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on 5 January 2015
The BIOS start up is not working. Two weeks ago I contacted Lenovo technical support, they promised to email an earlier BIOS to match the manufacture date but have not yet replied. So far I am not very impressed with Lenovo.
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The C365 is the budget entry model on Lenovo's all in one model range, there are larger screen options and faster models with higher specs, but this is well priced for what you get. (Note I am a pc enthusiast/system builder)

In the flesh the black looks far nicer to me than the white version (down to taste though)
I tested the machine for an afternoon and ran a few benchmarks on it is see what the performance was like.

A quick summary first of the good and bad points

+ 19.5" 1600 x 900 display is large enough for most users, fairly sharp and clear
+ Excellent value for money, reasonable performance for an all in one
+ The C365 is a bit deeper than a normal monitor but not hugely so it's still quite compact and this is all you need one unit
+ Sound was quite respectable for a built in system above average here
+ Good connectivity overall, built in wifi, 6-in-1 card reader, 2 x USB 3.0, 4 x USB 2.0, and HDMI out
+ 720p webcam does an ok job in most lighting conditions (microphone also built in)
+ Decent build the casing is quite good density and a solid stable stand
+ Has a 7200rpm hard drive fitted (faster than a normal 5400 rpm unit)

- CPU performance some way below budget dedicated desktops (fine for light use and normal day to day tasks and media watching)
- Service life limited to the monitor (this is basically a laptop put into a monitor and they are usually not cost effective to repair bar the hard drive or ram or something very simple to fix)
- Viewing angles could be better on the LED monitor

Other notes:
Easy access to ram and hard drive (bottom panel on the back of the monitor is removable). Ram can be upgraded to 8GB
As others have pointed out it comes with a basic wired mouse and keyboard, which is perfectly fine at this price point.
On the left monitor side you get 2 USB ports, the headphone and mic socket and the card reader, all at hand. Right side houses the DVD burner (this extends out like a laptop not a slot in type)

The AMD E1 2500 is the same processor that's found in some budget laptops and like the laptops I've reviewed recently the performance is pretty much on a par with the Intel Celeron offerings in that range.

It scored 980 in passmark which is near enough the same as I got on recent laptop testing. Both the AMD and the Celerons are at this level which is fine for normal web, media playback, office tasks and lighter use. You can play the odd game, but mostly older titles or less demanding ones.

A normal budget modern desktop will score around 2000-2300 in passmark, that means overall they are about twice as fast in processor performance terms. If you are looking to do more demanding work, like intensive photo work, video editing and other CPU heavy applications you should look at the higher end models which feature more powerful processors (i3 and i5). Same for those looking for an affordable gaming machine look away now.

But overall if you have only normal requirements for a pc, this makes a good media hub, has no problems playing back HD video easily, lots of ports and connections, the all in on nature has drawbacks (servicing for one) Likewise office pc's have little need for beefy performance, 4GB of ram and a 500GB hard drive are just fine here (you can upgrade both) It's also more than enough for a kids computer or general family one.

Lenovo have done a pretty good job here, considering the attractive price point if you want a compact all in one at a good price this is well worth a look. I will stress though if you want more firepower in terms of doing heavier work tasks this isn't going to be suitable for your needs.
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VINE VOICEon 6 April 2014
Size: 4 GB|Colour: Black|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
This is a great budget computer for office type tasks and surfing the net. The relatively slow (by modern standards) processor and built in graphics do not suit recent games but then that is not what it is intended for and the price reflects this.

I love the fact that all the processing takes place behind the monitor screen, which is barely thicker than a straightforward VDU screen. This avoids the need for a separate bulky box containing all the processing gubbins. I presume it uses similar technology to laptop computers. This may have an effect on the ability to upgrade.

As it is a budget model, the keyboard and mouse are wired using USB. There are six USB ports though (including two at the front) so they can be accommodated without problem. The cables can get in the way though if you are used to wireless. You could always add a wireless keyboard and mouse later though.

Setup was easy. Windows 8.1 is pre-installed, not my favourite version of Windows but currently the standard. It connected to my existing Wi-Fi and home network without any problems. It also brought across many of the settings from my main PC, including the wallpaper.

Audio and visual are very good with very acceptable built in speakers. The 500Mb hard disc, is more than adequate bearing in mind that large games are not going to be used on it.

I would recommend this to anyone who wants a second PC, say for a bedroom, where they might otherwise use a laptop. It is ideal for researching and writing homework or other home based office tasks and, with a good internet connection, copes with any web site.
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on 24 August 2014
Excellent all-in-one computer, particularly for the inexperienced, such as I, to replace my old computer running Windows XP. Great value. Incidentally, although it comes with the new Windows 8.1, the series of updates being received automatically are making 8.1 work much more like my old XP - very reassuring for someone who doesn't want to learn new tricks now.
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on 28 May 2014
I was really impressed, this kit looks really smart and works really well. I am surprised how little it cost
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on 9 June 2014
Really great computer. Does everything it says and more! Looks great too. Easy to set up and my son hasn't been off it!
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on 20 August 2014
4* simply because the mouse and keyboard are not wireless. Wireless and this purchase would be perfect.

System itself is slick (bar the cables coming from the mouse and keyboard) and very fast. Spec is excellent and great value for money with 8GB RAM and quad cores.

Windows 8.1 pre-installed. Excellent. Great OS despite all the bad hype. I have a laptop with Windows 8.1 also and it never fails to let me down performance wise.

Delivery was excellent as expected.
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on 20 July 2014
Delighted with this and, shortly after I purchased it, 'Which' magazine said it was the best budget all-in-one computer on the market. It's quiet and was easy to set up.
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on 5 April 2014
Size: 4 GB|Colour: Black|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
This is pretty good overall, BUT I'm going to tell you things I didn't like about it, so you can make an informed decision:

⦁ Yes, it's all-in-one but there's still a power brick. (Not really an issue, as it can be tucked away.)

⦁ The fan noise is a bit annoying, as is the hard drive noise. (Perhaps I'm just too fussy) (You get used to it)

⦁ I think the photos are a bit misleading about the thickness. It's a little bit chunky and heavy, but still, space-saving.

⦁ The screen starts to look crap if you look at it from the "wrong" angle. (It doesn't have IPS, In Plane Switching, but thankfully you can just tilt the screen if you kneel down or stand up). This is probably something most people won't even notice, to be honest; I'm just a nerd, being hyper-critical!

I did hate Win 8.1 but am warming to it! It's quite jarring moving between the new interface (with the live tiles) and the old school windows (x86). There's just not that much good software written for Win 8.1 (yet), but it's promising. There is some good stuff appearing in the App Store every now and then. (Now that I'm used to it, I do love the live tiles and colour schemes. Congratulations to Microsoft!)

As there's no touch sensitive trackpad, it's a bit weird navigating some of the interfaces. You use the scroll wheel on the mouse (which goes up and down) to scroll content that goes from side to side, in some places like the AppStore.

+ There's good integration with the "cloud". I use Microsoft's OneDrive (formerly Sky Drive) which syncs docs between my PCs and Macs [1]

+ I didn't actually have to choose a username and password to set up this computer. I just use my existing Outlook.com password. [2]

+ What is fantastic is the upgrade-ability. (I've been eying up some upgrades on Crucial. A 240GB SSD is currently about £83, am saving up for it). You can just pop the back cover off and put in new RAM or a hard drive (or SSD). [It takes laptop sized upgrades..](I'll put a link in the comments so you can see what I mean).

This model makes for a good general or home office computer. It should last you a good long while. As memory prices fall, you can upgrade at your own pace.

Despite its shortcomings, I think it's worthy of 4-stars because of its value. For about £350- £390, it's reasonable value IF you can tolerate Windows 8.1. [Is it as nice as an iMac? Not by a long shot! It's a different class entirely. But it is a fraction of the price.]

(Let me be clear - an iMac is an order of magnitude better than this, because of the close integration of the hardware and software. This is a piece of crap compared to an iMac, to be very blunt!)

When you take usability into account, my rating is closer to 3-stars ⭐️⭐️⭐️

💩 WiFi reception has been disappointing - I've had to use a power line adapter

💩 It feels sluggish at times - hope to upgrade to an SSD and more RAM when I can afford it


[1] I now have Office365 on my iPad - Word, Excel and PowerPoint are now basically platform agnostic.
[2] If you don't know what outlook.com is, it's basically Hotmail. If you have an existing Microsoft email account, like Hotmail, it integrates really nicely with Windows 8.1.
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on 3 May 2014
If this machine had been without faults it may well have filled the bill. As things stand, the first C365 had very poor wi fi reception compared with my 5 year old low spec, Fujitsu Siemens lapt top which was sat alongside. The problem was low level signal detection and also being very badly affected by neighbours wi-fi s.So, this one was returned and I waited for the replacement. This time the wi-fi reception was faultless but two of the four rear mounted USB 2.0 sockets did not work. Two are required one for the keyboard and one for the mouse which leaves no spares for printer and one extra. I know that I could buy an adaptor to multiply the USB ports but this is a new item and should work. Having now lost confidence in Lenovo's quality control,the second C365 will be heading back to " Laptp Outlet" on Tuesday for a full refund and I will be heading to nearby " Scan International " to see what they can provie.

It is a shame beause the neatness of the All in One did appeal and after the laptop I was really only looking for an up to date spec, and a larger screen.Now I may head back to seperates option, tower, screen, keyboaord and mouse.

Like many others, I did not like the screen full of Tiles and no familiar Start Sceen but I quickly found the free and excelent program
" Clasic Shell " which makes everything more familar and brings back a proper start menu , actually thre diffrent options are available and you can still revert to the Tiles if you wish. I believe Microsoft are bringing ou an update for 8.1 which restores e Start menu but reviews are so far saying that " Classic Shell " is better.
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