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on 1 September 2016
Prior to buying this I had bought a Samsung tablet second hand butt a) didn't have a case and b) couldn't get my head around using the onscreen keyboard for emails so for the price this seemed great!

For the two purposes mentioned, it does the job quite well but there is no quality here at all and it does show...

Maybe I'm being fussy but the cable for the usb connection sticks out because the actual connector is straight and is longer than the distance between the edge of the tablet to the outer edge of the case which looks a little clumsy and the stylus is too hard to work properly and when I swapped it for another it was too thick for the case LOL

It's not bad it's really just let down by a couple of cosmetic touches really but again... The price is good ;)
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VINE VOICEon 23 February 2015
I purchased this to use with the Dragon Touch Y88X 7'' Tablet PC Quad Core, Google Android 4.4 KitKat, Allwinner A33 Cortex A7, Dual Camera, 1024x600 HD Multi-touch Screen, 8GB Nand Flash, Google Play Pre-loaded, WiFi, 3D Game Supported and it fits perfectly. The case looks good and appears to be well made, and it is thick enough to protect the tablet well. The tablet is held in the case securely, and connecting it up to the keyboard is just a simple plug-and-go job.

The keyboard functions well, the keys are all in sensible places (unlike some other tablet keyboards I've tried where they have inexplicably moved certain punctuation keys!) and typing is easy enough.

My only complaints are that the magnetic clasp is not very strongly magnetic, and it also can't be tucked away when you're using the tablet, which I find a little irritating as it hangs over the screen. Overall though, this is a functional and decent-looking case for very little money.
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on 29 August 2015
This case has a number of pros and cons, but overall I think it's a great buy. Pros: item dimensions given are accurate, cable fitting is as described and photographed, material is sturdy, keys are bouncy and don't stick, clasp is adjustable for fitting more than one size of tabet and it does work easily on android devices without having to faff with installing a new program.
Cons: Material is leather-like, but not leather, very defiitely plastic. No stylus included (doesn't bother me). Keys are quite small, not an issue for me with small hands, but might be an issue for others. If I'm being really picky some of the keys are in slightly the wrong place or an odd shape, but realistically I'm easily adapting and I've only been using it for half an hour this morning. The @ symbol is not beneath the key with the @ symbol on it. Instead, it can be found by holding shift and the key with two apostrophes on it: ''
Definitely a good price and a good buy, would easily recommend to others. You get exactly the quality that you pay for, but its usefulness outweighs and negatives for me.
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on 7 December 2015
Had bought for my Hawien 7" tablet.
Had to bring back because it wasn't compatible.

I was sad to return this item because i did really like it.
It was made incredibly well, a few wonky stitching but overall stitching was firm and none had frayed.
The faux leather was of good quality and the stand at the back worked a treat and made my tablet look like a mini laptop.

Even though it wasnt compatible with my Hawien tablet i did however manage to connect it to my Samsung mobile phone and it worked instantly.
The only errors on the keyboard were roughly 2 or 4 keys, i think. For example the '@' button was switched with the number '2' function and the " button was switched with something elsei forget.
But that was literally the only fault.
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on 31 March 2016
Of course, you get what you pay for, and seeing as I spent under a tenner on this I shouldn't complain I suppose. It sort of did the job - however, the X key refuses to work and the E is temperamental to say the the least. Also, there's no £ key which is a bit of a problem as I use it a lot in my typing. The case itself looked and felt cheap with loose stitching and a low quality, 'scratchy' plastic finish. If I'd have paid more I'd have been very disappointed. As it was, I was mildly so.
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on 21 February 2018
This is far from being a quality item and I don't expect it to work properly for very long but right now I'm satisfied. It worked first time with both my tablets and all the keys are functional. Some of them, such as the esc key are a bit dodgy and threaten to get stuck in the down position but they're all working for the time being. I would have been happy to pay a bit more for something better but unfortunately that's not how the market works - you have to pay *much* more to get something better so most of us make do with this sort of cheap and cheerful Chinese stuff.
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on 10 January 2018
It worked OK for the first couple of months but then the (incredibly flimsy) cable for connecting your tablet to the keyboard inevitably broke.
- Even before that, I never found the stand for holding the tablet upright to be particularly great; it was always a hassle to get it in the right place and it would just end up moving all over the place when I actually touched the tablet.
- In addition, removing my tablet from the case caused some pretty noticeable scratch marks on the back cover (which doesn't bother me too much because it was a cheap tablet and the screen was completely intact).

Overall, I'd say it's not terrible for the price I paid (about £7), but should only be used with cheap tablets that can afford to take scratches. Just don't expect too much of it. People with fancier tablets should definitely consider spending a little more for something better.
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on 4 April 2016
I do two reviews in this instance, one for value and the other for the actual product.

Value Review - For the money its a great buy and 5/5 , if i had a choice between this and another model at twice the price that fixes the issues in my Product review, the I would choose this.

Product Review - 3.5 stars, its universal in that it can trap from top and bottom a roughly 7 inch tablet. However that doesn't stop the tablet from sliding left and right, once its inside the holder. Which happens on my Linx 7 Tablet. The flap also gets in the way, but you can tuck it away. The outer surface feels ok, but the quality of the keyboard and usb wire do not instill confidence for the long term. Stand is useful.
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on 21 November 2014
This is the second of these I've bought. The first was for a cheap Chinese tablet and this latest for a Tesco Hudl
Not a lot to say really - they work and do allow you to do reasonable typing on a small tablet
The keyboard isn't the best or most responsive but it's a step up from the on-screen variety of most tablets
This isn't the smallest or prettiest of add-on keyboards but it does the job
If you want something wafer thin or in designer colors or genuine panda skin expect to pay a lot more than the £5 to £10 for one of these
Really can't criticize - delivered quickly, works as expected
My only small gripe is that older versions were supplied with a "passthru" adapter so you could still plug in other USB devices or a charger - this one isn't but hey I got what I paid for. Can't really complain at the this price
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on 22 November 2015
I bought this to use with the icase4u 7" Phone Tablet which takes its power from the phone and works fine.The phone easily fits in the case being held in by three brackets, and protects the tablet fine when closed, but beware if you are going to be moving around a lot ,you should buy some elastic tape to put round the case when closed as it is possible for the phone to slide out from the end of the case. other wise its a good looking and well made product for the price .I would always recommend using a screen protector with this and any mobile device, to avoid scratching.
My icase4u 7" tablet size is 186mm x 106mm x 8mm thin.. & has a female micro USB interface to connect to other device's like a charger & the sumvision universal key keyboard .When I first connected the mini USB plug to the tablet it was ready to type message or emails, when I press either the Cap Lock or Num Lock, a green light comes on the keyboard to warn that you you have locked them. and goes off after you unlock them.
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