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Customer reviews

4.5 out of 5 stars
4.5 out of 5 stars
Edition: Special Edition|Change
Price:£24.99 - £39.99

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on 29 August 2014
He game is just better than expected. It could be a sole reason to buy the console just for it, it's great entertainment. A bit too short for my taste, but now some dlcs are coming... (more money)
The edition is great, the collector item is great quality and nice... The only problem is that it won't be all publics taste, but the game in contents are a good reason indeed.
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on 22 May 2014
Love this game, I have never played this series before but instantly enjoyed playing. I recently purchased the ps4 and read the reviews which made me take a gamble on getting this and boy did that gamble pay off. I got the special edition because it was the same price as standard edition. This was delivered to me on a Sunday as well :))))) bonus weekend gameplay
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on 10 August 2014
Although lacking the epic scope of Infamous 1 and 2, Second Son gives us a new hereo loads of new powers and is the best looking Game on the PS4 to date. Some of the replay-ability is marred by the campaign not changing much between choices- but the game play is fun and makes you feel powerfulw without the game ever failing to challenge you.
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on 15 April 2014
Came on time

Great game, wouldn't say it was as good story wise as the 1st and 2nd infamous's but they have improved the graphics and controls which is all good.

Finished this game after a week or 2 so traded it in as there wasn't much more playability after I got the platinum.

Over all worth a play.
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on 21 March 2014
Infamous: Second Son is one of the most highly anticipated games this year. I myself have been dying to play as an Infamous series fan so let's just dive right into the review.


Set after the events of the second game (which I won't spoil), we find that the world has changed. Conduits - those people that have extraordinary powers - are now labelled as "bio-terrorists" and are being played out as evil beings intent on scorching the earth. A forced called the D.U.P stepped in just after the second game ended and imposed order, seemingly protecting civilians from the likes of any conduits. But is it really what it seems?

From the get-go, the story is quite addicting but you can't help but feel you've seen it somewhere before. Our hero, Delsin, is hugely likeable and very well presented as the playable character. Once he realizes that he has the ability to absorb powers from other conduits, he sets about trying to bring down the D.U.P and prove that superheroes aren't a thing of the past. What kind of hero you'll be, however, is up to you. The voice-acting is really good but that's not surprising considering that Sucker Punch seemed to have put one-hundred and ten percent into this game in all aspects.


Infamous is without a doubt the best looking game on PS4 right now. Character expressions are really clear and look realistic, faces move when they speak and the mouth even looks like some serious work went into it from Sucker Punch. From the very first cut-scene you can tell that this game is pretty but that wouldn't be doing it justice.

The in-game world of Seattle is hugely detailed everywhere you look. Neon signs, dust clouds, rain drops, sunlight, shading and lighting is all done superbly. The first few sections of the game take place under a dark and rainy sky and the game really captures that. The rain looks beautiful, water effects are well-done and quite realistic. Climbing atop a large building and simply panning the camera around allows you to see what a truly good job Sucker Punch have done. Despite how good all these things look, I am most impressed by how well the powers are shown in-game.

Delsin's smoke powers are portrayed very well as dark and dusty but the effects are great. Fire off a large smoke missle into the fray and the smoke envelopes everything in its path. Similarly, his neon powers are flashy and colourful just as you'd expect. Sucker Punch could have have given us a pretty Seattle and skimped on these details but they didn't. It's impressive stuff. However, one thing that I'm not a fan of is the lack of any immersive feel from the city. There's no day and night cycle except in specific sections of the game and despite how pretty the city is, it feels cold and empty. The last two games suffered from this problem as well.


Those who have played either of the last two games will instantly feel at home with the control system. Most of the buttons are the same but with Delsin's new abilities, a few more are available. The touch pad has been included to function as a means of getting your energy back. Swipe it near a smoke or neon source and you can recharge. Normally, I don't like using the touch-pad but it works well here and doesn't obstruct gameplay. As well as this, the circle button now acts as a smoke-dash which lets you dash into - or out of - sticky situations but also helps you out when gliding and getting around the city. The controls are fluid and responsive when aiming, shooting, running and jumping and these are the core four that really matter and the game performs well in all aspects.

The combat remains familiar yet upgraded slightly. For whatever reason, you can no longer take cover behind things and so trying to regroup or get out of a bad situation becomes somewhat of a pain sometimes. The enemy AI is decent and there are a variety of enemy types. This was a good move since you could get through most of the last games by just spamming Cole's basic lightning attack. You'll have to mix up your powers in combat now in order to take down some of the enemies effectively but on the whole it's a good thing. Why have all these other powers if you can obliterate anything in your way by constantly hitting R2 over and over?

If, like me, you play on the hardest difficulty you'll find that simply rushing into the battle will often get you killed. The basic enemy grunt can kill you quite easily if you let him but the varied enemy types and powers they have spice the game up even more. Dash across the rooftops and land with a fiery shockwave, bombard the area with cough-inducing smoke bombs or blitz your way headlong into the battle - it's up to you. You never really feel like the game is telling you how to play.

Delsin's powers are implemented into the game world really well. Using smoke powers drains your smoke capacity. Likewise, using neon powers drains your neon capacity. Whilst you might think this is worrying, you can drain sources to recharge yourself but the way in which this is presented is really well done. Need some smoke? Blow up a car or fly into an air vent or chimney. Need some neon? Find one of the many bright and dazzling signs around the world and drain it for yourself. There are hundreds of these locations in the game and they are displayed on the map but what's clever is that you don't NEED to look at the map to know where to recharge. You can see smoke rising into the sky from chimneys or blown up cars. You can see the glowing neon signs from miles away so you aren't constantly looking at the mini-map for help. It's all presented in this beautiful, in-game version of Seattle.

Like the last two games you can upgrade Delsin's powers to make him even more awesome. The way you do this is very similar to the last games in that you collect Blast Shards. This time around though, they aren't embedded into city walls or in obscure locations. Now, they power flying drones all over the city that you can hunt down, destroy and then claim. Along the way you can make good or evil choices and unlock additional upgrades respectively. It's a very familiar upgrade system to the previous titles but no less rewarding.

The city is filled with things for you do. Re-taking the city isn't going to happen overnight. You have a variety of missions to take on ranging from liberating a district of enemies, hunting down those drones for blast shards, disabling D.U.P cameras over the city, collecting audio logs and even stencil art. The map itself isn't huge but the level of detail is a treat for the eyes and there's a lot to occupy you. However, much like the last two games the side missions get repetitive and samey. Go here, kill this. Go here, collect that.

All in all, Infamous: Second Son is a great, fun game just like the previous titles. Whilst it may look incredibly pretty, it still suffers from the things that annoyed me about the last two games, the biggest of which is the lack of an immersive game world. Blowing up bad guys and flying all over the city is hugely fun but when you do finally stop and look around the city just feels empty, despite its beauty. It keeps to the same formula as the previous titles without really adding anything new. This isn't a bad thing but some of us might have expected more from this.

+ Looks beautiful and plays really well
+ The powers, effects and game world blend together seamlessly
+ Superb voice acting

- The game world feels empty
- The formula is the same as before
- Lots to do but it becomes repetitive
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on 16 September 2014
Although this game can get somewhat repetitive, it's fun as hell and worth a purchase. Although I suggest you don't but it unless it's less than £30, as it is fairly short. The gameplay, graphics, sound is all top notch though and makes up for where its lacking.
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on 21 April 2014
I really enjoyed the game but unfortunately it did not last that long, the characters were believable and they really get you into the game and Delson makes the game a lot more fun with his sarcastic remarks, but it is more of a love him or hate him situation.
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The game is amazing in every way, from story to side missions, from graphics to sound and gameplay but unfortunately the special edition is a cheap cardboard, very fragile with a small blu ray case for the game. Horrible box! Perfect Game!
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on 30 May 2014
This game is a lot of fun and constantly has you hunting for new powers. Delsin isn't nearly as annoying as I expected, actually likeable when playing hero. Deliciously evil when playing villain. I'd recommend this as a PS4 must-have.
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on 22 March 2014
I will note that I am taking my time and enjoying this game so far it has been awesome, combat is really fluid, beautiful scenery, acting is really good, the city feels alive and of course the graphics are stunning.
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