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on 20 July 2016
Very interesting documentary following Lance Armstrong's 2009 comeback ride for the Tour de France, and the crumbling House of Cards that ensued as various disaffected team mates spilled the beans on his dope taking. What comes across is his incredible ability to lie repeatedly about his failed tests and allegations, and his indomitable will that will not brook any disrespect to his Messianic Mission to race on behalf of cancer victims and their families. His deceit is truly sickening.

Only when a federal prosecutor starts to subpoena people involved in this dirty business, do sworn statements appear that detail the extent of Lance Armstrong's involvement with drug taking and testing avoidance. What comes across is just how dirty professional cycling is and how the power of 'omerta' keeps the riders in line. Everyone in this whole wretched enterprise know that a large number of cyclists and their support staff are doing one drug or another but the money being generated is so huge and benefits so many, that the crime is blithely ignored. Problem, what problem? I know nothing, it could have been said by Manuel from Fawlty Towers.

What is truly pitiful is that even in his 2009 comeback where he finished 3rd it was later shown he had abnormal blood results. The winner Alberto Contador is then busted in his next win in 2010 for doping. It is farcical. The extras are very interesting with the 'Dr Dope' Michele Ferrari interview showcasing this physicians utter lack of scrupals. Here is a man who practises pseudo science to adminster various performance boosting drugs; EPO, testosterone, cortisone, steroids and human growth hormone, to his human guinea pigs and then devises ways to avoid being detected by the testing authorities. Not once does he go into the abuse of such potent biochemicals and their long term side effects like sterility, cancer and organ failure. He is an utter disgrace.

I have no idea or even interest in how cycling can conduct itself in a 'clean' fashion. Why bother at all? It is a freakshow, they may as well have it as a circus sideshow, with the riders openly injecting dope and refrigerating blood bags. The individual with the highest blood drug concentration, a smorgasbord of various pharmaceuticals, is then declared The Winner, and detoxed over the following year in a Swiss Clinic.
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on 24 October 2015
Excellent documentary because it covers 2 very different times in Armstrong's life. 2009 his so called clean come back Tour and the aftermath of his exposure as a drug cheat and liar in 2013 that quite rightly brought his house of cards crashing down.
I have seen much of the 2009 material before though I couldn't say where but probably TV sometime ago. However in this documentary 2009 and 2013 are neatly and effectively interwoven so it that it all takes on a new relevance in the light of what we probably suspected but now know!
There are many unique and exclusive interviews with Armstrong both in 2009 but in particular 2013 when he might even be talking honestly though it is difficult to be certain!!
Rented it on my Kindle Fire Stick but wish I'd bought it!
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on 6 January 2015
The film was initially meant to be a look at Lance Armstrong's come-back to the tour in 2009 but changed drastically when the truth came out about Armstrong's cheating. The Director himself admits that he was "buying into" the story surrounding Armstrong's cycling history but the film is by no means a one-sided, hero worshipping tale and has some great interviews with old teammates, the infamous Michele Ferrari and people who stood up against Armstrong. The question panel in the extras is well worth watching too.
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on 29 April 2017
a really good documentary covering the dark side of Lance Armstrong's career , the filming of this began before the revelations of his drug cheating following his prep for the TdF and then continues after his confession on Opera Winfrey
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on 4 January 2015
The key characters around Armstrong; Floyd Landis, Emma O'Riley, Tyler Hamilton, Betsy Andreau etc. have all given their stories before in several documentaries. Was expecting some new insights and information here but it covered the same old ground.

But there was little new, except a couple of glimpses at Armstrong's vindictive, ruthless, win at all cost character. The hatred Armstrong appeared to feel towards Contador in a couple of segments was unpleasant to watch. For a moment or two the mask was down.
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on 2 July 2015
A great insight into Armstrong's mindset not just during his cycling days but after coming clean and owning up to doping. While maybe this is some kind of personal exoneration by Armstrong who cares but the questions about how rife drug taking was at the time definitely pitches him at the tip of the ice berg. Good watch.
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on 20 April 2017
i actually went to rent this on prime video, but I thought I'd check how much I could actually buy it for and it was actually about half the price to buy the bluray than it was to rent it! Go figure!! Still a great movie imo.
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on 12 March 2016
I saw a side of lance armstrong that did not do him any favours, he clearly cheated and did not care who he hurt. Its a very good documentary and if you have any interest in cycling you should watch this..
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on 8 January 2016
So glad this lying, cheating piece s**t has been brought down and the people who he horrifically bullied for speaking out against him have finally been vindicated. Very interesting documentary, even if you know nothing about the sport.
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on 16 August 2014
Lance Armstrong has moved from marmite to nuclear waste. And as with nuclear waste, we cannot just bury it and ignore it.

This makes for compelling viewing and it is difficult not to root for Lance in his 'clean' comeback.

Despite the record books being wiped clean of Lance Armstrong, cycling fans' memories are not so easy. I therefore recommend that you watch this. It is fascinating.
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