely. "Wandermix" EP is an anodyne and unnecessary 22-minute remix, consisting of remixes of the 5 singles released off the album. "Wanderlust" is a brave step for SEB into new territory, and it suits her. She of the razor sharp cheekbones got murdered on the dance floor. Shockingly unexpected, skillfully executed!

*** for the "Wandermix" EP
**** for the "Wanderlust" LP
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on 23 January 2014
This album has really brightened a dark January. It's a simply lovely, slightly melancholy change of pace for the fabulous SEB. Her voice has never sounded as fabulous as it does on this collection of stripped-back tracks. Her song-writing collaboration with Ed Harcourt has paid creative dividends, every song here is a memorable keeper. I won't mind if Sophie returns to more dance-oriented pop for her next album, but this is certainly a lovely change of pace in the meantime. Heartily recommended for fans and newcomers alike. I don't often buy CDs these day, opting more often for the convenience of downloading, but I'm very happy to add this one to my collection. I hope it's a huge success for Sophie!
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on 23 March 2014
To my mind, and ear, this takes me back to the first time I listened to Sophie fronting The Audience. I have never warmed to the pop-centric Sophie, so when I chanced a listen to the preview snippets of the tracks from this album I found myself rapidly falling in the love.

Her voice remains a soothing whisper on the ear, singing lyrics with a melancholic angle - occasionally brightened by more upbeat ditties - like 13 Little Dolls. I don't mind that break in tone at all - and now that I have listened to the whole album in full, there's nothing here I don't like. Sometimes I have to listen to an album more than once to make a call on what works and what runs harsh against my nerves - but, I'm supremely satisfied.

Set alongside The Audience, for sure, and angled to become one of my favourites of 2014.
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on 22 January 2014
I bought the special booklet version, the photos and the packaging are very beautiful.
The songs are good, not the usual dance/electro feel, but great pop music for grown ups. Her voice is very distinctive and it shines on balads like Young Blood and Runaway Daydreamer.
The opening track, Birth of a Nation, is an epic, eastern feel powerhouse, love it.
This is a new direction for Sophie, and it truly deserves praise.
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on 20 January 2014
Something different, something better. A long way from previous chart pop, but equally not as 'serious' as life long jazz and club singers. A mix of tempos and of orchestration and production styles from rockin to a bit slushy. Strangely reminds me of Robbie I somehow. Overall good. Next album should be interesting.....
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on 24 January 2014
I was surprised that I loved this album from the first listen, and then wondered why I was so shocked at this major change of departure. I've never been a huge fan of Sophie's, but I did buy her last 2 albums on the strength of their singles and was happy I did so. I had heard that Wanderlust was a major departure, but figured what the hell, it's only 11 songs and not a great deal out of my life.
What is not surprising is that everything that has been prevalent on Sophie's other albums is also prevalent here, although wrapped up slightly differently. Understated but sing-along, sophisticated melodies coupled with witty, observant lyrics and Sophie's oh-so-british style of singing. This is typical Sophie, but with all the posturing dance beats and highly produced synth sounds stripped away. It's really no different, just......different.
It oozes a yearning for another, simpler time, and perhaps that's what the 'Wanderlust' of the title suggests. I won't go into all the tracks, but the lead-off single, Young Blood, gives me goosebumps every time I hear it, and the slow waltz of Love is a Camera changing into a manically charged, Romanian Gypsy clap-along that gets faster and faster until you feel giddy always gets me smiling and skipping round the floor. But every song here is a class act all it's own. I just wish it was summer so I could lie in a hay field and feel the sun on my face whilst listening to these gems.
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There is no mistaking the distinctive sound of Sophie’ voice, so if your reading this then I assume you find it pleasing, otherwise don't buy it. The overall tone of this CD is an upbeat melancholia laced with some international flavours [the Middle Eastern feel to Birth of an Empire and the East European overtones of Love is a camera] and covers a variety of styles from folk, baroque and orchestral [the simple piano accompaniment of Young Blood blending with a background choir at the end]. In all four singles have been released from this CD so if you liked the singles ‘Love is a Camera’, ’Youngblood’, ’The Deer and the Wolf’ and ‘Runaway Daydreamer’ then the remaining songs on here are in much the same vein and thus can seem to suffer from an overall plodding pace, but its an album that will grow on you.
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