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4.2 out of 5 stars
4.2 out of 5 stars
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on 28 January 2004
Utterly delighted this was released on DVD. If u r a fan - "a must buy." Great to see all these episodes again (first seen first time around in the 60s and then, I believe, the re-runs over 10 years later.
Forgive the dodgy special effects - because remember when it was made! The stories may vary in quality too, but overall a marvellous array of episodes; backed up by a memorable soundtrack - the kind that sticks in your mind.
Star of the show for me is the Robot! Still holds up well after all this time.
I see rumours of a re-make on the horizon. If so, though the special effects will supposedly be better, will it match the "feel" and "humanity" of the original series here?
This original series also caught the genuine essence of being utterly lost and battling the elements - a good education for a 7 yr-old at the time!
There are many many episodes here; so excuse the 'duff' ones - the best more than make up for them. Special mention goes to the first episode - beautifully setting the scene.
Oh, and look out for the bizarre but curious appearance of a young, but easily identifiable, Kurt Russell!
My favourite memory revisited? Well, the cyclops throwing the boulder down on to the Chariot............."Ah - the memories; the memories........."
Though, no doubt, Dr. Smith would say, "Oh, the pain; the pain."
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on 17 March 2005
How wonderful, indeed, that the original Lost in Space TV series gets the DVD format. Like many children during the mid-1960s, I too grew up with this series. Very fond memories come back and everything seems new and fresh somehow. While I like the entire series, there are, of course, episodes which I like better than others. I particularly cherish the first episodes, not really because they were filmed in B&W (although perhaps this helps, too), but because they have a certain unforgettable quality about them that still fascinate me. To be precise, the first 7 epsiodes, especially the first, the third, the fourth, the fifth and the seventh) are especially memorable (the others of varying preference) but I am quite certain that the feel of the original series just could not be filmed today the same way. In short, I am happy to have grown up with this series (and others) and I still view these epsiodes and cherish them deeply. True the effects are not today's standard, of course, but are more than adequate and indeed excellent for the time and fairly convincing even today. The best is the "traditional" family relationship which by some standards is "out-of-date" but I strongly disagree. Fortunately, my young niece simply loves Lost in Space, and her uncle is more than happy to share an endearing part of his youth with her, since anything well-done that promotes noble family and human values is timeless...
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I first bought the series two 'Lost in space' for my son (age 9) and he loves it (its packaged just like this series 1 set). We watch about an episode or two a week (so have weeks to go). The series 2 was 'Lost in space' as I remember it: classy and very colourful sets, funny, with an increasingly camp Dr Smith having more catch phrases than Athur Askey ("spare me the barbs major"). I did vaguely remember this first series (particularly the excellent first few episodes concerning leaving Earth eg. 'The reluctant stowaway') and knew Dr Smith, the Jupiter II and the crew were all present and correct. However I had forgotten how dark, menacing and calculating Dr Smith was in this series. My son found series one too frightening to watch past the first few episodes, and was particularly disappointed with the B&W TV images (although I found some of these early episodes more interesting than those in the second series - but I even I did miss the gaudy colour, although the B&W sets and effects are just as good).

So if you are buying for your children I would skip straight to series two and give a two minute intro, but if you want a bit more bite then go for this series as well. Be warned though there are thirty episodes in this 8-disk DVD collection - over twenty hours of prime time TV from 1965/1966. Series 2 is the same length but from 1966/1967. So good value at least, and the picture quality and production values of these series 1 (and 2) DVD's is top notch. There's no extra's, although the very nice packaging includes a cute little 10 page pull-out booklet of the episodes and characters, plus there's that un-aired pilot episode 'No place to hide'. The box set is rated U [some mild peril], run-time: 1,481 minutes [24.7 hours], with English mono audio and English HOH subtitles [no other languages supported].
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Lost in Space is a fun science fiction series from the 1960s. It is not something you can take too seriously. In fact it's just a lot of nonsense really. But it is just simply fun.
The show was produced by Irwin Allen around the time that her was producing his other show "voyage to the bottom of the sea".
The series is set in the year 1997 and as the world is over populated the Robinson Family are sent on a five-year mission to a planet in the Alpha Centauri system to plan for colonisation. The whole family are suspended in deep sleep for their journey. But Dr Zachary Smith, who is a foreign agent, sabotages the spaceship. He interferes with the "Robot" who is controlling the spaceship. The ship takes off before Smith can escape, forcing Smith to wake the family to rectify the situation and ultimately save himself.
The Family are father John Robinson, an astrophysicist, his wife Maureen who is a biochemist, children Judy, Penny and Will. Also on board is pilot Don West.
Thanks to Smith the spaceship is not on its correct journey so the crew become lost in space. This first series has the travellers crash on a planet and stories revolve around them trying to repair the Jupiter II. Each episode has an alien that always puts the crew in danger. And Dr Zachary Smith who is always looking for a way back home even at the expense of the safety of the Robinson family always treacherously assists the aliens. He is lazy, delicate and critical of others unless it's to his advantage to be nice to them. He often enlists the help of Will Robinson and the Robot in his schemes.

The original idea of the programme was meant to be pure science fiction and a pilot episode was made that did not include the character smith. Programme controllers rejected this pilot and so the pilot episode was remade now with Dr Zachary Smith. Jonathan Harris who played Smith was only supposed to be in the first six episodes but the character quickly became the best focus and Harris became the main star of the show. The result has elements of adventure, fun and comedy. Harris plays Smith in a Theatrical and camp way and its always light hearted. The whole show is wacky and fun.

This first series is in black and white but the picture and sound are excellent and there are some reasonable extra features that include the original version of the pilot episode. Each episode has a cliffhanger ending to prepare you for the next episode and the last episode has a cliffhanger in colour ready for season two.
This is a very good box set of a classic fun science fiction series, which is neatly presented.
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on 21 April 2004
What can I say,a triumph that they have finally re-release this series onvideo. A hell of a memory re-visited roller coaster, if you remember thisthe first time round you won't be dissappointed with this box set. Withouta doubt the main stars of the show are Dr smith and the Robot. It was wayahead of its time (and dont forget it was pre Start Trek). The episodesgot better further into the series and the Robot/Smith marriage realystarts to bloom. It was great fun spotting how many times they use thejelly moulds! Cant wait for the next series (and thats in colour).
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on 6 January 2005
This is the season that started it all. Lost in Space is my ultimate favorite show as a youth.
I know it is not the most high tech series. Many of the props for one show, show up on later shows, but I really do not care. I have an attachment to this show as I do many others of this decade. I do not have any children to share this series with but, as long as you are a kid at heart, anyone can be entertained by simplicity.
Dr. Smith is like the Liberace of the future, yet he adds humor with his barbs directed at the robot and Don. It is too hilarious. I don't really care what others think, I love it and I always will.
Even though this is the first season, I seem to lean more towards the 2nd and 3rd seasons. I like the characters brought on the show, they give the Robinsons a run for their money and Dr. Smith more trouble to get into.
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VINE VOICEon 23 September 2006
This series [TV-Series 1965-1968] is formulated on the old serial cliff-hangers. The stages are cardboard and Styrofoam. The props look like anything lying around in the ware house. From the dialog you would not realize that the actors can and are acting. As the programs progress the stories get weirder to holds your attention. There are also several notable guests including Robbie the Robot that always outsmarts "The Robot" (Bob May) The Robot's voice is Dick Tufeld.

We all know the basic story of a saboteur Dr. Zachary Smith (Jonathan Harris) is too smart for his own good and his sabotage backfires from the start throwing the spaceship into who knows where with him trapped inside. What is worse is he never learns from episode to episode. Prof. John Robinson (Guy Williams) is the good guy father that is always giving one hope of being found or getting back. Maureen Robinson (June Lockhart) is the stereotypical motherly type and is caught occasionally stopping John from beating Zackary's brains out. We have mischievous kids always wandering off to discover the new trouble. And a watered down love interest between daughter Judy (Marta Kristen) and Major Don West (Mark Goddard).

How will they survive?

What strange creature or disaster will befall them this week?

Some one may have modified the media somewhat. "Oh, the pain, the pain." However we buy what we can.
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VINE VOICEon 25 November 2012
This is a fun not to be taken seriously scifi classic. While not up there with Star Trek, The Twilight Zone or The Outer Limits this is still a very enjoyable series. Starting off surprisingly seriously in the dated future of 1997, this sees the all American Robinson family leave Earth in their ship the Jupiter 2 for an Earth colony in Alpha Centauri only to crash land on another uncharted planet thanks to a sabateur working for an unknown foreign power, the brilliant Dr Smith who starts off as a surprisingly menacing evil villain but soon as the show goes on gradually turns into one of the campest characters ever seen on tv who you just can't take seriously. Always only on the lookout for himself, always selfish and a completely over the top coward who litterally jumps at his own shadow, it's a brilliant scene stealing performance from Jonathan Harris who despite being listed as a guest star steals the show away from the main cast who are fine especially the excellent Billy Mumy as young genius Will Robinson. The show gradually gets camper and camper and sillier and sillier as it goes along and you can't help thinking we might have seen something truly special if they had stuck with the serious tone of the early episodes. The only character who is suspicious of Smith is pilot Don West but the Robinson family have to be the stupidest family on tv always forgetting how dangerous Smith is and always forgiving him and letting him return to the group. As long as you don't take too seriously and ignore the awfull effects you should enjoy this fun series.
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VINE VOICEon 19 June 2005
I loved this series as a child, and in a pre-video recorder age, would have done anything to be in front of the television on Fridays at 5pm. It's so good to see them all again, although of course, my view of the series has changed a bit over the last 30 something years. I never noticed the wobbly, painted sets, or how awful the monsters were, but the biggest surprise was just how evil Dr Smith actually was. I thought he was funny when I was 10, especially as it was always him at the heart of any trouble, but now I'm amazed that the writers made him so horrible. It probably wouldn't be allowed now. Still, it's good to see it again, and even the bad episodes are good!
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on 21 June 2008
Like The Andy Griffith Show from the same decade, "Lost in Space" was a much better program when it was in black and white. Of course, the major change that occurred in the color episodes was the jumping on the "Batman" bandwagon by producer/creator Irwin Allen. That brought about harsh criticism from the strong 1st-year fan base but that's another story.

As far as these 30 episodes, including the unaired pilot, are concerned, the show's initial season was unlike anything ever seen on television up to that point. Featuring a cast of veteran television and movie performers, "Lost in Space", definitely was high on the talent roster. Both Williams and Lockhart had a following from their respective roles in "Zorro" and "Lassie". Billy Mumy had appeared in two classic "Twilight Zone" episodes while Angela Cartwright had been a pixie on "The Danny Thomas Show" and was also featured in a little film by the name of "The Sound of Music".

The show, featured a most impressive lineup of guest stars: Warren Oates ("Hello, Stranger"), Albert Salmi ("The Space Pirate"), Academy Award-winner Mercedes McCambridge ("The Space Croppers"), "Hogan's Heroes" star Werner Klemperer ("All That Glitters"), character acting veteran Royal Dano ("The Lost Civilization"), Torin Thatcher ("The Space Trader"). Michael Ansara, the former husband of Barbara Eden, also appeared in "The Challenge" with a very young Kurt Russell. Michael J. Pollard, a few years away from his Oscar-nomination in "Bonnie and Clyde" popped up in "The Magic Mirror." Michael Rennie from the classic "The Day the Earth Stood Still" starred in the only two-part episode in the show's three-year run: "The Keeper".

Kevin Hagen, who would later star in Allen's "Land of the Giants" along with playing the doctor on "Little House on the Prairie", assays the role of a rather hairy alien that manages to "duplicate" Dr. Smith in "His Majesty Smith", one of the more amusing shows of the season.

Besides featuring impressive state-of-the art effects, "Lost in Space" also showcased the music of an up-and-coming composer by the name of John Williams.

The majority of the first season stories were quite strong, with great direction and engaging plots. They ran the gamut of straight adventure to light-hearted pathos and family relationships. Besides the episodes mentioned earlier, the best episodes featuring the principal characters include "The Reluctant Stowaway," "Island in the Sky," "There Were Giants on Earth," "The Hungry Sea," "Wish Upon a Star," and two that were possibly the "darkest" in the show's history: "One of Our Dogs is Missing" and "Follow the Leader."

With a new version of the show rumored to be on the horizon, one can only hope that the producers have respect for the original and try to maintain some of its integrity.
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